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Ducati April 14, 2011 posted by

1974 Ducati 750SS vs. 2006 Ducati Paul Smart

Is there a difference between living in the past, and celebrating it? Are you someone who looks back, or looks forward? I think it is telling if you visit or

In 2006 Ducati created a tribute to the 1973 750SS, a bike which today is hunted and valued higher then new bikes. We will see what the final bid is for this , but at the current bid you could buy multiple new tribute bikes for you and your friends.

The 1974 750SS used the V-Twins Desmodromic engine designed by Dr Fabio Taglioni. The new 90 degree twin is essentially two of Ducati tried single cylinder engines mounted to a single crank. The new engine was designed, built and race tested in a very short period. It first appeared on the road limited to 50hp in the 1971 750 GT. It became iconic when it was put into the 750SS. The 80×74.4 bore and stroke gives the 748cc. 9.5:1 compression developed 73hp at 8000rpm, and with 5 speeds gave a top speed of 134.8 mph. Great engine, super performance, beautiful styling, but why is this bike desire over all the others 750SS made between 1973 and 1981?

It’s the color. I have had a hard time nailing down numbers, but indications are that 10 were made in 1973, and 401 in 1974.

So when Ducati designed a new bike in the retro style that has become popular, what other color scheme would they choose?

This 2006 Paul Smart 1000LE was a one year only tribute SportClassic. It was designed by Pierre Terblanche who also designed the MH900e, a tribute to the original Mike Hailwood Replica. The engine measures 992cc with 94mmx71.5mm, a 10.1:1 CR ratio giving 91bhp at 8,000rpm and through 6 speeds gave a top speed of 135mph. These numbers appear to be the same as the stock bike. The PS1000LE differs from the other GT1000 in the bubble fairing with clip-ons over the naked stock bike. Optional side fairings with number plates were offered to replicate the full racing fairings. Suspension up front looks to have changed from the stock 43mm Marzocchi to 43mm Öhlins and Öhlins in back replacing the Sachs unit.

And this is the one that everyone is copying:

Which one do you want?


Editors Note: We are publishing this on both websites for contrast and exposure. -dc

Ducati January 7, 2011 posted by

Smart Money: 2006 Ducati Sport Classic Paul Smart LE

For Sale: 2006 Ducati Sport Classic Paul Smart Limited Edition

In 1972 Paul Smart rode a Ducati 750SS into the history books by winning the Imola 200. He is credited for putting Ducati on the map, and ushering in the modern era of Ducati dominance on the racetrack. This bike, the Ducati Sport Classic Paul Smart edition, was designed to commemorate that Daytona win and celebrate the accomplishments of such a gifted rider.

From the seller:
This NO RESERVE bike is the Paul Smart 1000 LE, Limited edition of 2000 in the world with only 500 imported to the United States. This is the commemorative bike designed after the 1972 Super Sport that the man, Paul Smart rode to victory in the Imola 200. I am a former racer and I tried to create a bike that was as close to what I thought a Grand Prix bike would look like if it were transported to this modern age. I have put on the factory Termignoni exhaust and chip at the dealership. On that note, the original exhaust was thrown out but that is the only part missing from this beauty. I have all the original parts that I removed to make the bike look like what you see here. Now for what I have added:

Ducati Bubble Screen
Ducati Classic Fairing #16
MPL slave cylinder
Carbon fiber rear hugger
Fender Eliminator kit
Back off rear tail light modification for safety
Speedy Moto open clutch cover
Mad Duc pressure plate and upgraded springs
Factory Ducati Carbon clutch plates
Ducati Tank Cover (no bag, stolen)
Ducati custom bike cover

All extra stickers that I applied are easily removable. I did not clear coat them. I have changed the oil 3 times since new. The bike only has 1530 miles. I put 80 miles on it since the photo. I will include all of the original parts excluding the missing original exhaust of course. I absolutely love this bike but I had knee surgery and this aggressive riding position is not suitable for my knee. I also don’t have time to ride with 2 kids and their sports and other activities.

One cool side note, this model is in the new Tron movie as the father’s bike (Flynn, i.e.; Jeff Bridges) in the beginning of the movie. His son ride the 1000 GT later in the movie.

The bike is flawless and has never seen rain or been dropped. Always garaged and covered. I have all manuals and extra keys.

