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Sport Bikes For Sale July 14, 2015 posted by

Restored Slingshot: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for Sale

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 R Side

Today’s GSX-R750 is sort of the polar opposite of Sunday’s Ducati Supermono: the Gixxer was always intended to be ridden and enjoyed anywhere, street or track. It needed no army of trained technicians to make it run, or a crew to push start it like the Supermono did, or pro-level riding skill to appreciate, or a degree in engineering to understand. It just flat worked, everywhere, all the time.

The People’s Superbike.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 Front Rear

The “J” model was introduced in 1988 and was the first significant redesign of the bike. The engine remained oil/air cooled, but internals were reworked with a shorter stroke that allowed higher revs and resulted in a displacement of 748cc. The bike now featured Mikuni  BST36SS carburetors that gave the bike its “Slingshot” nickname. As always seems to be the case, the newer bike made more power, but was slightly heavier. 112hp may not seem like much power now, but the GSX-R750 was the premier hooligan bike of the age and makes plenty of power to keep riders entertained.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 L Side Lower

So why would you want one of these middle-child bikes? Well the style, first of all. Looks may be subjective, but this happens to be the only era GSX-R I actively lust after. Maybe I imprinted early and was inspired by the blue and white Gixxer I saw in high school, with one headlight sporting a bright yellow headlamp and one clear for a heterochromic, endurance-racing style. Or maybe the owner was just French…

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 R Side Front Wheel

Or maybe you plan to tear up the back roads on your classic Japanese sportbike and want to fit the latest, stickiest rubber. Those 17″ wheels will make that much easier, although the relatively skinny 160 that’s fitted as standard reduces your choices somewhat. I’m sure you can probably go up to a 170, or fit a readily-available wider wheel from another year… The Gixxer forums I’m sure will be full of suggestions, I’m sure.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

This bike is a truly unique example of a late model GSX-R in exceptional shape. Completely restored with rebuilt motor and painted only a few thousand miles ago, the chassis has 20K on it. Tons of extras, tuned, titled, registered, and ready to ride. I am thinning out my herd but not in any rush to sell so if it doesn’t hit my buy it now or a reasonable offer is made no big deal, I’ll keep riding. I am simply testing the waters so make me an offer I can’t refuse or simply gawk at my photos and enjoy:-)

The restoration includes the following: A long stroke 750cc motor (similar to the RK model, arguably the best of the oil cooled) with Weisco piston kit, 771cc w/ 11:1 compression, pocket port work done on the head, new bearings and gaskets all around. The transmission had the gears under-cut and shimmed (shifts like butter). Has the original Mikuni Slingshot BST36mm but rebuilt with Stage 3 jets and SS needles. Also, I had a set of custom Velocity stacks made with screens and set of RamAir filters to slip over (for riding on the street).  It has a ceramic coated exhaust (Xtreme Coating) full system from Yoshimura with a polished aluminum canister, less than 100 miles on it.  Suspension has been completely over hauled. The Front forks are off a 92 1100 (inverted style tubes) with new oil and seals, LG valve kit installed for 180+ lb rider. The rear is off a 92 1100 as well but has very trick and ultra-rare Metmachex swing arm (imported from across the pond) with eccentric adjusters, recently had polished less than 100 miles.  New Super Sprocket and X-Ring chain, had to go down a tooth on the counter sprocket due to too much torque off the line. Both wheels have new bearings have been powder coated, the rear has the lip polished and cleared. New rubber all around – Pirelli Diablo Rosso II. Battery is new- Yusa sealed. SS braid brake lines. Paint has been repainted to the factory colors. Seat reupholstered to factory spec vinyl. Tank has a rebuilt petcock and the inside is uber clean. LED turn signals instead of those droopy rabbit ears.  Side covers have been polish if you wanted to go the half fairing / naked look. Comes with a factory service manual, rear seat and tank bra. I know am missing something but I have a folder knee deep of records and receipts you’ll get.

