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Aprilia August 9, 2011 posted by

Reader’s Rides For Sale: MV Agusta F4 and Aprilia RS250(RZ350)

Welcome to another edition of our RSBFS Reader’s Rides For Sale! Do you think the acronym “RSBFSRRFS” is a little much? Probably.  This time we have a couple of Italian bikes for sale. But the comparisons between the two pretty much stops there. One is a beautiful MV Agusta and the other is mean Aprilia/Yamaha hybrid smoker race bike. Have a look!

1999 Aprilia RS250 race bike up for auction starting at $6,500. This is no standard RS250, instead it has a Yamaha RZ350 heart pumping in its chest as well as many other high quality upgrades. Check out the auction for this nicely done RS250 here!

2007 MV Agusta F4 1000cc 1+1 For Salein CA for $13,000. This bike looks to be in exceptional condition and the seller states that it has just had its first major service. Other than changed out rear sets and a mid pipe, this thing is stock. Check out the seller’s for sale ad here!

Be sure to check out some other awesome bikes that haven’t quite made it up to the site on the RSBFS Facebook page.


Exclusive August 7, 2011 posted by

1984 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale with only 5366 Miles!

Today we have a reader who has contacted us with his beautiful RZ350 for sale in Salt Lake City. Amazingly low miles with just 5366 showing! Brandon is offering his bike on RSBFS before it goes to eBay hoping to find it a suitable enthusiast home here first.

Update: This great looking bike sold in only 12 hours! Featured listings work! Contact me if you have an exceptional bike for sale that deserves a feature. Just $25/mo (though we may have to start charging by the hour if this trend keeps up!)

1984 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale

The very detailed description from the seller:

Extremely clean, ultra low mile and 90% all original ’84 Yamaha RZ 350. I’m the proud 3rd owner of the bike and I purchased it from a Yamaha 2 stroke collector who, in the 6+ years he owned it, put a grand total of 301 miles on it. As of this writing it has 5366 miles but is still ridden at least a few times a week so actual millage may vary at completion of sale.

As far as how it performs during those rides? Flawlessly. And I mean that, everything works as it should. Even with the battery eliminator it is a one to two kick bike always. Beyond the battery eliminator, other tasteful period modifications include: Spec II chambers (the very good condition and rare factory exhaust is included with the sale), K&N pod style air filters, reed block spacers, period fork brace and steering damper. The engine pulls crisply and cleanly through all gears and has never had so much as a hiccup in the time i’ve owned it. Within the last 500 miles the engine oil has been changed with Motul Transoil Expert (best 2-Stroke engine oil, IMO), fork seals and fluid changed with Motul Fork Oil and the oil injection has always received Motul 800 2t in the time I’ve owned it. New Bridgestone Battlax BT-45’s were mounted within the last month as well and still show outer “whiskers”.

The body is in very good condition and I would rate it a 8/10 and that may be a tad harsh depending on who’s looking at it. All original bodywork and paint as far as myself and the previous owner know and has never been down or so much as rubbed wrong since I’ve had it in my collection. There are some blemishes though when I got it: there is a small mark by the clutch side blinker on the headlight cowl that the original owner tried to touch up (hard to see at first until pointed out but is there in one of the pictures), the brake side chamber caused heat bubbling and a crack under the very bottom of the chin cowl on that side (hard to notice unless you get low, but again, its there), this also happened on the other side but much smaller, also on the brake side there is a small (fingernail fragment size) amount of paint missing where the chin cowl was overtightened in the recessed mounting hole. On the clutch side, the rear seat cowl/fairing’s YPVS sticker has ULTRA minor cracking (you’d have to look close to even see it). I want to be very up front about these issues as I want that when I’m adding to my collection. Those are the issues as far as I can recollect.

