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Sport Bikes For Sale June 28, 2011 posted by

1986 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf Racing edition with only 1 Mile!

1986 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf Racing edition with only 1 Mile!

Update 6.28.2011: Back on Craigslist and with 2 more miles and a grand less! Thanks for the heads up Anthony! -dc

Price: $9,000.00 Now $8000
Mileage: 1 3
Location: the Bay Area CL

Yes, you are reading that correctly in that this WWR RG has a mere 1 mile. That whole mile is said to be racked up by pushing it around the garage and by looking at the pictures you have no choice, but to believe it.

Now, I have to ask for Ian’s forgiveness since I’m upping him one on his WWR RG that was also posted today. I normally wouldn’t have done such a thing, but since either of my Suzuki crazed buddies won’t buy it I felt compelled to show it to the RSBFS masses as soon as possible.

I kept telling one of them that it only has 1 mile and he couldn’t go wrong and his response? “It’s not a 500”, but it only has 1 mile! “But, it’s not a 500.” Anyway, since I couldn’t beat him into submission- here it is.

What’cha think about that baby?

Ultra rare Japanese spec Walter Wolf Gamma 250 two stroke!! Perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree. 1 mi on it from pushing it around our shop over the years. Considering offers north of $ low ball offers please.

Ultra rare indeed, but maybe not as rare as my 98 VFR with the super, ultra rare red paint scheme.. Okay, okay, I jest, but this could be the only brand new 1986 RG250 Walter Wolf Racing left in the world!

Jump here to contact the seller



Sport Bikes For Sale March 31, 2011 posted by

Suzuki RG 250 Gamma with California title!

For Sale: 1987 Suzuki RG 250 Gamma with CA title

Predecessor to the RGV series of two-stroke v-twins, the original Suzuki quarter-liter “racebike with lights” was a parallel twin known as the RG. Introduced in 1983 and manufactured through 1987, the RG250 was very advanced for its day. The Gamma series was one of the first – if not THE first – mass produced sportbike with an aluminum frame. This RG model also sported a single shock “Full Floater” rear suspention, slippery aero bodywork, modern 4-piston brake calipers and an anti-dive fork.

This particular bike appears to be a MK III machine, including a power-boosting Automatic Exhaust Control (AEC) system. Unlike Yamaha’s YPVS system which altered the height of the exhast port, Suzuki’s AEC utilized a butterfly valve in the head to alter the capacity of the exhaust – thereby widening the powerband and increasing total power to approximately 50 bhp. Bolted into a sharp-handling chassis and weighing in at approximately 285 lbs, the Gamma offered racetrack performance.

From the seller:
1987 Suzuki RG 250. Looks good, strong runner. Has Avon Super Venom Tires near new tread depth. Has been run up Palomar Mountain, a worthy 7 mile steep climb from 2,200 to 5,500 feet altitude, with 230 Lb rider.

Milage shown on speedo is in Kilometers, converted to Mph in info area. Original paint except for upper fairing and front fender. Red Suzuki decal has some scratches but reproduction ones may be available on the net. Reg Expired 2007, but is on PNO , so no penalties.

Larger pictures can be e-mailed, direct if closer look for blemishes is desired. Bike always stored indoors , and run every couple of months to keep healthy. Have very large bike collection being thinned down to make more space.

This particular seller is a well known collector. His stable is said to include more than 300 bikes, and thus the “thinning the herd” comment is probably true. We don’t see a lot of RG250 Gammas run through RSBFS, which speaks to their relative rarity. Considering this one has a valid California title (nearly impossible to obtain and a definitive price booster for CA buyers) and appears to be in reasonable condition, I would estimate that it will fetch fair market money.

So what is “fair market money” for one of these? Generally, a RG250 will run from $2,500 – $5,500 depending upon condition and model. The Walter Wolf editions tend to bring just a bit more – but not always; auctions can be fickle beasts. The reserve is apparently set just below $4k, which is about what this bike will likely sell for.

For all the pictures, details and more, . Tell ’em RSBFS sent you!


Sport Bikes For Sale January 11, 2011 posted by

Lone Wolf: Suzuki RG 250 Gamma Walter Wolf Edition

For Sale: Suzuki RG 250 Gamma, low mileage Walter Wolf Edition

Back in November, RSBFS contributor (and resident 2-stroke encyclopedia) Ian brought us this auction of a Walter Wolf Edition RG250 Gamma. His assessment at the time was that the bike was priced way too high for the current market, and he was right. That bike is now back on eBay with reduced pricing.

