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Aprilia October 3, 2013 posted by

Wrench, Wallet and Patience:2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup

rs rightIt is that time of year again folks.  It is time to collect those projects that your wife finds sitting in the garage taking up badly needed space.  You guys know how these go though; they are either all smiles or all headaches.  There isn’t much in between.  This 2000 RS is currently a non runner;  read on to see what she needs.

rs leftIt  is pretty darn rough around the edges but nothing unusual for a used track bike.  The seller does claim it is titled though.  Be sure to click on the auction link below as the seller has gone above and beyond the call of duty and provided a ton of detailed close ups of the bikes condition.

rs cylinder 2rs cylinder Here is where the wrench, wallet and patience come in.  I’ll take a wild guess and say it grenaded a piston and it probably ruined the cylinder.  On the plus side, VJ22 parts (including cylinders) aren’t all that difficult to source.  Being a non runner though, you don’t know about other hidden issues. 

For the right price it might be a good gamble.  Click here for the auction.



Wrench, Wallet and Patience:2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup
Aprilia August 20, 2013 posted by

Cups With A Different Mission: 2000 And 1998 Aprilia RS250’s

rs right

cup right

I’m not convinced that RS250’s get that many “ew’s” and “ah’s” from the RSBFS masses any more but there is no doubt they still sell. I’ll admit I’ve been shocked by a couple of the selling prices (as in high) for titled RS250’s. As for the untitled cup bikes, well, they are a nice inexpensive way to get out on the track on a two stroke. Both ends of the spectrum are represented on Ebay right now.

rs left

The 2000 looks to be a converted cup bike with the paper work to get her off the track. It looks well cared for and has some nice upgrades.

rs right front

I’ve seen that light set up on a few converted cup bikes. If you ever get caught out at night, I wonder if it actually points light where you need it?

From the seller:

00′ Aprilia RS250 Super rare, ultra trick, street legal, twin cylinder, two-stroke street/race bike. Carbon fiber exhaust, steering stabilizer, Brembo brakes, steel braded lines and much more. The Aprilia RS250’s single crank V-twin stroker makes you work for your reward. It hits perfect pitch at 10,500rpm, delivering 55bhp with a sweet punch! The RS250 is simply one of the very best, least-compromised GP style sports motorcycles money can buy! Super light weight and one of the most fun bikes to ride!!!

rs mufflersI know they are Lomas pipes and I’m pretty sure those are the stainless versions. If you’ve ever tried to keep mild steel chambers clean then you might like this upgrade.

Click here for the auction or BIN of $9,000.

cup left
This RS is still ready to do some time at the track. No worries here about damaging a low mile, pristine example. Get it out there and let it do what it was made for.


From the seller:

Aprilia RS250 RS 250 CUP bike.
It has approx. 6700 kms on the clock/engine
As you can see from the pictures it does run and was run last year
at the Gimli race track.
Shop manual.
It has Arrow after market expansion chamber exhaust.
heads are O-ringed on piston side.
Fork springs are .85
Forks are 3-way adjustable.
rear shock 3 way adjustable.
Front steering dampener
It does come with rear stand

cur rear

This one is located in the land of hockey and maple leafs.

Click here for the auction or BIN of $3,500.


Cups With A Different Mission:  2000 And 1998 Aprilia RS250’s
Aprilia August 6, 2013 posted by

Ready 2 Race ? 2 Stroke Selection (in France)

Summertime is great for so many things…track days for example. Whether you join the experience for the first time or you have a past in motor racing, we have here a special 2 strokes selection that can satisfy the beginner, as much as, the pro. The following bikes have few things in common: they are all light, they are all fast at different degrees, and come with a soundtrack of the past. They are all ready for grippy tarmac, smooth riding lines and huge lean angles. They don’t have lights, license plate holders and some even miss a battery and a starter. They are all available right now on eBay in France. Some have only few days left. We’ll present them sorted by price, and if you like, also by riding skills that they will demand from you.

The first one is a road legal motorbike that has been converted into a race-only machine. This is the Aprilia RS 250:



Track / race Bike Aprilia RS 250, Motor replate, Vertex Piston, Complet exaust Arrow, Ingnition SAPC 23D10, Caburator Stage 3 8 Main jet, Nuddel…) Fork and Schock prepared PPR, JUST For Race Day.

n these colors, doesn’t it remind you of the “corsaro” Max Biaggi’s glorious 250 ? The current bid of just 1000 EUR hasn’t met the reserve yet. A few more days are available for this one.