Complete serviced done 100 miles ago, new oil, plugs, carbs and valves serviced, all maintenance done by local Suzuki mechanic for over 20yrs.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 Yoshi

An ’88 wouldn’t have had the upside-down forks seen here, but they’re a logical, period-correct update that came along for the 1991 model here in the US, although everywhere else got the USD forks a year earlier… Fewer corners in the US, I guess…

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 Seat

Other than that, this bike looks absolutely perfect, except for the missing fairing lower that looks to have been removed for the video, to show the bike starting from cold. And the turn signals are better than the stockers, but maybe something a bit less conspicuous would have been even nicer?

Is this bike worth $9,500? Well you can still find decent examples for less than half that, but they’re getting rarer all the time. I’m sure you couldn’t replicate this bike for that money, so this might be just the bike for someone who wants the best, and is happy to pay for it.

Interestingly, a nearly-new GSX-R750’s are going for similar prices…


1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 R Side Close

Restored Slingshot: 1988 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for Sale
Suzuki March 19, 2015 posted by

Gonna go fast: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in Canada

Always a RSBFS favorite and a quickly appreciating classic, here is a pristine 1989 GSX-R1100 located in Ontario Canada.

gsxr1100 1

There have been a lot of posts here on RSBFS about the the early GSX-R series so I won’t waste time and repeat the previous posts.   This particular bike appears to be a very clean and almost completely OEM 1989 2nd generation “slingshot edition” 1100cc model in the red and white bodywork.

gsxr1100 3

1989 Suzuki GSX-1100R for sale on ebay canada

Pictures seem to show everything in very good condition.  The seller does note that the turn signals are not OEM and there is one crack under right mirror on upper fairing…neither of which seem like major issues. Exahust and seats also look to be OEM and in excellent condition.

Note:  While the pics show the full rear seat, the seller also indicates that the bike comes with the original hard to find rear solo seat section.

gsxr1100 4

While the bike certainly looks very clean, mileage is listed at a 45,000 miles so it hasnt been a garage queen.  To me the mileage doesnt seem to match the condition of the bodywork so I would want to check to see if any has been replaced or if the bike has been restored previously.  Then again, it may just be a really pristine survivor bike…its hard to tell without seeing it in person.

gsxr 1100 7

Here is some of the information the seller includes in the ebay auction regarding condition:

  • NEW :
    • 2 metzler tires
    • Battery
    • all fluids/oils/filters
    • wheel bearings re-greased
    • chain and pivot points lubed
    • carbs cleaned/rebuilt with new jets
    • new spark plugs
  • Bike has just be serviced by my mechanic, can provide notes/bills of what was done
  • Signals, horn, hi/low beam all work as they should 

gsxr 1100 6

The asking price for this slingshot edition is a surprisingly low $4,600 CAD/$3,600 USD which at first seemed a bit low to me.  However, a closer review of the auction posting reveals the following statement by the seller

“I can’t get it to fire up and start at the moment .. petcock/fuel shutoff needs a rebuild kit or replacement”   

This statement could indicate something as simple as a long-standing gas tank having some crud go into the fuel system …or it could be something more serious.  Personally I would want to take a close look at the bike myself before going after this one but it is a very clean early edition GSX-R1100 so it will probably “go quickly” to a new home.


Gonna go fast:  1989 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in Canada
Suzuki March 7, 2015 posted by

Slingshot Gixxer: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

1989 GSX-R750 R Front

When it was introduced in 1985, Suzuki’s original GSX-R750 set the standard for production sportbikes that’s lasted through the modern era. Interestingly, the first GSX-R’s eschewed water-cooling to simplify the engine in a bid to save weight at the expense of overall power. The aluminum beam frame and monoshock rear suspension and fully-enclosed bodywork with endurance-racing style were a rarity in 1985 and rounded out the very complete package.

1989 GSX-R750 L Rear

The second generation continued this tradition and otherwise followed the template set down by the original “Slabby,” albeit with updated styling and 17″ wheels. That makes this particularly short-lived generation a great rider’s bike, looking both backwards to a more classic style, and forwards, with a variety of tire choices available for the 17″ wheels.