From Ian’s original post:
I’m split on the price. The auction has a buy it now price of $7,900 and an acution starting price of almost $5,000. I’ve honestly never seen an RG250 close to either one of those prices.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a very rare super clean very low mileage Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf Edition. *MY DESCRIPTION DIDN’T APPEAR ON THE LISTING WHEN I FIRST PUT IT UP. VERY SORRY. HERE IT IS.* This is the pride of my collection. This bike is in great condition both mechanically and cosmetically as you can tell from the pictures. The pictures look good, but they pale in comparison when you see the bike in person. It has just had a fresh complete tune-up at the dealership, including carburator dissasembly, cleaning and adjusting, new fork seals and fork oil etc. It starts on the first kick or two and rides as it should with no funny sounds or wobbles. It brakes well and accelerates hard and corners like it is part of you. I have owned many rare 2 strokes and this is by far the lightest and most agile. It makes my NS400R look heavy, and my 1986 GSXR1100 feel like a TANK! This is a Japanese home market motorcycle as they didn’t import WW RG250s to Canada. It is licenced here in Quebec and has been in Canada for the past few years. The bike is entirely original and unmodified, and everything that wears out on a motorcycle is in good condition. The chain, sprokets (original as far as I can tell) are like new -And clean too! The engine has good compression. The paint is still shiny. The bike is a SOLIDE 9 out of 10, mostly because of a crack in the upper fairing. The crack can be seen when your up close but is practically invisible when next to the bike. If I hadn’t taken a close up in the right light, you could’t tell from the high res pictures I took. Incredible for a 24 year old bike that’s been ridden. I can ship anywhere to Canada or the US for very reasonnable shipping charges. See below for more information. *I also have a very clean ’86 Honda NS400R that I could sell also. I’ve incuded a picture. Let me know if you need additional information on anything. Here are some specs: RG 250 Gamma Walter Wolf 1987 Overall Length: 2 010 mm (79.1 in) Overall Width: 675 mm (26.6 in) Overall Height: 1 170 mm (46.1 in) Wheelbase: 1 355 mm (53.3 in) Dry Weight: 130 kg (286 lbs) Engine type: 247 cc water-cooled 2-stroke parallel twin. 45 hp / 8.500 rpm, 3,8 kg-m/ 8.000 rpm. *I can ship anywhere in Canada or the US lower 50 states for $350-650 depending on where you live. I am in the trucking business so I have very competitive rates and a reliable service to offer. Email me for a freight quote with your zip code. For the customs paperwork and preparation I use Norman G Jensen for $355, but you are free to use another freight broker at your convenience or pick up the bike in person. I can crate the bike for $150. Feel free to contact me for any questions.* Thank You and Happy Bidding!

This time around, the bidding has started at a much more sane level, and is currently sitting at $2K with the reserve not yet met. The BIN has been lowered as well, and is set at $5,750. Kudos to the seller for bringing them closer in line with reality.

The 250 version is the most rare of the Walter Wolf Edition Suzukis – and as a whole the WW models are sparse. Their true collectibility has yet to be realized, although we tend seen a slight premium in the current marketplace. For more details and info check out Ian’s earlier post above, and then get in on the after Christmas sale by


Sport Bikes For Sale November 26, 2010 posted by

Turkey And Two Strokes: Tasty RG500 In FL

 Turkey And Two Strokes:  Tasty RG500 In FL

Man was not meant to survive on turkey and football alone!  This actually couldn’t be set up any better if you are in the market for an RG500.  Let the Mrs. go shopping on Black Friday, let her tell you about all the deals she got and then inform her of your own Black Friday deal. 

What we have here is another classic RG500 with very few mods.  All I can spot is the aftermarket chambers and the Lance Gamma filter/jet kit.  It even has the original RG wheels.  It seems like the majority of RG500’s I see have updated Katana or GSX-R wheels on them.  It is also sporting a solo seat.  It keeps getting better; it only has 5500 miles on it and is titled.  It’s all there for the taking.

The details:


A sliver of a video of said bike. Take note on how a motorcycle should be started.

Starting bid is $14,000.  It’s on the high end of the scale but not not out of line for a nice, titled RG500.  Check out the auction though, the seller is open to offers.  Don’t waste time, you can have the Mrs. out of the house early on Friday with all the stores opening at 4 am.  That leaves you plenty of time to contact the seller and snag this nice RG.  .


Sport Bikes For Sale November 23, 2010 posted by

Wolf Pup: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf

 Wolf Pup: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf  


I think we have another collection completing bike here.  Rare model, rare special edition of that model and extremely low miles for the model year.  You may notice the is no “V” at the end of the RG:  back in 87 Suzuki’s two stroke 250’s were parallel twins.  Claimed power output was the usual 45hp that every Japanese spec 250 from every manufacture seems to magically make.  The Walter Wolf RG250 was actually available in two color schemes (just like it’s big brother), the dark blue seen here and also what Suzuki called “silver green”.  I really don’t know the export history on these bikes but I know the Walter Wolf RG500 experts told me red wheels were a sign of a Japanese home market bike.  


Still has those pesky stickers.  I give people credit who hold on to these bikes and don’t change a thing on them.  I don’t know if I could excersie that much self control.  You’d have to hide my wallet because I’d be racing to throw a set of pipes on a two stroke.  


You may notice the full fairing.  Depending on the market, the RG250 commonly came with just a half fairing.  It is a much sharper looking bike with the full fairing in my opinion.  The WW RG250 also came stock with the solo tail.  

