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Pocket Rocket – 1988 Honda NSR250R

1988 Honda NSR250R on eBay


The Honda NSR250R should be on everybody’s bucket list of bikes to own and ride before they die.  There’s nothing that makes you feel like you’re living your GP dreams quite like screaming to redline and feeling that 2-stroke powerband change your perception of 250s in an instant.   While 45hp might not seem like a lot (OK, it’s not)… there’s much more to this bike than just horsepower.  For starters, the NSR tips the scales at just 315lbs wet.  So next time you’re at the gym, pick up 135lbs and realize that’s how much LESS the NSR250R weighs than a typical 600cc sportbike.  With it’s light weight, attention grabbing powerband, narrow frame and short wheelbase, you begin to understand why these little 250s are a force to be reckoned with when the roads get twisty.  And then there’s the sound… that glorious, glorious sound.


The MC18 model here is the second generation of the NSR250R and it saw significant improvements.  The carb is 4mm larger and the engine management is improved for better throttle response over the earlier model.  Honda also moved the engine forward and lower in the frame which makes directional changes that much quicker.   The fact that these little gems were never officially imported into the US means that customs paperwork and titles can sometimes be an issue… but all of the hard work is done here.  The seller states that it already has a US title, has new fairings and comes with a generous assortment of spares.  So if you’re looking for a hassle free 2-stroke 250, now might be the time!  You can check out the auction here: 1988 Honda NSR250R on eBay

From the seller:

Very clean Gray Market Street Legal 250ccTwo-Stroke Sport Bike. Imported from Japan in June of 2000. All stock. Runs, idles, rides and stops as it should. Very strong pull when it hits the power band. No damage, rust or corrosion anywhere. All new fairings and paint on tank. Also includes original fairings and many spare parts including brand new brake pads, extra rotors, calipers, fork assy, speedo and more (see photos). The spare parts are included with the sale.


Pocket Rocket – 1988 Honda NSR250R
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All the Toys: Honda NSR250

Honda NSR250 R Side

Here’s one from Craigslist in South Carolina, a Honda NSR250. The NSR250 was a roadgoing two-stroke v-twin sportbike that’s been largely forgotten here in the Land of “Bigger is Better,” where two-strokes have long since vanished from the road. But among those in-the-know, they’re much sought-after by collectors and fans of the two-stroke Moto GP era, and riders looking for a light, fast track day machine that stresses finesse over brute power.

Honda NSR250 R Side Front

250’s are often associated with the derogatory “learner bike” epithet, but it’s obvious at a glance that this is no commuter or toy: triple disc brakes, aluminum frame, and single-sided swingarm scream “high-performance” and the six-speed cassette gearbox obviously offers no real benefit for a street bike… The NSR’s little 249cc v-twin featured about 45bhp stock, but can be tuned to make as much as 60 without breaking a sweat, and that makes for a potent package in a bike that weighed in under 300lbs dry.

Honda NSR250 L Side Rear

In addition, this example features a host of tasty, high-spec upgrades to the bike’s components, swapping in lighter, or higher-performing items to increase racetrack prowess, although it still has road-legal lights and signals. It looks to be in great shape, but there’s a bit of a fly in the ointment… From the original Craigslist posting: Honda NSR250 for Sale

Honda NSR250 titled and street legal in SC. Bike is in very nice condition, but it is not 100% original so I am pricing accordingly at $8500 obo with SE wheels and stock credit card PGM, or $10.5k obo for SP wheels and PGM with stock and HRC credit cards w/ other HRC upgrades:

1) Titled in SC as a 2008 ASVE NSR250 w/ an assigned VIN# different from the original. That means the bike was reassembled in 2008, and I could not use Honda’s name. This has nothing to do with salvage, so everything is perfect with the paperwork, and both VIN’s show on the bike and coincide in the DOT computers in TX and SC. I originally titled it in TX in 2008, and then moved to SC in 2010, and titled it in SC in 2014.
2) Frame is not original 1995 SP since original frame was altered by first US owner in Washington State, therefore I have a different frame that does not have the ’95 SP series VIN #, but I suspect it was a ’94 or ’95 frame.
3) I sold the original SP forks and it now has SE forks on it. They look great and were rebuilt recently.
4) I do not run oil injection and I do not have the parts, but they are available on ebay cheap.
5) 1995 SP Dry Clutch Motor is fully rebuilt with less than 50 miles on it. It is awesome, pulling small power wheelies in partially restricted mode/stock carbs in 1st and 2nd gear. Wiring is stock and not spliced yet.
6) JHA aftermarket pipes with Tyga silencers
7) HRC airbox with Hi-Flo reeds, stock carbs, and Uni-filters
8) HRC single core radiator, hose, lower head conversion, and overflow system with no thermostat – continuous flow and works great
9) Penske Rear Shock that was rebuilt/sprung by Thermosman
10) Very nice 1995 SP bodywork with an excellent OEM spare upper fairing
11) 1995 SP Tank was repainted with original OEM decals and then cleared over – looks very good.

