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Tiny Trackday Terror: 1998 Honda RS125 for Sale

1998 Honda RS125 R Side

If you’re looking for a pristine, collectible example of Honda’s RS125, you should probably just move along. Nothing to see here. The original engine is long gone, lunched by a previous owner. That’s no real surprise: these were pure racebikes, and never built to last. The durability required for a roadbike means that everything is heavier than is ideal for racing and, when you’re only working with 124.4cc and trying to maximize speed, every ounce counts.

1998 Honda RS125 Dash

Your average street-legal 125 is basically a jumped-up moped, an entry-level motorcycle to be quickly discarded or a hypermiling commuter for fans of extreme frugality. But the RS125 is another animal: that little, slightly undersquare two-stroke single, freed from any need to last beyond this weekend’s racing, can be tuned to make in the neighborhood of 45 highly-strung horses. With fuel, the bike weighs in at a featherweight 155lbs, so there’s more performance available than you’d expect.

1998 Honda RS125 Tank Detail R

But straight-line speed is hardly the point: a 125 or 250 is all about cornering speeds, and the bantamweight RS125’s handling is in another league, offering up a worthy sacrifice of rubber and knee pucks on the Altar of Lean. All the grip in the world can’t really overcome the weight of the average four-stroke sportbike. Sure, the ultimate grip may be there, but that mass dulls everything, and is always lurking, ready to bite.

1998 Honda RS125 Frame

From the original eBay listing: 1998 Honda RS125 for Sale


The original NF4 series motor did not survive the prior owner and the bike has been equipped with a modified CR85 Engine, former AMA motorcycle racer owned with modified internals. NF4 series motors can be easily sourced online for the true purist.

This treasure was found via word of mouth within the continental USA–I’m not sure when the bike was brought into the USA but bike has been sitting in the back of the shop for several years–recently pulled out for overhaul and prep.

The bike runs and drives, comes as pictured:

New chain, air filter, extra rear sprockets, full fairing set, etc.

Bike bump starts very very easily!

1998 Honda RS125 Rearset

Starting bid is $2,600 with no takers as yet. As the seller mentions, this RS125 is currently powered by an CR85 engine, one of their entry-level two-stroke dirt bikes. I’m not sure how that compares in terms of performance to the original engine, but it should be pretty easy to find parts to tune it and keep it running… This bike has been well-used, although the hard parts are all there to turn this into whatever you want: run it as-is, knowing it should be a snap to find parts. If you prefer, you could track down and fit an original engine, or slot in something bigger and more modern, like maybe one from an Aprilia SXV…


1998 Honda RS125 L Side Front

Tiny Trackday Terror: 1998 Honda RS125 for Sale
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Tiny Dancer: 2009 Aprilia RS125 for Sale

2009 Aprilia RS125 R Front

Most small displacement sportbikes look like small-displacement sportbikes, but Aprilia really knows how to make lust-worthy entry-level machines. While their RS250 is certainly no learner bike, this one definitely is: you won’t be going very fast on an RS125, but you will look good doing it…

2009 Aprilia RS125 R Rear

Manufactured between 1992 and 2012, the RS125 was a two-stroke, single-cylinder bike designed to capture well-heeled young race fans unable to purchase larger motorcycles due to licensing restrictions. This iteration of the 125 was designed to evoke the RSV1000 v-twin sportbike that was at the top of Aprilia’s range until the introduction of the RSV4. With two-strokes being phased out all over the world, the RS125’s place in Aprilia’s lineup has recently been taken over by their new RS4, a cleaner-burning 125 four-stroke powered bike.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Reaerset

It’s a very muscular-looking bike for a 125, although they’re very petite in person. They do feature lights and signals to make them road-legal, but I’ve never seen one that had rearview mirrors fitted. I’m sure a nice set of Rizoma mirrors would add a bit of bling and meet DMV requirements.

