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Aprilia July 9, 2015 posted by

Win it or Bin it – 2003 Aprilia RSV1000 Haga Replica

2003 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille R – Haga Replica on eBay


Japan’s Noriyuki Haga was undoubtedly one of World Superbike’s most exciting racers throughout the 90s and 2000s.  With a nickname like “Win it or Bin it”…  you had to expect fireworks (particularly on the first lap or the last lap!).  Unfortunately for Haga, he was also the perennial bridesmaid, having finished 2nd or 3rd in the Championship standings seven times, but never on top.  After a brief stint riding for the factory Aprilia team, they released a replica RSV1000 Mille R.  Aprilia made just 300 of these replicas and only 60 of them landed on US soil.  The Haga Edition featured the expected cosmetic touches like the race paint scheme, Haga’s signature on the tank and a blue triple clamp that included each one’s individual production number.  Performance upgrades were noteworthy and expensive including a full Akropovic exhaust (including new mapping), lightweight blue OZ wheels, Ohlin’s suspension and a few dabs of carbon fiber.  The Haga rep weighed about 15lbs less than the standard Mille R and also pumped out an additional 10hp.


This particular Mille R has seen some miles, but still appears to be in great condition.  The listing doesn’t have a lot of details, but you can check it out here:  2003 Aprilia RSV-1000 Haga Rep on eBay

2003 APRILIA RSV 1000 MILLE R Haga Replica #158/300


This price will be good till end of listing only.

The bike is in EXCELLENT condition (see pics)!!!





Win it or Bin it – 2003 Aprilia RSV1000 Haga Replica
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Not For The Shy: 2007 Aprilia RSV1000R Bol d’Or

rsv right

If you don’t like to stand out in a crowd, scroll down to the next bike as fast as you can.  The paint on the RSV1000R Bol d’Or is anything but subtle.  And speaking of paint, that is all that sets this model apart from a RSV1000R but boy does it set it apart.

2007 Aprilia RSV1000R for sale on eBay

From the seller:

  For Sale Is My Mint Condition Aprilia RSV1000R. I Am Only The 2nd Owner Of This Bike & Bought It With Only 1900 Miles On It. This Aprilia Has Only Had The Best Of Care & Has NEVER Been Crashed Or Laid Down!! Always Garage Kept & Never Even Ridden It In The Rain. It Has ALWAYS Been To The Aprilia Dealership For Any & All Repairs If Needed. This Bike Has Been Meticulously Maintained. This Aprilia Has Never Been Raced Or Abused In Any Way. It’s Possibly The Nicest One Of Its Kind On The Planet!! Leo Vince Slip On Exhaust. 2 Tooth Larger Rear Sprocket. Aprilia Dealership Complete Stage 2 Computer Re-Map. This Bike Has The Mega-Rare Factory Race Bike Paint Scheme Option. Like New Michelin Power Pure Tires Front & Rear. I Also Have The Rear Passenger Seat For The Bike. Original Owners Manual Included. Always Adult Owned & Ridden.

rsv left

It is a low mile bike with just over 7,000.

rsv tank 2
Who owns one of these?  Is the sticker cut off  at the bottom of this picture  a reference to the Bol d’Or?  I want to say Aprilia doesn’t even compete in the endurance series any more.

rsv tankrsv lowerrsv muffler
Man, I need this guy to come clean my bikes. The darn thing is spotless.  Be sure to check out the auction, the seller was very good about providing photos of what few nicks there are on it.

Click it for the auction.


Not For The Shy:  2007 Aprilia RSV1000R Bol d’Or
Aprilia April 30, 2013 posted by

Embrace The Pastel: 2008 Aprilia RSV1000R Bol D’Or Replica

rsv left It will definetly catch your eye with the pastel purple and the 80’s/90’s Aprilia ‘A’ logo.  Aprilia’s tribute to endurance racing are rare but relatively inexpensive in the world of limtied production bikes.  Of course they are paint only limiteds so it is all standard RSV1000R underneath. 

 The info:

2008 Aprilia RSV1000R for sale in Excellent condition. The bike has been very well maintained and stored in heated garage year round. I am the second owner. 9400 miles and has a new tire on the back with about 500 miles on it. Bike is ready to ride and doesn’t need a thing. Fresh oil and filter change done. This collectable bike is all stock except the genuine Aprilia carbon fiber front fender, some pictures taken with stock fender also.  Clear title. Fly into Cleveland and ride it home.


rsv close

Nobody is better than Aprilia at putting graphics on a bike and then cutting large holes in them.

rsv rear

Maybe not the best for the track or the wallet but I love the asthetics of the dual exhaust.


rsv right

They tend to get snapped up relatively quickly and this one shouldn’t be any different.  The seller is asking $7,600 BIN and is also open to offers.  For perspective, I’ve seen them listed from $12,000 (practially no miles) to $8,500 (a few thousand).


Take it home here.




