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Honda May 14, 2012 posted by

Things I Like In The UK: Spondon Framed Honda RS125,1989 Yamaha FZR750R OWO1, Suzuki Pepsi RG250

Things I Like In The UK:  Spondon Framed Honda RS125,1989 Yamaha  FZR750R OWO1, Suzuki Pepsi RG250

There wasn’t a whole lot that caught my eye in North America this week so I looked to the old world for some inspiration and they didn’t let me down.



It is all about the frame here.  I’m sure I’d get a pretty big yawn out of most of you by posting an average RS125 but I thought the Spondon frame really made this a unique bike.  The seller claims only two were ever produced.


I’m interested to know how it differs from a stock RS frame.  What needed to be improved?   Maybe not much since they only produced two?  I know 125 racers are consumed with trimming weight so is this possibly a lighter frame?

As for the rest of the bike, the seller lists the specs as:  a pre 95 engine, WP forks, Ohlins shock, Marvic wheels and Brembo brakes.  The auction is on going but it also has a BIN of 3,750 GBP (rougly $6,000).

Here it is.




Next up is a very tasty FZR750R.  It brings up the question; do we have any RSBFS readers that own an entire late 80’s-early 90’s super bike collection?  I’ve seen Honda collections, Yamaha collections etc. but does anyone own all of them?  Say an OWO1, RC30, GSXR750RR and ZX7-RR?  On second thought, don’t tell me, it will just depress me.

This appears to be a very nice stock example.

The info:

This bike was imported from Japan in 2002 and I have owned it for the last 4 1/2 years. It has had one other UK owner. It has had very limited use while I have had it, a few little rides here and there and it has been far too precious to me to take out on the track. It has never been out in the rain during my ownership, nor for that matter has it been out in the cold! That said, it is 23 years old an has not been sat in a museum either so there are a few cosmetic signs of age. However, because of it’s limited use, it feels the same to ride as it probably did back in 1989.
Would a Japanse spec OWO1 be any different than exported models?  The auction is ongoing here with it hovering in the 7,000 GBP  ($9,000) range as of this writing.  There does not appear to be a reserve; hmmmm.


I’m just taking a flyer on this one. This could be a Suzuki UK/Dream Machine Pepsi bike or just a simple respray.  As you may know, Suzuki UK had some RG500’s sprayed in Pepsi colors (and some in Skoal Bandit) to liven up sales.  Did they do that with the RG250 as well?

A couple of things don’t quite add up to me though.  First this is listed as a 1989.  Was the RGV250 (VJ21) not out in the UK in 1989?  Now that I said that, am I remembering correctly that the UK only got the VJ22 officially imported?  Secondly and maybe more curious is that it is a high mileage bike and the paint looks unblemished in the photos.  That makes me think it is a more recent respray.  On the flip side the paint looks correct and the red seat is just like the RG500.



Be it the real thing or not, it is at least some eye candy to start your week with.  The asking price is the real thing.  They are asking  3,999 GBP ( roughly $5,200).

Here it is.






Aprilia April 5, 2012 posted by

Two Stroke Track Bike: 2009 Aprilia RS 125

For Sale: 2009 Aprilia RS 125

It has often been said that it is more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. On the street this makes a lot of sense. When dealing with a track bike, however, do you prefer to live on the edge wringing the last ounce of speed out of your mount, or are you the point-and-squirt type that favors big-bore power?

For the former, this little Aprilia RS125 would make a fantastic track day bike. While never officially imported as a street legal bike, many clever (and persistent) owners have found a way to plate and title these rides. This particular bike is set up as street legal, but is not a titled machine. Therefore it has the OHV stigma – for off highway use only. To those in the know, those are the glorious “track day” toys.

From the seller:
The Machine: This is the most fun motorcycle you will ever ride. It is a 2009 APRILIA RS 125 with only 5 miles. A 280 pound, 2-Stroke piece of pure fun with triple digit speed capabilities, excellent brakes, great gear ratios and the most nimble handling of any sportbike you will ever ride. This is not a street legal motorcycle. It does have street legal accessories such as turn signals, mirrors, headlight, tail and brake lights but the motorcycle requires a different wiring harness to make them operational. The left side fairing is cracked where the turn signal mount is and has been bonded back together but the crack is slightly visible yet (see photos). The left hand, front turn signal is missing. Again, this is a track bike, not a street legal motorcycle. These RS 125’s are extremely rare and hard to find as they are no longer imported to the United States. DO NOT PASS THIS DEAL UP. IF YOU ARE A SPORTBIKE ENTHUSIAST YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

These Aprilias were on the market for a short time in the states, and while rare they are simply not that valuable. That means that you can get your hands on one of these for less than 5 bills – and that is basically a new bike! This seller has the bike listed for $4,795 in a buy it now listing, which is pretty even money for the model. For more pictures and to check it out, click on the link and jump over to the auction!


