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Bimota January 2, 2012 posted by

Greeced Lightning: 2000 Bimota DB4RS in Athens!

For Sale: 2000 Bimota DB4RS

From the far away region of Greece comes this (potentially) fantastic Bimota DB4 race bike. I say “potentially” as there is not a great deal of information available on the bike – but if all works out this could be a very significant bike indeed.

The stock DB4 utilized an air cooled Ducati 900cc L-twin, which produced approximately 80 HP. The good folks from Rimini wrapped the torquey two valve twin in a lightweight, oval-shaped aluminum perimeter frame for a claimed dry weight of 165 kilos (or about 364 pounds). Check out the specs supplied by the seller below on this race-prepped model – 140 kilos (about 308 pounds) and 95 ponies at the rear wheel. That certainly sounds like a potent package!

From the seller:






The list of tuners and suppliers on this bike is very significant: NCR, Carillo, FBF, Menon, Verlicci, Marchesini, Brembo, Paioli and FG – not to mention the LeoVince exhaust as pictured on the bike. With 1040cc worth of torque, and the light-nimble handling of the modified Bimota frame, there is no wonder that this bike powered Alessandro Tomassoni to victory.

In my research, I was not able to find any bespoke DB4 “RS” designated models (so perhaps our knowledgeable RSBFS readers can chime in), but Bimota certainly did go racing with the DB4 – and Tomassoni ended up winning the 2000 Championship. Here is a picture below of Tomassoni at speed:

I also found this news report regarding the inaugural win of the Bimota DB4 in the SuperTwins cup. From the archives:

Monday 08th, May
A successful debut for the Bimota DB4 I.E. in the Formula Twins European Cup 2000.
A new great international success for Bimota. A few days after the amazing win in the Superbike, a new win yesterday in the Formula Twins European Cup 2000. The Italian rider Alessandro Tomassoni, on the DB4 Electronic Injection, tuned by the Rimini-based team “Bimota GRB”, dominated the first round of the Championship held at the Italian circuit of Vallelunga. Pole position and win with more than 8 seconds ahead of the followers: a peremptory win, achieved among 34 riders from all countries and several twin-cylinder bikes, including an official Buell. The Championship formula allows any kind of modification and therefore it’s contested by most of the best tuners. Let’s reward the GRB team which, in two months only, tuned up a very powerful DB4 I.E., also thanks to the precious co-operation with Fast by Ferracci. The second round of the Formula Twins European Cup 2000 will be held at Rijeka, on July 9th 2000.

History shows that Alessandro Tomassoni went on to win the championship that year. His success was never far from twin cylinder machinery, as he was also very successful in the BMW Boxer Cup series as evidenced below (Tomassoni is bike #4).

This rare race Bimota with what appears to be a stout racing history is available now. The bike is located in Athens, Greece, and the opening ask for the auction is steep: $24,000 (Range Rover not included). Interested parties would be wise to conduct additional research, acquire more pictures of the bike, and obtain additional history. All signs point to some pretty remarkable hardware and progeny, but you can check it out yourself here. What do you think?


Bimota December 21, 2011 posted by

Carbon Fiber Christmas! Bimota SB8R Special

For Sale: 2000 Bimota SB8R

Dear Santa: I doubt that I will ever be a good enough boy to deserve one of these carbon fiber wonders from Rimini. However I promise that if I do get one for Christmas that I will be so naughty on it that you will never, ever have to worry about getting me a present in the future……

Hmmm. Clearly my Santa writing needs some work. Thankfully this bike does not. Sit back, good RSBFS reader, and enjoy a few pages of unadulturated Italian goodness.

Let’s look at some numbers: With a reported 908 miles on the odometer, the SB8R “Special” was limited to approximately 150 units or so total. The Special is – for all intents and purposes – a standard SB8R draped with more carbon fiber than you can shake an aerospace stick at. The results are nothing more than stunning, as I’m sure you will agree.

More than one of these carbonated fizzy drinks have been listed on our site: This one has mileage so close to today’s post as to be the same bike; we also posted this one. I’ll take any of the three, thank you very much.

