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Aprilia April 18, 2012 posted by

Carbon Beauty – 2004 Aprilia Nera RSV-R

Update 4.18.2012: Originally posted by Andrew in September of last year, our friends at MotoCorsa/Portland Used Bikes have relisted this special limited edition on eBay. Links updated. -dc

Only 100 miles since 2004 and loads of carbon fibre as well as other premium parts from Ohlins and Brembo. The RSV 1000 R Nera goes even further than the RSV R Factory… it goes beyond the common materials, and even further in performance and refinement. Carbon, titanium and magnesium are brought together to form a unique, light-weight, more powerful and more aggressive bike. It was described as “A motorcycle for an elite” and so was made in a limited edition of 200 certified and numbered bikes. The very first one in the USA was delivered to Matt LeBlanc. The Nera was the first in Aprilia’s “Dream” series where they planned to product limited number of exotic bikes. I have to say I love the look of that tank in carbon. You know you would like to have one.

The seller gives us a bit of detail here

Here’s your chance to own a piece of Italian history
#27 of 200! Aprilia RSV-R Nera with only 100 original miles!
Aprilia’s Nera edition boasts a boatload of carbon fiber. It’s everywhere! No expense was spared with the carbon fiber panels and bodywork. If that wasn’t enough, the magnesium OZ wheels plus the full Akrapovic Titanium racing exhaust simply ooze perfection!
With only 100 miles to speak of, it’s never been dropped or abused…heck, it hasn’t been licensed, titled or really ridden (was never sold and remained in the dealer principal’s collection as a display bike). This is the closest you’ll come to a new Aprilia Nera ANYWHERE. They simply do not exist!
Without a doubt will become a VERY collectable bike. Grab this one before it gets away!

Save big $$$ over new MSRP of $39,500.
Now featured at at $27,999!

Would make a great addition to a collection, all-purpose sport bike or hard-core trackday weapon! Big power, torque and reliability from the 998cc, Rotax dual-spark powerplant! Magnesium OZ wheels, Ohlins fork, Ohlins steering damper, Ohlins shock, carbon fiber upper, carbon fiber tank, carbon fiber tail, carbon fiber fairings (just about carbon fiber everywhere) complete the package!

The auction on eBay is here. I would suggest you take your time and look through the pictures to see the finish on the carbon body. A true delight.

The listing is priced about where these bikes were a year or so ago. With the current economy perhaps it is asking a bit much now but then again this is a true rare exotic. You can always hit that “Make Offer” button and see how you get on!


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Mailbag Monday

Another bursting at the seams week at the mailbox for us! Thank you to all the sellers and submitters who emailed.

Have a good week,


We’ll start with this great spot from Garrett on Denver Craigslist for this 1986 Suzuki GSX-R Limited. 5200 miles and $8200.

Next Dan spotted this 08 Aprilia RSV 1000R Bol d’Or. While under the awesome war paint it’s a regular RSV, there were supposedly just 200 of these produced world wide. Plus the 76th running of the Bol d’Or endurance race was this past weekend.

Patrick sent us this custom 1980 Honda CBX in Florida. A very trick ride to be certain!

Jason emailed to alert us that his 1990 Honda MC22 CBR250RR is for sale in Ontario, Canada. Just 441km’s and asking $8200 CAD. Good luck with the sale Jason!

Scott spotted this 1987 Honda Hurricane 600 in Philadelphia. Picture isn’t great but shows promise at just $2k.

Next up, Rob emailed us his 1994 Honda CR500 super moto. Normally I wouldn’t post this kind of thing but I have to admit I’m quite intrigued as to what this 500c 2 stroke, street-legal, monster must be like to ride! Good luck with the sale Rob.

Dan email us his 1984 Kawasaki Ninja 900 in Tulsa, OK. Many extras and luggage include for $3500. Good luck with the sale!

Russel email us this 1989 Suzuki RGV250 VJ21 for sale in Florida for $5500. It’s a project that is “99%” ready and needs the carbs installed. Looks good enough to find out more though.


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Is There a Better Bargain than the Aprilia RSV Mille R Right Now?

Here are two examples for sale right now:

2001 Aprilia Mille R with just 1307 Miles on eBay

2002 Aprilia RSV Mille R with 16k miles and an opening bid of $4300 on eBay

Quote from the second listing:

Starting price of $4300 is less than the cost of the OZ wheels, Ohlins front and rear suspension and brembo brakes alone.

This is a fact and has me taking another look at this bike. No one will ever confuse the RSV Mille R with a Ducati 916 variant from the same era, but to trade some of the sex for nearly all of the performance is a tempting argument for many enthusiasts on a budget.

These bikes list all the time for under $5k, and the standard RSV’s hover around $3k. Are these modern classics the bargain they appear to be in terms of performance per dollar? I’d love to hear from current and past owners on their experience with the machines and how they compare.


