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Sport Bikes For Sale January 29, 2014 posted by

2002 MV Agusta F4 Strada for sale in New York

2002 MV Agusta F4 S for sale

One of my favorites of the era, the MV Agusta F4 750 still evokes an emotion that maybe 10 other bikes of the past 25 years share. I realize it’s not that fast compared to it’s competition (or it’s later iterations) of the time, and it came with a hefty price new as well. But it is so striking to my eyes and has such a unique pedigree that I always take note when a nice one appears. As such, when I see one that has a reasonable 10k miles and a disclosed reserve of $7k, it makes me start rearranging the garage to find space. Is the F4 S the bargain exotic that enthusiasts should consider as an entry collector bike?


2002 MV Agusta F4 S for sale on eBay


from the seller:

2002 MV Agusta F4 750, 749CC, I4, 6-Speed. Upgraded with the RG3 race exhaust & EPROM tuned by Ferraci. This bike was originally purchased as a collectors bike with no miles till 2009. Since being ridden it has been maintained with an authorized MV Agustadealer to the highest degree and is immaculate. The F4 engine is a liquid cooled inline 4 cylinder (4-stroke) with DOHC, 16 radial valves, electronic multipoint injection, and induction discharge electronic ignition. The S in the F4 750 S stands for Strada and is essentially the same as the F4 750 Oro but with aluminum pieces in place of magnesium. Top speed is estimated at 170 mph, with a 0-60 mph of 3.1 secs and the quarter mile in 10.98 sec. The MV Agusta F4 750 was the most eagerly awaited slice of Italian superbike exotica pretty much delivered on all counts. Simply stunning Massimo Tamburini styling was the most beautiful since the same designers Ducati 916 of 1994 (and is generally considered to still be the most beautiful bike in production). Spec, build quality and handling was there to match. Only the MV Agusta F4 750’s screaming four-cylinder engine failed to be a world beater still good though. The F4 750 is an instant classic and coveted and collected in equal measure.



2002 MV Agusta F4 Strada for sale in New York
Ducati November 16, 2011 posted by

Save this bike! 1991 Ducati 851 to be parted out….

For Sale: 1991 Ducati 851

Trolling around eBay this morning, something about the ad copy caught my eye:

If the bike does not sell, look for it on Ebay over Thanksgiving in parts.

Visions of one of Bologna’s iconic machines being hacked up during the Turkey Day long weekend made me a big queasy. I’m not sure I will be able to enjoy my holiday of wretched excess knowning that the future of this desmoquattro is in peril.

A RSBFS reader commented on this post that “ANY white framed Ducati is COOL.” I couldn’t agree with Philip more on that point. That’s why I believe this bike is worth saving. After all, the 851 was the bike of the future for Ducati, simultaneously introducing liquid cooling, four valve per cylinder desmoquattro valvetrain, and fuel injection.

This bike has a fair bit of pricey add-ons to consider. The seller lists them all out below, and they are worth reading. Sharp eyes might note the non-standard mirrors, the interesting rear turn signal treatment, the conversion to a 888 solo tail (this is most likely a base 851 Strada model which had the biposto seat with color matched cover), and the additional carbon.

From the seller:
This motorcycle has an interesting history and amazing parts … Parked at Amols Ducati when it closed in the late 1990’s, the original owner had trouble getting it back and when he finally did it was returned to him without a fuel pump. Happy to have his almost new bike back, but not running he put it in his garage and never again got it running. There it sat for more than a decade. I have owned it for a few years and got it running this year. In the beginning of the season I put new rubber on it and in August spent $1,800 tuning it with BCM’s Leslie Grossman.


– Aluminum Rear & Front sub-frames
– 888 Solo Seat mounted on Air Tech 888 solo tail section
– Titanium Axles and Brake Mounting Bolts
– 851 SPO – Brembo Gold Line Floating Iron Rotors and Billet Calipers
– Full Floating low mount rear brake kit from Pro Italia, moves the caliper to the bottom of the rotor for better center of gravity
– Fast By Ferracci stainless steel and carbon fiber complete exhaust system, which is their copy of the famous Termignoni ‘Farne’ exhaust
– AP Lockheed variable ratio racing front brake and clutch master cylinders
– Billet aluminum foot pegs, brackets, and pedals from Pro Italia – (Corsa Pegs are on Ebay for $1,300)
– Steering Damper from Storz
– Oil cooler with stainless braided lines from Earls
– Ferracci Stage 1 computer chip
– Billet muffler clamps from Pro Italia
– Hi-Rise clip ons from Storz (raised the hand grips for comfort)
– Carbon Fiber fenders, exhaust hangers, clutch and sprocket covers

If the bike does not sell, look for it on Ebay over Thanksgiving in parts. The parts alone are worth more than the asking price, buy the parts and get the bike for free. I love this bike, mileage is true and it shows. One of the fairings does have a crack that was done when I was unloading it. I am going to miss this bike, but its going to fund another Ducati.

