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Ducati January 20, 2018 posted by

Too Much of a Good Thing – 1995 Ducati Supersport SS/SP

Drumming up business sometimes involves a round of badge engineering, which Ducati succumbed to in the early 1990’s with their SuperSports.  The normally venerable Sport Production designation was a bit diluted but the all-American model was graced with some carbon components and Showa adjustable suspension.  Still it’s a significant and low-production Ducati, and number 349 is from Colorado, boasts under 10,000 miles and has enjoyed factory service since it is or was owned by a Ducati dealer.

1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP #349 for sale on eBay


Positioned in between the Cafe Racer and Super Light, the Sport Production had the best of each, alloy swingarm, 17-inch wheels, dual seat with low-swept mufflers.  Performance was standard Super Sport with 84 hp pushing a dry weight of just about 400 lbs.  The warm silver trellis frame went well with the silver engine and swingarm, as well as the matching wheels and silver and gold decals on the red fairing.


Relatively low miles and no apparent damage show on the classic SS, though the discoloration of the carbon mudguards and clutch cover is puzzling – perhaps over-enthusiastic cleaning.  Surprisingly stock, this 900SS will require no un-updating by the new owner.  From the eBay auction:

This bike is one of the classic SuperSport that has a timeless look !  It starts right up and runs and sounds so good ! Bike has 9,729 miles on it.  Carbon fiber mufflers.  And is in great condition !  Bike was Senior owned by a former Ducati dealership owner.  All service was performed by his factory trained Ducati mechanics.  Feel free to ask me any questions about this motorcycle.  I am selling it for the owner and am also a Ducati factory trained mechanic.  This bike will put a smile on your face every time you ride it !  Bike is serialized number 349.


The 91-98 SuperSport reviewed as a two-wheeled Swiss army knife and has been successful in racing and sport-touring alike.  With not much you don’t need, the performance was crisp with the only niggle being somewhat ponderous low-speed steering.  The opening $3,800 bid hasn’t enticed anyone yet, but eventually someone will see that a new owner and proper detailing is the only thing between this SS/SP and a continued very sporty tour.




Too Much of a Good Thing – 1995 Ducati Supersport SS/SP
Honda June 25, 2017 posted by

Ride or Restore: 1993 Honda NSR250R SP MC21 for Sale

Some motorcycle enthusiasts are looking for a perfect, time-capsule example of their favorite bikes. Me? I’m glad perfect examples are out there for collectors, but I want something I can ride and enjoy without being worried that a tip-over or low-side or just a few extra miles on the odometer will destroy the value of some pristine collectible. Today’s Honda NSR250R SP is a little rough around the edges, with some scratches and scuffs, but it seems like an honest bike, and very solid mechanically.

The NSR250 featured Honda’s familiar 90° liquid-cooled 249cc v-twin with a six-speed “cassette” gearbox that allowed owners [or pit crews] to rapidly swap out gearsets to suit different race tracks. Obviously not all that useful on a road bike, but still pretty slick. The NSR may have sucked fuel through a set of carburetors, but it used a very sophisticated PGM-III system that controlled the bike’s ignition based on throttle-position, revs, and gear selection.

This particular NSR250R is the desirable MC21 version of Honda’s agile two-stroke, as indicated by the asymmetrical “gull-arm” aluminum swing arm that curves on the left-hand side to clear the exhaust’s expansion chambers to maximize cornering clearance. The swingarm looks very trick, but helps make the MC21 a little bit heavier than the MC18 that preceded it. Dry weight is still under 300lbs, so even the bike’s artificially-limited 45hp will move the bike out smartly, although I’d definitely check with the seller to see if the bike has been de-restricted, as anyone outside Japan will want the bike’s full-power available.

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Honda NSR250R SP MC21 for Sale

20,441 Miles (32,898 Kilometers) This is a Very Rare only 900 made Last Model MC21 SP. Mostly original and unrestored.  Perfect opportunity for a budget minded MC21 SP for restoration. All fluids are fresh.  Shifts and revs to redline perfectly.  Starts effortlessly every time. OEM Fairings have hairline scratches and cracks. upper fairing has a broken section near the mirrors and the lower fairing has a section cut out near the expansion chambers along with a couple dents on the fuel tank near the stay, included close up pictures featuring defects. The Red on the tail fairing doesn’t match each other exactly also. No respray or rattle can. Red Magtek wheels are in excellent condition. Otherwise straight from the factory.  Bike has Vin Matching State of Ohio Title as a 1992 model MC21-1070*** “Buyer is responsible for their own State Requirements.”  Imported into the States through all legal channels. EPA and Declaration papers provided.