Aprilia March 31, 2012 posted by

Lost in the racing triangle? 1999 Aprilia RS125 in Bermuda

For Sale: 1999 Aprilia RS125

With apologies for the pun in the title (hey – it’s the weekend!), this little RS125 really looks like a fun track-day weapon – or an all-out assault on whatever local racing class will let you in. Yes, it is located in Bermuda. Do they even have a race track over there? Thanks to the fine folks over at the Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club, I learned that the answer to the question is YES! They race at Bermuda Motorsports Park.

For the smaller or stature, this Ape is a nice alternative to the Honda 125s that are traditional fare in the smaller classes. Sure, it is not exactly right around the corner from anyone located in the U.S., but such a small package shouldn’t be THAT expensive to ship to the States… right? Any shipping experts out there ready to share some knowledge?

From the seller:
Here is a very good full race VERY FAST Aprilla RS 125 CC motorcycle for sale in very good condition, and ready to race , with Extras listed below:

3, sets extra farrings
1, tuned race power valve cylinder
2, new stock cylinders
3, race head cups
Extra rear sprockets 38 – 45
Extra front sprockets 18 – 23
Extra marchanizi race wheels wets
Extra front Brenbo break peds
Onboard computer with 3 ignition curves
Handheld computer for Curve setting
2, quick change onboard batterys
Battery Charger
Extra engine case with crank and rotary valve
Engine is in Race ready condition with all new seals and bearrings
5, new race pistons
Extra Racepipe x chamber

Back to the Bermuda connection. Check out this great video from the BMRC highlighting one of their race days. Looks like a fun small-bore motorcycle and kart track combo. Be sure and look for the foot-dragger amidst all of the 125s!

This auction is on right now and the price is relatively steep: a starting bid of $9k with reserve, and a BIN set at $15,000. Nobody ever said racing was cheap, but these Aprilias are known to be race winnners – since its debut in 1991 the RS125 (and rebranded derivatives of Gilera and Derbi) have won at least 10 championships. That is a pretty good pedigree!

For your chance to check out all the photos and info and place your own bid on this racetrack scalpel, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!!


Aprilia September 10, 2011 posted by

Track Day Special: 2009 Aprilia RS 125

For Sale: 2009 Aprilia RS 125 – Brand New!

Up for grabs today is a brand new Aprilia RS 125. This is listed as a track bike as it is not capable of being registered in several US states (i.e. California). There are many examples of these bikes being registered for the street, however, so all might not be lost if you are dead-set on a new 125cc street bike.

For those states with tighter EPA standards and more restrictive DMV policies, this is a track day only bike. How much fun could that be? Well, let’s take a look – light weight, decent horsepower, good brakes and adjustable suspension all add up to a lithe and nimble track day weapon. If your local venue has more corners than straights, you could well embarrass your friends on much larger machinery.

Yup – that sure looks like fun. Given that this is a new bike, the seller has gone all out in sharing the specs on this little 125cc two stroke GP replia.

From the seller:
Aprilia has always been the undisputed leader in 125 cc supersports, a market segment in which Aprilia has pioneered new concepts and advanced solutions, and developed technology that others have struggled to follow. Like all Aprilia motorcycles, the RS 125 has benefited from the sophisticated technology that has been developed over years of success in GP racing, and quickly transferred into production. Over the years, the RS 125 has forged a reputation as the standard setter for sports 125’s. Sales success has come naturally too, with the RS 125 topping the sales tables on major European markets. The RS 125 is the inevitable choice of riders entering Sport Production racing. And rightly so, because when the competition gets tough, there is simply no other bike like the Aprilia RS 125. The Aprilia RS 125 offers young riders the best in components and equipment, and a concentration of technical refinements worthy of a flagship supersport.
The following are just some of the main features of the Aprilia RS 125:
• tried and tested yet extremely sophisticated Rotax two stroke engine;
• super-rigid aluminium frame and swingarm derived from Aprilia’s vast GP experience;
• upside down fork;
• front brake with radial caliper and four opposed pistons;
• RSV 1000 R style fairing, windshield and tail;
• RSV Factory style, crossed spoke wheels;
• analog/digital instrument panel with multi-functional computer;
• RSV Factory style, forged steering yoke;
• oval section racing silencer with riveted end plates;