Aprilia RS 250 on eBay in France

The second and third bikes are on the other hand, proper race bikes. The following is a 125cc Yamaha TZ:





This bike was raced for one season in 2003. The motor was rebuilt just 100 km ago.

Yamaha TZ 125.

Fully revised at pro specialist 2 times.

Engine 100 KMS.

Moto one season in 2003.

Moto sold complete ready to roll stock or options.

Payment on the spot.

The starting asking price is set at 5000 EUR.

Yamaha TZ 125 on eBay in France


The last and most exclusive of the lot, is an ultra quick RS 250 GP bike:



The starting price on this one is set just shy of 20.000 EUR. The bike comes with lots of useful bits which you will need if plan to take this on some races.:


18 clutch discs 1 ignition coil

12 clutch plates notched three sets of front pads C43 carbon Loraine

10 clutch springs 1 quick draw

1 out of joint air box 1 rear brake lever

2 channels AFAM 8 hoses

2 handlebars 2 decks foot rest

1 front axle 3 gears about 15/16/17


2 speed sensors 1 white power shock spring 7.5 kg

1 shifter 1 casserole quick draw

3 pots clutch lever quick draw 1

1 radiator cap crowns 6 33/35/36/37/38/39

1 Malette full sprinkler and needles

1 Malette specific tool for HONDA engine and chassis

Was one of 40 liters of gasoline MITS 42 (2013)

3 liters of oil HTX 740 (2013)

1 liter of oil HTX 976 (2013)




Very short time left for this one.

Honda RS 250 on eBay in France


Ready 2 Race ? 2 Stroke Selection (in France)
Aprilia July 29, 2013 posted by

Vive Le Deux Temps: Aprilia RS 250 (in France)

Many of us love the two strokes. There are still plenty of them on the market, despite the main OEMs having ditched their development due to emission regulations, etc. Rumors are that Yamaha wants to bring them back. Please, please, please…do so. In the meantime, “the aficionados” need to search the internet to grab the likes of a Yamaha RD 350, or a mighty Kawasaki H1. If you want your smoker, not only to be fast in a straight line, then you better opt for the smaller 250s. Here the choice is among Suzuki’s RGV, Kawasaki KR1 and what probably is the best of the lot, the Aprilia RS 250.


This features the best frame and dynamics of the group and a few World GP titles behind its shoulders. The sample found in France seems to be well maintained as the seller describes:

Hello. I am selling my Aprilia RS 250 which was first registered on 24/09/1999. It is in perfect condition. She just had (less than 100 kms driven since) a review in a specialist 2 strokes in Pontoise, carburetor adjustment, replacement liquid cooling, spark plugs ….. It displays 11,710 kms. Note that I do not want to exchange. I am at your disposal if you want more information. Cordially.


This 1999 low mileage model available on eBay in France, has received very little attention so far. Remember, most of Europe is on holiday these days! With just a few days left you might be ahead of a “deux temps” summer bargain.



Aprilia RS 250 in France


Vive Le Deux Temps: Aprilia RS 250 (in France)
Track Bikes For Sale May 18, 2013 posted by

Track Time! 1991 Yamaha 3XV TZR250


If you like your rare sport bikes smoky and track worthy, then check out this TZR250 with RS engine and trans. Located in California, this offroad only vehicle (sorry no golden state plates) looks to be a fantastically fun track-day hauler with pipes, dry clutch, and numerous upgrades.


From the seller:

This is a 1991 Yamaha TZR250.

More specifically, it has a TZR250R frame with a TZR250RS engine. The main difference being the ‘RS’ trim has the dry-clutch whereas the ‘R’ trim does not.

For those that aren’t familiar with the TZR, it’s Yamaha’s street replica version of the 2T TZ250 GP bike. This bike put out 56hp at the wheel with improper jetting (was dyno’d with 340 mains, whereas should have been 310s – short story – dyno operator’s auxiliary fuel setup was starving bike of fuel due to clogged filter), so should put out close to 60 with the proper main jets.

Bike’s top-end was freshened up a while ago with only 2 trackdays done on it since. Pistons/cylinders appeared to be in good condition.