The fuel tank might be the star of the “ultra clean” show. It is basically flawless. The paint is perfect, no scratches or blemishes of note and even the area around the fuel cap is perfect. The wheels look almost factory new with no oxidation present and this holds true for the brake calipers and rotors. I have high expectations and I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw it, its that clean. The bike needs nothing right now to be ridden the way it was intended. It is 100% complete and ready to go with zero issues. Included with the sale will be a factory service manual.

To sum it up, it’s not a museum piece but I’d confidently say its one of the cleanest, low mile, “ridden” RZ 350’s in the country.

Asking price: $5250

Please don’t hesitate to ask more detailed questions as I may have forgotten an item you’d like to know about.

Please contact me at Brandon at Iconoreps dot com

Good luck with the sale Brandon!


Sport Bikes For Sale August 2, 2011 posted by

Classic 2 stroke – RZ 350 Kenny Roberts Edition

When I was growing up the RD250LC and RD350LC were the bikes to have.  Of course in the US you called them RZ’s.  These bikes were water cooled 2 strokes that rarely remained standard and could be heard screaming about the roads in the UK.  This example we didn’t get as it was in celebration of Kenny Roberts, we were way more concerned about a Barry Sheene Suzuki!  When Yamaha introduced the YVPS powervalve system the bikes had a broader spread of power but were still ultimately 2 strokes that you ran in the power band trailing a faint blue smoke while waking the neighbours.

The seller doesn’t say too much:

1985 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition
400 miles on NEW TOP END.
New Clutch, new Roller Chain, Tach is new factory, K-N air cleaner is new, Spec Chambers,new hand-stitched seat. Bridgestone Battlax tires. Has original manual and toolkit.
Mechanically New, Few cracks on plastic.
RUNS GREAT! Have owned for 12 years.
If you use the Buy Now option I will include stock pipes worth $300 each.No Free test rides.
Serious interest only.

The auction can be found here on eBay.

If you have always wanted a 2 stroke but the likes of a race 250 is too much then not sure you can go wrong with one of these which you can pick up for only a few grand.

Just in case you wanted to hear a little beauty like this:


Sport Bikes For Sale June 7, 2011 posted by

Super Sweet 1985 Yamaha RZ350 for sale!

1985 Yamaha RZ350 For Sale

Location: Franklin, WI
Mileage: 11,083
Price: $6,500.00 with reserve in place

Fuggin Sweet! This has to be one of the cleanest RZ 350’s I’ve ever seen! Simply amazing and I’d love to rock this one to the Clubhouse on Thursday night.

I really have to admire the seller of this machine. For those that haven’t owned a smoker you’ll probably not appreciate how clean it is, but for those that have you know about the dreaded ‘2 stroke Spooge’ that just magically appears. I’ve scoured these pictures and don’t see any of the aforementioned Spooge. Good on ya seller for taking care of your scooter 😉

From the listing:

This bike has never been abused. I am selling the bike with the solo seat cowl but have all the stock parts that are included in the sale. The head light cowl has a small stress crack due to vibration. This is not visible unless you bend over to look under the head light. The seat pad that is attached to the solo cowl has a small tear along the seam. The bike is really clean and other than the two things I mentioned is in excellent condition. Bike starts on first or second kick.

It just so happens that I’ll be in Franklin this weekend and would love to have a reason to stop in and check this one out. Anyone want to ask me to look at it for them?? Hmmm? Anyone?

Yamaha Power Valve Systems worked as well as any back in the day and if memory serves me correctly the little RZ sported about 45hp. I know 45 ponies doesn’t do much for today’s sport bike rider, but you couple that with less than adequate 18″ bologna rind tires and you’ve got a lot to handle.

to see a lot more hi res photos. This one looks awesome!