This one has had quite a bit of quality aftermarket thrown at it already, and has been tuned by noted East Coast tuner Fast by Ferracci.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 2009 Aprilia RS125 for Sale

For sale 2009 Aprilia RS125 (GP derived replica). Bike is like new with only 446 miles on it, it’s been garaged kept and rarely ridden. Bike is for competition use only but it is titled, plated and registered in the state of PA and is street legal. Bike has some upgrades done to it and I will included all original parts except for OEM exhaust to the buyer. This motorcycle was dyno tuned and services by Fast By Ferracci and produced 31hp at the rear wheel, all the fluids were changed after 300 miles. This is a real rare motorcycle, I believe only 200 were imported in to US, so if you’re looking for a GP replica 2-stroke this is a perfect opportunity to get one in new condition. I’m sad to let it go, but don’t have time to ride it at all, and need more space in my garage. Thank you for viewing and Good Luck!

Aftermarket parts installed: 

  • Woodcraft rearsets

  • Front & Rear Axle Sliders 

  • Tyga carbon fiber Rear Hugger 

  • Tyga carbon fiber Sprocket Cover

  • Tyga carbon fiber Chain Guard 

  • Arrow titanium exhaust full system with carbon can 

  • Evotech exhaust hanger

  • European ECU with all the harness/wiring – to make the bike street legal. 

2009 Aprilia RS125 R Detail

With the introduction of KTM’s RC390 and the increased interest in small-displacement bikes in Asian markets, here’s hoping that we see a trend towards smaller sportbikes here in the US. I do see the appeal of scary literbikes, of riding something that you know is a barely-tamed animal.

But honestly, it’s nearly impossible to even tap into that performance on the street, and I think it’d be pretty frustrating to own a 200hp motorcycle and never really be able to take it over 8,000 rpm unless you’re risking life and license… A bike like this you could twist to the stop and ride it like a complete idiot with far less risk, and still have something very sleek and exotic to admire in your garage during these cold, dreary winter months…


2009 Aprilia RS125 L Front

Tiny Dancer: 2009 Aprilia RS125 for Sale
Aprilia January 30, 2015 posted by

1 of 27 Made: 2005 Aprilia RS125 Casey Stoner Replica

Aprilia RS125 Casey Stoner Replica for sale

With Casey Stoner back in the news testing the HRC RC213V in Sepang yesterday, this seems like an opportune time to note this special edition Aprilia RS125. While clearly aimed at fans in his home market (the only place it was sold), it is sure to delight Stoner superfans and collectors. There are no performance improvements but the graphics treatment is unique and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from Stoner himself. It is being sold in Australia so check to see if export is available before bidding — which starts at just under $16k USD and wears a buy-it-now of a little shy of $20k USD.


Aprilia RS125 Casey Stoner Replica for sale on eBay Australia


1 of 27 Made:  2005 Aprilia RS125 Casey Stoner Replica
Honda November 30, 2014 posted by

Start Small: 1994 Honda RS125 Race Bike for Sale

1994 Honda RS125 L Side

While it’s a hard pill to swallow for newly-minted track-day heroes with visions of tire-spinning corner exits, the best way to learn to be fast is by building good habits in an environment where every single pony counts. Hitting the track on a GSX-R1000 will allow a newer rider to lap at some mind-bending speeds, but you can be pretty lazy on a bike that powerful and still feel like you’re going fast. Then a rider who really knows what they’re doing sails past you on a 600…

So it may be a blow to the ego, but riders who want to learn how to go fast should start small. How small? How about Honda RS125 small?

1994 Honda RS125 R Side

Racing a 125 is about managing momentum and making the most of what very little horsepower is available. Shepherding that power is an endless game of charts and graphs, gearing and air density to maximize power in the garage, and a constant battle with the wind on track, minimizing air-resistance to maximize efficiency and speed.

Then there’s the pack of other riders to contend with, all battling for the same space on track, drafting you for that extra bit of speed.