More from the seller:

Note Worthy Modifications
RC Sugo Exhaust chambers
Toomey silencers
TZ250 TM38 carbs, which have been modified a bit.
Key switch, etc. has been removed.
Sugo capactitor put in place of the battery
TZ250 inspired fairing stay
TZ250 rearsets
(1) RC Sugo Exhaust chamber
(1) Set of modified stock exhaust chambers
(1) Set of TZ250 carbon fiber silencers (1 silencer has rash on it)
(2) Pistons of unknown mileage (appear to be low)
(1) Set of TZR250SPR rings (they will not work with the pistons currently on this bike – only will work with SPR pistons)
Numerous main jets, front and rear gearing, rearset parts and other ass’t parts



It doesn’t look like the eBay crowd is very interested in this piece of hardware. With only a few days left on the clock there are still zero bids. Opening ask is $2,500, which seems pretty tame compared to many of the two-stroke auctions we come across. Check it all out here, and tell me this couldn’t end up being a bargain track day bike!



Aprilia April 24, 2013 posted by

Preserving The Future of Sport Bikes Customers: Aprilia RS 125 (Norway)

How will the market of Sport Bikes look in the future ? Who will be the target customers ? What should a new generation street motorbike deliver ? I guess this is what many OEM’s  R&D and marketing departments ask themselves regularly. What we know, is that we don’t know. We can only observe the economic development of the globalized market, look at the macro trends, make models…Some important changes have already happened:

– two stroke bikes disappeared and were replaced by heavier 4 strokes
– in urban environments, scooters replaced motorbikes
– Apple invented the iPhone and iPad, somebody invented Facebook and as a consequence, kids now dream of the latest tech gadget and spend their time in the semi-virtual and comfortable world given by social media

I was born in 1974 in Italy and when I was 16 I, like many other teenagers, dreamt of only one thing: a 125cc sport bike. Here I run the risk to become nostalgic and this is not the tone I want to set today. One thing is sure, in some parts of he world and at a given period of time, 125cc street bikes were a huge milestone in motorcycle’s industry and shaped the rider’s of today’s Superbikes. I was reflecting about this last night. Suddenly a rush of memories came to my mind and there is so much I want to say that I promise, I will write a dedicated feature on this topic alone. For the moment, I’ll limit myself by saying that 125cc 2 stroke bikes like the one spotted up North all the way in Norway (thanks Kjartan !) represent the actual boundary of the “real” motorbikes.


They define the entry into proper sport bikes. In many ways they have nothing less than a 750cc or a thousand Superbike. They are only scaled down, have components dimensioned for their weight and have only one cylinder. This Aprilia RS 125 is one the latest produced. With over 30 hp stock (in countries were this was allowed), and with the possibility to extract an extra 4-5 horses with a bit of tuning, the RS is not a toy. This bike is fast enough to reach speeds above 150 km/h, it has a great chassis and powerful brakes. Put in the wrong hands of a novel rider, who didn’t ride 50cc before and you are potentially putting him at risk. With such a 2 stroke you will discover that trying to impress your mates by giving it a go at WOT (wide open throttle) will soon (well…once the engine speed has reached a certain RPM) catapult you into speeds that you didn’t expect and have never experienced before on your friend’s scooter. If you are not riding this as your very first street bike, then you might dare a bit more. You know that this is a capable little motorbike. You will maintain the engine spinning around the “sweet spot” and enjoy the handling of it by pulling moderate late breaking and huge lean angles into the corners to keep momentum. Riding a 2 stroke fast, is all about understanding the limited power band and exploiting the light weight. If you look at the former 125cc Moto GP bikes, they do not produce much more power than this RS, they are only a lot lighter and totally uncomfortable for anyone taller and heavier than a 12 year old child.



Let’s go back to the Aprilia in Norway and let’s hear it from the seller:

Very rare opportunity!! One owner Aprilia RS 125 full power version for sale due to moving abroad. This bike is shipped from the factory with over 30 excitable HK and is registered as middleclass. Has been in possession of adult enthusiast and has only done 100 mil, there is not a lot of these. If you wish for a spiky middleclass,  try the same type of motorcycle that Valentino Rossi was first championship at the start of his career. Only serious inquiries. Price can be discussed at any prompt decision. I have some extra Aprilia equipment laying around.

