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Aprilia June 6, 2011 posted by

1995 Aprilia RS250 Loris Reggiani replica

1995 Aprilia RS250 Loris Reggiani replica for sale

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Miles: 3,620
Price: $1,650.00 with reserve in place

This one is just getting started on the auction site so you’ll have plenty of time to research and learn if you’re in the dark on these. Let me help you in case you’re new to

These are rare! They are even more rare with 17 digit VINS and titles! But wait, there’s more… This is a Loris Reggiani Racer Replica. Buy it! You won’t regret it… I promise!

If you’re looking to break in to street 2 strokes this is the bike I’d recommend and here’s why. I’m 5′ 10″ on a good day and weigh in at a porky 205# on the aforementioned good day. RS250’s sport something around 70hp whereas the NSR’s, in stock trim only produce 50ish on a great day. Granted, the NSR’s feel a little smaller to me, than my RS did, and my seat of the pants Dyno confirmed the written HP specs. Those extra 20 ponies make a huge difference for a guy like me. Another reason I recommend these is because parts are still readily available through and those guys are easy to work with.

Having owned both an RS and NSR I think the RS fit me better, but it’s hard for the RS to compete with the cool factor of a MC28 in SP trim.

I’d like to own another RS someday and this one would be hard to resist since it’s only an hour away, but as it stands my bucket list has a few in front of it.

From the seller:

I am the original owner since it was imported from Japan.
This is not a converted cup bike.
This is Loris Reggiani replica, very rare.
All the street equipment is present and operational.
Stored indoors every winter.
It runs great and handles fantastically.
There have never been any mechanical issues with the bike. No rebuilds, engine has not been torn apart. The bike is all original and perfect.

Wait a second… I thought the bike was original and perfect??

There are three issues with the bike:

#1 There is some scratching mark on one Logo and left side of front mirror, due to had low speed drop on the left hand side. It can be replaced and parts are available from AF1 Racing, but I didn’t get around to having it done. I tried to photograph the affected area the best I could. Otherwise the bike is immaculate, all repaired. It has been well cared for and loved.

#2 The bike needs new tires. Fair amount of tread left, but they are getting hard.

#3 Battery! Other than the above noted issues, the bike is perfect. Runs awesome, looks PERFECT.

Ah okay, those aren’t much to speak of and I probably allowed too much space, but full disclosure is always a big plus in my book.

More from the seller:

Extra parts included in this auction:

Two keys
A complete set of Service and Repair Manual
User and Maintenance Manual
2 pairs of FERODO Front Brake Pad
4 pks NGK BR9ECM Spark Plugs
One pair of Footrest
Front Mirror Base Kit
Gear Lever rubber
Rear Stand Bush
A complete set of Racing Bodywork

Racing bodywork? Extra levers? Extra rear sets? Maybe headed to the track at one time, but didn’t make it? Nothing a quick message to seller wouldn’t clear up.

Hopefully, this one goes to someone who’ll love it and give it a proper flogging from time to time.

to get in on this rare Ape and let us know if you pick it up.



Aprilia April 11, 2011 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS250 wraped in Harada bodywork

1999 Aprilia RS250

Location: Waterford, MI
Mileage: 1,878
Price: $6,000 with no reserve or $7,500 B.I.N.

I know, I know it’s crazy- 3 RS250’s in the same week and if you think 3 in 1 week is out of this world wait until you see what I have in store next 🙂

Pretty sweet piece of furniture wouldn’t you say? Makes for an awkward bar stool and I’d be pissed if one of my buddies spilled Shiner Bock on it.

I love seeing these types of bikes up for sale because it only means that someone new will get to enjoy it.

This is another converted Cup bike, but once again we are being told that only OEM parts were used in the conversion. The Tetsuya Harada body work is killer and just like all the other RS250 bodywork- it’s my favorite.

