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Sport Bikes For Sale June 5, 2014 posted by

1986 Ducati 750 F1B Tricolore Available in New York

1986 Ducati 750 F1B Tricolore For Sale

Marty has spotted another sweet, old world Ducati Superbike to share. This example really shines in the photos, wears an appropriate amount of patina, and is wonderfully described in the seller’s description, which I’ll let do the talking tonight. Cheers Marty!


1986 Ducati 750 F1B for sale on eBay


from the seller:

1986 Ducati 750 F1B. Tricolore. Highly collectible and rapidly increasing in value – evidenced by the recent Spring Las Vegas motorcycle auction where similar examples of this bike commanded prices in excess of $20,000. The Ducati F1A and F1B are true race replicas, street-going versions of the first of the “rubber band racers”, the four time world champion TT2. In 1985, the F1A was introduced then immediately followed with release of the F1B in 1986. In appearance the lines of the F1A and F1B bikes are almost identical, the most noted appointment differences being the F1B’s red wheels versus the F1A’s being gold and the Ducati F1B sports the new solid script Ducati logos adorned with the Cagiva elephant while the former F1A has a double outline script logo. This particular bike is an original, unmolested third owner example that has never seen the racetrack nor been laid down. This bike has been ridden, not abused, and shows the normal wear and tear of a 28 year old machine. You will note that the rear seat cowling has some checking and there are also various chips located all over the bike – As stated, it is USED and has been ridden but gently cared for. In the interest of full disclosure – A few of the OEM parts have been upgraded to avoid the minor technical glitches these bikes were known for, however, all are improvements and should be of interest to anyone buying this to ride it. Based on the current condition, it would continue to make a great rider, or, should you be more enthusiastic – it would also be a great rotisserie restoration project for someone wanting to transition this into a pristine vintage show bike.

NOTE: There have been a number of inquiries regarding the condition of the bike’s running condition – At present, the bike runs as it should considering the age with no apparent issues and all recent service work has been noted further in this listing, plus, as added evidence of this we have included recent video of the bike both running and being driven – however, so as to best serve the best interest of the BUYER and to support full disclosure, should any prospective BUYER find need to inspect the bike prior to bidding, please contact us and we will do our best to try to accommodate the necessary arrangements. So as not to complicate this – Let me add this comment, please do not bid if any of the information in this listing seems unreasonable to you or if you in any way doubt the integrity of this listing – At the end of the day, you will find our family likes doing business on a handshake and dealing with people of integrity, so that said, contact us with any questions/concerns and we will work them out.

This bike running. Skip to :35 for the revs:



1986 Ducati 750 F1B Tricolore Available in New York
Derbi January 23, 2014 posted by

Stunning 1987 Ducati 750 F1-B in Texas

1987 Ducati 750 F1-B for sale

Stunning is one of those moto-journalism catch all keywords isn’t it? But I can’t help it when the the early tri-color SuperSports come up for sale, especially in the condition this one is in. It’s littered with thoughtful upgrades and includes spares to return to stock as well. With what looks like an honest 11k miles bidding has been brisk and already passed the reserve, currently at $18k with 4 days remaining.


1987 Ducati 750 F1 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

You’ll have to look long and hard to find a nicer F1-B than this one. Here’s an extremely clean and low mileage example of one of Ducati’s most beautiful creations. This particular model has the addition of a Verlicchi aluminum swing arm and an Ohlins rear shock. Almost all of the engine and chassis nuts and bolts have been replaced by stainless steel equivalents, most of the zip ties on the bike are wrapped in shrink wrap as to not scuff the paintwork and the bodywork hardware has o-rings under them to keep the bare metal off the paintwork. There’s also an extensive inventory of spare parts and all take off parts are included. It’s not only cosmetically beautiful but the engine has has a complete tune-up, replacing the belts, spark plugs, valves properly adjusted, carbs balanced, brakes bled and new tires. This bike needs nothing except a loving owner. I’ve had the bike for just over 10 years and I think now’s the time to share the enjoyment I’ve had owning it with another interested enthusiast.