The mean, cutting edge look of the new RS 125 tells you that this is a professional racing machine. The styling of the RS, like that of all Aprilia sports bikes, is the result of painstaking aerodynamic research.
The fairing, for example, was perfected by extensive wind tunnel testing, to guarantee great wind protection and minimum drag for maximum racetrack efficiency. The fairing, windshield and tail not only look mean and aggressive, but allow the RS 125 to reach a blistering top speed, eliminating all turbulence around the rider and allowing man and machine to become one.
The latest generation twin halogen headlight also adds to the mean look of the new RS 125, and delivers a high power light beam for enhanced visibility and safety at night. The sleek tail looks exactly like the tail of a GP racer. Thanks to the effort put into the design of the RS 125’s tail, not even the passenger seat disturbs the bike’s impeccable lines.
The crossed spoke wheels are not only lighter and more stylish, but safer and more reliable too.

The powerful but reliable, single cylinder, two stroke, Rotax-Aprilia engine needs no introduction. Over the years it has won a reputation for being unbeatable on the track and dependable on the road.
Still today, this engine boasts technical solutions that are state-of-the-art for two strokes, including a crankcase reed valve intake, liquid cooling, an anti-vibration balancer shaft, and an automatic mixing system. The RS 125’s engine has been constantly updated over the years to keep in line with the latest emission control legislation without penalising performance. A catalytic converter and precision carburation has won Aprilia’s single cylinder two stroke homologation to Euro 3 standards. And the amazing thing is that this has been achieved without losing out on performance: the Aprilia RS 125 engine remains the reference point for all 125 cc powerplants.

Without a doubt, the most advanced single component on the RS 125 is its frame. Developed from Aprilia’s vast experience in GP 125 racing, the RS 125 frame is made from cast aluminium alloy with cross-ribbing reinforcement. Despite its extremely light weight, this advanced structure achieves amazing torsional rigidity, setting the standards for Aprilia’s competitors.
The box section, aluminium alloy swingarm has the highest torsional rigidity of all production 125 cc swingarms. Differential side members enable the exhaust to follow a path that maximises engine performance and enables more acute angles of lean to be achieved on bends without risking dangerous contact with the asphalt.
The suspension too plays a fundamental role in ensuring not only the RS 125’s performance, but its safety and comfort too. The RS 125 can rely on an upside-down fork that has been optimised for maximum performance on the racetrack while also delivering a more satisfying ride on public roads.
The rear suspension features rising rate linkages based on Aprilia’s 125 GP racing technology, for excellent traction and superb comfort even over uneven road surfaces. The hydraulic monoshock that provides the damping for the swingarm is also adjustable in spring preload.

Like any self-respecting supersport motorcycle, the RS 125 has to have the best when it comes to components. The braking system is the best available, and designed for maximum efficiency under competitive riding conditions. The front brake is a genuine state-of-the-art, high performance system with a radial caliper and four opposed pistons. In addition to the 320 mm front disc, the system also incorporates a radial master cylinder and aeronautical hoses for maximum precision and unrivalled braking power. The rear disc is 220 mm in diameter and is also equipped with metal braided hoses for perfectly balanced, high performance braking.

The Aprilia RS 125 is packed with prestige components. Compact and impressively light in weight, the instruments include an analog rev counter and a multifunctional digital display with an on-board computer that can be operated from the handlebars. The speedometer, rev counter, coolant temperature gauge and exclusive racing chronometer put you in total control. The on-board computer even has provision for interfacing with the optical finishing systems used on racetracks.

These bikes listed around $5500 new. This auction opens the door for a lower priced RS 125, as the auction opens with a $3,500 ask. There is a reserve in place and the BIN is set at an even $5k. Assuming that the reserve is slightly lower than the BIN, this bike could be a real bargain in the making. And in case you need some reminding that a 125 two stroke is effective in the right setting, check out the video below.

Your chance to pick up this bike and become a mini track day GP hero is here – just click the link and jump over to the auction. At the current rate, this bike could turn out to be a real bargain, which is just what we all need: an economical track day toy! Good luck!


