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Honda October 29, 2010 posted by

The roll on King: 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo

For sale: 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo with 16,000 miles

By 1983, three of the Big Four Japanese manufacturers had Turbo bikes in the showroom. Only Kawasaki was missing from the party, and wouldn’t show up until the following year. For Honda, though, 1983 was a big year. The previous Turbo, 1982’s CX500T, was not well recieved and they made a significant effort to change that with a major re-design: the 1983 CX650 Turbo.

From the seller:
Here is a rare Honda CX650 TURBO,in very nice shape. Not perfect,some nicks and scrapes. Never down at speed,onlt stand still tip over. Paint is in pretty good shape,tail section shows some aging[see pic]. Engine and drive train are very strong and tight. Was going to keep this,but decided to sell my collection of Turbo bikes{2 500 turbos,650 Seca Turbo}.Here is a chance to own a great sport touring bike and a classic at the same time.

As a one-year bike, these 650 Turbos are pretty rare. Sources at the Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association place the number of imported units for 1983 at a mere 1,015. Interest in these bikes is strong due to performance; while the 1/4-mile times were average (11.95 @ 112.4 mph according to Motorcyclist magazine), the roll-on performance was nothing short of phenomenal. Even today this motorcycle can hold its own on the open road against much more modern (and larger) machinery.

This auction is going on now, and the current price is well in line with the going rate.


Sport Bikes For Sale October 28, 2010 posted by

1982 Yamaha Seca Turbo with 2,241 miles!

1982 Yamaha Seca XJ650 LJ Turbo

Back in ’82, there was nothing hotter than a factory turbo bike. Honda fired the first salvo with their technology-laden CX500T, and Yamaha was close behind with the XJ650 LJ Seca Turbo. Differing from the Honda (and all other factory turbo bikes of that era) through the use of “blow through” carburation instead of fuel injection, these Yamaha Turbos are surprisingly reliable and durable bikes.

From the seller:
2241 Original miles! Great bike Great condition! Bike runs flawless. Tires are good for another season or two. Few minor defects (see pictures) But all around EXCELLENT BIKE! Windscreen in good shape, not yellowed.

I purchased the bike at a local dealer that said it sat since ’84!!!!

Everything gone through by the dealer, carbs rebuilt brakes bled


Here is your chance to own a survivor from the Turbo era. Approximately 6,500 units were created in 1982, and only 1,500 in 1983. After 1983, Yamaha discontinued the Turbo and dealers discounted the bikes heavily to get rid of them. While they offered impressive performance on the street, they had lackluster performance in the showroom.

There are some differences between the two years: The ’82 bikes managed to produce only 7 psi of boost (versus 12 psi in ’83), resulting in lower performance. The ’83 bikes also had some suspension and chassis upgrades which make them slightly more preferable from a collector standpoint. A great source of information on these bikes can be found at the Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association website.

This seller is asking $4,000 for the bike. From the pictures, the bike seems to be in reasonable condition for a 30 year old ride. Replacement parts can be difficult to source for these rare models, but many resources exist on the internet.

For more information and to , check out the ad!


Kawasaki March 22, 2010 posted by


Ahh the 80’s….. Van Halen, Miami Vice, Parachute pants and don’t forget the “Member’s Only” jacket. I loved the 80’s and still do and in 1984 I was looking to trade in my 1983 GPZ 550 for something bigger. My neighbor, who just happened to own the local Kawasaki shop, was my salesmen. The decision was between this bike and the new GPZ900 Ninja, I really liked the Turbo but something told me he knew more than the press had lead on. He said the Turbo was great but was a bit “undecided” on when the boost would cut in, meaning that you could be in a turn and all of a sudden #$#$%^!! you get an extra 40hp you didn’t want. I took his advise and bought the 900 which ended up in 1985, Bike of The Year. This one’s on Ebay in San Antonio Texas with a “Buy It Now” of $5500, current bid about $2000 and a few days left on auction. It was one of if not THE fastest bike in production that year and got great reviews, even better then their new fuel injected GPZ1100  as it was lighter and a bit more power.