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Life Before The RSV4: Aprilia Factory RSV1000R

Life Before The RSV4:  Aprilia Factory RSV1000R

There is Aprilia before the RSV4 and Aprilia after the RSV4.  In my opinion it is that dramatic a change if you are seriously into sport bikes.  The RSV4 simply reset the bar of what a modern sport bike can be.  Considering that, I’d find it hard to believe this bike would find its’ way back to serious racing.  For the 99 percent of us that dabble in racing or tip toe around the track on track days;  well,  I’d think this bike would be a dream come true.

I want to meet the guy that turns his nose up at the chance to own a former AMA spec super bike, ridden by Chaz Davies.  This is actually the second time around for this bike as it was part of the lot KWS was selling directly a few months ago.  It is now up for auction and wrapped in stealthy preseason bodywork.  You better set your budget now as someone is already asking about shipping the bike to Cambodia!  You have to love the reach of the web.


The list of goodies:

I’d be curious what has been done internally with the KWS engine build.  Any factory Aprilia unobtanium hiding in there?


Who’s up on their Ohlins specs?  Are these still top shelf items?


The tank Kevlar and 7.5lbs lighter than stock.  Nice!


What would you pay for a piece of race history or to be the guy that wads up a factory bike at a track day?  I’m going to take a pass on trying to put a number on this one.

Happy bidding here.

OntheThrottle posted a hour and a half season review of KWS’s race season with the bikes:




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Endurance Pedigree: 2007 Aprilia RSV1000R Bol d’ Or

Endurance Pedigree: 2007 Aprilia RSV1000R  Bol d’ Or

I’ve been waiting to post one of these of a long time and something always conspired against me.  One had a salvage title, the other had a  seller who wouldn’t respond with pictures but the stars finally aligned.  All for a bike that is probably the most forgotten of all the different variants of the RSV1000.

With the hoopla over the new RSV4 I think people forget Aprilia did do a little racing with the RSV1000.  It never set the world on fire but they did get a few good results in super stock endurance racing.  That was enough for them to roll out a replica of the bike.  The paint is also a throw back to the late 80’s early 90’s Aprilia AF1’s that they enjoyed some success with in GP’s.  As you may know, throw a replica paint scheme on something and I’m good to go.

It might have been easier to find pictures of a little green guy in a saucer than the actual Aprilia race bike.

Under that loud paint is your basic RSV1000R.  I couldn’t find any production numbers;  anyone know how many hit our shores?  This one is bone stock and has turned less than 2,000 miles.

If you don’t need the latest and greatest RSV4  I’d think you might find a deal on something like this.  Maybe not on this one though,  a dealer has this one,  so as usual the BIN is inflated ($11,900).  There is the option of bidding and hopefully they haven’t set the reserve sky high as well.  Is $7,500-$8,500 a realistic range?  Loud paint isn’t for everybody but if  you want everyone to know you have arrived  you can place a bid here.


Aprilia April 26, 2010 posted by

2004 Aprilia RSV 1000 Mille R Nera #21 Of 200

Here is another RSV Nera in Southern California!  Located in Los Angeles, California is a 2004 Aprilia RSV 1000 Mille R Nera Edition #21 of 200.  No real information about the bike or it’s condition is given other than the production number.  A month ago, we actually saw Nera #22 on eBay which had a Buy-It-Now price of $25,000 but, was only bid up to $13,750–It can be seen here.  This example, #21, looks to be at a dealer and has an asking price of $19,000; However, we can’t pass judgment without more information from the seller.

The Nera was a bike from the Dream Series, I believe the only one so far, and was based on the Factory but featured carbon, titanium, and magnesium pieces with all fairings, even the tank, coming in carbon fiber.  The engine features titanium bolts with magnesium valve and clutch covers, new molybdenum disulphide coated pistons and a stainless steel oil tank.  The suspension is top of the line Ohlins units which are fully adjustable.  The wheels are forged magnesium with titanium nuts and bolts.

This is a very special bike which still isn’t cheap but, should you go broke, you can always take some bits to the scraper to pay for some tires.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Aprilia April 4, 2010 posted by

2000.5 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille R With 680 Original Miles

Continuing our trend of also sharing very low mile examples of important superbikes, we have a first year RSV in the U.S. with very low miles.  Located in Parker, Colorado is a 2000.5 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille R with 680 original miles.  The seller only states that this bike is completely original and in perfect condition.  The RSV of 1998 was Aprilia’s first foray into the large displacement, four-stroke, market after making a big impression with their 250 two-strokes.  The RSV wasn’t released into the U.S. until 2000 as a 2000.5 model.  The Mille R was an uprated model that featured fully adjustable Ohlins front and rear suspension, forged aluminum OZ wheels, a monoposto setup with a biposto as an option, slight chassis modifications resulting in a 4kg weight loss over the standard model.  There are no differences between the standard and R model engines.  The Mille R wasn’t the epitome of the Mille range for the time however as Mille SP was also released for World SuperBike homologation in 1999 and possibly continued to sell into 2000.  This is a fantastic, collectible, example of the first RSV available in the U.S.  The asking price is $6,500; a bit higher than other Mille R models but not outrageous for the mileage this one has.  See this Mille R on Craigslist here.