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Gamma Rays: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma


Make no mistake about it, the bike you are looking at is artwork. Literally. Given that it does not currently run, its only purpose is to look fantastic in your living room, den or man cave. Of course if you have the means, the connections or the wrenching chops to get this one to fire, then you have artwork and a pretty serious canyon (or track) carver as well. The RG250 is the lesser loved of the quarter liter set, but in the day the RG set the standard. This 1987 model is the last of the parallel twins for Suzuki; the next year the vaunted RGV model was introduced. Expect between 45-49 HP for a stock Canadian example, which is really not bad for a bike that weighs in at 290 lbs or so. This one sports an aftermarket set of pipes, but there is no additional info on the state of tune.


1987 Suzuki RG250 for sale in Canada


From the seller:
I am going to be selling a few of my bikes from my collection, here is a 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma. As you can see from the pictures the bike is in amazing shape, a few scratches and scrapes that I have tried to show, (please ask if there are any specific pictures you would like me to take). The previous owner told me that the CDI unit packed it in and that was all it would need to have it up and running. The bike has never been started and or ridden by me and it has been kept in a temperature controlled showroom in the basement of my house.

I bought this bike with the intentions of using it as a weekend track bike but as with many things never got around to it, so it is time to sell it to someone who can enjoy it. Mileage shows 17,500 kms (that’s just under 11k miles# but I have no idea how accurate it is. The bike comes with a BC registration in my name along with a Bill of Sale.


There is no question that this bike looks pretty clean. It has some cosmetic damage to the right side exhaust can, clutch cover and water pump housing – consistent with a low speed tip over. There are some cosmetic issues to be sure, but the unknown may be what is keeping bidders away from this one. Without any ring a ding ding in its step, this RG250 could be a bargain, but it could also be a basket case. Worth the risk? Check it out here, and let us know what you think!


Gamma Rays: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma
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Vintage Gamma: 1983 Suzuki RG250 Gamma in Japan


When it comes to Japan, this GJ21A model Gamma is not exactly what you would call rare. In fact, in many areas of the world, these bikes are not rare at all. Rare is dependent upon supply, and the supply of these wonderful quarter-liter two strokes is very sparse to citizens living in the United States. Can you say import?

1983 Suzuki RG250 Gamma for sale on eBay


Before the v-twin RGV250 with which readers might be most familiar, the earlier Gammas were parallel twins – just like the Yamaha RD/RZ series bikes. The ’83 RG weighed in at 288 pounds dry, and had a reported 45 horsepower when new. True, this is not a particularly special RG model. But it is the first year RG, and it created a new category of “racing bred” streetbikes complete with aluminum frame. Besides, isn’t having to mix oil with the gas (or at least fill up the oil injection reservoir) enough to make it special? And while this bike is far from new, the potential continues to be there – if you look hard enough.


From the seller:
We offer from Japan, the motorcycle SUZUKI RG250.
Vihicle name : SUZUKI RG250γ
Model : GJ21A
Years : 1983
Frame number : GJ21A-1138**
Mileage : 17685km
Modify detail : NISSIN 3/4 mm Front RADIAL break pump, Front stabilizer DAYTONA

This has a little scratches in the body work. But very clean body work. No rusts in the gas tank.
Although a front fork has a little oil leaks.
Although an engine is in a exellent condition.
Since it is an old motorcycle, there is a certain amount of damage.
However I think that it is a condition very very good on the whole.

As to the shipping, we prepare a crate (about 180cm x 90cm x 90cm) and send it through agent. Shipping cost is $1000 in the world from a port to a port.


US buyers might balk at the shipping premium as well as the time it takes for the boat to bring your new toy home (and don’t forget that unless you live near a port city there will be additional transport charges). But the RSBFS readership is global, and there may be readers out there better situated to capitalize on this little smoker. Opening ask on this bike is $2,500 US greenbacks, which might keep buyers at bay. Click the link to jump to the auction and check out all the details. Home market two-stroke anyone?


Vintage Gamma: 1983 Suzuki RG250 Gamma in Japan
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Little Gamma: Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf

Location: Steilacoom, WA

Miles: 28,100

Price: $2,800 with No Reserve

Prior to the “V”, Suzuki had the RG250 which featured a parallel twin two-stroke and some anti-dive forks, which were pretty advanced for a street bike at the time. Meanwhile, Canadian oil tycoon Walter Wolf was in the business of F1 racing and seeing some success. And apparently it was only a matter of time before Suzuki decided to plaster a bunch of Gamma’s in WW livery, why not?

