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Kawasaki May 23, 2013 posted by

Memorial Day Special: 1979 Kawasaki Z1R TC2


Perfect for the long weekend coming up, this 1979 Kawasaki represents the first true factory Turbo – and will long be remembered as a fantastic factory hot rod. Sure, the colors and paintwork are straight out of the 1970s, but the performance continues to be contemporary even today. This particular bike has been restored to what appears to be a very high standard, and is an exceptional example of this rare breed.


Outsourced by Kawasaki but sold through the Kawasaki dealer network, the Z1R Turbo is a bit of a legend. Power for the day was astounding – and reportedly much more than the frame, brakes or tires from the time could truly manage. As a result the bike gained a bit of a bad boy reputation. In certain angles it still looks mean and menacing, and on boost can still deliver the goods.


From the seller:
Up for auction is this legendary 1979 Kawasaki Z1R TC2 turbo bike. This bike has been meticulously restored to an award winning condition. This is a really special bike that has taken years to put together!
3500 miles
44mm Rajay turbo
New tires with maybe 200 miles on them (Bridgestone Spitfire 11)
Updated Dyna ignition, coils, rev limiter
Rechromed exhaust, turbo, and other misc. items.
New chain, sprocket, brakes, brake lines, shocks.
Wheels polished and repainted
Dyno tested with 145hp to the rear wheel.

All original parts replaced will be included. This includes the directional lights which are not on in the photos.


More from the seller:
One striking feature of this bike is the original factory paint and original Molly Design neon graphics on the body panels! It is important to note that the restoration work on this bike was done by a true motorcycle and automobile enthusiast, and this build has taken many years to complete. I have worked 9-5 at a professional restoration shop for over a decade and have over 30 years experience building cars and bikes. I’ll be happy to discuss all the details of the build and share lots of stories to whomever wins this auction!!

The seat is original and in absolutely mint condition!!

This bike won 1st place modern classic at the 2012 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Cycle World Rolling Concourse Show, and also 1st place at the Milwaukee Rockerbox Motorcyle Show.

As an added auction item the Motor Speedway plaque will be handed off to the winner of this auction.


Factory Z1R Turbos are rare machines. The paintwork indicates this is one of the earlier models, and despite the rest of the restoration this original paint has been preserved. These bikes are not cheap in today’s dollars, but then again they were not cheap in 1979 dollars either. Interest has been high on this bike, and bidding currently sits at $14,500 with no reserve in place. Click the link to jump over to the auction and check out all of the pictures and details. This may not be quite as iconic as a homologated superbike, but from a historic perspective this is no less relevant. Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 22, 2013 posted by

It’s Got Some Boost: 1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo

xn right xn turbo

Got the itch for a little short lived 80’s engine tech? This low mile XN85 is here to satisfy. 

xn left

Only 4,300 miles traveled since 1983. 

The story:

TIMS  has an unbelievably nice 1983 very rare suzuki xn85 turbo with only 4300 miles on it—it runs absolutely perfect and is in near mint condition other than a small ding in the tank and some very light surface rust pits on the muffler,a little detailing and a repaint or powdercoat on the muffler as well as new tires( i believe the ones on it are the originals) and it would fit right at home in a collection or at bike shows–everything works and it even has a digital gear indicator located in the fairing inner—–the bike has a new battery and comes with the original owners manual–collectors dont miss this one

xn front

Yes, it has a little Katana DNA.  I wonder what OBRUT is? 

xn engine

Looks close to showroom fresh.  Back in 83 you were only two years away from Suzuki changing the game with the GSX-R750.

xn dash

That instrument cluster has the 80’s written all over it. The  asking price is $4, 495,  OBO, to brag about about your turbo charged bike.  Desirability aside, I think you can make the argument these are one of the rarest Suzuki models out there.  The general consensus on the number imported is only 300.

Click for the auction.


Suzuki May 1, 2013 posted by

Turbo Time II: 1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo


Welcome to Turbo Time – the long play edition!


Yes, as rare as these bike are in the US, here is the second XN85 Turbo we have found within a day. Listen up collectors: these don’t come along very often and they are not that expensive. If RSBFS history is any indication, the XN stream will dry up and we won’t see another until at least Thanksgiving. The postman may ring twice, but opportunity rare does the same.