Another viewpoint is to look at this as an interesting selling technique, appealing to the collector in each of us; after all, who wouldn’t want to protect and preserve this great piece of Ducati Superbike history? It is clear that the cost of adding the various parts to the bike was substantial, but is the reverse really true? I don’t think that the pieces add *that* much to the base price of a used 851, which makes me think this is unlikely to sell.

If you sign up to the “seller holding the bike hostage” theory, the price might just seal the deal: the BIN is set at $8,750 OBO. That is more than most 851s that have passed through the pages of RSBFS, but not really out of line with what the bike has to offer. After all, it has only 3,025 miles! All in all this is not a bad deal, and the seller appears to be willing to entertain offers.

For more information on this (still whole) 851, click the link and check out the listing. Good luck to the seller, the buyer, and the bike!


Ducati August 10, 2011 posted by

1992 Ducati 851 Strada

For Sale: 1992 Ducati 851 Strada with only 715 miles!

In the early 1990s, the sport bike world was changing fast. All of the Japanese manufacturers had re-energized their fleet through liquid cooling, fuel injection and four valve per cylinder technology. Ducati had none of these in the line up, instead continuing to rely on the ubiquitous air cooled, two valve L-twin. In one fell swoop, however, the 851 changed all of that.

Simultaneously adding liquid cooling, a four valve per cylinder head (with desmo activation, natch), AND fuel injection, Ducati propelled itself back to the top tier of the world’s stage – and created an iconic machine that became the foundation for all Ducati superbikes to follow. With a racing pedigree, sharp looks and limited numbers, the 851 continues to be one of the high water mark machines created by the Bologna firm.

From the seller:


This 1992 Ducati 851 BiPosto is in very good – excellent condition. This bike has been in a collection for the last 20 years and has always been stored in a climate controlled garage. LOOK at the bolts on the bike, these are original Ducati bolts, and if you know Ducati’s, you know the bolts are the first items to oxidize.

This bike has never been crashed or damaged in any way. It has always been garage kept and is extremely clean. The only faults I can see: Please check pictures, are a few stone chips, a small scratch on the tank from a belt (hard to photograph, but you can barely see it), some scuffs on the rear cover (can probably buff out), and a mark on the left mirror. I would also give the bike a good buff / wax. Also, please check the decals. The tank decal blemish is under the clear (probably came from Ducati this way). The Agip decal is not cleared and still can be replaced.

The Strada model is the most lowly of all 851 variants. Designed as a bi-posto two seater, the rear seat is covered by a color coded piece that mimics the bodywork. Once removed, a passenger pillion is revealed. To add to the two-up usefulness, grab handles can be rotated out of the storage area, and then retracted when not in use (see picture below). There is even a fair bit of room under the passenger seat for toolkit storage and sundry items. In all, it is a very useable superbike.

The four valve motor revs quickly and willingly to a redline of 10k. Where the two valve mills run out of breath, the 851 is really just getting started. Add in the booming exhaust, Brembo brakes and great handling, and you have a potent package on your weekend rides – even if the bike is nearing 20 years old.

These bikes are also fairly bulletproof, provided that they have the standard services done at regular intervals (oil changes, belts and valve adjustment). With only 715 reported miles, this bike is really brand new from a mechanical standpoint. You simply do not see many in this condition, and it would be a fantastic addition to any collection.

If you have been lusting after an 851 but just haven’t found the right one – this could be it! This auction is going on right now, and the opening ask is $11k. That may sound a bit steep when you compare this to some of the more ratty, tired 851s that come up for auction, but at the end of the day it is actually well within reason for such a well-preserved bike. For more information, pictures and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Don’t forget to tell ’em that you found it on RSBFS!


Ducati April 29, 2011 posted by

Heck With The Wedding: 1995 Ducati 888 SP5 In The UK

Heck With The Wedding:  1995 Ducati 888 SP5 In The UK

Now this is something to pay attention to in the UK, not some silly wedding.  Didn’t we politely ask the Brits to leave years ago so we wouldn’t have to witness such events?  Lets talk Ducati history though not American history!  They still look good don’t they?  More than good, they just look “right”.  There is nothing extra there, just a bare bones racing motorcycle disguised as a street bike.


Exclude the Supermono and former race bikes; are the 888 SP’s the most collectible Ducati’s?  How about this one: if offered a 2011 1098 Tri Color or a 888 SP4 or 5, which would you take?  I’d take the classic in a heart beat.

While looking up info on the SP5, I came across a good discussionon the SP4 vs. the SP5.  Guys were arguing the case for both bikes and then someone tossed in the info that the SP2 was the last of the SP’s to be built in Ducati’s race shop. Does that give it more points to Ducati purists?  Interesting stuff to say the least.

This particular example has traveled 8852 miles.  It is relatively stock with a Termignoni exhaust and White Power shock added to the mix.

Ah, the music that must come from there (see below).  It can be yours, .