From the seller:

This bike started out as a “Cup” bike, but was converted to street use using all OEM parts. It has the very rare 2000 Tetsuya Harada replica body work. There are a few scratches on the rear of the tank from the zipper on my jacket, and a few VERY small marks on the body. Yes, the listing is correct. There are only 1,878 actual miles on this bike. It has never been raced, and has spent the last 6 years in my temperature and humidity controlled basement as a show piece. The motor was tuned by Steve Biganski and has the oil pump removed. I only run Golden Spectro through it. The bike comes with some spares including: windshield, rear seat and strap, sprockets, seat cowl, Jolly Moto expansion chambers (no silencers), and the original oil pump and tank. Motorcycle has a clear Michigan title even though it only has a 15 digit vin.

So, for me it’s a bit of a downer that the oil pump isn’t hooked up, but it’s a huge plus that it only has 1,878 miles on the clock. If I owned this the first thing I’d would be to hit up my buddy Dave at Spartan Leathers for a custom suit to match Harada’s. I can definitely see myself rockin on this one. I wonder if he’d trade for my NSR and meet me half way….?

In this day and age of digital camera’s I have to beat on the seller a little bit for not putting up some better photos. I think it would go along way in helping prospective buyers make a more informed decision. I’ve imported all of the pictures that were available and then some. So if you’re seriously interested you’ll have to to park this one in your garage.



Aprilia April 5, 2011 posted by


2000 Aprilia RS250

Location: Twin Falls, ID
Mileage: 3,029
Price: $7,500 with reserve

That’s right boys- Step right up for yet another great looking RS250. If the last one I posted had too many miles for your liking maybe this one will get you a little more excited.

Unlike last weeks bike this is a converted cup bike, but the owner appears to have done it up right. I’m especially fond of the super slick rear light set up.

Check it out..

I realize that I usually show a picture of the whole bike as the first one, but I just couldn’t help myself on this one. I also realize that this isn’t a minty fresh stocker with no mods, but this one is worthy of praise in it’s own right.

Here’s a few reasons why:

1. It’s a one owner bike!
2. Road bike since new
3. You still get all of the factory spares that these were originally sold with- unused!
4. Super low miles

Still have your attention? Look and read on….

I am the original owner since it was on the showroom floor.
Never crashed, Never down, Never Raced. Adult Owned.
Synthetic Oils used since new.
Very easy engine break-in when new
This is a converted cup bike, that was converted with all Aprilia OEM Parts where applicable.
No expense spared on any of the upgrades/changes.
Clear Title, Street Registered.
Stored indoors every winter.
All stock Cup Bikes parts are included if you want to change the machine back to stock.
There has never been any mechanical issues with the bike. No rebuilds, engine has not been torn apart. The bike is all original and perfect with the exception of the add on parts listed below.

There are two issues with the bike:

#1 There is some bubbling in the clear coat on the left side of the tail section around the RS250 Red Logo (Thank you local painter). I was told by another body shop that it could be wet sanded out, but I didn’t get around to having it done. I tried to photograph the affected area the best I could. Otherwise the bike is immaculate, no scratches. It has been well cared for and loved.

#2 The bike needs new tires. Fair amount of tread left, but they are getting hard.

#3 That’s it! Other than the above noted issues, the bike is perfect. Runs awesome, looks PERFECT.

Extras installed on the bike:

* Suzuki RGV 23d10 SAPC (Race CDI)
* Dry Clutch
* Ohlins Steering Damper
* Battery Eliminator (no battery needed – total loss electrical system)
* Carbon-Tech Carbon Fiber Reeds
* Lomas Stainless Steel Pipes & Shortened Carbon Fiber Stingers
* Lightweight Carbon Fiber Exhaust Hanger
* Galfer Black Braided Stainless Steel Superbike Lines (Front and Rear)
* GP Tech Lightweight Fairing Stay
* Rhino-Moto Fork Sliders
* Custom Fabricated Integrated Acrylic Brake/Tail light & Rear Turn Signals (LED)
* Custom Mount Aprilia Mille Mirrors with Integrated Turn Signals
* Woodcraft Rearsets with “shorty” brake lever
* Woodcraft Clip-On Handlebars
* Zero Gravity Lightweight Windscreen
* Power Valve Drain System
* Black Aprilia OEM Oil Injection Tank (Stock Cup bike tank was white)
* Dzus Fasteners on the bodywork
* Renthal Non O-Ring Chain
* Aprilia OEM Street Fairing (ABS Plastic – Beautiful paint) with OEM Headlight
* Aprilia OEM Kickstand
* Aprilia OEM Street Wire Harness
* Aprilia OEM Left and Right Handlebar Controls (High/low beam, turn signals ect…)
* Aprilia OEM Rear Stand

