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Ducati June 20, 2014 posted by

Triple Play Collection: 3 zero mile Ducati Sport Classics

Mike Hailwood

What we have today is a trifecta of Sport Classic models: A 2002 MH900e, a 2006 1000 LE Paul Smart, and a 2007 1000 LE. Both 1000 LE models have never been registered, and all three bikes claim to have no mileage on them. This is one of those “instant collection” sort of deals. Why search out bikes one at a time when you can three – all with a claimed “zero mile” status? While buying multiple bikes at one time can be an advantage to the buyer, these types of auctions are rarely beneficial to the seller. It is a lazy man’s way of parting with a collection that is generally worth more in pieces than as a whole – although it might be worth a shot if there is that one buyer out there looking for just this combination. Gorgeous to look at, but I bet these must be even better to ride!

Collection of 3 Sport Classic Ducatis for sale!

Paul Smart

From the seller:
1) 2006 Paul Smart 1000 LE: Zero miles. Perfect condition, stored indoors. Comes with original MSO (never registered), both keys, manual & paperwork. Comes with lowers & Paul Smart signature on seat cowl. I will also throw in a NCR Schedoni seat to the winning bidder ($650.00).

2) 2002 MH900e: Zero miles. Perfect condition, stored indoors. Comes with clear GA title, both keys, plaque, t-shirt, stand, manual & paperwork.

3) 2007 Mono 1000 SE: Zero miles. Perfect condition, stored indoors. Comes with original MSO (never registered), both keys, manual & paperwork.

1000 LE

The seller is willing to part out the collection individually, so if you see something you like you might want to hit him up. These are great looking bikes, and it will be interesting to see how the market responds. The current bid on the collection is nearing $65k, and the BIN is set at $90k. Will this auction go the distance? The reserve has already been met! Check it out here. Good Luck!

Triple Play Collection:  3 zero mile Ducati Sport Classics
Ducati May 5, 2014 posted by

Souped-Up Sport Classics: Paul Smart 1000 and NCR New Blue

The Ducati Sport Classics have been appreciating in value the last several years, many exceeding original purchase price already after just 8 years. These two examples go much further than that and pack far more than the factory ever offered.


Built 2006 Ducati Paul Smart for sale on eBay – $55,000 Buy-it-Now

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 for sale PS1000LE

from the seller:

For Sale: PS1000LE, this is a close to new machine with less than 100 miles on it. This was built as a show bike for dealership and spent most of its life being pampered with soft towels, polish and wax. If your looking at this auction you know what it is so no need to go into the boring details. What you dont know is how special this bike is. I will try to recall all the stuff done to the bike but it has been a long time and im sure to forget something. What i can tell you for sure is this bike MOVES. Stock these bikes were about 88HP at teh rear wheel and this bike is well over that. It was dynoed at 112hp.

This is not a FLASHY look at me type of build. This is a very conservative looking bike built with the best parts available. It was built to perform and not to get attention. Anyone who knows motorcycles will immediately see the value in this bike but it is not obvious to those who don’t know.

Parts and work done to bike we all done by the best Ducati mechanic in the USA. The 2nd to last photo shows the fit between the tank the frame mounts. As you can clearly see there is no gap so the tank is not loose and fits tight as new without that goofy spacer kit Ducati supplied to all their loyal customers to fix the warped expanded tank issue. This tank should get coated prior to regular use if your going to run pump gas, as mentioned this has only ever had race or aviation fuel so no ethanol issues. The motor was built to run on pump gas.

2007 NCR Ducati New Blue for sale on eBay – $80,000

2007 Ducati NCR New Blue for sale

from the seller:

Up for auction is a 2007 NCR Ducati New Blue Cafe Racer. This is number 12 of 50 (which I do not think they even came close to making 50). This is a mint condition like new race bike. ** It was never issued with a title and was only meant to be raced and it does not come with a title (eBay does not have a no title option so I had to mark clear title above) ** It has been stored inside a heat controlled facility. It has been hand signed by Cook Neilson & Phil Schilling on the tail section. It is pictured without the belly pan but it comes with the bike and has since been re installed. This bike was started when new and driven around the block once so I don’t know the exact mileage because the battery was removed. This bike has never been raced.