(Translation provided by Kjartan’s human translator)


The condition is practically new and the Arrow exhaust is a nice touch that will make the RS sound sharp and serious as it should be. It is available at the price of  … equivalent to about 3900 € and as the seller says, there could be more Aprilia staff for you in case of interest 🙂

For more details or if you are interested in having it in your garage, please click the link below:

Aprilia RS 125 (full power) in Norway


Ducati December 19, 2012 posted by

Christmas Special: top of the range – another Ducati 996RS (Italy)

It doesn’t happen every day to come across a Ducati 996RS. How about two in a week?

This one here is found in Italy:

996RS1 996RS2

While it carries the Troy Bayliss colors the seller describes this bike as Neil Hodgson’s WSBK race tool back in 2000. The year after, it was ridden by Steve Martin as part of the DFX team. He mentions that the bike, once returned to Ducati Corse’s factory, was fitted with the Bayliss aesthetics for advertisement purposes.


The bike features its original RS trim and had a complete overhaul including the engine (currently with 500 km in its new life).

996RS4 996RS3

The bike comes with a certificate of authenticity and invoices from Ducati Corse S.R.L.

Available on eBay in Italy from Mauro. It is on sale as a fixed ad and no price is currently indicated. Check it out by clicking the link below and …Merry Christmas !

Ducati 996 RS (ex Neil Hodgson)


Honda June 23, 2011 posted by

Peter Lenz Forever 45 1996 Honda RS125 racer for sale

1996 Honda RS125 Peter Lenz Forever 45 machine.

Location: Vancouver, Washington
Mileage: N/A
Price: $3,050.00 at time of writing

Time: Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010
Scene: Indianapolis Red Bull MotoGP- the warm-up lap for a USGPRU race

Dan and I were there soaking in all that is involved in a MotoGP weekend. The sights, sounds, autographs, pictures and the all important smell of spent high octane race fuel.

If I told you I knew about Peter Lenz passing I’d be lying. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know about it until I returned home Sunday evening and started flipping through my favorite motorcycling sites. It’s sad and I know it, but being the selfish “this is all about me and my long awaited weekend” I never stopped to inquire about anyone who had been involved in an accident. Heck, by the time Sunday morning rolled around I had already been witness to so many crashes I was pretty numb to them. They usually get up, wave to the crowd and jump on a scooter to head back to the pits. No big deal right? Not on this day….

On August 29, 2010 a fine young man lost his life doing something he loved to do. He had great support around him and that included his parents. As parents we don’t really want to tell our kids ‘no’ on anything that isn’t causing harm to anyone or anything. We know there are risks when we give our kids their first BB Gun, we know there are risks when we turn our kids loose for the first time driving by themselves. I know this because I have 3 kids and as a parent we can’t protect our kids from every evil. What we can do is support our kids in their chosen venture and give them life lessons along the way.

Peter was living every 13 year old racer’s dream. He was in the garage with the big boys at the big circuit. I commend his parents for allowing him the opportunity to do what he loved and was passionate about. I know, after the accident, there are always people who question why a 13 year old was being allowed to go 130 mph dragging knees. Bottom line is because he could do it and do it well! He enjoyed it and had the means to do it.

John Ulrich gives an excellent first hand account of how the accident unfolds and explains it better than I ever could. If you have a few minutes it’s an excellent read.

I didn’t know Peter and don’t know any other professional racers for that matter, but I get to live out my dreams watching them draft, rail through turns and control motorcycles in ways that us mere mortals can only dream about.

The Lenz family is donating this machine to help raise money for the Roadracing World Action Fund. If you’ve not heard of it or have heard of it please take a moment to click through the link and make a donation to help support the safety of your fellow riders. John Ulrich should be commended for starting this campaign and we at send out our “Thank You!” to John and the crew at Roadracing World.

If you’d like 2 Forever 45 stickers, 2 Dynee (This was Peters pet Dinosaur’s name) stickers, an 11″ x 17″ poster of Peter in action and a RRWAF T-shirt simply donate a minimum of $50.00 by clicking here.

If you have a thing for 1996 Honda RS125’s and would like to help the RRWAF to boot please place your bids here.

This is a great cause and it needs your support to be successful. 100% of the sale price will go to support the Roadracing World Action Fund.

Our condolences go out to the Lenz family and we can’t imagine the pain they have gone through.

Godspeed Peter- Rest in Peace buddy….