Honda NSR250 Dash

The list goes on, and includes modifications and updates. Those modifications destroy the originality a bit, but it uses appropriate, high-quality parts that should improve performance and look very trick… Unfortunately, the price seems a bit on the high side, considering those title issues that the seller mentions. Whether or not this will present a problem for you will depend on where you live and your intended use: many state DMV’s have relatively lax rules, but the iffy status could cause problems if you try to register it in someplace like California or New York… So, caveat emptor.

Of course, if you buy this as a track bike, a role for which it should be ideally suited, you can sidestep that whole problem.

Honda NSR250 L Side Front

So: a great-looking rider, not a collector. A really, really nice “bitsa” as the Brits say. If your local DMV doesn’t object to the funky title, this will be the perfect tool to terrorize your local back roads. If they do object, sell the lights and street bodywork on eBay, fit some lightweight panels, and have yourself a grand old time passing much bigger machines on the brakes and in the corners at your local race track.


Honda NSR250 L Side

All the Toys: Honda NSR250
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Fresh From the Crate: 1989 Honda RS250

1989 Honda RS250 R Side

Here in the good ol’ US of A, 250cc motorcycles are generally lumped in with scooters in terms of the respect they get. And while scooters may be fun to ride, no one wants to be seen doing it. And two-strokes? Emissions legislation killed those by the early 1980’s so most Americans’ experience with smokers involves knobby tires and Renthal bars.

But if you’re a racing fan, or grew up in Europe, bikes like this Honda RS250 would have you drooling like a squid over a turbocharged Hayabusa with a ghost flame paint job. At a recent track day, I came across a beautiful Rothman’s NSR250R that attracted plenty of attention, although everyone gawking at it seemed to be speaking with a funny accent…

1989 Honda RS250 Engine

1989 Honda RS250 for sale on eBay

Make no mistake, the RS250 is no joke. It’s no learner bike, or inexpensive track ride: it’s a pure racing motorcycle, and needs the upkeep you’d expect of a GP machine. Powered by a nearly square 54×54.5mm two-stroke v-twin that snarled out over 90hp and weighed 223lbs dry.

1989 Honda RS250 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Honda RS250 for Sale

A truly unique opportunity!

This is a brand new, never ridden Honda RS250 Grand Prix bike from 1989. It has been kept in one owners collection on display from new. As the photographs show it is in exceptional condition apart from some age-related deterioration (tyres cracked etc.) and fading at places on the fairing where at some point it had stickers. The build quality of these GP Honda’s is stunning and as would be expected everything is totally original down to the original Japanese factory warning stickers!

This is sure to be a great investment as prices for GP 2-strokes continue to rise.

1989 Honda RS250 Clutch

While on paper it seems like this RS250 be comparable to more familiar RGV or TZ, the Honda is generally considered to be less privateer-friendly because of its very high state of tune, with a harder edge and a less-forgiving nature.

Of course, you may not be worried about riding this one, since riding it would basically ruin the fact that it’s basically a brand-new motorcycle from 1989…

1989 Honda RS250 Airbox

Bidding is up over $17,500 with a bit more time left on the auction. It’s located in the UK, but the seller is ready to ship the bike anywhere in the world.


1989 Honda RS250 L Side

Fresh From the Crate: 1989 Honda RS250
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Fast Freddie: 1984 Honda VF500 Interceptor Spencer Replica

Update 10.13.2014: We last saw this bike for sale in 2012 but it’s back on eBay with an opening bid of $1,900, from the original seller I believe as well. Thanks for the heads up Marty, -dc

I bet at first glance you thought that was an old NS/NSR of some sort. For the most part we lust after close to stock two wheeled rarities here at RSBFS. Generally the more you modify a bike the more it appeals to just you. Every now and then though someone gets it right and I think we have an example here. Would your first guess have been a 1984 VF500? Liar! Yes, I know it isn’t even a two stroke (like Spencers GP bikes) but excluding the chambers poking out it is a darn good replica.