1989 GSX-R750 L FairingJPG

Suzuki sold plenty of these “Slingshot” GSX-R’s, so named for their carburetors. But many were ridden hard, written off, or otherwise neglected, and bikes in this sort of condition are pretty hard to find. Not as collectible as the first generation bikes, not as competent as later models, but these are, to me, some of the best-looking Gixxers ever. When new, I’d likely have preferred this red, white, and black scheme, although these days I find myself more drawn to the classic Suzuki blue-and-white colors.

1989 GSX-R750 R Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

Up for auction is my 1989 Suzuki GSXR 750 Slingshot 17k miles 2nd owner… Very good condition all original plastics never been down. Little crack on left rear plastic from replacing battery last summer. Clean carbs will need to be cleaned does run good and strong. On the road last summer carbs need to be clean runs strong upgraded fox suspension polished wheels frame steering damper. Custom Corbin seat bike runs great and the suspension in handling is awesome. All original plastics in near excellent condition including tank registered..

1989 GSX-R750 Dash

There are a few questionable details here. The wheels do vary a bit from photo to photo: they’re solid white in some of the pictures, and have a polished rim in others. It looks like they were going for the Marvic modular look as seen on the Ducati Superlight. And those flush-mount signals, while sleeker than the stock items, would absolutely have to go, were this my bike. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much work to fit some low-profile LED units or subtle bar-end signals, or something like signals integrated into the tail lamp and headlight units.

1989 GSX-R750 R Side

The Corbin seat is likely far more comfortable than the stock item, although the stepped design is a love-it or hate-it kind of thing. Plan to put real miles on your bike? Definitely worth keeping on there.

With 17,000 miles on the clock, mileage is very reasonable and, although it will need some attention, there’s nothing outside the abilities of a competent mechanic. All-in-all, a great-looking classic Suzuki.


1989 GSX-R750 L Front

Slingshot Gixxer: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale
Suzuki August 31, 2014 posted by

8>enough: 1988 Slingshot GSXR 750

Collectors seem to come with a variety of mindsets; some only like zero mileage bikes/”trailer queens”, some build collections consisting of a variety of brands/bikes that introduced major technological changes, some focus on personal favorites such as a single brand or even a single model within a brand that they find attractive, etc, etc.   Interestingly, the 2nd generation GSXR 750 series seem to be especially popular with multiple types of collectors, probably because low mileage examples still come up for sale occasionally, they were introduced the “slingshot” engine concept to the general public and they still look great.  Also, even with a steady increase in prices, these bikes are still pretty cheap and parts availability isn’t yet impossible.

1988 GSX-R 750 Slingshot

This is a 1988 GSX-R 750 Slinghost that appears to be extremely clean and complete (the seller indicates he has the rear seat) and is in the attractive Red/White color scheme which seems to age particularly well.   Furthermore, the seller claims that their personal collection includes 8 similar models across a narrow year range so the chances of the seller actually have a bike that looks like this seems pretty good/no “bait and switch” risk here.


gscr 3 gsxr4The starting price for this particular slingshot is currently at 6k which is actually quite reasonable.  A pristine version with under 1000 miles sold earlier this year for about 8k to a RSBFS reader.  While this one has done about 18000 miles, the condition looks to be excellent and would make a good addition to any collectors garage or for someone who wants to have the slingshot experience.




NOTE: The 2nd generation GSX-R 750 has been posted here on RSBFS previously and anyone interested in learning more about why these bikes were special can simply review the previous posts.

8>enough:  1988 Slingshot GSXR 750
Suzuki August 4, 2014 posted by

Thuggish Survivor: 1990 GSX-R 1100 for Sale

Well, this GSX-R 1100 is definitely one of those bikes that wasn’t especially rare when new, but has become so by being a survivor: “Gixxers” of all displacements are much used and abused. 600’s get treated as “starter bikes” by noobs and crashed left and right. 750’s get raced, stunted, tracked, the 1100’s get drag-raced, and finally they all get parted-out when they’ve suffered one crash too many.