Sport Bikes For Sale June 3, 2011 posted by

All Hail the King: 1985 Yamaha RZ 350 Up for Auction

Location: Camarillo, CA
Mileage: 5,220
Price: $4,000 BIN

As I’m sure most of you do, when I think RZ 350, I think Kenny Roberts. The Yamaha RZ 350 Kenny Roberts Signature is a legendary bike associated with a legendary racer. Indulge me for a second while I drop a little history.   ‘King Kenny’ was a dominate racer in the 70’s and went on to win three Grand Prix titles (’78, ’79, ’80) on 500 cc two-strokes. He was the first American rider to win in Grand Prix road racing and in 2000 he was named a Grand Prix legend by the FIM. Kenny Roberts name is motorcycle racing and for me this bike represents an important part of that history. And although I have never ridden one, with roughly 52 ponies of two-stroke power and weighing in at 370lbs, I suspect it’s a blast.

This bike appears to be clean, with reasonable mileage and some solid modifications and maintenance. From the seller:

This is a clean 1985 RZ 350 with the Kenny Roberts red and white graphics scheme. All the paint is original to the bike as well as the graphics. There is a small dent in the tank on the right side where your leg would go, it was hit with something as someone was walking by. Has brand new braided brake line, brake pads, ceramic coated pipe, new speedo cable, and more. The front forks were rebuilt with Race Tech internals, new chain, sprockets, professionally jetted, the list keeps going. I have an invoice of all the new parts and when they were installed. Never ridden since installed. Starts up and runs great but would like to be used instead of sitting. This is a two stroke if you are not familiar with the model. One of the original sport bikes. Selling as the owner and title holder and had only two other owners. One owner had it for over 20 years. One you should come take a look at.

More photos:

Current bid is $1000 as of this writing with the BIN at $4000. The BIN price seems to be right in there for one of these bikes. If the sound of angry bees in a can is for you and you want to try to snag this piece of motorcycle history, !


Sport Bikes For Sale March 17, 2011 posted by

Another of Kenny’s rides: 1985 Yamaha RZ350

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ350 in MINT condition!

It’s hard for me to pass up an RZ350; classic lines, last of the factory two strokes, King Kenny’s signature… Lately, though, we have seen a lot of high-mileage, ratted out examples pass through eBay. Seems that more and more folks are cashing in on the rising values of these collectible buzz bombs from the 1980’s.

This bike is different. Stone stock (including the hard to come by exhaust system which contains catalytic converters) with low miles, this is about as clean as one can hope to get in a used bike. If only more used bikes for sale looked like this one…

From the seller:

Offered here is my Kenny Roberts commemorative Yamaha RZ350 sports bike. I purchased this classic years ago and could not pass it up since it is such a rare find for a one owner, completely unmolested original bike with under 3,000 miles. The original owner only drove it for a few years and then stored it. He said it has never been down and that he changed the transmission oil every 1000 miles. The bike is totally stock and has not been performance modified in any way… still has the original Dunlop tires, brake pads, exhaust, etc. The only part I replaced was the original air filter which fell apart in my hand – a new foam 2 stage UNI filter was installed. This bike still has all of the original decals and stampings to my knowledge and the carb idle jets are still factory capped! The little details still are in tact… like part number tags, warning / cleaning decals, rubber brake bleeder caps, no lead fuel, catalyst, etc. This bike has a rubber seal that fits over the headlight behind the fairing which I have never seen from my exposure to these bikes.

Other than the tiny Snap-On sticker on the tank, this bike looks amazingly factory. It still has the typical mediocre toolkit, all of the EPA labels and reflectors, and stock tires (you may want to consider swapping those out before riding in anger). So what price for a showroom-fresh RZ350? Typically we see these bikes go for $3,500 on the low end, and above $7,500 on the upper end – but few are in this exemplary condition. This particular auction is popular: the current bid is up to $9,100 and in a few days somebody is going to ride off in a haze of wonderful blue smoke. The price may seem high, but it is the bidding – not some artificial BIN number – that is driving it there.

The seller has included a lot more pictures and text than we have room for here. Take a look – you won’t be disappointed that you did. For all the information, to do some drooling of your own, or to bid on this two stroke time machine click on the link and . Good luck!