As always, I wish there was more info:

1984 Honda vf 500 interceptor. Built as a tribute to Freddie Spencers gp racing bikes. Many custom and vintage parts, new tires, brake pads, ss braided brake and clutch lines, nissin brake and clutch master cylinders, tons of suspension mods. More pics can be seen at bradwsm flickr.Pictures with the number “1” in plate are the most recent, all pics are of the actual bike. This is not a show bike and it is titled and registered, so there are some scratches and imperfections

Be sure to check out his Flickr page. It has more pictures of the bike and some of his other projects that look quite interesting. It looks like he is working on a four stroke powered KR replica.

I’d love to see it without the bodywork. Is that a NS400 swing arm? It cracks me up how race like the little Interceptor looks: A+ in my book. I’ve been a Honda hater for years but I love this thing.

He has an auction going and a BIN of $3,500. Now of course the book value is way below that but that really doesn’t sound like a bad price for a unique bike like this if the attention to detail on the build is good.

Check it out.


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Featured Listing: 1990 Honda NSR250SP Cabin Racing with only 700 Miles!

Update 10.9.2014: SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Update 9.8.2014: Price updated to $10,800. Thanks again Jason. -dc

1990 Honda NSR250SP  for sale

Today’s Featured Listing is this rare and very low mileage Cabin Tobacco color schemed NSR250SP MC21. The seller states it’s an all original model with OEM bodywork, stickers, wiring, etc. This means of course that it’s restricted being a JDM motorcycle, but for the collector that wants one as it was from the showroom, your wait may be over.


Thank you for helping to support the site with a Featured Listing!


from the seller:

Hello All:

This bike is from my personal collection while I was living in Japan.
My Firm had sent me overseas as an Expat in Japan and now returned to Canada.

1990 Honda MC21 NSR250SP
Cabin Tobacco Racing Scheme (2,500 Units Made)

Engine VIN# MC16E-120XXXX
Sticker Mark Code: NSR250R9L-J (Cabin Racing)
Main Color Code: R-134A (Fighting Red)

– Titled / Registered & Legally Plated with Correct 11 Digit VIN
– VIN Stamped on Headstock
– X2 OEM Honda Keys
– OEM Honda Tool Pouch
– Books / Manuals
– Book – HRC Tuning Manual
– Book – Honda NSR250R – “Owners Bible”
– Book – Honda NSR250R – “Biography of the Strongest 2-Stroke Machine”
– DVD – Basic Technology from HRC
– Carton – Cabin American Blend Orignal Blend from Japan
– Parts & Assembly Microfiche -145 Pages

Museum Condition 9 of 10:
Bikes Stored Heated Indoors In Japan & North America
100% OEM Plastics with
– Original External Honda Cabin Stickers
– Orignal Internal Safety/Warning Labels

All Factory Labels all in place:
– Fuel Tank Warning Stickers
– Windscreen Stickers
– Safety Stickers on the Tank
– MC21 Nameplate on Frame
– VIN Stamped On Headstock
– Directional Arrows on Magtek Wheels

Mileage: 1,165 kms
– This is the Original Factory Kms
– Nothing has been altered (odometers / parts / components / etc) to hide or deieve this

MC21 Specific Goodies:
– PGM-III Computer
– All Original Wire Loom
– Unbutchered / No Wire Splices Wire Loom to the PGM-III
– This has not been De-Resticted
– Lots of MC21 Destricting Information Online (Tyga, etc)

– Gullarm – Braced RR Swing Arm
– Common to CBR 250 RR / 400RR / MC22 / NC29
– Oil Injection System (No Premix)
– Original System (Non tampered)

SP Specific Goodies:
– Dry Racing Clutch
– Gold Magtek (Made by Enkei) Magnesium Wheels
– Fully Adjustable Showa FR & RR Suspension
– Cabin Tobacco Racing Spec
– Original Sprokets & Gold DID Chain
– 2,500 Units Made

– Engine & Carb Professionally Setup
– FR Cylinder Head KV3H E-2
– RR Cylinder Head KV3H E-1

– Forks Rebuilt (Seals & Revalved for 70kg Rider) – (Cycle Improvements – Waterloo Ontario)
– Forks Professionally Rechromed (Cycle Improvements – Waterloo Ontario)
– New FR/RR Bridgestone Battlax S20 Dual Compound

– NGK-R BR9ECM Spark Plugs
– Keihin TA22 (32mm X 2) Carbs
– All OEM Jets
– Main #128 / Slow #38-S

– Amsoil Dominator Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil
– Amsoil Synthetic Gear Oil

Asking $12,000, now $10,800

Will Support buyer with shipping, crating, documentation.
Buyer to coordinate with shipper and customs requirements.