So “slingshots” in relatively pristine condition are pretty hard to come by, although this one is a bit less than stock under the skin…

1990 Suzuki GSXR 1100 L Side Front

It’s not completely original but is, as the seller describes, a “sleeper”. The 1100 is a fast bike, even by today’s standards and this one, bored out to 1340cc’s and 190hp should be terrifyingly fast in a straight line, and possibly more so in the corners: while the 750 was the original race-replica and had some of the best handling available at the time, the bigger 1100 was heavier and far less nimble.

1990 Suzuki GSXR 1100 R Side Fairing

I have a great issue of SuperBike magazine from 1998 that covers four notoriously piggish machines and how to fix them, including the GSX-R 1100. Titled “WrestleMania” it described the bike as “… quite pretty. To look at, sure, but never to ride.” It’s obviously exaggerating a bit for effect, but their point is taken: handling was stable, but far from nimble.

1990 Suzuki GSXR 1100 Tank Detail

The article blames a frame that carries weight way too high and makes the bike top-heavy. Luckily, there are a million shops that work on these and parts are readily available if you want to improve things a bit, and some bits from the 750 and later models will bolt right on.

Modern sport-touring bikes leave me pretty cold in general, but I bet something like this could be made to eat up miles in retro-style…

1990 Suzuki GSXR 1100 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 for Sale

Here’s your chance to buy one of the baddest old school Gixxers around. 11k original miles, looks like a total sleeper, original 1127 motor built to 1340cc, (190 hp) APE cylinders, custom ground cams, Wiseco pistons, top end oiler kit, braided oil lines, Carrillo rods, 38mm Mikuni flatslides. Brand new Michelins Pilot Pure 2CT, 48T rear sprocket, battery. Yoshimura Duplex exhaust, Original Yoshimura carb covers, Fox twin clicker shock. Body work is all original paint and in excellent condition, a few small flaws. Bike never been crashed or even tipped over. This bike was built to drag race but I put it back on the street. Still has NOS (bottle removed but will be included), air shifter is there but not connected, shift light, Schnitz Pro Street ignition controller, etc. Totally street legal now. Currently registered until June 2015. Bike runs great, very streetable and tons of torque. You can’t even build a motor like this one for reserve asking price..

1990 Suzuki GSXR 1100 L Side Fairing2

I’m not typically a fan of Japanese motorcycles. A bit too mass-market and committee-think, their cars and bikes look like a bunch of designers sat around to discuss their individual goals, then the resulting bike is a hodge-podge of conflicting priorities. They are amazing machines, but they look bland to me, with all the passion optimized out of them. And growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, these things were everywhere, shrieking around, piloted by riders with little gear and fewer brains, so I lumped all the garishly-painted plastic rockets together.

1990 Suzuki GSXR 1100 Carb Detail

But the 1988-1990 GSX-R’s have a purity of line that I really like. It was actually Icon [yeah, the apparel guys] that got me hooked on these: the builds they post up on their site are usually all ratbike, Mad Max-styled weirdness, but they did one very simple, classic build of a GSX-R 750 that got me thinking. They’re simple and well-proportioned, and those dual-headlights suggest endurance racing and the simple goal of speed at all costs.

In classic blue-and-white paint, in very presentable condition with none of the cheesy aftermarket weirdness these so often feature, this bike has mods in all the right places and a price that seems to offer a whole lot of bang for the buck.


1990 Suzuki GSXR 1100 R Side

Thuggish Survivor: 1990 GSX-R 1100 for Sale
Suzuki June 29, 2014 posted by

Red and White Slingshot: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750

1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale

I know the purists will tell me that the traditional colors for a GSX-R are white and blue but I think this red and white color scheme was the most attractive color scheme of the early GSX-R models. Plus this is a “slingshot” model in the 750cc configuration, which is quickly becoming one of the more sought after bikes.

1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale one eBay


For anyone not familiar with the “slingshot” bikes, the term refers to the Mikuni model BST36SS carbs mounted on the bike, which were 36mm diameter and featured vacuum operated slides. The slide cross section resembled the shape of a slingshot.

