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Sport Bikes For Sale May 11, 2014 posted by

Another Sweet 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in the House!

5.11.2014: Previously bid to $14,256 with no sale last month, this RZ500 is back on eBay with an opening bid of $16,500 and appears to be no reserve. Good luck to buyers and seller. Links updated, -dc

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale

Rather, it’s really in the house as seen in the photographs. More importantly it’s another very nice RZ500 for sale in California. This one has seen even fewer miles than the one we posted yesterday with just 2500 miles covered since new! Just two owners and a convincing seller description. The buy-it-now price on this stated museum worthy example is $18,500 and opening bid is $7000 reserve not met. A great month for California RZ500 buyers and collectors for sure!


1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This Yamaha RZ500 is the Australian model with only 4,000km on it. This is not the Canadian model.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a cleaner one that was not in the crate.

This is bike has had two owners. The second owner (a Yamaha master mechanic) bought this from the original owner 25 years ago with under 300km on it. The second ownder put 3700km on it in 25 years.

He noticed two years ago that the crank seal was leaking, as they all do. While him and his buddy (who was a former Honda race bike mechanic) the motor apart to fix it as well the crank shaft end bearing, they decided to put new Yamaha factory pistons in it. Please look at the pictures of the original pistons, as they will be included and didn’t need to changed (but the owner was very particular about this bike).

This bike was run once or twice a year for the past 25 years he owned it. The bike runs great and the gas was drained after each ride. The second owner stored the bike in heating controlled room for the 25 years he owned it.

The second owner changed the original tires 15 years ago. The bike will include the original Yokohama tires as they have no dry rot and are not worn out. Pictures of original tires included.

This bike is California plated and has a custom RZ500 plate.

The bike also comes with perfect original owners manual as well as the original tool kit.

The bike has never fallen over, been dropped or washed with water it’s entire life. The bike has no cracks in the stock body work.

All bolts and fasteners look like new.

The bike does have 2 extremely small scratches on the front fender. One is 1/2″ long and the other is 1/4″ long. There’s one tiny nic in the blue stripe on the left mid fairing the size of a pencil lead. There’s 2 small scratches on the right hand side of the gas tank about the size of 2 1/2 pencil leads. Take a look at the pictures.

This bike is NOT a restored bike, this is all ORIGINAL. There are no stories or issues with this bike.

I cannot stress enough that you will not find a better bike.

I do not have to sell this bike, so low ball offers are unwanted and unappreciated.

the only cleaner bike you could find would either be in a crate or in a museum, where this one should be.



Another Sweet 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in the House!
Yamaha April 17, 2014 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 with Recent Engine Rebuild in San Francisco

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale California

Attention California buyers! Here’s a great looking RZ500 that is described as better than average. It definitely looks like a well preserved original with some refreshed panels. And sporting a fresh rebuild with just 700 miles ensures you’re looking at a bike that is ready for several riding seasons ahead. The seller clearly states that his reserve is above $12k in the description when he suggests that an average example should bring $10-12k. While many other markets might raise an eyebrow, in California you can try to find another but there will be few to choose from at any given time.


1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

RZ fans! Here you go….. An RZ500 with a rebuilt engine Wilson Performance Stage 1….. Check em out. The bike has SWEET Steel Chambers, and new plastics.
This bike runs flawlessly! I take it out and blow my friends minds and leave residue on their windshields!….. The bike only has about 680 miles since rebuild.
Nothing wrong, no cracked fairing, no issues. ALSO as a BONUS—- Original factory pipes included! These are rare, ( heavy, but COLLECTIBLE JEWELS)

BID with confidence. You will not be disappointed! I LOVE this bike and it gets ALL the Looks! Yes a Gamma is faster, But NOTHING compares to the fit and finish

of this RZ500.

If you want an average quality RZ500 for 10 -12k ,,,,,,go get it….this bike is NOT FOR YOU…..IF you want a Professionally rebuilt, 9.8 outta 10 Show quality daily rider

RZ500 with original pipes, manual etc, this bike is for you.

thank you for bidding. No dissapointments here.

On Apr-14-14 at 07:49:42 PDT, seller added the following information:

Bidders – The Actual mileage on the bike and frame is 16,953 km, but as stated I have put about 680 Miles on bike since I have owned it. (1094 KM)
Rebuild was done by previous owner. Bike also came from Colorado and was jetted for higher altitude. When I got the bike to CA, I had it re-jetted.