I hate to see this bike go. It is such a beautiful ride and looks absolutely perfect. The winner is going to have an amazing piece of Ducati history and machinery.

So is this really “smart” money? Given that the Paul Smart edition is really just a Ducati Sport Classic with some asthetics added, there is no real performance gain for going along the limited edition route. The additions made by the seller are indeed tasty and correct for these air-cooled Ducatis, but likely detract from the collector value of this otherwise exclusive machine. On the plus side, the bike has less than 2,000 miles and was obviously not ridden much – despite the performance mods.

The auction is active now, with the opening bid starting at $15,000. This seems a bit high to me given the non-standard appearance, but with a no-reserve auction the seller obviously wants to protect his investment. to view the auction and see all of the details for yourself.


Ducati November 12, 2010 posted by

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition!

For Sale: Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition

Italian sport bike enthusiasts should consider themselves a lucky lot – especially the Ducatisti. Where else can you find a rare, limited edition, exclusive and numbered machine in nearly every price range? From the stratosphere pricing of a Desmosedici to the range of the more common man, you can find what you want in the Ducati lineup.

The bike you see here is a 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE (limited edition) with very low miles. Based on a Sport Classic engine/frame combination, the PS100LE was built to commemorate Paul Smart’s classic win at Imola on the fabled 750ss. The silver bodywork and blue/green frame was meant to conjure up images of the 750 race bike – only this model contains a 1000cc dual-spark lump and top-grade Ohlins suspension to compliment the single seat and clip-on bars.

This bike features some nice mods, including full exhaust and this tasty vented clutch cover.

From the seller:
Perfect condition, extremely low miles (627), Paul Smart 1000. Absolutely mint condition with several optional items added: Termignoni exhaust system kit with intake and performance ECU, custom clutch cover and polished pressure plate, rear fender kit, tank protector. All original parts including the exhaust that were removed are in new condition and included with sale. One of five hundred imported to the U.S. This bike is showroom clean, no scratches or mars, and I am the original owner. All original documents and manuals included.

Good luck on bidding!!

NO Reserve!!

When new, these bikes retailed for $13,995. This one is currently at the $11k mark, with a healthy number of bids. This looks like a good time to join the ranks of the rare Ducati club. The Paul Smart model run was limited to 2,000 units, ensuring that you will not see yourself on every street corner. And with a big, torquey v-twin, top-shelf suspension bits, and racing DNA that goes back to that fateful day at Imola in 1972, this is a collectable that you can ride today. document.write(”);Check out the auction here, before it’s too late!


Ducati November 9, 2010 posted by

1974 Ducati 750 SS for sale!

For sale: 1974 Ducati 750 SS

The 750 SS is the bike that really put Ducati on the map. Ridden by the likes of Paul Smart to victories in many of the most prestigious races in Europe – including the Imola 200 – the 750 SS helped turn Ducati from a boutique builder into a genuine superbike manufacturer. 1974 was the first year of mass production (allegedly 401 units) of these masterpieces.

The bike is question is not a numbers-matching, original (or restored) machine. It is, however, a good example of what happens to a true race bike: it changes hands, it gets modified, and if luckly, it survives. This bike is a beautiful survivor.