From the seller:
2000 BiMota SB8R superbike for sale from San Francisco Sports Cars. This hand-built super bike is now available for sale; with only 908 miles on the odometer this BiMota SB8R is like new. The highly engineered carbon fiber and aluminum frame and carbon fiber body, are hand assembled and represent the finest craftsmanship Italy has to offer. At every turn you see the handworking and design that went into building this spectacular bike. Accompanying the striking design, a Suzuki Sourced motor is coupled with a custom Magneti Marelli ECU, faring integrated functional ram-air cooling and Paioli upside down forks to create a true performance machine.

This is not your everyday bike. Don’t miss an opportunity to own this low mileage, hand-built exotic bike!

There is always a risk that by putting ole St. Nick in the know will result in him wanting this bike instead of giving it to me. I will admit the danger; however the belief that the jolly fat man is more into red bikes than carbon helps even the odds. Besides, I’m not sure the big guy is sportbike material – these SB8R machines have tight cockpits, and could you image what would happen should his beard get stuck in the steering damper? All the Whos in Whoville would clearly be shocked and saddened by that outcome…

If you are the selfish sort and want this bike for yourself rather than saving it for Santa to deliver to me on the eve of the 24th (I promise not to light the fireplace that night…), your chance is now. Click the link and jump over to the auction. Bid to win, Mr. Scrooge – this is one Christmas wish that *somebody* deserves, even if it’s not me. Good luck!


Bimota October 13, 2011 posted by

Credit where it is due: 1996 Bimota Bimota 500 Vdue

For Sale: 1996 Bimota Bimota 500 Vdue

Every manufacturer has a milestone bike – that one machine that defines the company, the era, the vision and the future. For Bimota, the Vdue was that bike. I know you already understand how rare most Bimotas are. Well *this* Bimota is the ONLY bike ever to utilize a Bimota engine. Whereas all the other Bimota models relied upon another manufacturer for powerplant and transmission, the Vdue was to be the birth of a bigger Bimota; a Bimota that made entire motorcycles just like the big boys.

There is a saying: “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there usually is.” Such was the fate of the Vdue. On paper, this was a stunning technical achievement. 500cc of v-twin two stroke power, the Vdue utilized computerized fuel injection to allow more power, higher RPM and cleaner burning (the latter being very important to allow a smoker past tightening European emissions regulations). The rest of the bike was equally enthralling: Aluminum chassis with oval tubes and CNC machined bits everywhere, Ohlins rear shock, Paioli fork, Brembo brakes, carbon fiber bodywork…

Unfortunately, what worked on paper was less effective in the flesh. Problems were immediately encountered with customer bikes. Some issues included unpredictable and explosive power delivery when the computerized injection disagreed with the rider’s throttle input, electrical issues where the computer would not work at all, constant spark plug fouling and even some reports of piston and crank failure.

Ultimately, Bimota recalled all of the affected bikes with a plan to “upgrade” the model to carburetors. Amidst the bad publicity, the process churn and the unrealized return on a huge investment, Bimota went under. This milestone motorcycle, the pinnacle for a noted builder of amazing motorcycles, literally sunk the company.

From the seller:
Bimota 500 Vdue Evoluzione 04 BRAND NEW!!!!

The Evoluzione has been deeply modified from the original version: new digital instrument panel, new wire harness, 39mm Dell’Orto carbs, carbon fiber airbox, new oil seal and bearing and revised oil passages inside the cranks.
It has been dynotested at 116hp of raw 2 stroke power!!!

More info on the bike can be found here:

The little italian has been stored for over 6 years…but now it has to go!
It was imported as a race bike, assembled as street legal but never been registered.
The bike does not come with warranty or any type of documents but has original manual, rear wheel stand and original tool bag (included).

After this long storage time, it will need a new battery, a carb clean and some TLC to start smoking up your neighborhood.

Even if new and never ridden on the road, the fairing has some minor cracks.
The worst can be seen in the pictures.
This part (a small trim underneath the top fairing) can be supplied as other parts or spare parts, BUT ARE NOT INCLUDED in this auction.
I’m more than willing to discuss this AFTER you pick up the bike

The follow-on story to the Vdue debacle is almost as interesting as the origin of the bike in the first place. Due to the recall, there was an inventory of dozens of completed Vdues, spares, and enough parts to assemble several more bikes. These assets were purchased from bankruptcy and a new business sprung up: Delivering carbureted and modified Vdues to market and selling them as essentially new bikes. It is in this manner that today’s bike is available – and rideable, thanks to the mods available via Vdue USA.