Stunning 1987 Ducati 750 F1-B in Texas
Aprilia June 1, 2012 posted by

Monster Mailbag! 11 Bikes from our Readers!

Our schedule got a little upset with the long weekend but as a result we have a whopper of a mailbag. Enjoy the feast!


Lauren emailed to let us know of their beautiful 2008 MV Agusta F4 312R for sale on eBay. Available in Miami with a starting bid of $19k. Good luck with the sale!

And in the same vein, Ricardo forwarded this 2006 MV Agusta F4 CC, also in Florida, for $47500 buy-it-now.

Will sent us this first-year and very low miles 1995 Ducati 916 for sale on eBay with a buy-it-now of $7500. Sounds like a good buy with less than 2k miles.

Tom T. sent us this 1993 Moto Guzzi Daytona available on eBay for $12k buy-it-now.

Reynolds shot us this Honda NR750 for sale in the UK for 110k GBP ($170k). Awesome, but man that’s high!

Steve R. forwarded this incredible 1988 Ducati 851 Superbike Tri-Colour with 0 KM’s in Australia! Could be yours for just $150,000 AUD.

Justin forwarded this Aprilia RS250 Cup that is track ready for $6k in San Francisco:

Greg spotted this 1982 Honda CBX with the fairing and luggage for $5600 in Bellevue, Washington.

Regular Chris G. spotted this Yamaha YZF750 in Ontario, Canada for just $2800 CAD.

Shaun emails us this 5000 mile Ducati 888 in Texas for $8900:

Speir emailed us this 1992 Ducati 851 for $6800 in Boston. I wish I was in the Northeast!


Bimota December 7, 2011 posted by

1995 Bimota DB2 Tricolor – almost mint with 2145 miles!!

Here’s a VERY clean (almost mint!) 1995 Bimota DB2 tricolore with only 2415 miles!!

Update 12.6.2011 – last listed September of last year, this DB2 is back on eBay and hasn’t taken on any new miles. Links updated. -dc

What can I say – it’s a Bimota, it’s got an eye-talian tricolore paint job, and it’s got a 2V air-cooled Ducati inside.  I’m in love!!


If you’ve been waiting for the right db2 this is it. This tri-color db2 has been in my collection since July 1995. I am the second owner but purchased it three months after the original owner bought it new from Pro Italia. Carbon-fiber mufflers and steel braded brake and clutch lines were added and I have the original mufflers that go with the bike. Owner’s manual and all documentation included. Ducati 904 2-valve runs strong and sounds great. Always garaged, never down, adult owned. I love this bike but it’s time to thin out my collection.

Just like most Bimotas, this VERY VERY clean (just check out the detailed photos – you can eat your Millefoglie off that rear sprocket!) sample is obviously very well taken care of.  And with just 2415 miles on the clock, this is practically a new bike!


We have previously listed several DB2s for sale around here, but this is only the second tricolore that I have seen for sale – it’s that rare (there are only 34 these tricolores in the WORLD since they were only sold in the US).


The bidding price is now at $8500, but I won’t be surprised if this one fetches over $10,000.  If I were in the market for an all-time classic Bimota, I’d be all over this one.  You simply can’t go wrong!  target=”_blank”>Here’s the listing on ebay.


Bimota April 29, 2011 posted by

Collector alert! ZERO miles 1999 Bimota DB4 up for grabs!

ZERO – as in not turned a wheel, nada, zilch, Z-E-E-R-O, miles 1999 Bimota DB4 with performance kit for sale in Michigan!

*update: as Joel and fellow RSBFS contributor Mike pointed out, the bike has 23 miles on the odometer, so strictly speaking it’s not a zero mile bike.  Aside from the factory performance kit it has also an aftermarket clutch slave and a tinted windscreen.