From the seller:
I am very reluctantly selling what is arguably one of the most coveted bikes in the world with a “buyit now” at a tad more than 50% of the going price for an original, unrestored example. Granted, this bike is neither unrestored or original. It is, however, a very real modified 74 750SS that had been raced & then restored in Italy. And yes, this bike once sold recently here on Ebay, but finances fell through.
I purchased this bike in Rimini at a Mostra Scambio (monster sale) from a fellow from San Marino in November of 2001 along with an NCR. I was asked by several people there where I would be displaying the motorcycles ie. museum. I responded that they would be displayed under my butt when I rode them. Both of the bikes required some work and although the NCR is not yet done, this one is in amazing shape. When I bought the bike in Rimini it was cosmetically very nice, but it was modified. It had twin plug heads, oil cooler, Imola cams, milled side cases, bolts drilled for safety wire, Veglia tach, longitudinally drilled front rotors & possibly other bits & pieces. The engine # on the cases does not coincide with the recognized series of #’s for the run of 750SS’s. It is 751554. I strongly suspect that at some time in its racing history a rod was thrown, breaking the original cases & replacement cases were installed. None the less the engine is still very much a 750SS & the reduced price reflects this issue. I have over the years seen 750SS cases with the proper series #’s for sale if that were a deciding factor fo a buyer. The frame # is DM750SS*075295*. It has since visited Tom Frutiger @ Wheels Unlimited south of Rochester, MN. These guys are some of the best in the business when it comes to early bevel drive Ducs. Tom replaced pistons, rods, bearings, & shimmed the bevel gears among other things. It now runs incredibly well & is mechanically perfect. It truly hauls ass. Original top speed on these stock was listed at 220kmh…Tom claims before he did the engine work on this bike it was still pulling strong at225kmh. For those in the Midwest that don’t know about Wheels, you are truly missing something. They were a Ducati dealership since the late sixties & are willing to confirm authenticity of this bike (507 288 5630). If you have questions regarding this bike you are certainly welcome to call me, but I would strongly suggest calling Tom as he knows this particular bike better than anyone. I have pulled off the original glass tank as the clowns in this state like to put corn (ethanol) in our gas & it will destroy fiberglass. The original tank as well as the other rotors will come with the bike. These bikes are becoming extraordinarily hard to find in any sort of shape & this one is very nice. For those that require an original, properly numbered 750SS, I am aware of one here in the Twin Cities that is for sale in the $125k range…let me know. Please DO NOT BID if you are either not serious or do not have the funds. Will be happy to assist with shipping (Forward Air) or may be willing to deliver within several hundred miles at buyers expense. Please feel free to call (Dave @ 651 492 2522) or email with any questions. I reserve the right to end this auction early if offered a fair price.

The seller has indicated that this is not a numbers matching bike, and that a few key bits will go with the sale – including the fantastic fiberglass gas tank, complete with a translucent strip so that you can determine the fuel level.

This bike is a true piece of history, and not one that can be found every day. If you are interested only in museum pieces then this may not be for you, but if you would like to own and ride a piece of history, here is a chance at much lower than “numbers matching” prices.


Ducati October 21, 2010 posted by

2007 Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000S – one of a kind!

One of a kind 2007 Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000S for sale in San Diego.

The Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000, while a very nice bike, is not exactly what I would call rare (the Paul Smart LE rates a little better), but this fine example is an exception to the norm.  And with the SportClassics being entirely removed from the Ducati lineup for 2011, perhaps they will become rare and collectible in the future. Who knows. In the meantime, have a look at this one:

Up for sale is my pride and joy, 2007 Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000S , Truly one of a kind.
It started life as a regular 07 Sport 1000S and got a FEW upgrades and extras, which include but probably are not limited to;

-Ohlins Steering damper.
-One of 10 fender eliminators in the world (most sought after and disc.)
-Termignoni exhausts , race ECU and K & N performance air filter.
-Adjustable front forks , new , take off of a 2007 Sport 1000DS.
-Gold painted Marchesini wheels off an ST – extremely light and nimble.
-Lower Full fairing (have half fairing securely packaged away.)
-black/red pazzo levers.
-Paul Smith fork guards.
-JC PakBikes license plate relocator.
-GTRossi short rear hugger

The rims are shod with Michelin Power and probably have about 200 miles on them.
The mileage is approaching 7000mi , with scheduled maintenance done at 600mi , 1500 mi and oil and filter change at 4500mi.
The tail has been signed by Cook Nielsen #31 of Ducati Old Blue/New Blue fame and was clear-coated afterwards.
The bike is literally too beautiful for wards and really has to be seen in person.

I am asking $9000 for this red rocket and when you see her in the flesh , you will see why.
you can text or call 858-3367700 or email above for questions , hi-res pics etc.

Considering that an almost brand new Paul Smart LE we listed earlier sold for $9723, this Sport 1000, with all the extra bits added on, doesn’t sound too far fetched. But it isn’t a limited edition like the Paul Smart is.  Whether the “LE” label is worth a few hundred extra is anyone’s call, but one thing’s for sure – this Sport 1000 is a rider and not a museum piece.  And that’s not a bad thing.

Click HERE to check out previously listed Paul Smart LEs and click HERE to jump to the ad on Craigslist.


[AffomaticEbay]Ducati Sport Classic[/AffomaticEbay]

Ducati September 8, 2010 posted by

Paul Smart Replicas: 2006 Ducati Smart LE W/40 Miles & 1980 NCR Smart Replica

Paul Smart Replicas: 2006 Ducati Smart LE W/40 Miles & 1980 NCR Smart Replica

Well, are you a modern sort of guy or retro minded?  The thickness of your wallet might sway the direction you lean.     