Although a rider’s physical size does make a difference, don’t think that if you’re not built with jockey-like proportions, you can’t ride a 125. Bigger guys do need to be very careful with weight placement: with bikes weighing in at 160lbs dry, many bigger racers will outweigh the machines they’re riding. But this has a nice side benefit, as 125’s tend to do less damage to themselves when they crash, skimming along the ground instead of digging in and tumbling, shedding bits as they go…

1994 Honda RS125 Dash

The RS125 was introduced in 1988 and went through several iterations during its life. It was a pure racing motorcycle available to professionals, amateurs, and privateers, an over-the-counter race bike. 125’s are generally considered a “gateway drug,” a stepping-stone to bigger bikes: learn to be fast on these, then move up to 250’s and so on. Many World Champion Moto GP riders got their start on one of these little two-strokes, including Loris Capirossi and Dani Pedrosa, who each won the 125 World Championship on a 125 Honda.

Compared to the Yamaha TZ125, the Honda is generally thought of as being more user-friendly, better set up right out of the box. But while Honda’s 125 may be great for entry-level racers, don’t mistake “user-friendly” for “low-maintenance”: these are two-stroke GP bikes, pure racers, and pistons get replaced every 300 miles. Other parts last longer, but these bikes require more care and feeding than a modern four-stroke.

1994 Honda RS125 Carb Detail

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Honda RS125 for Sale

Very nice, clean and original Honda RS125 factory race bike. I bought this in the late 90’s in Japan from the original owner/rider.  It was run at the famous Suzuka circuit track(see tech inspection stickers in photos)  just a few times before being garaged and has not been raced since.  I have fired it up a few times over the years and drove it around my industrial complex to keep it in running order but mostly it has sat on a shelf in my office as a display/conversation piece.  It is very rare to find one of these in clean unmolested condition.  Most race bikes for sale have been abused, crashed or pieced together with a patchwork of different parts and not suitable for a collection or track day event.  The Honda RS125’s dominated the competition during this period winning 5 World Championship Titles from 1990-1996.  This bike has very minor scratches, a few track rock chips on the lower fairing and a 3″ crack on the right side of the windscreen (see pictures),but shows incredibly well for a race bike of this age.  Unless you find one of these new in the crate, this may be your best opportunity to pick one of these up in this condition.   Race bikes don’t have titles in California but will be sold with a bill of sale.

Buyer to pickup in Torrance, CA or I may be able to deliver to a local freight company (I will not crate or box due to fragility of fairing)

1994 Honda RS125 Cockpit

From the description, this is currently more of a display piece and is in very nice physical condition for a bike that was meant to be used hard, and it shouldn’t take much work to get it back into fighting shape. Bidding on this is active but is currently only up to $2,500 and the reserve has not been met, but you’d better move quickly if you’re interested: there are just a few hours left on this auction!

If you’re an acolyte at the Temple of Lean, handy with a wrench, and want to experience the thrill of a genuine race bike that won’t kill you if you look at it funny, this would be a great place to start.


1994 Honda RS125 L Side Front No Fairing



Start Small: 1994 Honda RS125 Race Bike for Sale
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Pint-Sized Sportbike: Aprilia RS125 for Sale

2009 Aprilia RS125 L Side

We’re on a roll here this week, with quasi-, barely, or not-even-remotely road-legal machinery. This Aprilia RS125 might, depending on your finesse with DMV chicanery, be made roadable: it does feature all the requisite equipment, including lights, and mounts for mirrors and signals, since it was originally intended to be a street-legal motorcycle.

The RS125 was built from 1992 until 2012, when production of the two-stroke, single-cylinder 125 was halted to make way for the new four-stroke RS4 125. This version of the bike features updated styling to match the RSV1000 that was all sharp angles, edges, and stealth-fighter shapes.

