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Honda October 8, 2018 posted by

Very Polished: 1988 Honda NSR250R SP Rothmans Replica for Sale

You are not looking at a Honda NSR250R Rothmans Replica. Sure, it's shaped like an NSR250R, but if you look a bit closer you'll notice something a bit... off. Someone's gone a bit crazy with the metal polishing wheel and, in the process, created something that will surely inflame the comments section. Please try to be polite...

The stock NSR250R frame is welded up from cast and extruded sections, and the main spars are a bit shiny, compared to the cast bits, but they generally don't have this bike's mirror-like sheen. And the swingarm and fork lowers don't generally look like they came from the JC Whitney parts catalog. In the 80s and 90s, polished frames were a bit of a thing, and plenty of Japanese sportbike owners added a personalized touch to their rides by adding a bit of bling. Bikers like shiny things... Unfortunately, collectors are a different breed, and tend to like their bikes very stock.

All NSR250s were powered by Honda's liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin, and the lightweight Magtek wheels suggest this is a genuine SP, although I can't see a dry clutch in the pics. Certainly a real SP or "Sport Production" Rothmans Replica would be at the high-end in terms of desirability for the NSR250, but all that polishing is going to be tough for many two-stroke fans to swallow.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda NSR250R Rothmans Replica for Sale

This Is a 2-stroke race replica v-twin made for the Japanese market and sold in Japan. It runs perfectly, doesn't leak any fluids, and functions as it should. Starts on 1 or 2 kicks hot or cold. Oil injection works. Leakdown is excellent. All lights and gauges work. Speedo is in km and reads 36072. There is no horn. All fluids have been changed. All wear items,(brake pads, chain, sprockets, tires) are in excellent condition.

 It has been heavily optioned/modified with the following: 

  • JHA pipes
  • Real Balance rearsets 
  • Steel braided brake lines
  • NHK steering damper
  • HRC De-restrictor box 
  • Complete wiring, coils, PGM II ECU out of MC21 model
  • Curved larger radiator from MC21 model
  • Shorai lightweight battery
  • Carbon fiber clip-ons
  • Billet upper triple clamp
  • Front forks rebuilt with cartridge emulators

Buyer pays shipping, will help with crating and delivery to a local shipper for a reasonable fee.

The seller has a starting bid set to the tune of $9,000 and... I have a bad feeling he's not going to get many takers: too many unanswered questions. While many purists may balk at all the bolt-on farkles, they don't bother me. They're not my taste either, but easy to change: you can either spend a bit of time tracking down factory, or at least period-correct bits. Or just some anodized black bits. But however solid the bike is mechanically, it's going to take a particular buyer to overlook that frame, since you're going to have to do some pretty serious work to get it looking stock.


Very Polished: 1988 Honda NSR250R SP Rothmans Replica for Sale
Honda February 27, 2017 posted by

Rothmans Replica: 1991 Honda NSR250 SP for Sale

Racing fans naturally gravitate towards sportbikes that feature graphics and colors associated with their favorite racing teams. Since those designs are often chosen for their visibility over any concerns about taste, it's rare that a design stands out for being both striking and classic. It's a shame that some of the most memorable and iconic color schemes in racing history were those designed for tobacco products, but it's hard to argue with the good looks of today's Rothmans Replica Honda NSR250R.

This MC21 NSR250R was powered by Honda's familiar 90° liquid-cooled 249cc two-stroke v-twin with a six-speed "cassette" style gearbox that allowed for quick gearing changes at the track. Obviously not something that's all that useful on a roadbike, but still very trick and cool. The updated MC21 version of the NSR250 wasn't just a restyled MC18, it was an extensively redesigned machine. It used a distinctive gull-arm swingarm to allow the expansion chamber on the right side of the bike to tuck in close for maximum cornering clearance, while the carburetors were controlled by Honda's very sophisticated PGM-III system that used a three-dimensional map based on throttle-position, revs, and gear selection to adjust the RC valves and ignition timing for excellent flexibility compared to rivals.

Power output was bang-on the government-mandated 45hp, but that still gave the sub-300 pound [dry] machine plenty of pep and more is available with de-restriction. How much is available? Well, how much do you want to spend, and how long do you want it to last between rebuilds? This SP version added a dry clutch and an uprated rear shock to the mix for even more performance, exotic, rattling noises, and exclusivity: just 1,500 NSR250R SPs were sold during 1991, making this a rare machine in any market, let alone North America, and this one is in superlative shape.

From the original eBay listing: 1991 Honda NSR250 SP for Sale

Immaculate 1991 Honda NSR250 SP w/ 5,000 miles from Moto2 Imports

Available only from Moto2 Imports, this fully restored 1991 NSR250 SP two-stroke is our nicest machine to date! Beyond a standard R model, this SP features fully-adjustable front and rear suspension, trick dry clutch, and a close-ratio gearbox. A complete service and safety check has been performed by our partner Speedwerks. The electronics have been de-restricted and the engine makes full power. All gaskets have been inspected and engine compression & leak down tests were performed with no issues. New tires, chain, battery, brake pads & spark plugs. Carburetors cleaned, rebuilt and re-jetted. Fuel, oil and coolant systems drained, flushed, & refilled. All other mechanical & electrical systems checked and operating properly. Fairing and tank were just resprayed and are of the highest quality - see Hi Res images. Expansion chambers have been ceramically coated and aluminum wheels freshly powdercoated (Magteks available). Bike starts/runs/operates flawlessly. Additional pics and video available upon request. You will not find a nicer NSR. With just 5,000 original miles, you can bid with confidence on this amazing machine.