From the auction:  

You are looking at a very low mileage pristine example of a Walter Wolf Edition RG 250, the nasty little brother of the legendary king of the hill, the RG 500. This bike is unrestored, original and looks and drives like it was new. The motorcycle had just under 4000 km when I bought it and it now has 4181 km, or under 2600 miles. It has just gotten a fresh tune-up at the dealership, including a complete carburator clean-up and adjustment, new fork seals and oil, brake adjustment and even a little rubber piece that was missing under the tank was ordered from suzuki and replaced. Obviously all parts used were OEM Suzuki. The tires are in very good condition as you can tell by the pictures. Mechanically the bike is perfect, including chain, sprokets, bearings, cables etc, probably all original as far as I can tell. The bodywork is in SUPERB condition with the exception of a crack in the upper right fairing. Close up it is visible, but standing next to the bike it goes unnoticed. Esthetically I would give the bike a solid 9 out of 10 even if there is a major crack in the body work. That’s how clean it is. I comes with the original tool kit and original Walter Wolf key. This bike would make an amazing addition to any rare bike collection, and is not pricey enough not to enjoy every other weekend or so without killing yourself with guilt. Obviously it will only go up in value as one of the rarest bikes around, and in such great original condition. The ultimate Christmas gift for a gear head or collector?  




I’m split on the price.  The auction has a buy it now price of $7,900 and an acution starting price of almost $5,000.  I’ve honestly never seen an RG250 close to either one of those prices.  I understand this is a special edition with extremely low miles but is there much demand for the smaller Walter Wolf?  I think that sort of price shuts out the buyer with casual interest and limits it to just collectors.  Money is money though and all you need is one guy who’s got to have it.  If you’re that guy, you can .
Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a home market Walter Wolf RG250 with gold wheels and black seat instead of the red wheels and seat.  You are on your own, I don’t know which freakin market these bikes belong in.








Sport Bikes For Sale November 16, 2010 posted by

Time To Melt A Gold Bar: 0 Mile 1985 RG500 !!!!!!!

0 Mile 1985 RG500 !!!!!!!

My days at RSBFS may be numbered,  this is another stunning find from RSBFS reader Chris in Australia.  If he keeps up with finds like this I might lose my corner office and prime parking spot here at RSBFS HQ.  On to the bike.  What can you really say except “wow”?  Some Aussie has had this baby sitting in his house for close to 25 years.

Let’s cut to the chase.  The bidding is active, the price is high and reserve has not been met.  As of this writing the auction had been bid up to $29,700.  I am going to watch this auction in aw and with a gin and tonic in hand to calm the nerves.  For your reference, ultra clean, low mile, titled RG’s  have sold in the $15,000 range here in the United States.

A bike like this isn’t about price or deals, is it though?  This is the rare chance to complete a collection and tell all your friends you have a 0 mile RG500.  Could anyone possibly buy this bike and ride it?  How about slapping some updated wheels and suspension on it?  No?  How about stuffing the engine into an RGV250 chassis?  I didn’t think so either.  This thing will never see pavement.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you were bidding against a museum or two.  25 year old, iconic bikes with 0 miles look good anywhere.

Auction details:


RG 500,

1985 Model,

Brand New…

Never Started…

Taken Straight From Crate To Lounge Room By Me..

Pre Delivery Never Done,

(not much more to say really)

(It Is What It Is)

All Genuine Interest Can Contact Me Through E-Bay,


Shipping World Wide Could Be Arranged

What have I learned today?  A couple of things:  I need a higher paying  job and those Aussies are hiding some real gems. 


Exclusive October 13, 2010 posted by

N2010 RG/RZ Gathering @ Barber Motorsports Park

Attencion!  I have a special treat for fans of two strokes on our companion site, Rare Sport Bikes. Even though the site is still in beta, I just posted my report after returning from the RG/RZ gathering held during the Barber Vintage Festival at Barber Motorsports Park.  After burning the midnight oil here in the plush RSBFS offices, the pictures and text are up.  Jump on over here and enjoy.


Suzuki April 7, 2010 posted by

1983 Suzuki RG250 Gamma In Florida

This is the first of the modern Suzuki two-strokes and it’s available in Florida!  Located in Hollywood, Florida is a 1983 Suzuki RG250 Gamma.  I know, when you have a rare bike, you only need to advertise what you have and a phone number but, we potential buyers could use some more information!  The seller only states that this bike is sold with a Bill-Of-Sale only, sadly.  The bike looks to be in pretty good condition for being twenty-seven years old with only some slight sun fading and does have correct but, incorrectly colored wheels.  The 1983 RG250 features a water cooled, parallel twin with 46hp at 8,500rpm.  Other features include a six-speed transmission, anti-dive forks, aluminum frame and full floating, rear, suspension.  This bike also weighs in at only 131kg dry.  As with any bike, it’s good to have a title and that seems to be the only drawback this bike has.  The asking price is only $2,400; try to find something this rare and cool for that price.  See this RG on Craigslist here.