Bidding is up to $6,500 with about 24 hours left on the auction. If it stays in that neighborhood, it’s on the low side for an MC21, but that’s in keeping with the less-than-perfect condition. This example is obviously not perfect as described by the seller, but is claimed to be mechanically in good working order. If you’re buying one of these and worried about sourcing parts, that may be a weight lifted. Even if you end up on a quest for a perfect set of original bodywork, you can at least ride your machine in the meantime, and this looks like it’d be pretty nice from ten feet, certainly a good place to begin for a restoration. Personally, I’m okay with replacement bodywork, as long as the frame and everything else are clean and straight. Get a decent set of Rothmans replica bodywork from the internet, spend the weekend fitting it, and then ride your little smoker with no fear of destroying a priceless, pristine collectible.


Ride or Restore: 1993 Honda NSR250R SP MC21 for Sale
Honda October 16, 2015 posted by

Rothman’s Edition: 1988 Honda NSR250R SP MC18 for Sale

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans R Side

If you’re in the market for a high-performance, quarter-liter two-stroke, then this is the one to have. As cool to look at as it is to ride, Honda’s NSR250R is a two-stroke race replica splashed with one of the most evocative paint-and-graphics combinations of the modern era, made ever so sexy by the dangerous, forbidden-fruit taint of a tobacco sponsorship.

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans L Side Front

The NSR250 followed the same formula as everyone else in the class, with a nearly square, liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin that displaced 249cc’s and put power through a six-speed gearbox. In this case, the box was a “cassette-style” arrangement that would theoretically allow racers to change ratios quickly at the track. Which sounds pretty cool, but is largely useless for road riders, unless you don’t believe in using your clutch and need to rebuild your transmission regularly…

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans Clocks

With a dry weight of under 300lbs and 45-60hp depending on tune, these are fast, nimble motorcycles that stress handling over straight-line power. They look and handle like big, four-stroke sportbikes, but are very compact in person, and feature a host of weight-saving and weight-centralizing tricks to maximize performance. According to two-stroke fanatics, every serious motorcyclist should try one.

So who’s got one I can try out?

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans R Side Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda NSR250R SP MC18 for Sale

Just imported through U.S. Customs, this 1988 NSR 250 SP R4J comes with a clean and clear street legal title ready to be transferred into your name in your state. A great page for some overview history on the NSR250 is www(dot)nsr-world(dot)com/history/ . The SP model is a Honda factory built street legal Sport Production version of the desirable NSR250 model and comes in Rothmans paint trim and factory upgrade Magtek magnesium wheels. This bike is showing 10,620 original miles (17,091 kilometers) on the odometer so it is a clean, lower mileage bike that presents well. The fairing bodywork is original with original paint and the seat is in good condition. The pictures show 2 scratches on the lower right belly pan and 3 scratches on the left muffler. This is a 25 year old motorcycle with 11,000 miles so it isn’t perfect; you have to expect paint wear and the normal scratches and chips and cracks on the bar ends and levers and fairing mount points. The windshield needs polishing to be perfect too. The tires have good tread, gauges are clear and bright, factory turn signals are straight and the exhaust tips are in good condition too. All in all a good used 250SP with original paint and Magtek magnesium wheels – where else are you going to find one?

I can get great shipping rates (anywhere in California for $300 as an example) so don’t let the cost of shipping keep you from owning this collectible Japanese two-stroke streetbike. This motorcycle is not a grey market import, it has been imported through proper legal channels and is already titled in the USA and ready to be transferred into your name just like any other vehicle purchase. You will not need my US Customs documents and EPA documents to transfer title but I will include them in the sale of this bike so you have documentation your NSR SP was legally imported.

The seller has posted a number of other desirable little Japanese-import two-stroke sportbikes recently and, as always, includes a video of the bike starting and running.

1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans L Side Fairing

Standard caveats apply: be sure to check your local laws regarding registration if you plan to run this on the road. But now that bikes like this are at or past the 25 year mark, it’s becoming much easier to import and register them. And even if you can’t run this on the street, a careful restoration would make this a very cool display piece!


 1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans R Side Front

Rothman’s Edition: 1988 Honda NSR250R SP MC18 for Sale
Aprilia July 31, 2014 posted by

Function over Form: 1999 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille SP for Sale

The first-generation Aprilia RSV Mille  is a pug-ugly bike. There, I said it. The styling is bulbous and overwrought, with weird, gimmicky details and bits that don’t really hang together.

Look, owners and fans can spare me the outraged comments: I really like these, and I’d take one over almost any Japanese sportbike you could name. I’d take “ugly but distinctive” over “pleasing but bland” all week long and twice on Sunday.

1999 Aprilia RSV Mille SP R Fairing

And the disjointed stealth-fighter design is certainly distinctive: there’s nothing else like it on the road and, in an era where the easiest way to tell bike brands apart is by what paint jobs they’re wearing, a defining corporate style is no small thing. But who cares what it looks like anyway? These things just flat work.