While both these points do not detract the bike from what is it – a desirable and collectible, almost new Bimota DB4 – it is nevertheless not truly zero miles and not 100% original.*

From the same collector that brought you the zero miles Bimota DB1Bimota Laser TT KB2, and a 1977 Ducati 900SS (on ebay now!) here’s another yet another zero miles Bimota from his amazing collection:

Up for auction is a 1999 Bimota DB4. This is a Brand New Zero Mile motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection.

The condition of the bike is fantastic and is like new. It has been upgraded with the performance kit which is a Corse Exhaust and Kehin CR special Carburetors installed (the stock parts have been saved and will come with the bike). It does come with the original tool kit and literature. It also has a free and clear title in the sellers name.

Please take a look at the large pictures to get a better idea of condition and email me if you have any questions.

** Visit this link to see higher resolution pictures **

Really, what’s there to say about ANY zero miles Bimota? It’s very desirable and collectible for sure, but I’d be too afraid to ride it.  I like to ride my bikes and I guess I’m not a serious enough collector to have separate bikes for riding and for static display. $16,900 for a DB4 is a lot of money for sure, but how do you put a value on the fact that it’s zero miles?!  Plus, if you are into that sort of thing, this is a low serial number bike (003) so may be worth just THAT much more…

This guy is a serious collector (just check out some of the other bikes in the background – Ducati NCR New Blue, Desmosedici, Ducati TT F1…) and I would love to see what else he will be listing for sale.  My only question would be – if my dad has such an amazing collection, why would I sell it?!

If you like having a brand new 1999 Bimota DB4 for display in your collection (and who doesn’t?), .


Bimota February 10, 2011 posted by

Italian Dream: 1994 Bimota Bimota db2

For Sale: 1994 Bimota Bimota db2

The offspring of two Italian Supermodels, the DB2 (Ducati – Bimota, 2nd model in the series) offered the power of the torquey Ducati 900SS, in a compact and beautiful handcrafted frame. Whereas the earlier DB1 was a stunning styling excercise, its 750cc mill and tiny size left something to be desired on the performance side. Enter the DB2, which gave up some of the syle of the DB1, but unleashed greater performance on the rare few who could afford such a machine.

Before the Ducati 916 made high, under-seat exhaust pipes fashionable, Bimota was already there. This bike sports aftermarket carbon canisters.

From the seller:
One of 35 tricolore Bimota db-2 in existence, all imported in 1994, and pictured on p.189 of Sarti’s Bimota 25 Years of Excellence. Powered by a 904cc air-cooled Ducati engine, weighs a mere 375 pounds. Some details can be seen at and and .

Dripping with carbon (salvaged from the prior db-2, which I dumped): cambelt covers, sprocket cover, vented clutch cover; also has: carbon pipes, CRG’s Hindsight billet bar-end mirrors, billet oil filler cap & Euro switch (both also scrounged from the old bike), little flush Lockhart turn signals (fake carbon), evoluzione cyclesports’ regulator (with charger); Yoyodyne clutch slave; 916 SPS brake & clutch levers (and remotes), ss brake & clutch lines, Euro fairing w/parking light. Most (if not all) original parts will be included.

Except for Dynojet kit & opened airbox, Termi carbon pipes, it is stock as a stone. (Except for a shortened sidestand (by previous owner) and tiny length of clear plastic tubing to cover the shift lever, to prevent scarring shoes (when I’m dumb enough to ride wearing shoes instead of boots). Lovely bike, goes where you look, stops on a dime and gives you 7 cents change, feel like a toy compared to my older Ducati Darmah.

This is the second one I’ve owned. I totalled the first, which I rode home over 350 miles without needing a chiropractor, and put 3,000 miles on it in less that 7 months, even collected a speeding ticket in a Wisconsin February. I liked it so much I bought this one after a longish search. I am the second owner, the first being the selling dealer who repainted it after tipping it over in a parking lot (hence the shortened sidestand, so it leans over a bit more when parked). I didn’t like the job, so I had it re-done, with some gold flecks in the green.

It comes with similar quarter (after-market, Italian, no print-through on the ‘glass) fairing, yet unpainted.