Aprilia July 22, 2011 posted by

Super Chicken Chaser: 2009 Aprilia RS 125

For Sale: 2009 Aprilia RS 125

We can thank one of our Facebook posters for the introduction of the phrase “Chicken Chaser” into our vernacular, but I blame jokesters Doug and Ian for perpetuating the moniker on RSBFS. Sure, smaller bikes have fewer ponies than the big dogs, but for those of us that are of moderate stature these lithe little race-bred machines are more than plenty for big grins and some high corner speeds. After checking out the performance of this little RS125, I have to wonder what the rest of you guys are trying to compensate for…..

Of all the smaller bikes listed on RSBFS as of late, this RS125 is perhaps the most likely to surprise the rider. With the Rotax-provided liquid cooled single cylinder displacing only 125cc, power is in the high 20 HP range. Weight is low, with the bike tipping the scales right around 300 pounds full of fuel and ready to ride (race).

All of that mass is centralized tightly around an aluminum chassis and supported by better than entry-level suspension components (40mm adjustable fork up front, preload adustable rear spring), and brakes more than up to the task of the track (single disc front and rear).

From the seller:
This is a 2009 Aprilia RS 125 in new condition. There were only 140 of these bikes imported into the United States and they were for track use only. I never had any intention of racing – only riding to shows – so I went through the process of working with the dealer to have a road kit put on to make the bike street legal. It was set up professionally at the dealer from which I bought the bike new. This bike has a street legal title instead of an off-road title. It has a top speed of around 108 mph. At age 45 and being a sport bike enthusiast all of my life, I guarantee you will be impressed with this amazing bike. I had over $6000 in it out the door. The bike now has around 342 miles.

People who like to go fast on motorcycles really like the capabilities of the RS125. Check out Ari Henning (Motorcyclist magazine contributing editor) showing off with the Aprilia in his review of the bike here. A key quote:

“Considering the bike’s stellar handling and cornering capabilities, a well-ridden RS125 will give a 600cc sportbike a run for its money on tighter courses-especially with sticky, track-spec tires.”

If that recommendation was not enough, here is a great online video review of the RS125 courtesy of MotorcycleUSA:

With sharp handling and sharp looks (the livery is meant to evoke the colors Jorge Lorenzo made famous with 250cc championships in 2006 and 2007), this little Aprilia is ready to rock and roll. But wait! There’s more to the story. The majority of Aprilia RS125 were sold as “off road only” motorcycles, intended for track days. This particular bike is street legal and titled!

The opening ask for this bike is $5,200. The MSRP according to Aprilia is $5499. With fewer than 400 miles this is certainly a “lightly used” bike – but is it worth parity with a brand new machine? That really depends upon what you plan to use it for: if you are looking for a more unique track-day machine, this is a pricey way to go. If you want that GP experience for the street, however, this could be a fair deal to get a titled RS125. Best of all, there is no reserve!

For more information, more pictures, and your chance to bid on this little rocket, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Honda June 23, 2011 posted by

Peter Lenz Forever 45 1996 Honda RS125 racer for sale

1996 Honda RS125 Peter Lenz Forever 45 machine.

Location: Vancouver, Washington
Mileage: N/A
Price: $3,050.00 at time of writing

Time: Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010
Scene: Indianapolis Red Bull MotoGP- the warm-up lap for a USGPRU race

Dan and I were there soaking in all that is involved in a MotoGP weekend. The sights, sounds, autographs, pictures and the all important smell of spent high octane race fuel.

If I told you I knew about Peter Lenz passing I’d be lying. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know about it until I returned home Sunday evening and started flipping through my favorite motorcycling sites. It’s sad and I know it, but being the selfish “this is all about me and my long awaited weekend” I never stopped to inquire about anyone who had been involved in an accident. Heck, by the time Sunday morning rolled around I had already been witness to so many crashes I was pretty numb to them. They usually get up, wave to the crowd and jump on a scooter to head back to the pits. No big deal right? Not on this day….

On August 29, 2010 a fine young man lost his life doing something he loved to do. He had great support around him and that included his parents. As parents we don’t really want to tell our kids ‘no’ on anything that isn’t causing harm to anyone or anything. We know there are risks when we give our kids their first BB Gun, we know there are risks when we turn our kids loose for the first time driving by themselves. I know this because I have 3 kids and as a parent we can’t protect our kids from every evil. What we can do is support our kids in their chosen venture and give them life lessons along the way.