To clarify cosmetics specifically as best I can:

Also as I stated bike has new plastics- (let me be more specific- Previous owner I believe replaced the top and bottom fairing plastics)

The middlefront side plastics are original and there is slight color differentiation between the two- very minor

there is a nick on one of the rear side exhaust plastics about an inch long

there also there is minor oxidation on the triple clamp and some oxidation on the black metal reservoir cap cover. This is why I state the bike is not a 10.

It is a beautiful, clean bike which I store indoors, and ride maybe once every 2 months

the bike is a 9.8 out of 10 , ( 9.9 with out the minor cosmetic flaws and a 10 being a show bike)



1985 Yamaha RZ500 with Recent Engine Rebuild in San Francisco
Yamaha March 13, 2014 posted by

Hail Canada! 1985 Yamaha RZ500


Is March Madness all about RZ350s and RZ500s? It sure seems that way to me, given the number of fantastic Yamaha smokers we have seen pass through these pages recently. I hope you are not sick of these rare two stroke models, because here is another 500cc monster looking for a new home. When it rains it pours, and it is raining collectible motorcycles of the ring-a-ding-ding variety. Read on for info on this good looking RZ500.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale in Canada


From the seller:
1985 yamaha RZ500, 7,500 original kilometers, (4,700 miles) original tires, some small blemishes.scratches, minor dimple in blue on rt frnt of tank, dent on rt muffler, fluids replaced, petcock rebuilt, carbs needle & seats, very clean bike, still has the guard on the front of the belly pan, see the pics ask questions, thanks
the bike is in B.C. Canada 1/2 hour from the Sumas WA border and one hour from the port of Vancouver


Because these big RZs were never officially imported into the United States, the majority of them have come from north of the border. In the case of this bike, it is located on the west coast of Canada, near the State of Washington. Unlike other RZs that already live in the States, the buyer of this machine will need to properly import it before attempting to register it in any US state. Californians likely need not apply – unless you know something or someone the rest of us don’t. Bidding is up to $8,000 USD with reserve still in place. Check it out here.

Good luck!


Hail Canada!  1985 Yamaha RZ500
Yamaha March 7, 2014 posted by

30 Years Young: 1984 Yamaha RZ500 in San Diego


Can you believe that this RZ500 is pushing 30? Iconic, collected, desired, and appreciating, the big brother to the RZ350 was never officially imported into the United States, much less into sunny Southern California. They were imported into Canada, however, and that is how so many of these beauties entered the US. The seller doesn’t provide any of his history with this bike, but I’m sure there is a pretty good story somewhere as this bike presents very well.


1984 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This auction is for a very rare and near perfect 1984 Yamaha RZ500. Starts on the first kick and rides great. The paint and body are in immaculate condition, any scratch or crack in plastic have a photo included, minimal. JL exhaust look and sound incredible (Stock exhausts included with sale). Larger rims with modern sizes on the bike for superior handling (stock rims/tires included). Front tire is (Bridgestone Battlax 130/70ZR16M/C) Width (61W), rear is (Bridgestone Battlax 160/60ZR18M/C) Width (70W) with plenty tread (pic incl). All four carbs were rebuilt on 03MAR14 with new gaskets, jets, needle and has perfect idle. This legendary bike is hard to let go and even harder to find, I waited my whole life for this bike, now it must go to the next lucky bidder. Moving forces the sale, my misfortune, your luck. Please ask for any details that I have left out.

Once the “wow” factor wears off, there are some details that make me want to know more. There are less than 700 miles *kilometers* showing on the speedo. Could this bike really have been used so little? If so, why the pipes, wheels, tires and carb rebuild? The triple clamps show some oxidation, but do I detect some keychain rash as well? I want to believe. Seller seems open about fielding questions, so prospective buyers should take him up on that offer. This looks like a wonderful machine, and deserves a good home. Click the link for the auction details. Good Luck!