1999 Aprilia RSV Mille SP R Rear

At first glance, it looks very much like Aprilia simply stuffed a big v-twin into their pretty RS250’s frame. The bike was designed to compete directly on road and track against Ducati’s 916, but Aprilia definitely did its own thing: no perfect primary balance 90° twin here. They went with a very compact 998cc 60° motor from Rotax for packaging, fitted with twin balance shafts to smooth things out.

1999 Aprilia RSV Mille SP Engine Detail

Someday, the styling may be considered classic, but for now the dated looks just mean that prices for these very capable machines are relatively low, considering the performance on tap. This one, however, isn’t quite so affordable, and for good reason…

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Aprilia RSV Mille SP

This is a 1999 Aprilia RSV 1000 Mille SP (sport production) number 147 of 150. The Mille SP is one of the rarest Aprilias made, a 1000cc 60 degree V-twin Superbike. Just 150 were built, which was the minimum requirement for Aprilia to enter the Superbike World Championship.  Even fewer made it Stateside.

It’s a true homologation bike, not just a body work replica. Nearly every meaningful part is different from the standard Mille. The engine, built with input from Cosworth, has sand cast cases and a different bore and strike. The frame has adjustable engine position, steering head angle and swingarm pivot. Tuning by way of a race chip and not an ECU. The fairing is carbon-fibre. The exhaust is true duels with twin cans. The fuel tank is aluminum and the Öhlins suspension are fully adjustable.   Dry weight is 407lbs (about the same as a Ducati 996R and nearly 70lbs lighter than its sister Mille R.) Horsepower said to be near 150 with a reported top speed of 173.36 mph (versus 167.7 mph for the Mille R and 167.8 for the Ducati 996R).  As far as Aprilia goes, this is the one to have, the first year homologation entry. In 1999, Aprilia finished 6th. (Ducati was 1).

This Aprilia came out of a collection from California and has just 984 original miles. It comes with factory-correct DOT lightweight street wheels (magnesium wheels were not approved by DOT back then). The bike was just serviced by a certified race-proven tech at Eurosports in Coopersburg PA (an Aprilia dealer) and needs nothing.

I love that the SP actually has adjustable engine mounting points. Keep in mind that the SP is not simply a chip-tune and exhaust job. It is in fact a heavily revised, shorter-stroke version with significant input from Cosworth, as mentioned above.

1999 Aprilia RSV Mille SP Dash

Reliability for the RSV is generally better than equivalent Ducatis and service intervals less frequent. They’re also a bit roomier for larger riders, with a slightly more humane riding position. All-in-all, a funky alternative to folks not sold on Ducati hype, or those who believe that appearances are secondary to function.

Or for those who just love bikes with jagged, stealth fighter looks.


1999 Aprilia RSV Mille SP R Side Rear

Function over Form: 1999 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille SP for Sale
Ducati February 14, 2014 posted by

Hot Rod Mods: 1996 Ducati 900 SS SP


We don’t generally post modified bikes on RSBFS (April 1st posts notwithstanding). The general rule is that for truly rare and limited edition bikes, stock condition rules the roost. An original bike by and large is worth more and holds value better over time. As is often the case, however, there are exceptions. And one clear exception is when the execution of the overall modifications present an entirely new and complete machine – not just a JC Whitney approach to tacking bits on.


1996 Ducati 900 SS SP for sale on eBay


From the seller:
For sale is a pristine 1996 Ducati 900 SS SP. No expense was spared while building this bike. It started out as a bone stock, well cared for 900 SS and was re-built using only the best parts available. The bike runs flawlessly and is likely one of the cleanest 900’s you’ll come across. It has 5,633 original miles (may be slightly higher depending on the weather) and looks brand new. The belts and valves have been done, along with all new starter wires, fluids, and new Dunlop Q3’s. Now let’s start with the upgrades.. I have removed the full fairing and replaced it with a single piece CR fairing and then had the bike painted Jet black. The vintage Ducati black and gold combo has always been my favorite. The bike comes with Ohlins forks and shock, and magnesium Marchesinis. The seat is custom made out of carbon fiber, and features a seat pad that has been freshly re-upholstered in black suede, as well as a set of super bright LED taillights. The front fender is a 1098 shift-tech carbon fiber fender that has been custom painted and clear coated, and the rear hugger has also been re-clear coated to look like new. The front turn signals have also been tinted slightly for a more aggressive look. A Yoyodyne slave cylinder was fitted so you will never have to worry about leaks, and let’s not forget the Fast By Ferracci pipes. I will include stock wheels and body work with the bike. I am in no hurry to sell so please keep the offers reasonable. The next owner of this bike will not be disappointed. Feel free to ask any questions, and I have no problem sending more pictures upon request. I also have pictures of the bike in its original condition should you desire to see them.