Other parts included in this auction (most are pictured in the last two photos – with the exception of the Cup Bike Fiberglass Fairing and the stock expansion chambers):

* Suzuki KIT close ratio cassette gearbox – includes counter shaft for dry clutch
* Both Keys 🙂
* Complete set of all “wear item” spare parts for dry clutch: all oil seals, bearings, clutch plates, springs
* Stock OEM CDI
* Stock CUP Bike Exhaust system (expansion chambers and carbon kevlar silencers)
* Cup Bike Upper Fairing (has scratches on one side)
* Cup Bike Left and Right Fairings (Minor Scratches from storage)
* Stock Rear Sets
* Stock Upper Fairing Stay
* Stock Clip-On Handlebars
* Stock Wet Clutch Set-Up (Complete: As taken off of bike)
* Stock Reeds
* Cup Bike Wiring Harness
* Service Manual
* High Flow Air Filter
* Cup Bike Handlebar Controls
* Stock Dash Trim Piece
* Stock Brake Lines
* Additional Gearing (4 additional rear sprockets in various sizes)
* Progressive Fork Springs
* Spare Dashboard Light Bulb
* 8 Spare Power Valve Gaskets
* 2 Front Sprocket Inner Circlips
* 6 Front Sprocket Outer Circlips
* 12 Piston Pin Circlips
* Brembo Rear Brake Pads
* 2 Spare Axel Nuts

Now, I can speak with a little bit of knowledge on this and say that to ‘properly’ convert a Cup bike isn’t cheap. I know it can be done to get it on the street fairly inexpensively, but to do it like this one is not cheap or easy. So while you may scoff at the $7,500 opening bid with a reserve, you also need to read all that has been done and added to this sweet azz bike.

How many other Ape’s do you think are rolling around with a dry clutch? Better? Probably not, but the cool factor is through the roof!

I probably like this one a little more than last weeks, but that is just my opinion and you can take from that exactly what you paid for it!

to place the first bid-



Aprilia April 2, 2011 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS250 road bike- not a converted Cup bike!

1999 Aprilia RS250

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Mileage: 11,937
Price: $5,750.00 with no reserve in sight!

This one boys and girls made me giddy when I stumbled across it today. I’ll be completely transparent on this because I was searching for NSR parts and much to my surprise a pristine Aprilia RS250 road bike pops up.

I must say that nothing helps sell a motorcycle better than a set of good photos. It doesn’t take much and those that are willing to take the time will reap the rewards. Kudos to the seller!

Surely, you now have an understanding of what I was talking about when I said I was all giddy when I saw this one. I know these are out there, but usually when they come up you’ll see huge reserves upwards of $8,000-9,000 dollars. The seller is willing to let this one roll down the road for what I consider ‘chips’. Did I mention is has a magical 17 digit VIN and current title? Pretty fookin sweet- eh?

From the seller:

Up for sale is a 1999 Aprilla RS 250 with a CLEAN TITLE. This is NOT A CONVERTED CUP BIKE and have an OEM 17 digit VIN that makes DMV registration a breeze. The frame and engine number matches and the bike is currently registered in Nevada. It currently has 11937 miles (19212 km). Not many of these bikes left, especially in this great condition. It uses the same original key for ignition, gas cap, and trunk. All orginal street equipment is present and operational. The front signal lights have been upgraded to billet LED blinkers (OEM blinkers are also included). The bike is fitted with a full Arrow exhaust matched with the appropriate jetting, a fully adjustable Sachs shock and steering stabilizer, Brembo brake calipers front and rear with a gold CRG levers. A red anodized ASV perch controls the new clutch and springs which were installed last winter. It runs great and handles fantastically. It was always stored indoors and the paint is in great shape.