Souped-Up Sport Classics:  Paul Smart 1000 and NCR New Blue
Ducati December 22, 2013 posted by

How Much Would You Pay for a New Paul Smart 1000 LE?

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE For Sale

Ducati Sport Classics are seemingly already beyond the bottom of their depreciation curve, and in many cases on the upswing for very well kept examples. And no wonder, they’re great looking modern retro rides. I still recall the Ducati demo day and riding one. If memory serves prices ranged from $12-16k ish? Yet hit up eBay Motors today and browse what’s available. Prices are back where they were — and higher in many cases!


But what if you had the chance to buy a brand new, just un-crated Sport Classic? And what if it were a Paul Smart 1000 LE, arguably the best looking of the series. This seller in Texas recons the price is $30k. I’m sure that price is to weed out the tire kickers and dreamers, but what do you think a fair price for this opportunity is? Hat tip to Matthew H. on Facebook for the link.



How Much Would You Pay for a New Paul Smart 1000 LE?
Ducati May 24, 2013 posted by

One Beautiful Ride- ’06 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE

Location: Santa Monica, CA   Mileage: 12,000    Price: $17,900 BIN

06 Duc PS LE

06 Duc PS LE

This may be one of the best looking motorcycles ever. Sure, it has a rich heritage that most motorcycle racing fans can appreciate. And it’s gonna be big with pretty much any Ducati freak. All that  aside, this is just a beautiful bike. And it’s also not all that common, with 2000 made. The other sport classic bikes in the Duc line have started to heat up, and this has got to be one of the most desirable.

From the seller-

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition 

Frame no. ZDM1WABP868000896

‘Want it for Paul’s achievement, want it for Ducati’s heritage, want it for how it looks.’ – Bike magazine. 

Paul Smart’s famous victory in the 1972 Imola 200 riding what would become the 750SS was instrumental in establishing Ducati as a high-performance brand for the modern era. So what better way to celebrate the Bologna marque’s heritage than a limited edition model in the spirit of the iconic 750SS? The Paul Smart 1000 LE uses the air-cooled 1000DS v-twin engine, which is housed in the Italian firm’s trademark trellis frame, the latter complemented by some top-quality Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes. In no way a ‘replica’; this is a thoroughly modern motorcycles with only the styling and colour scheme acknowledging the past. 

‘After 20 miles I was totally sold on the bike, as I had been after five minutes of looking at it. Exclusivity, style, power, handling… what else could I want?’ queried Bike magazine’s tester at the 1000 LE’s launch. A production run of only 2,000 units with only half that coming to the U.S. and few motorcycles of modern times have become as instantly collectible. 

The bike offered here is in exquisite condition throughout. The bodywork is practically without blemish, with only the tiniest scratches visible under close scrutiny. The frame and all mechanical parts are in near perfect condition, also. There is no evidence of any accidents. 

Having covered only 12,000 miles from new, this 2-California owner bike, runs perfectly, with strong and responsive power, a perfect shifting transmission through a good clutch. Brakes, suspension and all electrical systems work perfectly. The Termignoni exhaust sounds intoxicating, and the bike comes with the original system. 

Apart from the tail-tidy, this unmolested and original example is accompanied by a file of documentation, all 3 keys (2 black and one red), and a clean, clear California title. Fresh from a 12,000 mile service, the bike needs nothing at all.

And pics-

This looks like a clean, stock example that should appeal to any Ducati collector or anyone who just wants a clean, killer, rare Ducati. Mileage is good and is described as running perfectly. Not much else to say.

So if a Paul Smart LE has been on your dream list, then you may want to get in on the auction!


Ducati May 6, 2013 posted by

Get Smart! Two Modified Ducati Paul Smart 1000’s to Choose from on eBay

If you’ve been on the hunt for a Ducati Sport Classic as of late, you’re not alone. The appreciation on these in the last 6-12 months has been nothing short of remarkable. Today we have two specimens that represent one of the most desirable iterations, the Paul Smart 1000 LE. These are both unique in their own ways but look like like examples to be considered. Check ’em out!