The particular RG250 for sale here kind of has me confused. The seller states that it is a 1983. However, the full fairing and design of the bike would lead me to believe that it is an ’85-’87 model. Also, most of the WW RG250’s I have seen are the red seat/wheels versions with a different graphics configuration. I can only assume that this might be a JDM version since it has the blue gauges. Anyone have any ideas?

From the seller:


The bike doesn’t look pristine, but it does look good for a 25-year-old bike with almost 30k on the clock. There is a pretty visible crack in the upper cowl that has been slightly repaired and some oxidation on the aluminum bits (clip-ons and frames). I think this would be a cool project to bring back to its original glory. With an opening bid of $2,800 and no Reserve on the auction, it can be scored relatively cheap. If you’re interested in this little Wolf, then check out the auction here!


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Things I Like In The UK: Spondon Framed Honda RS125,1989 Yamaha FZR750R OWO1, Suzuki Pepsi RG250

Things I Like In The UK:  Spondon Framed Honda RS125,1989 Yamaha  FZR750R OWO1, Suzuki Pepsi RG250

There wasn’t a whole lot that caught my eye in North America this week so I looked to the old world for some inspiration and they didn’t let me down.



It is all about the frame here.  I’m sure I’d get a pretty big yawn out of most of you by posting an average RS125 but I thought the Spondon frame really made this a unique bike.  The seller claims only two were ever produced.


I’m interested to know how it differs from a stock RS frame.  What needed to be improved?   Maybe not much since they only produced two?  I know 125 racers are consumed with trimming weight so is this possibly a lighter frame?

As for the rest of the bike, the seller lists the specs as:  a pre 95 engine, WP forks, Ohlins shock, Marvic wheels and Brembo brakes.  The auction is on going but it also has a BIN of 3,750 GBP (rougly $6,000).

Here it is.




Next up is a very tasty FZR750R.  It brings up the question; do we have any RSBFS readers that own an entire late 80’s-early 90’s super bike collection?  I’ve seen Honda collections, Yamaha collections etc. but does anyone own all of them?  Say an OWO1, RC30, GSXR750RR and ZX7-RR?  On second thought, don’t tell me, it will just depress me.

This appears to be a very nice stock example.

The info:

This bike was imported from Japan in 2002 and I have owned it for the last 4 1/2 years. It has had one other UK owner. It has had very limited use while I have had it, a few little rides here and there and it has been far too precious to me to take out on the track. It has never been out in the rain during my ownership, nor for that matter has it been out in the cold! That said, it is 23 years old an has not been sat in a museum either so there are a few cosmetic signs of age. However, because of it’s limited use, it feels the same to ride as it probably did back in 1989.
Would a Japanse spec OWO1 be any different than exported models?  The auction is ongoing here with it hovering in the 7,000 GBP  ($9,000) range as of this writing.  There does not appear to be a reserve; hmmmm.


I’m just taking a flyer on this one. This could be a Suzuki UK/Dream Machine Pepsi bike or just a simple respray.  As you may know, Suzuki UK had some RG500’s sprayed in Pepsi colors (and some in Skoal Bandit) to liven up sales.  Did they do that with the RG250 as well?

A couple of things don’t quite add up to me though.  First this is listed as a 1989.  Was the RGV250 (VJ21) not out in the UK in 1989?  Now that I said that, am I remembering correctly that the UK only got the VJ22 officially imported?  Secondly and maybe more curious is that it is a high mileage bike and the paint looks unblemished in the photos.  That makes me think it is a more recent respray.  On the flip side the paint looks correct and the red seat is just like the RG500.



Be it the real thing or not, it is at least some eye candy to start your week with.  The asking price is the real thing.  They are asking  3,999 GBP ( roughly $5,200).

Here it is.






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It’s All In The Reserve: 1986 Suzuki RG250 Gamma

It’s All In The Reserve: 1986 Suzuki RG250 Gamma

Update: Originally we posted this one in November of 2011. Back on eBay and links are updated. -dc

This may not be the flashiest RG we’ve listed but I like auctions like this to see what the market is willing to pay for a two stroke. On one hand you have a rare RG in decent overall condition. On the other hand, it has no paperwork, hasn’t been started in years and is not a special version. The reserve will tell the story. Did the seller base his price on market realities or is he going to try and milk the two stroke allure for every penny? Only time and some bidding will tell.