Why is it for sale? I am 70, and have aged out of bikes with this riding position (similar to a 748/916 Ducati’s). I’m keeping my elderly Ducati, which I can ride in greater comfort.

If you think you have seen this bike before, you are correct. RSBFS has chronicled a few DB2s in the past year, and this particular bike was listed on Craigslist last year. Back then, it had an asking price of $12k. Now the bike is available on eBay with the current bid in the $2,000 range with reserve not yet met. There is also a BIN on the bike for $11k, which is fair money for the machine, but no bargain.

To join the auction fray, check out the pictures or just drool, click on the link and . Good Luck!


Bimota November 25, 2010 posted by

Viva Italia! 2009 Bimota DB5R for sale in Seattle

2007 Bimota DB5R with only 2000 miles for sale in Seattle.

This motorcycle is being offered to discriminating buyers who appreciate fine Italian craftmenship. This outstanding example is a 2007 Bimota DB5S [looks more like a DB5R to me – ph] with only 2000 total miles. These motorcycles are very rare and if you are looking for something exotic and out of the ordinary, than you need to at least give this example consideration. Some of the key features are items like: Full carbon fiber bodywork, Ohlins front and rear suspension, Ducati 1000cc dual spark engine, Frame and steering components hand crafted from billet aluminum, OZ Forged Racing Rims, Weighs in at only 368 lbs. Retirement forces sale and price is not negotiable (this price represents $11,000 dollars off the original MSRP).

The Bimota DB5 was the first “new” Bimota after the successful and accomplished Italian entrepreneur Roberto Commini took over the then bankrupt Bimota and revived the brand.  It was designed by Sergio Robbiano who, in a bit of irony, also penned the beautiful but engine wise flawed V Due that bankrupted Bimota in the first place.  The DB5 also won the Sergio the MDA’s (Motorcycle Design Association) Design Award and other prestigious titles when it was launched.

Based on the DB5, the DB5R features the following upgrades:

  • full carbon fiber fairing
  • light weight forged OZ wheels
  • Zard titanium silencers (although not on this specific bike it seems)
  • tricolore paint scheme

Here’s some more info on the DB5 and DB5R.

The DB5, while not the most powerful bike in the world with the Ducati 1000DS air-cooled engine, is renowned for its superb ride and handling.  Combined with those sexy lines (some say the best of the ‘new’ Bimotas) and tricolour paint scheme, who can resist? The only turn-off may be the $19,900 asking price…

Like most Bimotas, this one has been rarely ridden with 2000 miles (what’s the matter with Bimota owners?!) and has most likely been pampered more than my baby daughter has.  DB5 don’t come up for sale often – we’ve only had two previous DB5 listings – so if this bike is speaking to your heart (why else would you buy an Italian bike?) and you are still standing after reading the $19,900 asking price, click here to check out the ad.


Bimota October 20, 2010 posted by

2000 Bimota DB4 – low miles, low serial number, and low price!

2000 Bimota DB4 – serial number 2 – for sale with only 1300 miles.  Asking $7500 only!

We haven’t seen many Bimotas listed lately (biking season is [almost?] over and most Bimota owners aren’t in a rush to sell their bikes anyway), so I am a bit surprised when Dan sent me this one:

2000 Bimota DB4, serial number 2, Ducati engine, 1300miles, like new, orig. owner. $7500.

There’s not much info on the bike other than what’s listed, but  a.) the bike looks clean (like most Bimotas)  b.) it’s an original owner bike  c.) it’s got low miles (only 1300 for crying out loud!)  d.) it’s a low serial number bike (if you’re into that sorta thing)  and e.) at $7500 it’s reasonably priced – no matter what time of the year.

The DB4 tricolore is one of my favourite Bimotas with that charming 2V air-cooled Ducati lump inside. I would have preferred if this one has the Corse kit installed (Motocorse full exhaust, FCR carbs, different fuel tank…etc.), but for $7500, I’m not going to be picky.  Early Christmas shopping anyone?

Click HERE to jump to the ad on Craigslist.