It’s a very muscular-looking bike for a 125, although they’re very small in person.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Screen

Overseas, bikes like this have long been the dream of 16-year-olds looking to impress their buddies: unlike here in the USA, where a 1300cc sportbike is just a credit application away from reality for anyone with a license, most European countries have a tiered licensing structure that prevents riders from buying larger-displacement bikes for the first couple years after obtaining their license, or before a certain age.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Cockpit

It also helps that motorcycle road racing is very popular across the pond, making 125 and 250 race-styled motorcycles somewhat aspirational machines for young riders looking to emulate their riding heroes. Here in the US, they occupy a sort of hazy area, since emissions laws basically killed off the breed years ago. They’re still beloved of petrol-heads and two-stroke junkies, largely forgotten by everyone else. But those fans are a rabid bunch, and two-strokes from the trackmaestros at Aprilia always generate interest when they come up for sale.

2009 Aprilia RS125 R Side Fairing

The bike appears to be for sale at a dealership in Portland, Oregon. The original eBay listing contains basically NO information about the bike, but does include a bunch of additional pictures that are well worth a look: 2009 Aprilia RS125 for Sale

2009 Aprilia RS125 Rear Wheel

Unfortunately, unlike the RS250 that came with top-shelf components all-around, the 125 really is more of a budget tool. Although you shouldn’t confuse it with something like a Ninja 300: de-restricted, these can make as much as 30hp, and with a weight under 300lbs, these are serious motorcycles.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Tail

The asking price is $5,000 which seems to be a very good deal, considering that it has 5 miles on the clock. It looks to be in great shape, although a history of modifications would be much appreciated: the tuning parts that have been fitted could conceivably have a significant effect on value.


2009 Aprilia RS125 R Side

Pint-Sized Sportbike: Aprilia RS125 for Sale
Aprilia June 28, 2014 posted by

Size Doesn’t Matter: Titled 2009 Aprilia RS125 in Colorado

Here in the US, there’s always been a limited market for small-displacement bikes. And when it comes to sporting machines, this seems doubly true: in many circles, a GSX-R600 is a “learner’s bike,” and anything smaller might be slapped with the dreaded “girl’s bike” label.

Which is sort of funny: I’ve met some girls who ride. They’re faster than you are.

2009 Aprilia RS125 L Front

But overseas, where high gas prices and tiered licenses make small but sporty bikes a near necessity, the RS125 has a long history of making race-replicas with the emphasis on “race.”

US emissions laws effectively killed the road-going two-stroke here in almost ten years prior, so when it was imported by Aprilia in 2009, the RS125 was not intended to be used on the street, although it came with full road equipment: headlights, turn signals, horn.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Dash

This example is in Colorado and is claimed to have a clear, street-legal title, although you should be sure to check with your local regulations if you live in more draconian California or New York where registration might be an issue.

From the original eBay listing: 2009 Aprilia RS125 for Sale

This is a super low mileage (327miles) bike. Like new.
It is very rare because it is street legal and comes with a CLEAR Colorado TITLE.
It was made street legal using factory Aprilia parts including the factory wiring sub harness.
It is installed with a full Arrow exhaust system.
It has an aftermarket gas cap. The stock pipe and gas cap and two keys come with the bike.

The seller has also included a nice video of the bike being started and ridden.

With just 15hp to play with, corner speed is the name of the game. Aided by a sub-300 pound dry weight, they handle like they’re on rails, in spite of their largely non-adjustable suspension.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Front

Asking price is just a shade under $6,000 which is, interestingly, almost exactly $500 more than the bike’s original MSRP… Depending on your local laws, this could make for a very fun back road carver or track day toy.


2009 Aprilia RS125 L Side


Size Doesn’t Matter: Titled 2009 Aprilia RS125 in Colorado
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280lb Featherweight Flyer: 2009 Aprilia RS125

2009 Aprilia RS125 For Sale

I remember sitting on one of these at the Seattle motorcycle show when they debuted. While obviously small, the total lack of weight is really what I recall the most. That and the beautifully sculpted swingarm and frame. Like most I was disappointed that although it looked street legal, it wasn’t. It was delivered with head and tail lights, but no signals or switch. However this example has received some aftermarket blinkers and has found it’s way through the DMV. With under 400km’s, a full set of track fairings, and the metal plate on the back, you’re ready to assault suburban streets or suit up for track days. Listed with under 400km’s for just $5100 on Seattle Craigslist.