Quick Spot March 9, 2011 posted by

Really clean Yamaha RZ350 in Los Angeles

For Sale: 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Replica

With bikes like this up for grabs, Los Angeles is truly the City of Angels. This great looking RZ was spotted by a sharp RSBFS reader – and we jumped at the chance to post it. We come across many hot rodded bikes in our quest to post the best of the best, but few offer the complete package that this RZ represents.

From the seller:
1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Replica Excellent condition, This bike gives you a huge premagrin as you go down the street.
I’m finally selling my very loved RZ350. This is one of the cleaner RZ’s out there period.
The top end was rebuilt 1,500 miles ago. The crank was rebuilt by the guy I bought it from.
This bike is fast, very fast. 65 RWHP. Stage 3 Porting and rebuild done by Steve Turner (MBSteve), He’s a So Cal 2-Stroke tuning legend.

Here’s a list of mods done to the bike,
Stage 3 Porting, 34mm Mikuni Flatside carburetors, Billet aluminum intake manifolds,
Spec-2 expansion chambers, with M-Factory West Carbon Fiber Silencers by TZ-MIke,
New CDI rebuilt by RZ’s Unlimited, Tarozzi Rear sets,
Penske Rear Racing shock-ajustable, Progressive front springs, Telefix fork brace
Spec-2 Telefix, Full Faring, Spec-2 Telefix Rear Tail section with custom seat,
Custom made cluster mount (doesn’t move when you turn the handle bars)
Custom triple clamp, CRG Mirror (not on the bike) Steering Stabilizer, Custom Steel braided brake lines front & rear………just to name a few

Many spares are included. I have all the OEM bodywork (except the upper faring) which is in excellent condition, Lower bikini, Tail section, Seat, Left & Right side panels.
1985 RZ350 cdi, quick throttle, stock carbs & much more
The bike is plated and registered.

Please email me at

From the pics on Craigslist, the bike appears to have approximately 20,000 miles on it. The seller is asking for $5,500 which is a bit high for an RZ, but potentially justifiable given the condition and modifications. I think this is one great looking bike. To check out the complete add and all the pictures, jump over to Craigslist here.


Sport Bikes For Sale February 15, 2011 posted by

Smoke ’em if you got ’em: 1984 Yamaha RZ350

For Sale: 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition

For those of you looking for fun on the cheap, here is a nice ’84 RZ350 in classic Kenny Roberts colors. These little bikes are lightweight, offer nimble handling, have decent power, and make all the right noises. Unleash your inner hooligan and cover your tracks with a fog bank of blue smoke!

The RZ350 offered the Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS), which automatically controlled the height of the exhaust port – greatly improving the powerband of this two stroke.

From the seller:
1984 Yellow Kenny Roberts RZ350
Genuine Yamaha fairing 31K all rubber mounted
Toomey Pipes
Toomey air cleaner
Solo seat tail piece
New fuel and oil hoses
Fresh coolant
Less than a thousand miles on new Bridgestone Battlax
Matching engine and frame numbers
Runs great, very fun bike
No dents and just a few minor blemishes
Yellow plated bolts
Clip on handle bars

This has been a great little bike, and I hate to even sell her after all the detailing I have done. It’s time for me to move on my new Sportster. Lower chin cowl has a few small cracks but I think all of them do that have original plastic. That’s is why I have rubber mounted all fairing fasteners. As you can see from the photos this is one clean bike.

This particular bike has quite a few miles (42,000) and a few mods, including the Toomey pipes, a welded crank, clip-ons replacing the original bars, and more. The price for modded RZ’s has not really risen in the past year, and this could prove to be a barrel full of fun at a bargain to some lucky bidder.

The auction is currently at the $2,000 mark with reserve not yet met. I can’t imagine the reserve set much higher than $2,500 on this bike, and it should sell in the $3k-$5k range. For more information or to pick yourself up a fun little gem, click the link and . Good Luck, and may you never kick that smoking habit!