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 NCR For Sale

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE with NCR bits For Sale on eBay

from the seller:

For your consideration, up for auction is my 2006 PS1000LE. Im the 2nd owner and have owned her since august 2012. due to a financial situation sadly she has to go. As you can see she is very special. she comes as pictured with rare lower fairings and an even rarer full titanium NCR exhaust for the NEW BLUE. there is only 1 other Paul Smart that i know of that has the NCR installed and its located in the UK. this was a special build NCR did for me to accommodate the Smarts Single sided Shock. its glorious.. this has become a truly one of a kind PS and i hope you won’t let it slip thru your fingers. you may not see another this unique..

{…much more detail included at the auction…}


2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE in Removable Black Wrap For Sale on eBay

from the seller:

This is not your normal silver PS, it is heavily modified and can be quickly changed back to its beautiful, silver original finish due to the fact that it is 3M wrapped. I contacted my friends @ ImpressiveWrap in LA for clear 3M to protect the bike for planned track/canyon rides but chaned my mind and wrapped this in black to pair it w/ the CF fairings and to be different from the rest.

This not for purists but can be changed to stock/OEM quickly. The paint is and still is mint, no scratches or imperfections. Original bikini fairings are included so this bike can be switched to its original finish/look easily.

{…much more detail included at the auction…}

The first bike is loaded and currently at $17,500 reserve not met as of Sunday night. But the second is at $14,100 and looks to sell with lots of bids over 2 days remaining. Which would you choose?


Ducati November 19, 2012 posted by

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 For Sale in Kentucky

Today we’ve got a sub-2k mile Paul Smart 1000 limited edition. What’s unusual is that with 6 days remaining, the reserve has already been met. There are a couple folks who apparently want to own this one! Current winning bid is $12,800 which is about right according to our database. Prices have been on the rise with these models and no wonder — it’s gorgeous!

Place Your Bid for this 2006 Ducati PS1000LE on eBay

from the seller:

Offered for your consideration is this gorgeous 2006 Limited Edition Paul Smart Ducati done in a beautiful sparkling silver with pale green frame. The motorcycle is a truly rare (only 2000 produced) example of the exotic Ducatis which are produced in Italy, home of such noted brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Benelli, Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini, and many others. All designed with speed and beauty in mind. This particular low mileage example is in excellent condition having been owned and cared for only by the most dedicated Ducati enthusiast. The bike is nearly flawless (I could not find any flaws, but nothing is perfect) and has never been ridden in the rain or spent the night outside. It runs perfectly with the precision of a Swiss watch. This Paul Smart is totally stock and unmolested, a real prize for collectors and riders alike. Purchase our museum quality machine and ride it home or have your shipper pick up from our loading dock, deliver it to your estate where it may be displayed as the piece of functional art it really is. The reserve has been set at a reasonable amount and will not be revealed. Please bid high and often in order to become the proud owner of this valuable, classic, concourse grade Paul Smart Replica.


Aprilia September 4, 2012 posted by

Set Your Budget and Sale Prices: August 2012 Review

Hey guys,

I’ve been meaning to be better about catching everyone up on close values and winning bids, so here is everything we have a factual close or high bid pricing on from eBay. Adjust your sale price or target price accordingly!

Enjoy the short week,


This Ducati 888 SPO with only 430 miles failed to sell the first time at $12,600 and a second time at $12,500. Closed Auction | Our Post

888 SPO for sale

This lovely Honda RC30 failed to sell at $26,600. Closed Auction | Our Post

Honda RC30 For Sale

This Vance & Hines FZR600 has been listed several times since our original post and it has failed to get a single bid at $3400. It currently listed for $3200 in the latest relist. Current Auction | Our Post

Vance & Hines FZR600 For Sale

The RC45 in Florida that was originally for sale in the same auction with an RC30, has been relisted a few times and is currently available for a buy-it-now of $35k. Current Auction | Our Post

Honda RC45 For Sale

As a few of you noticed, there was a rare sighting of an actual close to a Lance Gamma RG500 auction! This lovely sold for $17,920. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

Lance Gamma RG500 For Sale

This gorgeous Ducati 750 F1a failed to sell at just shy of $10k. Closed Auction | Our Post

1985 Ducati 750 F1a for sale

Here we have a 2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO that was listed with a buy-it-now of $14,500 and failed to sell the first time at $12,300. But it was relisted and was sold for $14,500. Closed Auction | Our Post