280lb Featherweight Flyer:  2009 Aprilia RS125
Aprilia April 24, 2013 posted by

Preserving The Future of Sport Bikes Customers: Aprilia RS 125 (Norway)

How will the market of Sport Bikes look in the future ? Who will be the target customers ? What should a new generation street motorbike deliver ? I guess this is what many OEM’s  R&D and marketing departments ask themselves regularly. What we know, is that we don’t know. We can only observe the economic development of the globalized market, look at the macro trends, make models…Some important changes have already happened:

– two stroke bikes disappeared and were replaced by heavier 4 strokes
– in urban environments, scooters replaced motorbikes
– Apple invented the iPhone and iPad, somebody invented Facebook and as a consequence, kids now dream of the latest tech gadget and spend their time in the semi-virtual and comfortable world given by social media

I was born in 1974 in Italy and when I was 16 I, like many other teenagers, dreamt of only one thing: a 125cc sport bike. Here I run the risk to become nostalgic and this is not the tone I want to set today. One thing is sure, in some parts of he world and at a given period of time, 125cc street bikes were a huge milestone in motorcycle’s industry and shaped the rider’s of today’s Superbikes. I was reflecting about this last night. Suddenly a rush of memories came to my mind and there is so much I want to say that I promise, I will write a dedicated feature on this topic alone. For the moment, I’ll limit myself by saying that 125cc 2 stroke bikes like the one spotted up North all the way in Norway (thanks Kjartan !) represent the actual boundary of the “real” motorbikes.


They define the entry into proper sport bikes. In many ways they have nothing less than a 750cc or a thousand Superbike. They are only scaled down, have components dimensioned for their weight and have only one cylinder. This Aprilia RS 125 is one the latest produced. With over 30 hp stock (in countries were this was allowed), and with the possibility to extract an extra 4-5 horses with a bit of tuning, the RS is not a toy. This bike is fast enough to reach speeds above 150 km/h, it has a great chassis and powerful brakes. Put in the wrong hands of a novel rider, who didn’t ride 50cc before and you are potentially putting him at risk. With such a 2 stroke you will discover that trying to impress your mates by giving it a go at WOT (wide open throttle) will soon (well…once the engine speed has reached a certain RPM) catapult you into speeds that you didn’t expect and have never experienced before on your friend’s scooter. If you are not riding this as your very first street bike, then you might dare a bit more. You know that this is a capable little motorbike. You will maintain the engine spinning around the “sweet spot” and enjoy the handling of it by pulling moderate late breaking and huge lean angles into the corners to keep momentum. Riding a 2 stroke fast, is all about understanding the limited power band and exploiting the light weight. If you look at the former 125cc Moto GP bikes, they do not produce much more power than this RS, they are only a lot lighter and totally uncomfortable for anyone taller and heavier than a 12 year old child.



Let’s go back to the Aprilia in Norway and let’s hear it from the seller:

Very rare opportunity!! One owner Aprilia RS 125 full power version for sale due to moving abroad. This bike is shipped from the factory with over 30 excitable HK and is registered as middleclass. Has been in possession of adult enthusiast and has only done 100 mil, there is not a lot of these. If you wish for a spiky middleclass,  try the same type of motorcycle that Valentino Rossi was first championship at the start of his career. Only serious inquiries. Price can be discussed at any prompt decision. I have some extra Aprilia equipment laying around.

(Translation provided by Kjartan’s human translator)


The condition is practically new and the Arrow exhaust is a nice touch that will make the RS sound sharp and serious as it should be. It is available at the price of  … equivalent to about 3900 € and as the seller says, there could be more Aprilia staff for you in case of interest 🙂

For more details or if you are interested in having it in your garage, please click the link below:

Aprilia RS 125 (full power) in Norway