Next to the Chesterfield Repli Racer this stealthy color scheme is probably my second favorite RS. If I didn’t already have a pristine 2 smoker I *would* be in the mix for this one. These are an absolute blast to ride and love to be strung out like Charlie Sheen after an all nighter.

This one has several very tasteful upgrades and the list is as follows”

Upgrades include:
ASV clutch perch
CRG brake lever
Steel braided lines (front and back)
Anodized pre-load adjusters
TCM billet rearsets
Arrow full exhaust
Carbon Tech carbon fiber reeds
Newly installed Barnnet clutch kit
Woodcraft clipons
Carbon fiber front fairing
Race Tech gold valves (New in Box)
Swingarm slider spools
Pre-wired for Battery Tender
Original OEM rearsets, blinkers, clutch perch, passenger bracket and pegs that came with the bike
OEM passenger pillion(seat) and extra mud guard in great condition
Spare parts catalog
Complete Service and Repair manual
Use and Maintenance Manual
NEW* Race Tech front fork dust seals (pair)
NEW* Race Tech front fork oil seals (pair)
NEW* Race Tech front fork outer and inner bushing kits
Good condidtion OEM exhaust

I have no ties to the seller, but if you’re in the market and have been waiting for a clean example to come along it might be before you…..

for what could be your opportunity

You all are lucky I can’t get in on this or I’d be working behind the scenes trying to cut a deal-



Aprilia March 29, 2011 posted by

1995 Aprilia RS250- who needs valves?

1995 Aprilia RS250 For Sale with a title!

Location: Chicago, IL
Mileage: 12,342
Price: $4,500.00 with reserve in place

Spring time in Chicago is before us and this could be the first one of the spring rush? Well, if you’re in the market lets hope so..

Looking good in the neighborhood eh? My buddy Larry and I think you’ll need between $7-8,000 to put this one in your garage. By looking at the bidding I’d say this one will reach that and sell. It looks great and has decent mileage for the age.

There’s no mention of history for the bike, but a phone call to the owner (he supplies his number), a few pictures and maybe a request for a video should squash any concerns.

The RS I had sported the same set of Arrow pipes as this one and I loved the sound. A little loud for city riding, but superb for some ‘on the pipe’ back roads riding.

This is NOT A CONVERTED CUP BIKE. It is a UK import with a 17 digit VIN and it is titled in Illinois. All the street equipment is present and operational. No bodging, sawing or converting performed.
New Michelin Pilot Power tires (perhaps 40 miles). When I got the bike the calipers were sticking so I replaced the calipers, disks and added stainless brake lines (all brand new). It has spools fitted on the swing arm for ease of service. Battery tender pigtail is installed.
Bike has Arrows exhaust fitted with AF1 air filter and the appropriate jetting. It runs great and handles fantastically. For a 250cc, it is crazy quick.
Paint is in great shape and people find it hard to believe that it is a 15 year old bike but it has been ridden very little and is stored in a heated garage and never sees rain.

17 digit VIN should make things a lot less stressful when heading to the DMV. Looks like this one is ready to go with new tires, brakes and braided lines as well.

I personally think these early model RS250’s still look modern and as I’ve recently learned there’s nothing like a 2 stroker. The smell of spent 2t mixed with high octane fuel is mesmerizing….well, as long as you’re not riding behind it 🙂

If are looking to break into the quarter size market and valves don’t appeal to you



Honda March 1, 2011 posted by

1993 Honda RS125 NF4 Described As “Museum Quality”

This is a fantastic looking RS125, Castrol replica!

Bike:  1993 Honda RS125

Miles:  0 (Since rebuild)

Price:  $5,500USD

Location:  Winter Haven, Florida

The seller states that this RS was completely restored and rebuilt by Rising Sun Cycles–a very prominent name in the U.S. two-stroke GP bike segment.  The paint for this bike, alone, came in at $4,500–ouch!  Anyway, this is a fantastic looking RS in, what looks to be, a Castrol scheme very similar to what Joey Dunlop ran.

The auction also includes:

Bike also comes with a complete roller, minus tank. There is also two sets of new bodywork and a ton of other spares, plus some new rains.

