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Ducati June 20, 2017 posted by

Outasight – 2008 Ducati-NCR Mike Hailwood TT

Since its formation in 1967, NCR motorcycles has been Ducati’s de-facto competition arm, developing and producing race bikes based on Ducati themes.  For the 30th anniversary of Mike Hailwood’s 1978 Isle of Man TT victory ( on an NCR-built Ducati 900SS ), the company produced a very short run of super light, no-holds-barred commemoratives, with titanium frame and 1120cc air-cooled desmo engine.

2008 Ducati-NCR Mike Hailwood TT for sale on eBay

With the founders ready to retire in 2001, the owners of Poggipolini, a titanium manufacturing specialist, took an interest in NCR, and the Mike Hailwood TT became a showcase for advanced techniques, with a full titanium trellis and exhaust system.  Internal to the 130 hp V-twin is a billet crank, while the carbon fairings and wheels are easier to appreciate.  4-piston Brembo billet calipers and Öhlins MotoGP forks are leading edge, while the nostalgic twin rear Öhlins shocks at least leave room for the exhaust headers.

A number of the NCR Mike Hailwoods were delivered at the 2009 Isle of Man race, where the factory website says they were raced, though it may have been in an exposition part of the event.  The Vegas owner has added a couple of nice extras, and has this to say in the eBay auction:






Though the next owner will be a rare collector, the auction has a dozen bids, with $50K not hitting the reserve.  NCR’s ( and Poggipolini’s ) credibility is above reproach, and the 300 lb. machine is one of just a dozen or so.  Though one could quibble that these machines are built to be ridden, this TT likely will never see that third mile…


Outasight – 2008 Ducati-NCR Mike Hailwood TT
MV Agusta October 3, 2013 posted by

Nearly new, nearly perfect: 2008 MV Agusta F4 312R

Update 10.3.2013: Back on eBay after failing to sell in June 2012, the opening bid has dropped from $19k to $16k. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

Reader Lauren recently contacted us to let us know this gorgeous MV Agusta F4 1000 312R model needs a good home. This bike has very few miles (2,300) and looks to be as pristine as they come. The photography is outstanding as well – really showing off what a piece of artwork Massimo Tamburini created with the F4 series of bikes.

The “312” in the name refers to the claimed top speed – in this case, 312 Km/hr or approximately 194 MPH. While that won’t be of much use to those US residents considering the bike (excepting, of course, summer trips to Bonneville), the bragging rights are there nonetheless. This particular bike is also graced with the rare and expensive full Castiglione titanium exhaust system.

From the seller:
Meticulously maintained 2008 MV Agusta F4 312R. Options include a full Castiglione Titanium exhaust system, a $10k accessory, factory Race ECU – tuned and optimized, reverse pattern shift kit (also have original factory shift kit), black racing chain, suede Castiglione seat, smoke-tinted signals front and rear, integrated rear signals with brake lights, race weight battery, 3M protective adhesive kit on key areas of body work to protect from road debris – installed since new. Over $40k into this MV.

Oil changes were done early and often for cleaner break-in period. Kept in Air Conditioned garage, responsibly ridden.

This motorcycle is in exceptional condition. The only mark on the bike is less than 1/2″ on the left side of the tail near the ‘312’ decal where the 3M protectant was rubbed a little – see photos. This is on the protective coating ONLY and barely noticeable. There is no damage at all to the paint or body.

The general consensus is that if you are going to purchase a rare, collectable bike then you should search high and low for the very best example of that model. If you are drooling over the reborn MV Agusta brand and can see yourself on an F4 – but not just any F4 – then this “better than new” 312R might be the bike for you.

This auction is on right now, and the seller has set the starting bid at $19k. That is not bad money considering that a new 312R would have set you back $30,000 when new, not counting the add ons. Just be sure you check out all of the pictures (I only included some of them here). This bike is truly a rolling work of art, and the seller has captured that fact in the pictures quite beautifully. Good Luck!


Nearly new, nearly perfect: 2008 MV Agusta F4 312R
Kawasaki September 13, 2012 posted by

A more modern ELR: 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200R

For Sale: 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200R

After the last gneration ELR I posted came under fire for uncertain bits and potentially less than authentic kit, here is a more modern version that the seller makes no bones about not being stock. This is a Gen-II ELR with some major additions that make it look and go even faster.