This isn’t the bike for sale but it would be a crime to have no audio with this post.


Ducati March 14, 2011 posted by

Affordable Exotica: 1992 Ducati 851 Strada

For Sale: 1992 Ducati 851 Strada

If there was any question that RSBFS is THE resource on the ‘net for finding cool bikes and information, then this must surely be proof. Here is a pretty cool looking bike, a relatively rare model, all at a decent price. And Hey! The seller has thoughtfully used an earlier RSBFS post (copied verbatim) to describe this bike. For amusement, check out the seller’s text (use the jump link below) with this post of a totally different 851.

That’s right, folks. This one has 50 large on the clockface; somebody really rode this beauty. In all, that is not too surprising – these 4-valve Ducs are reliable, offer crisp throttle response via fuel injection, and put out pretty decent power. Handling is right up there with anything your buddies will bring to a street ride, and the Strada variant of the bike offers cozy seating for two – perfect for date night!

Normally we would include a few words from the seller here, but since the seller simply used our words for his bike, we’ll skip that bit. Instead, let’s take a look at some quick thoughts around this particular example. The wheels on an 851 were not red (the 1992 wheels on a Strada were black, if I recall), so these have been painted. The mirrors were color coded on this model year, so these look to have been replaced at some time. The windscreen has also been replaced with a smoked unit. The brake lines have been upgraded, and the remote resevoirs have niftly little leg warmers on them . The seat has been updated to a Corbin unit, and somebody hacked off the rear fender at some point to give it a DIY license plate relocate look. The rear hugger is also missing.

Rebuilds on a desmoquattro don’t come cheap. That said, it is not uncommon for these to go well beyond that mileage. It’s not likely that this bike has been babied, but if it was proprely maintained then it could be a candidate for inexpensive Italian status. If interested, I would contact the seller for more information and ask some tough questions. The price is set at $5250 which is not bad money provided the bike holds up to closer inspection. Good luck, and tell them that RSBFS sent you… and wrote the ad copy!


Ducati January 21, 2011 posted by

1992 Ducati 851

For Sale: 1992 Ducati 851

When it comes to the current crop of Ducati v-twin Superbikes, they all have this model to thank. Concurrently introducing liquid cooling, four-valves per cylinder (with desmo, of course), and fuel injection, the 851 was a watershed bike for Ducati. Sporting top-level componentry and offering exceptional performance for the day (and still quite respectable today), the 851 remains a desirable collector model of the Superbike family.

From the seller:
2nd owner from 2004, no mechanical issues whatsoever, new battery, recent valve set, new belts, new steering head bearings, new chain and sprockets, original tool kit in original case, original owners manual, service manual, magnesium 3spoke Dymag wheels, Staintune exhaust. Bike tuned my Marvin Jensen of 851 list. You may contact him regarding the bike’s condition. He has ridden it quite a bit as well.

This is a Strada model bike, and contains a passenger pillion under the faux single seat cover (although the passenger pegs have been removed to accommodate the aftermarket exhaust). While it has covered a quite a few miles for this type of bike, it appears to be in great condition with some quality upgrades. These motors are very durable, provided they are fed quality service with a frequent side of timing belts. I wouldn’t be concerned about the mileage, although it could have an impact on the resale value.

The auction for the beauty is on right now, and the price for a collectable Ducati icon is looking pretty affordable. The current bid is at $4500, with the reserve still in place. The BIN is set for $7500, which is right in line with the going rate for this model. The upgrades are in good taste, and enhance the performance of this period piece. For your chance at this key Ducati, .


Ducati May 27, 2010 posted by

1990 Ducati 851 Strada With 2,565 Miles In California

This is an excellent 851 in California with less than 3k miles!

Bike:  1990 Ducati 851

Price:  $8,000 USD

Location:  Santa Barbra, California

Mileage:  2,565mi

Located in Santa Barbra, California is a 1990 Ducati 851 with 2,565 original miles.  The seller states that this bike is perfect and and has always been cared for and garaged.

This price looks to be correct for the low mileage as we’ve seen other examples, with more miles, at or very near this price.  See the other posts we’ve had for 851’s in the past here.  See this current 851 on Craigslist here.


Ducati April 29, 2010 posted by

1992 Ducati 851 Strada With 9,870 Original Miles

This Ducati 851 has 9,870 original miles and looks to be in good condition.  Located in Wake Forest, North Carolina is a 1992 Ducati 851 Strada with 9,870 miles.  The valve service was done at 9,500 and new tires were put on at 9,700.  The seller states that this bike is all original, not museum quality but, very nice still.  The price of $7,950 seems a bit high but, it’s probably a reflection of the, just, sub-10k miles.

1993 is the last year for the 851 Strada which featured a 95hp L-Twin, 41mm USD Showa adjustable forks, Showa adjustable rear shock and a 210kg (462lb) wet weight.  This looks to be a very nice, usable, example.  See it on Craigslist here.