From the seller:

The Suzuki XN85, released in early 1983, is a turbocharged motorcycle. It was designed as a sportbike. The name came from the fact that it produced 85 hp. It featured the first factory 16-inch front wheel, which was previously seen only on race bikes. It also had low clip-on handlebars, rearset foot pegs and a single shock rear suspension, called the Suzuki Full Floater.

The engine IS A 650 5 SPEED, with boost kicking in around the 5,000 rpm mark. It pulls strongly from that point. While the XN did not have the power of other sportbikes, it had extremely good handling.



There is a clear Title.


This is a US-spec bike (not Canadian), which places it a bit more on the rare side. That being said, there is little price or desire difference between the two from a collector standpoint, so go with the best condition you can find. This particular bike has had some strong interest, with the bidding up to $4,350 (reserve not met) at the time of writing. This is still low money for a great handling motorcycle, and the fact that there were only ever a few hundred brought into the country only makes it better. To check out this distinctive booster from another era, click the link and jump over to the auction. A turbo spinning will keep you grinning!


Suzuki May 1, 2013 posted by

Turbo Time! 1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo


Does everybody know what time it is? Turbo Time!


That’s right folks – your favorite one hit wonders are back for a limited showing. Today’s example – a very sweet Suzuki XN85, offered in the US in extremely limited numbers and for one year only. Turbo badges and stickers aside, this 650cc air cooled four cylinder pumped out 85 ponies at the crank, and was generally regarded as one of the sharpest handling sportbikes of the era. Credit the 16″ front wheel for agility, and legendary designer Hans Muth for the sculpted bodywork.


From the seller:

This is a one owner XN85 turbo . I am selling this bike for my brother in-law as he doesnt have much experience on ebay. Very low miles and in very good running order.

Everything works on the bike all gauges and turbo work properly. Very low production of these bikes ( 300 in the US) as they where very expensive back in 1983. None listed on Ebay except for this one.

Buyer is responsible for pick up and or shipping. The bike can be brought to the US border near Montreal if need be.

The bikes has 41379 KM which is equivalent to 25711 Miles.


Factory turbo bikes are some of the easiest “rare” bikes to collect. For while there were very, very few sold in North America they are also not prohibitively expensive. These are sure to go up in value over time, but it may be a long, long time before they are worth real money. Beware that parts on these one year only models can be difficult to source, although there are quite a few crossover parts with the rest of the Suzuki lineup for regular wear items.


This Canadian example is available right now – with very reasonable pricing. The current bid is only $2,025 with reserve not met. The BIN is only $3,400. When was the last time that kind of scratch bought you a very cool and very rare motorcycle? For more information and pictures click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Honda April 2, 2013 posted by

Force Fed: 1983 Honda CX650T TURBO


Honda Turbos – or any factory Turbo bike, for that matter – are genuinely rare motorcycles. Built to showcase technology of the future, these bikes were complex, expensive, and very, very fast. In the case of the Honda 650 Turbo, for example, the roll-on performance today is just as astounding as when it was first released. These days the larger bikes such as the ZX-14 and Hyabusa can equal and likely better it, however the CX650T is no slouch despite the age and the relatively small displacement.


The 650T is a one year only bike, following on the heels of the CX500T one year before. Much of the bike was new, and the 650 was a radical improvement over the on boost / off boost toggle switch affair of the 500. Engine size went up, boost went up, the price went up – and sales stayed flat (at best). The turbo era was over before it really began; at the price range these bikes were riding in, one could buy a much more conventional machine of larger capacity. The riding community spoke with their wallets, and turbo motorcycles spooled down forever.


From the seller:
This is an almost 100% original CX650Turbo with 7,262 miles on it, and is in museum quality condition.

I bought this bike about 5 years ago, and road it hard the first year. The previous two owners kept the bike in a heated dust free bubble for the first 6,000 miles of it’s life. I bought the bike to ride and ride it I did. The bike is amazing. It wasn’t untill the wife opened the car door into the left blinker that I realized how really rare these bikes are and how hard parts are to find for them. I paid almost $300.00 for an original left blinker. You don’t have to worry this bike needs nothing. The only things on the bike that are not original are: tires, left blinker, hand grips, battery, fornt and rear brake lines, and brake pads. All have been replaced with O.E.M. parts. the brake lines are spiegler black steel braided to match the original. The original starter toggle has been replaced with a switch off of a 1976 CB 700 SC. This switch is identical to the original except it has a starter button instead of a toggle. The original toggle switch is no longer available.