30 Years Young: 1984 Yamaha RZ500 in San Diego
Yamaha January 24, 2014 posted by

2 Yamaha RZ500’s: A Really Nice One to Ride, Another Still in the Crate!

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale

Lets start with the rider first. It’s a 1985 Yamaha RZ500 with a mere 7000 miles and available in Florida. It has some minor modifications and a few minor needs, but bidding has been very steady. It has passed reserve and currently over $11k with about 2 days to go.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

Here’s a hard to find clean, low mileage, unmolested beauty with only 11,262+/- kilometers or 6,998 miles. Runs, rides & sounds great. Maintenance & service receipts and records back to 2002 plus original service manual in English with historical jetting notes, etc. on inside cover. Bike is mostly stock but has some tasty upgrades including expensive Jolly Motto pipes, $2,800 engine rebuild with parts from RZ’s Unlimited, front forks rebuilt with new seals, carbs cleaned 06/2012, manual electric cooling fan and new chain & rear sprocket geared 1 step shorter to compensate for tall first gear. Professionally painted in 2012 with all new decals. Pictured plastic fairing edge guards included but need new silicone to stay on properly. Very comfortable ergonomically, handle bar height is the perfect compromise between low sportbike bars & a full upright position. FAULTS – Aftermarket solo seat section & pad recently acquired on e-bay in separate auctions for steep prices. Solo seat section has 1 paint chip and pad is pretty worn but can be recovered by interior auto trim detail shop. (these are VERY hard to come by) Front windscreen fair, blinkers not connected, right mirror has broken swivel but bike comes with 2 other working original mirrors. Comes with petcock rebuild kit. Current one works but on is off, reserve is on. Last, the wheels have been painted red which looks fine just not original. Anyone mechanically inclined (which excludes me) can easily put the finishing touches on this beautiful bike.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 New in the Crate For Sale

Now for dessert. Forwarded from Andy, it’s also a 1985 RZ500 but this one is still brand new and in the crate. It’s in Australia on and there are a lot more pictures of what is inside available there. Could be yours for a little over $30k USD.

from the seller:

Brand new, still crated 1985 RZ500.
Keys, mirrors, bellypan & books boxed untouched since leaving Japan.
Australian model, delivered to a Brisbane Yamaha dealership in 1984


2 Yamaha RZ500’s:  A Really Nice One to Ride, Another Still in the Crate!
Yamaha December 6, 2013 posted by

2 Owner Yamaha RZ500 with just 7000 Miles in Texas

1984 Yamaha RZ500 for sale

Always a fan favorite at RSBFS, we’ve got a very original RZ500 to share today. This one is described as very good condition with only some minor fairing cracks noted, which isn’t at all uncommon on a bike of this age that actually has been ridden. What I also find comforting is the other classic sportbikes in the background that the seller says will be available soon.


1984 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This is a 100% original never painted, never chopped, never hot rodded, all there, 2 stroke, stock exhaust intact, 1984 500cc Moto GP simulator from Yamaha. Apparently they couldn’t even get them in here. Near as I can tell, these were delivered only in Japan, Canada and Australia. I bought this one from the original Australian private owner who brought it in to California. Typically, if you can find one of these, they have been cut up, modified, hot rodded and raced. Every nut and bolt on this one are as they came from the factory. The bike is as new front to back. There are some very small fractures around the fairing fasteners that are very subtle and do not affect the security of the fairing. The original owner and I agreed that while the repair would be simple and inexpensive the departure from originality made it a bad plan. It runs like new and is a pretty unbelievable grin to ride. I find it much more civilized than I would have thought it would be. Just can’t quite do justice to the grins this little bike brings as it comes on the pipe. No great noise or drama. It just steps up and goes seemingly indefinitely. It is entirely solid and dependable as well as durable. I occasionally roll it out and ride it like somebody else already owned it. It will not disappoint and is too rare to do anything but appreciate even if you do ride it like you stole it. (I recommend that you do.)


2 Owner Yamaha RZ500 with just 7000 Miles in Texas
Sport Bikes For Sale September 28, 2013 posted by

Californication: One owner 1984 Yamaha RZ500 with CA title!


It is not often you come across a one owner bike pushing 30 years of age. That is loyalty my friends. And it is equally rare to come across a wonderful gray-market two stroke like an RZ500 with clean CA title.

1984 Yamaha RZ500 in California for sale on eBay


This bike is ticking all of the right boxes. It is a great model to own. This bike has been in the same hands for longer than some readers have been alive, much less riding. And it appears to be very, very sano. Clean bikes show well. Bikes that show well generally sell well. And interest in this auction is proving that point. The seller has provide a ton of detail and some great pictures.