MV Agusta F4 AGO for sale

A fan favorite, this 1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 H2 sold for $3650. Unfortunately the sale fell through and the bike was available again briefly before being pulled as ‘no longer for sale’. Closed Auction | Our Post

1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 H2 for sale

This 95 Honda NSR250SE MC28 sold for $10,400. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

Honda NSR250SE MC28 For Sale

This 2009 BMW HP2 Sport with ABS was originally listed with a $18k buy-it-now and failed to meet reserve at $15,100. It was relisted and sold for $17k. Closed Auction | Our Post

2009 BMW HP2 Sport with ABS For Sale

This Ducati 916SPS failed to sell twice at $11,500 (classified) and a third time only reaching $7800. Closed Auction | Our Post

Ducati 916SPS For Sale

This RG500 Gamma failed to sell with zero bids starting at $10,600. Closed Auction | Our Post

1986 RG500 Gamma For Sale

This plated 2000 Aprilia RS125 sold for just $3850. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

2000 Aprilia RS125 For Sale

The 1980 Vetter Mystery Ship Turbo received 19 bids to $11,200 but failed to meet reserve. Closed Auction | Our Post

1980 Kawasaki KZ 1000 Turbo Mystery Ship

This sharp 93 Honda VFR400 NC30 sold the first time for just $5000. Closed Auction | Our Post

1993 Honda VFR400 NC30 For Sale

Mike posted this 2009 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Edition that he titled “medium rare”. Failed to sell the first time for $10k, but the relist sold for $9500. Closed Auction | Our Post

2009 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol For Sale

The Ducati Sport Classics are hot right now and this 2006 Ducati Paul Smart follows the same path selling for $14,500 the first time. Closed Auction | Our Post

2006 Ducati Paul Smart For Sale

This sexy little Cagiva Mito failed to sell with 12 bids up to $5400. Closed Auction | Our Post

Cagiva Mito For Sale

This very clean 91 GSX-R 1100 received 38 bids and sold for $6500. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

1991 GSX-R 1100 for sale

This fantastic 1982 Honda CB1100 R has now sold with 24 bids totaling $16,900. Closed Auction | Our Post

1982 Honda CB1000 R For Sale

This 96 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23 was originally listed last November and has now sold for $10,150. Closed Auction | Our Post

1996 Suzuki RGV250 SP (VJ23) for sale

This Aprilia RS250 Cup we recently listed sold for $7500 but must have fallen through as it’s relisted for $7200. Current Listing | Our Post

Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

Ducati August 19, 2012 posted by

Retro Cool with a Turquoise Frame- 06′ Ducati Paul Smart GT1000 LE

Location: Fairfield, Iowa

Mileage: 2,338

Price: Auction

If I recall correctly, and I may have this wrong, Bike magazine out of the U.K. (great mag if you don’t know it) called this the best looking bike ever. Or maybe best color combo. I don’t remember exactly. I do remember that they thought it was one good looking bike. I have to agree. A turquoise blue frame on a Duc? Kind of like pink on a Ferrari. But it just works on this bike. I totally dig it.

Here’s the seller’s comments-

This 2006 Ducati Paul Smart GT1000  (one of 2000 ever made, one of 500 imported to North America) is in great condition. I have kept it in the garage since I bought it from the dealership. I have never ridden it hard or in bad weather. All seals are fresh and it has been kept on a battery tender. Always maintained by a dealer. 100% stock!

Title is clean and in hand ready to be transferred.  

This vehicle is being sold as-is, with no warranty, written or otherwise. 

The buyer will have 48 hours to submit a $500 non-refundable deposit payable through Paypal.  The remaining balance will be submitted via bank transfer, paypal, cashiers check, or cash in hand upon pickup. 

The buyer will have to make all arrangements for pick up and/or transportation of the vehicle, and is responsible for payment of those services if necessary.  Bike is currently located in Fairfield, IA.  

Bike is also being advertised locally.  Seller reserves the right to remove this ad at any time.

And photos for your pleasure-

This bike is represented as bone stocker that has been maintained and well taken care of. So there’s really not much else to say. A production number worldwide of 2000 means you won’t see one everyday.

So if you have had a desire for one of these, here’s a great opportunity for a stock, clean unit you can enjoy for years to come. If you want this bike, make the jump!