From the seller:
Up for bid is my 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200R. While the bike appears to be pretty stock, it is anything but.

This ZRX has a $4,000 full Muzzy Stage II high-performance engine kit. A Kawasaki dealer in Minnesota professionally installed the kit according to the previous owner. The kit includes:

Displacement bump from 1157cc to 1224cc
High-compression (12.5:1) piston kit
Aggressive cams
A Muzzy-spec engine block (note the color)
Custom airbox modification to a single big K&N filter – so simple to service
Full Muzzy Titanium exhaust system front to back – cuts 36 pounds, sounds great but not overly loud
Carbs have been expertly rejetted for optimal performance with this system
Original engine parts (block, pistons, cams, airbox) are included!

From the Muzzy website: The 1224 cc Stage 2 is definitely the way to go. This consists of the pipe and jet kit, the “drop-in” cams, and a 2mm overbore kit with higher, 12.5:1 compression. The added compression and 61cc’s of displacement provided by this step adds back the mid range power missing with just the Stage 2 cams and moves the top end power to an exciting 165 hp at 9800 rpm, a whopping 45 hp, a 37% increase over stock. Even better news though, is the 100 hp you get at 5850!

That sounds like a pretty expensive bit of extra oompf that somebody has already dropped the dollars for. But it doesn’t end there:

From the seller:
Additionally, this ZRX includes:
Corbin custom seat with green seat piping and very comfy passenger section – best seat I’ve ever had and sharp looking
HyperPro steering damper with 24 levels of adjustment
Zero Gravity sport-touring windscreen (perfect height)
Fork brace
The rear track stand in the photos is included.

Finally, the seller has included a description of all the rest of the details not evident in the photos or the earlier bullets.

From the seller:
I have never had the bike dyno’d, but I’ll have to say this is by far the most powerful bike I have personally ever ridden in terms of torque and acceleration. It is not for beginners, but that said, it is also very easy to ride around town and is also a decent touring bike – the just-tall-enough fly screen makes a big difference in comfort. It currently has 21,000 miles on the bike and the engine kit was put in at about 10,000 miles according to the previous owner. It has stock gearing and runs perfectly.

One other benefit of the engine kit, via the airbox and battery mod, is the creation of a generous amount of under-seat storage. I can fit a full rain suit (tightly folded), winter gloves and flat repair kit along with other small items in the space where the airbox used to be. The stock underseat storage space holding the tools is also retained so you can carry quite a bit of kit under the seat.

Another unexpected benefit of the engine kit: better gas mileage. ZRXs typically get between 30 and 35mpg, but I average 40mpg or better most of the time (got 43mpg on one long ride). It just runs more efficiently. However, it does require premium gas due to the high compression ratio. I’m told this is common with the Stage II kit.

I just put on a new Pilot Power rear tire, it has less than 50 miles on it (it’s “scrubbed in”). Matching front tire is in excellent shape. This bike is ready to ride.

This is the “least neon” and “darkest green” of the green models (they are a bit different year to year) and it has black and grey stripes rather than the purple. Best ELR color combo of all the ZRXs in my opinion.

The previous owner said he put the bike down in his driveway (gravel), causing a small rub mark on the fairing (currently covered by a small sticker) and a rub mark on the exhaust and grab handle (see end photos). There are NO cracks in the fairing. The alternator cover has some chipping on it but again, this is hard to see (but visible in the last photo). The bike had frame sliders on when it went down and they did their jobs (and are still on the bike). See photos below for detailed shots. The bike has a clear Oregon title with no brands.

I bought this bike because I’ve always had high-performance Kawasakis (Mach III, Z1-R, ZX-11, ZX-12R) and I love the look of it and the way it rides (oh, the POWER), but I’ve decided to get into flying so I need to finance my flying lessons and get some dirt bikes for my kids. And I’m not riding it much since I got a dual-sport bike last year. Getting older I guess…

This bike is huge fun to ride and enormously powerful – far beyond a stock ZRX. Yet, you can easily cruise around town or the open road in comfort. It looks great and sounds very burly without being obnoxious. It gets a lot of attention. And I have found it to be highly practical as well, with good MPG, the extra storage and no mechanical issues of any kind. I’ll miss my big green Kawi street machine!