From the seller:
This is the one you’ve been waiting for, a bike with a very unique history. I have been the sole owner for the last 29 years so there are no unknowns here. Here it is:

The cylinders have bee bored, honed and fitted with new pistons and rings. Brand new Carbon Tech carbon fiber reed valves installed. All fuel and coolant hoses,fuel filter and fuel cock assembly replaced. Lots of stainless steel hardware. Front forks rebuilt by Racetech, rear shock new by Penske with a one of a kind aerospace manufactured expansion chamber bracket. New MetalGear brake discs with sintered brake pads and Probrake lines, front and rear. New front brake master cylinder. Brand new drive chain. All body parts in perfect condition without cracks or tabs missing. OEM Headlight membrane and all rubber grommets replaced. . Body and faring are custom painted to match original design with ultra smooth clear coat applied as well. Many of them new. Brand new OEM Seat, Blinkers, Mirrors, Tail light, and Wind Screen. New OEM left and right handlebar switch clusters, grips and levers. New super lightweight Shorai lithium battery. New factory tool kit. Both wheels were professionally widened over stock with all new bearings and seals. Front to 3.5″ wide and rear to 4.5″ to accept newer generation tires for outstanding cornering. Tires are brand new Bridgestone Battlax with basically zero miles on them. Front is a 130/70ZR 16 and the rear is a 160/60ZR 18. No cost or craftsmanship was spared in process. Best of all this bike runs and handles fantastic with all the right improvements to make it superior to the original. Last but not least, this bike has a current California title that can be yours. This is not easy to get.

Also in the deal all OEM one set of gold colored wheels ,brake discs and one rear fender uncut. This bike is really ready for another twenty plus years!


How about a video of the bike in question? All you need to do is ask, my friends!

This auction has only a short amount of time left. The bike is based in California, and the current bid is only up to $9,400 with reserve still in place. We have seen good examples of this model in the $12-15k range, so this one might need a few more bumps before that reserve comes off. Check it all out here. Good luck!


Californication: One owner 1984 Yamaha RZ500 with CA title!
Yamaha September 25, 2013 posted by

Sacrificed For A Sink: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

rz right

We’ve all been there, the motorcycle is the first thing she thinks needs to be sold when there is a project that needs funding.  Unfortunately, we sometimes have to deal in reality and bite the bullet like this seller.

rz left

I hope the kitchen looks nice because this is a sharp looking RZ.

The depressing story:

I hope the kitchen looks nice because this is a sharp looking RZ.

you are bidding on a 1985 yamaha rz500. it is somewhat rare in the U.S. it is a 500cc v4 two stroke. if you are looking at this ad, you already know this. i am selling my pride and joy because the wife wants a new kitchen and doesn’t want to take out a loan. if you are married you understand. i bought this bike in 1986 from a midwestern dealer who had brought it into the country and had it on display it the dealership window. it had 300 km on it when i bought it and it now has aprox 8800 km. it spends the winter(oct-may) in my den. i have done a few upgrades over the years. i grafted on a complete R1 brake system with adapter by nigil kimber. i installed jim lomas titanium/carbon exhaust with an ivans jet kit, a race tail with custom subframe and of course a custom paint job(i always like the JPS paint scheme). it has new bt14 tires in the correct 16/18 tire sizes. all removed parts are included plus some spares i accumilated over the years( see pictures). please do not ask to buy individual parts. it has a clean florida title. the only configuration change is the bike now has an LSL superbike bar kit(i’m old). if the winning bidder wants it returned to clipons, i will do this , no problem. i really don’t want to sell this as i know i will never be able to replace it but swmbo is REALLY in charge. as this is a 28 year old motorcycle, there is no warrenty implied or otherwise. shipping is on the winning bidder. vehicle will not be released untill funds clear my bank. you will not be disappointed. happy bidding

rz close

A closer look at the custom paint.  She’s got a 17 digit VIN with 52X in it.  I believe that would make it an Australian model originally.

rs right rear

With only a few days remaining on the auction, the price is hovering around $7,500.  It’s going to have go higher than that to make the Mrs. happy roaming the isles of Home Depot.

Check out the auction here.


Sacrificed For A Sink:  1985 Yamaha RZ500