The bike starts, runs, and idles as new. All lights work and instruments work as they should.There are no oil leaks .The fork seals are good. The stator puts out 13.7 volts at idle and slightly higher at 4,000rpm. The tires are battlax to match original and have about 1,100 miles on them,the battery is brand new. There are no chips, cracks, dents. in the fairing or tank. The bike can be started up and road home without concern. The new owner will not be disappointed.

There were only 1,777 of these bikes manufactured by Honda in 1983 and only about 1,100 brought into this country. Of the 1,100 about half went to tech. schools and motorcycle training centers to train future motorcycle mechanics. This bike is extreamly rare and getting harder it find and more expensive every day.

The bike comes with the original tool kit , air pressure guage, leather owners manual, and an original shop repair manual. I do not have the original keys, but I do have an original key fob attached to an aftermarket key


CX650Ts are pretty bulletproof. The major weakness is an appetite for stators somewhere in the 20,000 mile mark. The repair is not for the faint of heart, as it involves pulling the motor. Other than the charging system weakness, parts are turning scarce due to the low volume of production. However treat the bike well and you will be rewarded by a very fast, comfortable and unique experience.


This bike is located in Ohio. It presents very well, and with just over 7,000 miles on the odometer this is one of the lower mileage examples we have seen. The bidders have stepped out for this one as well; the current bid is sitting at $9k with several more days to go. The current price is pushing up the value on these bikes, but still within reason for a good example. Check out all of the pictures and details here, and then let us know what you think. To turbo or not to turbo? What’s your thought?


Kawasaki January 25, 2013 posted by

Got Boost? 1984 Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo

Woodbine, Maryland – 32,350 miles – Reserve not met


With turbo wars in full effect during the early 80’s, the big four Japanese manufactures all brought weapons to the fight. However, it was Kawasaki that showed up fashionably late to the party with arguably the best bike. The GPz750 Turbo was clearly the winner of the turbo conflict (okay it wasn’t really a war) and for good reason.


The GPz750t claimed the biggest displacement of the turbos and featured a front mounted turbo which allowed it to spool quicker to reduce lag. Surprisingly, the boost delivery was characterized as “smooth” and rather seamless at the time. The bike even out-accelerated the GPz liter bike of the time.


The bike up for grabs today isn’t exactly a bone stock museum piece. However, it has survived very nicely and features tasteful modifications without loosing the original essence of the bike. From the seller:

Hey everyone, up for sale here is a real survivor. A 1984 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo w/ Mods. A pretty clean, good running bike with a clear title. This is a 2 owner bike since 1984, and since they only made them 2 years a pretty rare bike as well. The bike has nearly new tires front and rear, Performance Machine front brake system, Stainless steel brake lines front and rear and a RC51 front brake master cylinder. Exhaust was converted to a single pipe after the turbo and sounds great. Bike also has the Wiseco big bore 810cc kit installed on it as well as Accel supercoils and wires. Bike runs strong and the turbo spool’s up nice and quick. Trans shifts smoothly. It does have a few scuffs on the gas tank (see pics) but no other noticeable damage. Comes with original tool kit. Again i have clear title in hand, questions please ask. Payment is due within 10 days from auction end. A deposit of $500 must be made via paypal within 48hrs. Again she is a looker, and pretty fast on her feet too, dont miss this chance to own a piece of history. Delivery is available within a reasonable distance from me for a fee, just ask if it is within my limitations.

If you’re into turbo sport bikes of the early 80’s, a Kawasaki fan, or just someone who likes to feel the boost kick in while on two wheels, then you should take a look at this GPz. I haven’t seen one of these for sale before, so I am interested (clueless) where the final price will end up on this bad bay. The bike looks clean and comes with a clear title. Take a look at the auction here and place your bid today.


Honda January 23, 2013 posted by

Low Mileage Turbo: 1983 Honda CX650T


These Honda 650 Turbos are technology giants. Built during an era where Big Red tried practically any engine/induction combination possible, the CX650T turned out to be a milestone motorcycle which is still earns respect for its prodigious torque when boost builds.


The Turbo bikes – regardless of manufacturer – are all reasonably rare machines. They were all one or two year machines only, and due to the technology and cost none sold well in the showroom. All were discountinued before the new tech could catch on, and thus these bikes are becoming more and more difficult to find in good, clean condition.