The slingshot GSXR-750 and GSXR-1110 models were available from 1988-91. While the 1100 series developed a reputation for handling problems, the 750 slingshot bike was considered to be one of the first true repli-racers. The slingshot had an improved handling chassis (due to a thicker frame), new 43mm front forks with new damping rods inside, a full floater monoshock linkage at the back, new 4 piston calipers on the front disc brakes and new 17 inch diameter three spoke wheels.


But the big change in the slingshot bikes was the re-worked motor. A shorter stroke, bigger valves, 36mm carbs pumping in the go juice and a stronger crank, running in 50% more oil too. Power was up to a claimed 112bhp at 11,000rpm, aided by two air intake ducts set next to the headlights which were one of the first ram air type performance mods seen on bikes.

The last one of these was posted on RSBFS was back in January of this year and went for a cool $8,350. This one has more miles but looks to be in truly excellent condition.



from the seller’s listing:

Up for auction is my 1989 Suzuki GSXR Slingshot 750… All original with only 12k miles Bike is in excellent condition other then blemish on lower right fairing from being knocked over… Just had shop put new plugs and oil change. He told me the carbs need to be cleaned ,but runs good. 2 owner bike with records. Bike is in excellent condition.

Red and White Slingshot: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750
Sport Bikes For Sale May 31, 2013 posted by

Restored and Awesome ’88 GSX-R 750 Slingshot!

Location: San Jose, CA   Mileage: 29,360   Price: Auction

88 GSXR750

88 GSXR750

Oh man, here’s a real beauty up for sale in California. Being a huge GSX-R fan, this bike hits all the right marks. The “Slingshot” was an attempt by Suzuki to get some more power out of the engine by getting it a few more revs. Didn’t really do the trick but was still a killer bike then, just as it is today.

From the seller-

Here’s a chance to get one of the cleanest 88 GSXR’s you will ever find. This bike took three years to complete. Finding the NOS oem body panels took two years of world wide searching as most of the panels aren’t available anymore. All panels excluding the tank and upper are brand new old stock parts. Has factory original windscreen, turn signals and mirrors. The bike started out as a very nice 28K mile original bike. The bike was taken apart, cleaned, detail painted and reassembled with all factory correct hardware and to factory specs. All mechanicals such as brakes, suspension, carbs, etc were gone through. Mods are minimal and kept period correct such as a Fox Shock (rebuilt and has new spring). Yoshimura exhaust system ( media blasted and high heat painted). Factory 36mm carbs are Stage III jetted with new K&N Filters. Bike runs great. Brand new RK 530 chain with new front rear sprockets. Seat and bump pad are mint, look brand new. Brand new rear tire hugger and rear uncut fender. Michelin Pilot Power tires are in great shape. Only ridden 500 miles since restoration complete. Only a few small flaws in entire bike. See pics: One small chip in upper under mirror ( very hard to notice) and scratch in frame by rear set and one tiny chip in paint in front side of tank which can be touched up. That’s about it. This bike shows excellent, ride and enjoy or stash it away as an investment. Please contact me if you have any questions. I’m selling this bike for a friend but I helped build it so I know every detail. Will assist buyer with shipping but buyer pays all costs. Pickup preferred.


This GSX-R is described as completely restored to factory specs with NOS bodywork in a three year effort. It certainly looks great. The mileage is considerable but the seller says everything has been gone through and the bike runs well. Photos highlight a few small cosmetic issues. Otherwise, this thing looks like a nice, clean example of one hell of a sportbike.

If you’re looking for a great early GSX-R, or just a great early sportbike, this could be an outstanding opportunity for you. To place your bid, go to the auction!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 1, 2012 posted by

Good Looking ’89 GSX-R 1100 For You!

Location: Newport Beach, California

Mileage: 45,800

Price: Auction

The GSX-R 1100 is one of the most iconic liter bikes ever built. The first generation bike generated an instant following cause, well, cause it was somewhat insane. A huge motor in a chassis that had some issues handling it. Suzuki addressed those issues and then you had a bike that just created huge power from a bullet proof motor that would live on in some form for years to come. Many people have many opinions about which versions of the 1100 were best, but I like them all.