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Endurance Pedigree: 2007 Aprilia RSV1000R Bol d’ Or

Endurance Pedigree: 2007 Aprilia RSV1000R  Bol d’ Or

I’ve been waiting to post one of these of a long time and something always conspired against me.  One had a salvage title, the other had a  seller who wouldn’t respond with pictures but the stars finally aligned.  All for a bike that is probably the most forgotten of all the different variants of the RSV1000.

With the hoopla over the new RSV4 I think people forget Aprilia did do a little racing with the RSV1000.  It never set the world on fire but they did get a few good results in super stock endurance racing.  That was enough for them to roll out a replica of the bike.  The paint is also a throw back to the late 80’s early 90’s Aprilia AF1’s that they enjoyed some success with in GP’s.  As you may know, throw a replica paint scheme on something and I’m good to go.

It might have been easier to find pictures of a little green guy in a saucer than the actual Aprilia race bike.

Under that loud paint is your basic RSV1000R.  I couldn’t find any production numbers;  anyone know how many hit our shores?  This one is bone stock and has turned less than 2,000 miles.

If you don’t need the latest and greatest RSV4  I’d think you might find a deal on something like this.  Maybe not on this one though,  a dealer has this one,  so as usual the BIN is inflated ($11,900).  There is the option of bidding and hopefully they haven’t set the reserve sky high as well.  Is $7,500-$8,500 a realistic range?  Loud paint isn’t for everybody but if  you want everyone to know you have arrived  you can place a bid here.


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Factory Fresh: 2007 Aprilia RSV Mille R 1000 Factory

For Sale: 2007 Aprilia RSV Mille R 1000 Factory

Today’s post is all about the eye candy. I know how you RSBFS fans go nuts for Ohlins suspension, dig Brembo radial mount calipers and love you some carbon fiber like Rossi loves an apex – so I found some for you. To mix things up a bit, this one does not even have Ducati logos plastered all over it. This, my friends, is a Aprilia RSV 1000R Factory.

An evolution of the original RSV Mille series that shipped in 1998, this Aprilia features a 60 degree v-twin sourced from Rotax. The big, booming motor was bolted to a twin-spar chassis, and liberally sprinkled with top shelf componentry throughout. The result is a stunning – and stunningly quick – interpretation of a modern sportbike. Did I mention that it has very low miles on it?

From the seller:
2007 Aprilia RSV Mille R 1000 Factory. 3705 original miles on it.

Bike is LOADED, and has just been fully serviced with all fluids changed by a Factory Authorized Aprilia Dealer. This is an amazing bike!! Clean Title in hand and is blemish free! NEVER down, NEVER on the track. $18900.00 new!

Look at the photos. They tell the story.

The pictures do indeed speak for themselves. This is one very clean sportbike. But what makes this more special than a “plain Jane” RSV Mille R 1000? Well, the Factory model takes the fantastic foundation of the base RSV and adds even more goodness: Better suspension (Ohlins front and rear), an adjustable Ohlins steering damper, gold-colored frame accents, gold accented wheels, and carbon fiber for practically everything else that is not gold.

What you are left with is a magnificent piece of eye candy with some serious credentials to back it up. Power, performance and reasonable exclusivity (especially when compared to mass-marketed Japanese machinery) can be yours for a pittance compared to new. This bike was approaching 20 large in the showroom, but the BIN number is less than half that. And the bike still looks brand new!

The seller has listed a ton of pictures, and I suggest you check them out. There are some additions, such as the Zero Gravity tinted windscreen and the color-coded ASV levers, but to me it really completes the Factory look of the bike. This Aprilia certainly looks very clean and very well loved. There is some bidding interest being shown, with the auction slowing climbing above $6,000 with reserve not yet met. For its looks and performance – and depending on the ever important reserve number – this one just might turn out to be a real bargain. To get all the details, click on the link and check out the auction. Don’t forget to tell ’em you saw it on RSBFS. Good Luck!


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Before The RSV4: 2003 Aprilia Tuono “Racing”

Before The RSV4:  2003 Aprilia Tuono “Racing”

As far as Aprilia sport bkes go I think we now have to look look at them in a “Pre” or “Post” RSV4 world.  Once that RSV4 came out it made everything seem a lot older.  I’m not saying there is not demand for older Aprilia’s just saying they do seem a bit “older” now.  Now that I think about it,  the RSV4 has made everything not dripping with electronics feel/look old.