I like it when bikes are advertised like this. It shows that the seller cares about the bike, knows what was done to it, and there are enough pictures for a potential buyer to understand the real condition of the machine. Plus, with all the words the seller used I don’t have to type as many. Bonus!

This big, green and fast machine is available now for what seems to be a pretty reasonable amount given all of the extras: The starting price was a mere $1,500, and bidding has pushed that up to $2,500 at the time of this writing. As with all auctions, the reserve price will be the real tell tale here, but at current this looks to be a nice find and a good bookend to that earlier ELR in Hungary. For all the pictures and details, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Old style or new style ELR – which one floats your boat? Sound off on the comments!


Honda October 13, 2011 posted by

Exotica over the pond: 1992 Honda RC30 in the UK

For Sale: 1992 Honda RC30 VFR750

Located in Lincolnshire, UK is what many refer to as the Holy Grail of homologation sportbikes: the vaunted Honda RC30 (also known as VFR750R). Designed as the road-going model to enable Honda to compete in World Superbike via Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), stats on the RC30 are pretty well known: titanium connecting rods, gear driven camshafts, a 360 degree crank which provide a “big bang” firing order instead of the smoother 180 degree crank on the regular VFR models, a close ratio gearbox suitable for track use and a slipper clutch.

From the seller:
I am selling my rare Honda RC30 that I have had in my conservatory for years.

It is finished in a limited edition Rothermans Grand Prix paint run done from new from the factory.

Carl Fogarty signed and laquered in on the rear panel.

I have just taken it out my conservatory and had it MOT’d and new fork seals fitted as it has been stood.

This is one of the last UK bike not an import registered 01/08/1992 so is the higher powered model.

It has covered 19000miles.

The asking price of this classified listing is £14,995 – which equates to approximately $23,500 US greenbacks. That is a bit above the “average” RC30 pricing we have seen, but this does look to be a clean example that has been well cared for. It is unknown how much status the Carl Fogarty signature adds to the bike; while Foggy is known as being the most successful World Superbike rider of all time, the vast majority of his championships came with Ducati. In fact, Foggy’s Honda-based runs for the championships were aboard the RC45, not the RC30. Still, with a HRC racing heritage, the signature does complete the theme nicely.

If you are looking for what is considered one of the key homologation collectables in the world today – and are either in the EU or willing to move a bike from Jolly Olde England – then this might be your golden opportunity. For more information you can check out the listing here. Good luck!


Bimota September 21, 2011 posted by

2000 Bimota DB4 With Factory Race Kit

In searching our archives for previous DB4 listings, I suspect this bike has potentially been on our site twice before. Why not a third time? The factory race kit adds FCR carbs, titanium exhaust, and a special tank to clear the carbs. Not to mention all the other goodies that came with it standard: Paoli adjustable front forks, Ohlins rear shock, Antera 3-spoke wheels, Brembo brakes/calipers/levers, etc…

2000 Bimota DB4 for sale on eBay

quote from seller’s listing:

I traded for this Bimota 1/5/09. Mileage was 4326; the bike now has 6000 miles. I have replaced the clutch slave cylinder, fuel filter and rear brake switch. The oil has of course been changed. The tires were new when I traded. It is due for Ducati 6000 mile service. The bike has no choke; it has racing carbs. It is equipped with factory race kit–$$$. Fuel reserve sender does not work. Some rust on steel hardware due to pool chemicals in garage. I have enjoyed this bike but it’s time to let someone else have a Bimota. This is a link to the advertisement when I traded. If some pictures have question marks click on them and they should come up.

With 6k miles on the clock and a $9k buy-it-now, this sounds about right based on what our previous listings detail.

Found a video of a DB4 with the Corse exhaust on YouTube. Sound quality isn’t great but gives a good impression:


Ducati August 31, 2011 posted by

2004 Ducati 749R For Sale in Canada

Our latest feature listing comes from Kenny in Calgary. He’s offering his thoroughly sorted Duacti 749R, #378. Take a gander at this beaut:

This is one of the early models that came stock with the carbon fiber fairings for those who know the 749R. For those not familiar with what sets the R apart from other models, it was a homologation special from the factory to compete against the 600cc inline 4 Japanese bikes in competition. Upgrades from the standard model included full Ohlins suspension, radial Brembo brakes, slipper clutch, larger fuel tank, forged Marchesini rims, magnesium head cover, larger titanium valves and rods, a shorter stroke and larger bore for quicker revving, and of course special badging and number plate.