All Moto2 bikes are legally imported and come with a clear US title with the proper 11 digit VIN (frame number and title match). Buyer will receive the US title, Bill of Sale, Customs and importation paperwork, and a copy of the original Japanese title. Feel free to ask any questions about this bike. Moto2 Imports provides post-sales support including spare parts for our bikes now and in the future. We sell and ship globally. Visit our website for more information.

The asking price of $9,299 seems very reasonable, considering the ever-upwards trend of prices for these grey-market two-strokes in general and the fact that is is both the coveted Rothmans Replica SP model and in exceptional condition. Sure, the paint isn't original but, considering the apparent quality of the work, that might not be a bad thing, and the bike has obviously been extensively reconditioned. If you've been waiting to add one of these to your collection, you won't find one nicer outside of a museum.


Rothmans Replica: 1991 Honda NSR250 SP for Sale
Honda January 26, 2012 posted by

Minty and Modified! NSR250SP Rothmans MC28

Up for sale here we have an awesome Honda NSR250SP Rothmans Replica. The seller claims this bike to be the most ultimate and trick NSR in the world, and until shown otherwise, I would tend to agree with him. When these MC28’s came out in 1994, the Rothmans replicas were limited to about 1,500 units and featured all of the goodies Honda had to offer including the refined and dialed-in PGM4 technology.

The particular bike up for sale here has been well cared for and pampered since its current owner purchased it in 1995. Sure it isn’t stock, but considering the high quality of parts it has and the seemingly endless amount of spare parts and extras, it sure looks to be the ultimate NSR250.

Everything on this bike looks to have been upgraded to the highest quality parts possible. The bike features (but is not limited to) custom Honda RS250 front suspension, titanium-pistoned Brembo calipers, and stainless/titanium exhaust canisters and silencers. The list goes on and on, so please check out the full description and seller’s ad here! A ton of extras, spares, fairings, and even some old school Japanese bikes mags are included with the purchase.

The bike has an asking price of $15,500, and before you say that a 250 smoker isn’t worth it, think about how much work has gone into this beauty. It is true that you never get money out of what you put into a bike/car with regards to modifications. But considering that way more than $15k has gone into buying the bike and building it to what you see today, I would consider this a screaming deal for anyone who loves two-strokes and wants a fully built and meticulously maintained machine. Check out the sellers for sale ad here and have it shipped to you today!


Honda January 23, 2010 posted by

1994 Honda NSR250SP MC28 Rothmans Replica Restored!

UPDATE (1/25):  The seller let me know that this bike sold for $8,500; Congrats!

This bike is in beautiful, recently restored, condition!  Located in Dover, Delaware is a recently restored Honda NSR250SP Rothmans bike.  Details are still scarce but there are plentiful pictures and a known asking price of $6,000 and the bike shows 11,450km.  If this bike is titled it is a very good price! Details will be updated when/if we get them before this bike sells.  As you should know, this is the only generation to use the PGMIV and the only one with the Pro-arm rear swing arm.  See the ad on ApriliaForum here; and see the detailed photos on Picasa Web here.


Honda January 22, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda NSR250SP MC21 California Titled & Plated

This isn't the best looking NSR but it is a California plated example!  Located in Las Vegas, Nevada is a Honda NSR250SP that isn't original but does have the magical California title and plate.  This bike was originally a Rothmans replica bike but currently wears Tyga and Airtech fiberglass painted black and orange.  The bike does have a Tyga stainless expansion chamber and aluminum silencer, Tyga air filter, carbon fiber reed cage & reeds and the frame & swing arm have been polished.  The seller dosen't mention an asking price.  This bike dosen't have the original plastics but I think the title and registration far out weigh the cosmetic downfalls--plastics can be found, titles cannot.  If you'd like a registered SP, see the bike on Craigslist here.


Honda January 1, 2010 posted by

1994 Honda NSR250R SP MC28

Located in the Los Angeles region of California is a titled and registered 1994 Honda NSR250.  Scrolling through our previous posts, I don't believe this bike has been posted before.  The seller states that the bike has been sitting but has a fresh top end and possibly re-plated cylinders.  The tank is perfect, the bodywork isn't, it needs tires, the front wheel is black instead of white but it does have after market exhaust.  Overall, it looks to be in OK condition from the tiny pictures.  The asking price for this Rothmans replica is $7,500.  See the bike on Craigslist here.

I would also like to extend a Thank You to all the readers and wish you a Happy New Year!  Dan, it's been great working with you so far and I'm excited to continue into 2010.