I have 2 complete extra motors, 1 new, 1 with time on it.

If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably started to reconsider your original assumptions after seeing the asking price.  The Museum Quality RS also comes with $1.2K-1.5k worth of spares, possibly more.  That being said, is the main bike shown here worth the remaining $4k?  Well, it would be very difficult to replicate the restored bike using the $1.5k and an additional $2.5k:  knowing what parts & labor would add up to at RSC combined with the purported paint cost.  If you’re in love with the NF4 RS125, or would simply like a living room piece and a track bike (with a little work) for the price of an older NX4 RS125; I’d say this auction should absolutely be considered.  The asking price is a bit startling, but with the whole picture and some math, it doesn’t sound that bad at all.  See this fantastic looking RS on eBay .


Aprilia January 28, 2011 posted by

Two Aprilia RS250 For Sale on eBay Right Now!

Spring really does seem to have come early around here at Rare Sport Bikes with so many great and rare bikes becoming available! These two are no expection as you are presented with not one but two plated RS250’s to choose from. Check them out!

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Conversion For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

Cup challenge conversion with 15 digit VIN. Clean CA street title, current registration. Runs great. Looks great. Have had it for over two years, only put on 400 street miles. There are small swirl marks on the left swing arm, looks like from polishing, not very noticable. I can send more pics on request and will show the bike in person as well. These are hard to find plated and there are $2000 in upgrades. Happy bidding!

Full Arrow exhaust
Ohlins steering dampner
front fork quick adjust knobs
quick shifter with race pattern shifting
stainless steel brake lines
swingarm sliders
floating rotors
Woodcraft clip ons
woodcraft rear sets

Spare parts list:
Carbon fiber front fairing W/ headlight hole cutout
Arrow full exhaust
stock exhaust
rear sprockets
2 rear shock springs
fork springs
clutch kit

I probably have more once I look around. I do not have stock street headlight or fairings.

Is that a bike light jammed in the air intake? Not sure I’m a fan of that modification, but it does have the all important plate and maybe you can use this as an opportunity to get the job done right. The modification list does sound good and after a complete inspection, might be a good buy for someone in the area or a track day enthusiast.

Or perhaps this one is more to your liking.

1995 Aprilia RS250 For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

This is very rare opportunity to own a very rare piece of art in your motorcycle collection. Anyone knows the bike probably shall really don’t need too much introduction from me about this bike. Most of your concern probably is the condition of this bike. As you can see, motorcycle is very good and running condition. The motorcycle comes with two different set of body fairings. One set is racing fairing as you from the pictures, and the other set is for the street fairing. It has headlight and turning signal lights, and nice racing tail seat cover. There are two piece fairing has some scratches and it will comes brand new same original fairing to replace. I have clear Ohio street title in my hand.

It’s nice that this one has two sets of fairing as one set could be used for the pretty street appearance and the other for scrapping around the track.

So which one would you bid on and why?

Have a good weekend all,


Aprilia December 9, 2010 posted by

1998 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike for sale

1998 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike

Location: Harrisburg, PA
Mileage: 900
Price: $4,500.00 with reserve in place

You better grab this one while you can because these will be long gone in a few years and you’ll be kicking yourself for not picking it up when you had the chance.

Yes sir, 2004 was the last year of production for these little gems and they are an absolute blast to ride. Lightweight, agile, flickable, obnoxious are just a few words that describe the little RS. Although, I have a Cup Bike I fully intend to have an OEM street RS as soon as possible. {Shameless on} As a matter of fact, if anyone has a clean OEM 2 stroke that they’d like to trade for my 7r (see side bar) hit me up for a serious discussion 🙂 {/Shamless off}

great RS 250.

gotta go to make room for another bike

Includes some spares, manual, race bodywork as well as OEM body.

track bike, not street legal although easily converted to street use.

900 Miles from new

Sounds like a turn key track bike or you can jump over to the AF1 forum and read up on how to convert it for street duty. Personally, I’m trying to have one of each.

Make the jump by for more pictures and to place your bid.