From the seller:

I am selling my ’04 Ducati 749R Superbike. Asking $13,000 with stock pipe and ECU, or $18,000 with full Ti Leo Vince race pipe and Nemesis ECU with Lamda auto tune. It is the ’04 with carbon body panels, #378. 18,000k’s.

I built this bike for myself and did all the things I wanted to do to others’ bikes but no one would pay for. My background includes building motors and track tuning for Ducati Canada, Yamaha Canada, Suzuki Canada, and several very competitive private teams, also machining and building hotrod Harley engines

ALL stock parts plus the bike has recently been fully sorted with inspection and replacement of every shim in the suspension & chassis, bushings, seals, bearings repacked or replaced, new fluids, new brake pads, rebuilt calipers, Marchesisni forged and CNC’d wheels, new chain and sprockets, new wider and flatter black Driven clip-ons, carbon tail action, carbon rear wheel hugger, and more.

Motor has new factory slipper clutch with Barnett basket, new timing belts, 4 new trans gears (the rest are perfect), all shafts shimmed properly, crank pin polished, crank balanced, new rod bearings, new Pankl rod bolts, new rings, diamond bore deglaze, machined for more compression, ported heads, fresh (light) multi angle valve seat grind, new Ti exhaust valves, all valves shimmed within .01mm of factory minimum spec, cams degreed, new race air filters, aluminum cam drive pulleys, and more.

Someone will benefit from all this loving! I feel this is the finest street Ducati model.

I can be reached at:
phone: 403-324-4062

I live in Calgary at present, soon to be in Nelson BC, in Canada.

Sounds like an outstanding machine that has benefited from proper upgrades and recent maintenance. Good luck with the sale Kenny!


Sport Bikes For Sale July 24, 2011 posted by

Jamie James prepared 2008 Yamaha YZF-R AMA Superbike – ex Scott Russell bike!

For Sale: 2008 Yamaha YZF-R AMA Superbike Jamie James Scott Russell

What you are looking at is a 2008 Yamaha R1 prepared by Jamie James Productions for Scott “Mr Daytona” Russell. This bike was a backup bike for AMA SuperStock competition, and retains street legal bits and title in addition to the Jamie James and Scott Russell pedigree.

From the seller:
JJP ( Jamie James Productions) a Superbike champion and as a Yamaha factory spokesperson is legendary. With the help of the factory, Jamie James built 2 Yamaha R1’s for Superstock competition with the rider being “Mr. Daytona” Scott Russell. This happens to be the back up bike, athough set up identically to the race bike it was actually never raced, hence why its like new. I recently spoke to Jamie about the bike and he remembers it well, in fact Jamie remembers Scott saying “this is the fastest bike I’ve ever ridden”. I wont bore you with the details of the stock Yamaha R1, but this about the time Jorge Lorenzo won Moto GP, Ben Spies won WSBK world superbike ( hence the bodykit) and Josh Hayes won AMA superbike, ’nuff said. It’s part of my personal collection of bikes, not my stores and It’s condition is near flawless. Yes it’s used, so expect to find some wear if you get on your hands and knees ( maybe some carbon damage on muffler),but you would be hard pressed to find it, Im fastidious about the details. Its’ never been raced by Scott Russell or myself, but probably needs to be, its an incredible machine and you wont get passed on the straights, thats for sure. It comes with TWO sets of body work,one for the track and one for the street of which there are pics of both in the Sterilgarda livery. Show or ride this bike, street riding is awesome with the Bazzaz fuel management. It’s low mileage, and incredible amount of bits of which I’ll list below and it may be the only one in the world like it. Have copy of original paperwork from Yamaha to Jamie James. The title is in my name now, free and clear.