Overall the pictures show a solid, stock example. It’s funny but I’ve rarely seen an RG250 with aftermarket chambers while you rarely find an RGV250 without them. The close up picture does appear so show some oxidation on the frame that is oh so common on bikes that live close to the ocean.

You’d be hard pressed to distinguish between an RG250 and RG500 from the front.

The story:

Hi I have a 1986 RG-R250 Gamma that i had imported from Japan in 2007. It has never been registered in Canada. I imported it along with some other bike for the purpose of reselling, but with running my regular buisness I never have the time and now the desire to continue with the bikes that I have left. I had the bike running when I first imported but it hasn’t ran for3 yrs, but it should run with out too much effort. When running it sounded good and and blew that beautiful blue 2 stroke smoke. It is a 2 stroke 250cc. The body and paint are in great shape frame is nice and shiny. This bike had obviously been kept in doors before I imported it and Ive kept it in my shop since. The bikes tires, chain, brakes, sprokets seem to be in good shape. If you have any questions e-mail me and I’ll do my best to anwser. Oh also the bike has 17193km not miles


We Americans would have a panic attack with some Japanese in the middle of our cluster yet the Japanse regularly mix in English in almost everything . Some of it can be quite amusing. I’m a bit baffled on the mileage. The cluster is a KM unit and shows roughly 9,500KM’s. The seller states though, the bikes has over 17,000KM’s. What am I missing?

Overall it is a nice example with a paint scheme that is rarely seen. The lack of paperwork (although it is has hit the magic 25 year mark that drops most import issues) and time sitting are sure to hold the price back though. If you need a comparison, a 1987 RG250 that needed some work but was titled sold for $3,300 a few months ago. If you can snag it for the right price I think you’d come away with a solid RG, that with some freshening up will provide plenty of smiles.

Check it out here.


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Springtime And Square Fours: 1986 Suzuki RG500

Springtime And Square Fours:  1986 Suzuki RG500

Update 8.31.2011: Back on eBay with one day left. Good catch Mike!

It looks like there will be one less two stroke marauding the hills of Kentucky this Spring.  Your neighbors might disagree but these cool Spring mornings and evenings need to filled with the sound of  rattling two strokes. 

Before you ask:  there was no mention of a title in the auction.  Doesn’t mean there isn’t one but you’ll have to ask the seller.  What you do have is a pretty nice RG500 in basically stock condition.  It has what might not be the most popular paint scheme but definitely one of the rarest.  Nothing major jumps out at me that has been changed.  Hopefully the solo seat was just laid on there for the photos and isn’t that ill fitting.  The lower looks like it isn’t fitting very well either.  Who doesn’t start to sag a bit when they get older though!

Is she a high mileage bike?  You’ll be happy to know she is one the lower mileage RG’s I’ve seen lately: 9,283 miles.  One thing that did catch my eye was the wheels.  I’m not sure they are the original color.  Every bike I saw on the net had black wheels with this paint scheme.  I’ve learned to never say never though.  Suzuki could have made 5 bikes for Luxembourg that had this paint with red wheels.  Most importantly you’ve got another bike here, well over 20 years old and it looks to have no major changes.  The front blinkers look to be after market and the mirrors looks a little different as well.  The gas cap might have been on the receiving end of some paint too.  A few stickers might be MIA.  Usually there is a “Suzuki” sticker on the lower and a “Full Floater Suspension” close to the rear passnenger pegs.  Minor stuff (unless it has been repainted)  but I’m sure the eagle eyed RG fanatics notice it.


There were some seriously sweet carbon cans on Ebay a few weeks ago that would look awfully good back there.  Maybe some Jolly Moto’s to go with them?

Here is what the seller has to say:

For Sale low mileage, 9282 miles-14,938 km . I have owned this bike since 2003. It has been in storage and garage kept. Bike has original paint and bike is mechanically and esthetically sound. This bike is very clean to be 25 years old. The color of this bike is the black, white orange and red, the most rare color that was available. Anyone who knows anything about the RG 500 Gamma know they are highly collectible.

Without knowing about the title I’m staying away from guessing a price.  The starting bid  was set low so I’m sure we are no where near the reserve as of this writing.  If it is titled I don’t see a reason why someone wouldn’t want it. You can place your bid here.