Peter was living every 13 year old racer’s dream. He was in the garage with the big boys at the big circuit. I commend his parents for allowing him the opportunity to do what he loved and was passionate about. I know, after the accident, there are always people who question why a 13 year old was being allowed to go 130 mph dragging knees. Bottom line is because he could do it and do it well! He enjoyed it and had the means to do it.

John Ulrich gives an excellent first hand account of how the accident unfolds and explains it better than I ever could. If you have a few minutes it’s an excellent read.

I didn’t know Peter and don’t know any other professional racers for that matter, but I get to live out my dreams watching them draft, rail through turns and control motorcycles in ways that us mere mortals can only dream about.

The Lenz family is donating this machine to help raise money for the Roadracing World Action Fund. If you’ve not heard of it or have heard of it please take a moment to click through the link and make a donation to help support the safety of your fellow riders. John Ulrich should be commended for starting this campaign and we at send out our “Thank You!” to John and the crew at Roadracing World.

If you’d like 2 Forever 45 stickers, 2 Dynee (This was Peters pet Dinosaur’s name) stickers, an 11″ x 17″ poster of Peter in action and a RRWAF T-shirt simply donate a minimum of $50.00 by clicking here.

If you have a thing for 1996 Honda RS125’s and would like to help the RRWAF to boot please place your bids here.

This is a great cause and it needs your support to be successful. 100% of the sale price will go to support the Roadracing World Action Fund.

Our condolences go out to the Lenz family and we can’t imagine the pain they have gone through.

Godspeed Peter- Rest in Peace buddy….


Aprilia March 17, 2011 posted by

Let’s go Mini GP racing – Aprilia RS50 for sale in MA

2000 Aprilia RS50 with 1800 miles for sale in MA for $2000!

Here’s another Aprilia RS 2-stroker, but this time it’s the smallest (and cutest) of the 3 bears – the diminutive RS5o:

70cc Althena Kit

21mm Dellorto Carb

V force reeds

HD clutch springs

Arrow Carbon ExhaustSetup for Pre-Mix

Now I have no idea whether something like this could be made street legal or not, but with a top speed of  only 100km/h (de-restricted; 50 km/h in restricted form) you would have a hard time trying to outrun granny in her Oldsmobile anyway, so this mini GP rep would probably be best served as a pit bike or, better yet, as a mini GP race bike.

There not much additional info on the bike, but at this price you couldn’t really go wrong unless it’s an absolute lemon.  For pricing reference, check out previous RS50s that we have listed.

If you’re feeling lucky and need a pit bike or mini GP race for the upcoming race season, click HERE to check out the listing on Aprilia Forum.


Aprilia March 14, 2011 posted by

The other Italian – 1996 Aprilia RS125 Biaggi replica

1996 Aprilia RS125 Chesterfield Max Biaggi replica with a low 1,265 miles!

All our regular readers would probably know how much we love 2-smokes strokes here on RSBFS, so it is my pleasure to bring you my first 2-stroke (and first Aprilia) post:

Aprilia RS 125 Max Biaggi Replica. This was bought from a race team but never raced. I also have another set of body work also but it is scaped up from street crash. The new body work is on it now.

This Aprilia is also the last of the unrestricted 125’s so it has a 38mm carburetor.

It is also a Biaggi Chesterfield Replica of a limited edition. There are only 2 in the the whole USA.

Perfect condition, keep inside heated from start, never outside or in a cold garage.

New perilli tires, will put on new front turn signals.

It also has a full arrow exhaust on it with a carbon fiber canister

I also had a racer lower for me, I can put it back up, I’m 4’11” and I’m just a tad on my tip toes.

I also have a complete repair manual on cd for this bike.

We don’t see many streetable 125s on RSBFS, and even then it’s the newer Aprilia 125s with the more angular design.  I actually quite like the older RSs with the more rounded, organic shape.  This one ticks all the right boxes for me – destricted? Check. Limited edition Chesterfield (couldn’t care less about Max though) rep with only 2 of these in the entire US of A? Check. Full Arrow exhaust with carbon fiber canister? Double check!!

Come to think of it, this would be the perfect match for Dan’s RS250 Chesterfield Rep!  How bout completing the set Dan?

Starting bid is $4,000 which I think is very reasonable.  If you’re game, give Lynda (I assume that’s her in the pics)