Here is a detailed video from the seller outlining key features of the bike:

And here is an extensive list of items included with the bike:

Hand built 1000cc Yamaha engine, balanced-blueprinted,degreed cam’s and factory supported power enhancements – JJP quotes as around 180 dyno’d rear wheel horsepower ( around 200hp at the crank)

Full Sterilgarda Bodywork, One street kit AND One track kit
Slipper clutch and close ratio 6 speed transmission
Ohlins World SuperSport front forks (built by Ohlins factory)
Ohlins TTX rear triple clicker shock
Ohlins adjustable steering dampener
Bazzaz Traction control ( on the fly adjustment)
Bazzaz quick shifter ( full throttle clutchless upshifts)
Bazzaz Z-Fi fuel injection mapping w/ handlebar switch ability (automatic engine mapping for power)
Akropovich FULL Titanium headers and exhaust w/ Carbon Fiber mufflers (sounds incredible)
Vortex fully adjustable rearsets
Vortex Front + rear sprockets
D.I.D gold chain
Woodcraft adjustable handlbars
R & G front, mid, rear and front fork frame sliders
Eliptech LED shift light indicator ( awesome piece)
CRG adjust a click shorty levers
Billet Alternator + clutch side plates
Michelin Pilot pure Ultra high performance tires
Street items
Mirror block off plates
LED turn and rear signals
Fender eliminator/License plate holder
Kick stand

If you are ready to step up to the big leagues of track day bikes, this just might be your weapon. With world-class componentry throughout – as well as some tasty add-ons – you could not put this bike together for what you can buy it for. Sure, a real racebike that was wrung out by Scott Russell in anger would likely bring more cash, but this is a very close second place.

This auction is on right now with the current bid under $10k at the time of this writing. The reserve is still in place. There are so many things right with this bike that you have to wonder where it will end up. This bike has all the right stuff: the right names behind it (James, Russel, Ohlins, Bazzaz, Akropovic, Eliptech, Vortex, Woodcraft, etc etc etc), a great presentation with tons of pics and a looong video, and a unique background. The R1 may not be a collectable bike, but I think this one will do rather well.

For more information and details, click on the link and check out the auction. Good luck to you, and be sure and tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Bimota April 29, 2011 posted by

Collector alert! ZERO miles 1999 Bimota DB4 up for grabs!

ZERO – as in not turned a wheel, nada, zilch, Z-E-E-R-O, miles 1999 Bimota DB4 with performance kit for sale in Michigan!

*update: as Joel and fellow RSBFS contributor Mike pointed out, the bike has 23 miles on the odometer, so strictly speaking it’s not a zero mile bike.  Aside from the factory performance kit it has also an aftermarket clutch slave and a tinted windscreen.

While both these points do not detract the bike from what is it – a desirable and collectible, almost new Bimota DB4 – it is nevertheless not truly zero miles and not 100% original.*

From the same collector that brought you the zero miles Bimota DB1Bimota Laser TT KB2, and a 1977 Ducati 900SS (on ebay now!) here’s another yet another zero miles Bimota from his amazing collection:

Up for auction is a 1999 Bimota DB4. This is a Brand New Zero Mile motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection.

The condition of the bike is fantastic and is like new. It has been upgraded with the performance kit which is a Corse Exhaust and Kehin CR special Carburetors installed (the stock parts have been saved and will come with the bike). It does come with the original tool kit and literature. It also has a free and clear title in the sellers name.

Please take a look at the large pictures to get a better idea of condition and email me if you have any questions.

** Visit this link to see higher resolution pictures **

Really, what’s there to say about ANY zero miles Bimota? It’s very desirable and collectible for sure, but I’d be too afraid to ride it.  I like to ride my bikes and I guess I’m not a serious enough collector to have separate bikes for riding and for static display. $16,900 for a DB4 is a lot of money for sure, but how do you put a value on the fact that it’s zero miles?!  Plus, if you are into that sort of thing, this is a low serial number bike (003) so may be worth just THAT much more…

This guy is a serious collector (just check out some of the other bikes in the background – Ducati NCR New Blue, Desmosedici, Ducati TT F1…) and I would love to see what else he will be listing for sale.  My only question would be – if my dad has such an amazing collection, why would I sell it?!

If you like having a brand new 1999 Bimota DB4 for display in your collection (and who doesn’t?), .