Seen one lately?  You don’t count if you have one sitting in your garage.  I guess I could sum this bike up by saying this was Aprilia’s attempt to attract buyers who liked naked bikes but still wanted top quality components and itched for some track time.  I know, that was a lot words to say it is an RSV1000R without the fairing.   The bike came with a nice little track package:

Head light cover

Ti exhaust with matching EPROM chip

Enclosed belly pan

Reverse patten gear shift linkage

Carbon seat cover

Plus some other tidbits I’m too lazy to list


Yeah, it is kind of funky looking but I think bikes like this are a nice way to get a quality bike at a relatively cheap price.   I don’t know if it helps the performance but I’ve seen quite a few pictures with a dual exhaust set up.  It really sharpens the bike appearance in my book.

I’ll let the seller talk you up:

If you are looking for a rare find and one that will most likely stand out in any bike crowd, than this could be the bike for you. I applogize in advanced for those ‘Aprilia’ enthuciast that already know this..but for most riders, here is a little bit on what makes this bike rare.

In 2003 Aprilia wanted to race in the AMA series, but in order to do so legally it had to offer a minimum of 50 bikes for sale to the US market. This was under the holologated rules. When Aprilia came to the US, they definitely came with a bike that could win. Below is a brief description of what this bike has and the factory spares that also came with it. As you can see in the photos the body work (both sets) are all in beautifuly finished carbon fiber.There is a street fairing and track fairing, a street belly pan, and a track (oil catch) belly pan. There is a matching carbon fiber cowl that snaps into the rear seat spot. There are two exhaust systems, a street chip and track chip to match performance. Front and rear suspension are Ohlin’s best as is the steering damper.Radial brakes with Brenbo gold calipers handle the stopping duty.The wheels are OZ forged alloy ( new set runs ~ $3,000). I also have the factory racing reverse shift linkage, racing countershaft sprocket, passenger pegs and factory manuals…street and track.

The tank is painted black and all the rest of the carbon is a high gloss clearcoat. The tires have less than 1000 miles on them and I put in a new battery 30 days ago. This is a bike you will not see in your weekend club ride. It really is a great conversation piece of art. The last really cool thing about this bike that really makes it a collectors it is serial number 2 built out of Italy. The gentleman I purchased it from also had number 1.

Here is a comprehensive write up on the Tuono Racing Edition.  Caution, I can’t tell if this a Aprilia PR release on the bike or just a writer smitten with the Tuono but it goes over what made the Tuono Racing different.


This is another Ebay bike and the auction is starting at $8,500.  I have nothing to compare it with but that just seems a bit high for a starting price.  The pieces on the bike might add up to that number but I’m not sure the demand out there will make that number realistic.  As we all know though,  there only has to be one person that really wants it and we all like having something unique.  It can be.


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2004 Aprilia RSV 1000 Mille R Nera #21 Of 200

Here is another RSV Nera in Southern California!  Located in Los Angeles, California is a 2004 Aprilia RSV 1000 Mille R Nera Edition #21 of 200.  No real information about the bike or it’s condition is given other than the production number.  A month ago, we actually saw Nera #22 on eBay which had a Buy-It-Now price of $25,000 but, was only bid up to $13,750–It can be seen here.  This example, #21, looks to be at a dealer and has an asking price of $19,000; However, we can’t pass judgment without more information from the seller.

The Nera was a bike from the Dream Series, I believe the only one so far, and was based on the Factory but featured carbon, titanium, and magnesium pieces with all fairings, even the tank, coming in carbon fiber.  The engine features titanium bolts with magnesium valve and clutch covers, new molybdenum disulphide coated pistons and a stainless steel oil tank.  The suspension is top of the line Ohlins units which are fully adjustable.  The wheels are forged magnesium with titanium nuts and bolts.

This is a very special bike which still isn’t cheap but, should you go broke, you can always take some bits to the scraper to pay for some tires.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Aprilia April 4, 2010 posted by

2000.5 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille R With 680 Original Miles

Continuing our trend of also sharing very low mile examples of important superbikes, we have a first year RSV in the U.S. with very low miles.  Located in Parker, Colorado is a 2000.5 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille R with 680 original miles.  The seller only states that this bike is completely original and in perfect condition.  The RSV of 1998 was Aprilia’s first foray into the large displacement, four-stroke, market after making a big impression with their 250 two-strokes.  The RSV wasn’t released into the U.S. until 2000 as a 2000.5 model.  The Mille R was an uprated model that featured fully adjustable Ohlins front and rear suspension, forged aluminum OZ wheels, a monoposto setup with a biposto as an option, slight chassis modifications resulting in a 4kg weight loss over the standard model.  There are no differences between the standard and R model engines.  The Mille R wasn’t the epitome of the Mille range for the time however as Mille SP was also released for World SuperBike homologation in 1999 and possibly continued to sell into 2000.  This is a fantastic, collectible, example of the first RSV available in the U.S.  The asking price is $6,500; a bit higher than other Mille R models but not outrageous for the mileage this one has.  See this Mille R on Craigslist here.