Here’s a breakdown from the seller-

Up for sale is my 1989 Slingshot GSXR 1100 ( gsx-r 1100-k). See pictures below. This is the first the slingshots and would be a perfect for any collector or classic rider. I am hoping that any new owner of this bike will take care of  it like myself and the previous owners…there’s not a lot of these bike left in this shape.  This bike fires up faster than my Ducati and gets far more attention. When I pull up to a crowd other bikes there always a lot of questions. This bike looks like it does in the pictures and is one of the best color schemes Suzuki had on the gixxers (pearl white and blue).  

When I first purchased this bike I had spent a lot of time looking for the right gixxer 1100.  This one was well taken by it owner and had no signs of heavy abuse. The plastic and paint was in great shape (minor nicks a couple of hairlines, small scrapes and faded decals) and there were no external indications that this bike had ever been laid down while riding. I partially disassembled the bike and was surprised to see how well the original equipment had held up. The bike even has the original harness.  Even the original rubber grommets were soft and pliable…. these are usually the first to go. The plastics were all removed and minor repairs were made. The right rear seat cowling had some stress cracks and missing tabs(left as well) from where it come into contact with the relocated shock reservoir(i moved) ,the lower left cowling had a inch long crack on the inside from where it contacts the clutch cover with dechellis spacer. Other than that the few small scratches…..all repaired with marine grade epoxy. All factory colors(pearl,blue,blue) and layout were colored matched and sized exactly. Decals were then laid out and clear coated over with house of color cleared. Three stage paint job.Some of the aluminum was sandblasted and clearcoated. lots of missing or worn oem parts were replaced with stock suzuki parts.

The bike runs great and I have been using it the past couple weeks as a daily driver to work(70 miles). It has recently been service(about 500 miles ago) to dial it in(carbs,plugs,front pads,ect). Tires are new(800 d616, size 180 and 120). The bike is very stock minus a few items such as airbox,jet kit and old school yoshi pipe and rear pegs(ect). The clutch cover has a dechellis spacer(clutch upgrade)The bike pulls fast and rides well balanced down the road. It has been jetted and comes into its own after 3500rpm(its not a fan of the low rpms).  All lights and switches and electric work as they should(fuel light,neutral light,high ect) with the exception of horn, the neutral safety,kickstand has been bypassed.

Again this is a 23 year old bike and is not a fully restored museum piece…it is not perfect(Although I havnt seen a nicer old school slingshot on the road). There are a few small nicks here and there. The flaws most notable are(please see pict): One of the original left minor has some silver faking on the inside, there is a small color sanding burn on the upper fairing on the pearl but it is base is clearcoated(not real obvious unless your looking for it). there is a internal paint crack(I reinforced the back but no way to get around it with an upgraded clutch) on lower right fairing where it contacts dechellis spacer clutch cover. There is a small crack on chain cover. I have a good record on ebay and its important that there are no surprises. So please ask questions and I will answer and post them to the best of my ability. I am not a gixxer expert so if you have any comments or info on the bike I will post those as well. I reserve the right to end the auction early if the bike sell locally. Please note that the bike has a very reflective surface for photos so there are a a few of pictures that have reflections that may look like flaws such as a picture of the left side mid fairing that has a red circle marked small scuff. Only the flaw is circled….the white lines around it are only reflections… not scuffs. Thanks and good luck

Here’s only some of the many photos in the auction-

At a little over 45k, this bike has a lot of miles on it. But for all those miles, the bike looks to be in really good condition. The seller highlights some of the cosmetic issues in the photos and the bike is clearly not 100 percent stock. The pipe is a Yoshimura, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, and the chain guard isn’t stock. The seller also highlights all of the restoration work done to get the bike into this condition. It’s not a museum piece, but it’s still a good looking bike and rare to see in a mostly original and non-wrecked condition. The engines in these are known for their toughness but you’ll want to make sure the bike is solid in the maintenance department.

I love all GSX-R’s and this one is certainly good looking to me. If you want to own a classic sportbike that will turn heads, this one may be for you. To find out, check this auction!