The ad reads:

1984 Kawasaki GPz 750 Turbo (ZX750E1) All original in excellent condition.

First a little background on the 750 Turbo In 1984 this was the fastest production bike in the world it was more powerful then the GPz 1100 but with the weight of a 750. Although many people refer to it as a GPz and it has the 2 engine emblems it is NOT a GPz the true name is ZX750E1 (E1 means turbo) but Kawasaki referred to it only as 750 turbo. It was basically a street legal race bike it used most of kawis racing technology with its uni trac suspension. They are digitally fuel injected and was built with one thing in mind speed… Check out the Kawasaki 750 Turbo presentation video on youtube

 I bought the bike in May ’09 and put about 200 miles on it with no problems, then decided to send it in for a tune up and whatever else it needed to isure it would be reliable and safe for years to come. The work was done at a local shop named cycle rider the mechanic was a old kawi dealer technician that had worked on the turbo bikes since new. Although the bike ran nice and strong I had the entire bike gone through and inspected and had about $2,300 on it Which included: New Bridgestone Battleax Tires front and rear, new brakes front and rear, both new sprockets, new o-ring chain, forks resealed, oil change, air filter, spark plugs, timing chain tensioner, timing chain, valves were adjusted ( these bikes require it as part of schedule maintence), high speed wheel bearings, battery and thats just off the top of my head. since the work was performed ive put over 900 miles on it and still counting bike runs great no problems the only thing that doesnt work is the fuel gauge. I have the original owners manual and tool kit and i also will include a NOS seat cover with the bike.

The bike is All original and is in very good shape for its age just wax it and it looks almost new and the bike has a modern look for its age I get many compliments on its condition and most people dont believe its a 84. The paint is not flawless theres small scratches here and there as usual and some wear on the tank where your legs rub but you have to look close to see. The only visible damage i know of that dont show in pictures are cosmedic and its a small quarter size chip in the upper shroud which can be easily fixed and these a crack in the housing of the boost gauge (no damage to the gauge) all gauges work except for gas. Mechanically i havent had any problems I start it right up and just ride wherever the road takes me the bike runs strong, engine sounds tight and she purrs till the turbo spools its plenty fast and will give u a hell of a ride. I am selling due to slowing work im a contractor and I need the money to finish my GMC Sprint.    I have a clear Texas title in hand … The bike is bein sold AS IS …..the bike is also for sale locally so if it sells i will end the auction.

Click for the Ebay link.

Conclusion; This bike looks really nice in the pic’s, at 23,000 miles it’s not really collector quality in my mind, but add the fact of how original it is does increase the price. These bikes weren’t that much new ($5500) in 1984, I believe the bike was about $4k-ish at that time. Though it is fairly in line with other cool original examples like the Suzuki GSXR’s of ’86, ’87 the decision really comes down to you. It’s not far off and if it can be had in the $4000 range I think it’s a great value that kept well, will just keep edging up in price. “God Bless Texas”.

– J

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Suzuki September 29, 2009 posted by

1983 Suzuki GS XN85 Turbo For Sale: Brand New, 0 Miles!

Yes you read that title correctly; this is a brand new, never titled motorcycle in New Hampshire! And it’s one of only about 1100 ever built. Check out this :

quote from seller’s listing:


Admittedly, I don’t know much about these bikes. Unfortunatley the unofficial XN85 site is offline as of this writing. But I did come across this nice article on Faster and Faster regarding the XN85:

The XN85 was cutting-edge stuff for its time, with a 16-inch front wheel, low clip-ons, rearset foot pegs, Suzuki’s ‘Full Floater’ monoshock rear suspension, and anti-dive plumbing in the Kayaba front forks. The engine was an air-cooled, fuel-injected, turbocharged, eight-valve, 673cc inline-four, mated to a five-speed gearbox. Power output was a modest 85 horsepower at 7000rpm.

That more horsepower than my Ducati 750SS makes, and it’s supposedly a decade newer!

Should be a great opportunity for a collector to add a cult status bike to their collection. Thanks for the tip James!