Let’s start with the modern.  Another Ducati, another bike hardly ridden.  I don’t know,  maybe 40 miles counts as never ridden.  Either way you have a shot at basically a brand new bike.  I wasn’t too impressed with these bikes when they first came out but they have definitely grown on me.  There is one part that hasn’t grown on me though.  Can you guess?  Who the hell designed that exhaust pipe?  How can a company that designed the Desmosedici design that?  Did someone call in sick the day the exhaust was supposed to hit the CAD?  I know, I know, almost everyone replaces them anyways.     

The details on this bike:    

 Bone stock, 2006 Paul Smart 1000 LE, one of a limited edition of 2000. Never dropped, dinged, or really even driven. Currently the bike has 36 miles on it, Always stored indoors, showroom condition. All the little stickers, factory registration marks, etc are intact and present. Original manuals, papers, keys. Clear title in hand, sold by original owner. Vin # ZDM1WABP36B000935

 If you are looking at this, then I probably don’t need to tell you about this bike, Paul Smart, the racing, the limited edition. A very rare, quintessential Ducati. The sound of this bike alone is intoxicating. Throaty, low and resonant, with a sharp bite. coupled with the classic dry clutch.       

Please inquire if you are serious. No low ball offers please, I’ll hold on to it if it doesn’t sell for a fair price. What is a fair price? This bike listed new for 14,995 and as a limited edition, was not discounted.       

Local inspections welcome. All payments must clear before bike can be released. Cash or PayPal preferred. All other arrangements must be made in advance and vetted with me, the seller and owner of the bike. I can assist in shipping, but shipping arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer. A deposit of $500 is required within 24 hours of auction end. Fly in, drive out welcome.       


Right out of the showroom or living  room:     



 Considering the original MSRP, the lack of sales tax and the incredibly low miles on the bike I would think there would be a little interest in this bike.  Be sure to as there are more pictures of the bike available to view. 



I’ll admit right now I don’t know a whole lot about older Ducati’s but this darn thing just oozes cool.  I bet it has the sound to match.   From the look of the photos this is a recent replica build done to a 1980 Ducati.  I’m sure most Ducati lovers have heard of NCR as they do a lot of high end Ducati builds.  I must admit defeat though, I really couldn’t find any info on this particular bike so I defer to any RSBFS readers who would like to comment with more info on this bike.  I wish I had more info because this  baby isn’t cheap.  $25,000 big ones if you choose the buy it now option.  I have a feeling you’d be the only one with one of these at the next Ducati gathering you attend.   

From the auction:   


And the good stuff:  


This is another one you need to check out on Ebay if for nothing more than the photo’s.   .  


Ducati June 25, 2010 posted by

2006 Ducati Paul Smart Edition with only 375 miles!

I know this guy who almost bought one of these a couple of years ago. We were at the Seattle Motorcycle Show and stopped by Ducati Seattle on a whim. They wheeled out this Paul Smart Edition:

Somehow after dozens of rounds of beer and whiskey that night, we weren’t able to convince our friend to buy. He’s regretted it ever since.

Check out this

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE For Sale

quote from sellers listing:

This is an “as new” limited edition Ducati Paul Smart Edition. This is one of only 500 motorcycles available in the US. This is one of two purchased by this owner and has been kept in a climate controlled environment since delivery. Motorcycle has less than 400 original miles. This is a rare and important motorcycle.

While I realize these aren’t as rare as the MH900’s (though as well!), they are limited editions and evoke all the right emotions when you see them in person. Here’s your chance to get an almost new one 4 years later.


Ducati June 14, 2010 posted by

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE For Sale in Orange County

Here’s a really sharp and practically untouched Paul Smart with less than 300 miles on Craigslist for $14000:

2006 Ducati Paul Smart For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

Collector quality Paul Smart with only 298 miles. Come with all books, keys, bike stand, bike cover, original exhaust, original rear license plate fender. Not a scratch and as new. Never been registered.

Price is a little stiff considering these aren’t too hard to find, but it’s tough to argue with the miles.


[AffomaticEbay]Ducati SportClassic[/AffomaticEbay]