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Before The V: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma

Before The V:  1987 Suzuki  RG250 Gamma

Yes, there were 250 Gamma’s before the VJ21 rolled out with its’ GP like V twin engine and twin spar aluminum frame.  This is the last of the line of the parallel twins in the original RG series.  As time has passed by many may forget this was the first replica racer for the street and created quite a buzz.  The 1983 RG250 was the first mass produces motorcycle with a light weight aluminum frame.  This was the bike to have.

What is neat about the RG250 is that there are so many variants produced.  Full fairings, half fairing, Walter Wolfs in two colors, HB colors.  In 84 they added a noticeable slant to headlight/fairing, it didn’t last long and went back to the blunt look for the rest of the series.  There are probably a couple more  I’m missing.  A Suzuki collector pointed out to me that  Suzuki  even came out with a mid year, domestic model with updated specs to hold people over until the RGV250 (VJ21) came out.  I’ve also been told but haven’t confirmed that Japanese domestic bikes were a model year ahead of what the rest of the world got.  For example, a 1987 UK RG250 would be a 1986 model in Japan.  I did find a tidbit on All Suzuki Motorcycles Ever Built that the 1987  Canadian model RG had 1986 RG250 specs.  So, maybe there is some truth there.

I believe this is a Canadian model and it has the matching tail cover.  Somewhere along the line she made it south of the Canadian border and got a TN title.  I’ll let the seller explain the rest:

 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma. Excellent condition with only 11k miles (18k KM on odo).  Completely stock and everything works perfectly.  A few chips and scratches on the bodywork with one small dent on the top of the tank (see photos).  Tires are recently replaced and the bike is ready to ride, no issues.  Happy to assist with shipping however I can.  Clear TN title on the bike.

They aren’t generally as desirable as an RGV250  but I will be the first to admit they are more rare.  Having seen a couple in person recently,  I can say they are good looking bikes when given some TLC.  The seller is starting the auction off relatively high at $3,900.  Considering decent RGV’s  (not mint) have been selling in the 5’s I’m not sure how much action he will get on the auction.  Having said that, if you want, lust after or crave  an RG250 that is  clean, stock and titled you may need to throw in a bid.  If you’ve been waiting, take action here.


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Looking For A Winter Project? How About A 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma?

Looking For A Winter Project?  How About A 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma?

It is not the latest and greatest and it isn’t a “10” but it does have the makings of a nice winter  project (aka wife evader).  It is in decent shape, it is mostly stock and complete, it does have a title and there is no reserve.  Read on if intrigued.

They were parallel twins before the V’s came along.  Pictures don’t tell the whole story but they are a good start.  I’m not noticing a lot of major corrosion but there will be some for sure on various bolts, brackets etc.  Rubber that old tends to be cracked or brittle as well.  Factor in all those little parts you know you will need when making a bid.

Not showroom quality obviously but not abused either.  If you are curious about parts, there is a decent supply of RG250 parts to be had.

If you do some research I think you will be surprised how many color schemes these things came in.  They included several Walter Wolf versions and my favorite, the HB Suzuki yellow and white.  There were not any major design changes from the RG’s inception in 1983 to the last version in 1987.

The RG’s details:

This is a rare Suzuki 250 Gamma. It is titled in Washington State as a 1984 but the VIN and the color and the specs indicate it is really a 1987 ( MK4.)
( You may wish to do the research)
I have owned the bike for 12 years. It is a Japanese import which I bought for my son on his 18th birthday. He only rode it for a summer then went to college and after that went overseas.
This is a great little bike. I start it up periodically and it is garaged but I don’t ride it often. It runs and sounds great!  The condition is good but it does have some blemishes-it has a scrape on the engine case, ( pictured) a scrape on the exhaust pipe tips, and the lower fairing is missing ( almost impossible to find one)   The upper firing has some cracks and has been repaired. There is an oil leak from the exhaust pipe where it enters the engine but it is small. It only has the single seat. 19,875 kms not miles.
This bike would suit a two stroke enthusiast . It is fun to ride, runs well, and best of all is street legal. Everything works.


Obviously, if you were interested in this as a project it would all hinge on the price.  It isn’t a basket case but if you are doing a full restore you’d have engine work, paint, worn parts and all those pesky clips, brackets, screws and hoses that would need to be replaced.  I’d ask about the missing fairing pieces as well. 

I’ve never paid too much attention to the older RG250’s but I’ve seen a couple restored recently and they impressed the hell out of me.  If you can stay out of a bidding war on it I think you’d have a diamond in the rough.  Here she is.