From the seller:
This bike is one of the rarest pieces of Honda history and one of the most fascinating bikes ever built, by Honda or any other motorcycle manufacturer. This is your opportunity to own one of Honda’s best!

This motorcycle is in outstanding condition and only has 524 original miles on it. It is all original and in excellent condition. It is an excellent example of an original, unrestored CX650T. Not quite a 10, but very close and could be made a 10 very easily. It currently has Continental tires on it, a Conti-Go 100/90-18 front and a Conti-Go 130/90-17 rear. These tires were installed in 2009 to allow the motorcycle to be ridden safely on a 250 mile Vintage bike trip. This is the last time the bike was ridden. The original tires are included with the bike in this auction for the discriminating buyer that wants full authenticity and originality. This bike starts, runs and drives as new. There is no rust in the tank, fork seals are good, brakes are good. It could, literally, be ridden home by the lucky bidder.


This particular bike has only 524 miles on it. Seriously people, how do you do that??? I could sit on the freeway all day long, rolling the throttle on and off (whoosh!) and rack up that kind of mileage. The 650T is a comfortable machine, and that big fairing blocks a tremendous amount of wind blast. Just build a little bit of boost and hang on tight!


Next to the original Kawasaki Z1R-TC bikes, the Honda CX650T is probably the most valuable of the factory turbos. Pricing has definitely been on the rise, and is reflected here. This auction is up to $7,600 at time of writing – with reserve still in place. Bidder interest is high, so this one might go the distance yet. For all the details and pictures (including a lot of Honda info provided by the seller), click the link and jump over to the auction. May the Boost be with you!


Suzuki January 22, 2013 posted by

80’s Science Fiction – Suzuki XN 85 Turbo (in Germany)

In the early 80’s a few manufacturers experimented installing a Turbo on a motorbike. While on cars the added complexity proved to be a very efficient way to boost power, on the 2 wheelers this wasn’t as successful. In 1983 Suzuki launched the XN 85:


but after 1153 models were produced it replaced this with a more conventional high revving 4 cylinder inline motor with increased capacity from 670cc to 750cc (Suzuki GS750ES). This short production run, only adds to the exclusivity of such a motorbike. I mean look at those dials:

Suzuki XN 85 Turbo_5

With the Turbo kicking in at (just) 5000 rpm this made the ride quite smooth. The following example is part of a private collection (a Katana is also available) and is sold on eBay in Germany (check out the link at the bottom of the page). The bike seems in excellent condition, with some minor damage on the left side fairing as you can appreciated on the bottom picture below.

Suzuki XN 85 Turbo_3 Suzuki XN 85 Turbo_10 Suzuki XN 85 Turbo_9 Suzuki XN 85 Turbo_7 Suzuki XN 85 Turbo_4

The seller describes this old-timer (translated by Google):

Often here on EBAY “rarities” offered …. I offer here from my collection (unfortunately) a true rarity – to Suzuki XN 85 Turbo of 1983. Of this motorcycle world only slightly more than 1100 units were built!

When you buy this bike, you can be sure that it only increase in value, unless you take it to the wall.

The Suzuki is running great and is technically sound. A few minor blemishes on the tank (really small) and on the left front panel (see photo) are available, but do the really great impression no Abbbruch.

The bike comes from a collection in the Netherlands and has Dutch documents with export declaration.

With a TÜV “full acceptance” gem. § 21 StVZO it is immediately ready for registration and ready to drive! At a retail price from 6300, – €, I hand over the bike with a new full TÜV approval!

Here’s a general info page:

and a video:

Gladly I can email more photos. I also have a great 1100 Suzuki Katana leave (see questions by email or on 0177-7524342.

To protect myself, the auction is subject to the exclusion of any guarantee, warranty and return policy. Since this is a private sale, I can not guarantee under current EU law apply. The Bidder agrees and acknowledges this with his bid. Under current EU law must be sensitive under any online auction, otherwise, the seller is liable as a private person for a whole year for the goods sold.

On tank no dents or bumps only very minor paint damage, sure ausbesserbar with paint pen. Paint is still very nice! Interior is rust free.

He also include of video of the actual motorbike on sale where you can appreciate the special sound including the Turbo wine:

The starting price is just below 6000 EUR (not cheap, but I guess there are not many around in good conditions) and with 6300 EUR (about 8500 $) a full inspection certificate form the German authorities will be included.

Suzuki XN 85 Turbo