Because of all the issues, it is rare to find a Vdue with many miles. After all, most did not run well – if at all. Still, despite the low mileage (10), this bike still shows some unfortunate damage. As a prospective buyer, RSBFS always recommends doing as much research as possible, asking the seller questions, and in this case asking for more hi-res pictures. The bike looks authentic, but the supplied pictures are relatively few for such a rare ride.

There is also the question of origin. The seller did not list a VIN number, but shows the model year as 1996. My research shows that the Vdue was not introduced until 1997. Again, talking with the seller might help clear up this little discrepancy.

This bike is available right now. The BIN price is set at $23,000, although the seller is willing to entertain offers. This price is not out of line for a fully sorted and perfect Vdue, but might be a bit high considering the unknowns and the lack of title. Check out all of the details here, and then let us know what you think. After all, it is not every day you get the opportunity to buy a milestone bike that sunk a company… Good Luck, and make sure you tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Laverda April 17, 2010 posted by

1999 Laverda 750S With 4,086 Original Miles In Connecticut

This looks to be a very nice Laverda, fully-faired, 750S with low miles!  Located in Greenwich, Connecticut is a 1999 Laverda 750S with 4,086 original miles.  The seller makes no mention of maintenance history or condition other than that the bike is in “Very good condition.”  The asking price is $7,500.  This appears to be a bit high but, with the mileage and the fact that we’ve seen very few 750S that actually sell to gauge a price on, it’s worth it to ask!

This was the first new bike to be released from the new Laverda ownership which started in 1993.  These 750s’s feature adjustable Paioli 41mm USD forks, Termignoni factory exhaust, Brembo Goldline calipers with 320mm rotors and Marchesini cast wheels.   These bikes were introduced in 1997 and lasted through to the take over by Aprilia in 2000.  I haven’t had a chance to ride one of these but I don’t doubt they just as intriguing as the Ducati SuperSports and just as good looking.  If you’d like something that is just as special as a SuperSport but also just a bit more so, see this 750S on Craigslist here.


Moto Guzzi March 3, 2010 posted by

2001 Ghezzi & Brian Supertwin 1100 With 2,700 Miles

If you’re a fan of hand-built, Italian, craftsmanship and like your twins transverse; This Ghezzi & Brian is for you!  Located in Denver, Colorado is a 2001 Ghezzi & Brian Supertwin 1100 with 2,700 original miles.  Phil posted a Supertwin this time last year, making this only the second Supertwin we’ve had on the site.  This example is finished in stunning bright blue and electric pink–you can forgive your friends at bike-night when they think you’ve ridden up on a Britten!  Ghezzi & Brian was created in 1995 and these Supertwin examples are inspired by Giuseppe Ghezzi’s Italian Supertwins Championship in 1996.  Some technical details about the Supertwin:

Like Guzzi’s original, Ghezzi’s frame is based on a steel spine and uses the motor as a stressed member, but that’s where the similarities end. The Supertwin spine doubles not as the oil tank but as the airbox, taking in air under the tank to feed the intakes that run back from those jutting cylinders.  There’s plenty of clever engineering rearward, too, where a multiadjustable Bitubo shock lies horizontally and is worked by a rising-rate linkage. In Guzzi fashion the Supertwin’s box-section steel swingarm incorporates a parallelogram arrangement to cancel torque reaction.  But this bike’s real innovation is up front, where its multiadjustable, inverted Paioli fork holds a 17-inch wheel whose twin discs are a massive 420mm in diameter, and are fixed to the rim rather than the hub. The entire system, incorporating four-piston calipers biting on thin discs that are fully floating to allow for heat expansion, has been developed by local firm Braking, in conjunction with Marchesini, manufacturer of the wheel.

More information can be read here, as this bike has a laundry list of special items–it isn’t just a re-badged Moto Guzzi.  With it’s specifications and rarity this bike is a real stunner–the blue & pink scheme doesn’t hurt either.  The asking price for this example is $17,999.  If you feel that Bimotas are far too common and love an Italian V-Twin, see this Supertwin here.