The seller has also included a video of the bike in question. This thing is eye candy for sure. I won’t even start to comment on the sound this beauty makes…

This bike is located in Florida, and this BIN auction is on right now. The price: $11,500, with the seller open to reasonable offers. While the price is definitely up there for a 900 SS model, I can’t see building it for a whole lot less. It feels like it is in the ballpark to me – what do YOU think? Check it out and then share some comments.



Hot Rod Mods:  1996 Ducati 900 SS SP
Ducati September 2, 2011 posted by

1995 Ducati Supersport 900 SS/SP

For Sale: 1995 Ducati Supersport 900 SS/SP

Posted today is a not-too-rare Ducati that still pushes all of the right buttons for me. The mid 1990s 900 SS/SP (Sports Production) is essentially the evolution of the Superlight from a few years earlier. Ducati introduced a lower-spec 900 SS/CR (Cafe Racer) in that year, at a bargain basement price. The SP was special, however. Consising of the full fairing from the pre-CR days, it added a new swingarm, carbon fiber fender and mudguard, and upgraded (and adustable!) front and rear suspension.

If you have been lusting after a Superlight but can live without the yellow color, white frame, and product number plate rivited to the top of the trees, a 900 SS/SP will provide you with the same or better performance for a whole lot less cash. The two valve air cooled motor is legendary for torque and longenvity (don’t forget to change those belts every 6k or 2 years!), and the Supersport platform is a solid, capable, and forgiving mount for spirited riding. Throw in the adjustable suspension and seller add-ons and you have a real winner here.

From the seller:
This 1995 Ducati 900 SS SP Rides and Looks stunning for it’s age. Pampered all it’s life, with full service records and clear title in hand.If you ever quested to ride or purchase a Ducati, these models are known to be a true classic.

It has a few upgrades: smoke windscreen, racetech springs and front end serviced by Mellilimoto ducati, DID gold chain, anodized red clutch pressure plate, ducati performance open clutch cover, upgraded clutch slave, K&N air filter with open airbox conversion, microtech exhaust, carbs rejetted by Mellilimoto for the K&N, new belts and plugs and valves checked 2500 miles ago. Carbon Fiber front fender and rear hugger, Perelli Tires have 2K on them and tread rubber looks like new. It has never been raced and the oil and filter was changed 50 miles ago, always used synthetic. email me with questions. Bike has 13K on the odometer, very slight touch up paint on the gas tank and under belly of the bike, the paint is all original so I wanted to keep the going as best as I can.

There are so many subtle nuances about this listing that just seem right to me. For example: Look at the picture of the clutch cover (right side, 3/4 rear view). Sure the cover looks natty, but its the breather above the case and behind the rear cylinder that caught my eye. Anyone who owns one of these wonderous L-twin powered beasts knows this area gets dirty very quickly. Sure – this bike was cleaned up prior to putting it up for sale, but this was not a one-time wash-n-wax; this bike was taken care of.

Superlight performance, great looks and fantastic value – that is what any collector is looking for. And with the SP variant being more rare and more sought after by knowing riders, this looks to be a good deal in the making. The current ask for this bike is $4,995, with zero bids. That might be a bit high for your average Supersport, but for a clean, well-loved SP that will take care of you for the next several decades, wise men might reconsider. Check out the auction and let us know what you think!


Ducati September 12, 2010 posted by

1995 Ducati 900SS/SP With 870 Original Miles On eBay

This is a low mileage 900SS on eBay!

Bike:  1995 Ducati 900SS/SP

Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Mileage:  870mi

Price:  $6,750USD OBO

This bike is fitted with a used FBF/Forza with some scratches, is re-jetted to match, and features a hideous fitting tank bra.  The left fairing does feature some scratches (Why no picture of the left side?) from the previous owner but is supposedly perfect, otherwise.  The seller states that they are the second owner of this 900SS.

I’ll admit, this bike sounds a bit interesting based on the sellers description; Namely, why would you purchase second hand FBF/Forza slip-ons for a 870 original mile bike?  Anyway, this is still a 870 mile bike that should be worth a look and buy barring and major mechanical/cosmetic or historical discrepancies–I would think that if you’re spending $6.7k on a bike, a $200 budget airline round-trip ticket isn’t too out of line.

No matter who you are, $6,750 is a lot of money for a 900SS/SP–and that’s including the lightweights and final editions.  The seller has ruined the fun by only offering a BIN; if/when this bike sells, we won’t know if it went for the BIN or a number considerably lower.  Regardless, make an offer that you’d feel comfortable via eBay but, I think it’d be best to view this bike in person and make an in person offer.

Would I like to have a full fairing 900SS with less than 1000 miles?  Absolutely, but not for $6,750.  See the bike on eBay .