Featured Listing:  1990 Honda NSR250SP Cabin Racing with only 700 Miles!
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Titled Two-Stroke! 1987 Honda NSR250R for Sale

The first year of Honda’s long-running two-stroke race-replica series, this NSR250R looks to be in very good, unrestored shape and has a valid title and is currently road-registered!

The NSR250R was powered by an ever-so-slightly undersquare 249cc, liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin. It was fed by a pair of carburetors and featured Hondas ATAC torque-boosting system to plump up the little 90° twin’s midrange. Power went to the rear wheel through a cassette-type six-speed gearbox designed for faster gearing changes trackside, although it obviously makes transmission jobs easier for road riders…

1987 Honda NSR250 L Side

Unlike many small-displacement motorcycles, these are seriously high-performance machines, with modified versions capable of making well north of 50hp. Styled to closely resemble the successful RS250RF race bikes they featured an aluminum twin-spar frame, triple-disc brakes, and all the mass-centralization and weight-reduction tricks found on larger sports motorcycles.

1987 Honda NSR250 R Detail

From the original eBay listing: 1987 Honda NSR250 for Sale

This is a rare Honda NSR250R MC16 in excellent, original condition. I have owned this bike for 13yrs. It is a grey market motorcycle currently titled and registered in Colorado, USA.

It has all original undamaged body work and body stickers. The engine is a V twin, watercooled 2stroke with oil injection. The bike has only 6385km. (3950miles). Everything works as it should. It is fast and fun to ride. 

The rear tire and battery are near new. I rebuilt the master cylinder and installed a new original fuel petcock. The bike has never had an accident or damage. Included is a factory parts book and CD.

1987 Honda NSR250 Front

Titled two-strokes are very desirable things around these parts. They were never that common in the US in the first place, and emissions laws killed them off sooner here than over in Europe and Japan, where two-strokes were both more popular and road legal for longer.

1987 Honda NSR250 Tank

1987 was the first year of this little race-rep and red was the most often-seen color, although the bike was also available in less common blue or white. Asking price is $5,200 although the reserve has not yet been met and bidding is only up to about $2,900 as I write this. I realize that five grand buys a whole lot of motorcycle these days, but for something so cool, nimble and collectable, it seems a small price to pay.


1987 Honda NSR250 R Fairing

Titled Two-Stroke! 1987 Honda NSR250R for Sale
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For Display Purposes Only: 1994 Honda NSR250SP Rothman’s Edition

Originally posted in July, this NSR is back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

This is actually a very nice NSR250R SP in Rothman’s livery, a road-legal version of Honda’s 250 race bike that obviously includes all the necessary lights and signals to keep you looking suitably responsible. The little 250cc two-stroke v-twin pumped out about 45hp as stock, but up to 60 when suitably de-restricted. Which, when pushing a bike that weighs under 300lbs dry, would make it quite the surprise for much bigger machines, considering the snarly little leaf-blower noises and heavy smoke dripping out of the pipes.

1994 Honda NSR250 Rothman’s Edition for sale on eBay


1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans R Side

If you’re not familiar with the Rothman’s name, they were a premium tobacco manufacturer that sponsored Honda’s GP motorcycle racing efforts between 1985 and 1993. Their stable of brands also included Players and Dunhill, two other brands famous for their motorsports connections.

This is a very slick little machine, but presents a serious problem for someone like me. It’s way too nice to beat up on the track, and without a title there’s not much chance of you using it on the street, unless you live in a state with a very permissive DMV. So this one looks to be a collector’s item, forever doomed to sit in an office, garage, or museum, never to turn a wheel in anger…

1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans tail nose

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Honda NSR250 Rothman’s Edition

The MC28 SP bikes represent the fifth generation of Honda 250 two-strokes.  They were significantly upgraded from the fourth generation MC21s throughout the bike. The memory card “key” is very slick, the bodywork also had been upgraded for sleeker aero dynamics, and better looks to match the all new single sided swingarm (PROARM).  While there were previous versions of the Rothman’s edition, the MC28 SP was the last, and only 1,500 were made. Finding a 1994 Rothmans MC28 SP is quite rare and expensive due to the limited numbers.  This is the real thing, not aftermarket bodywork on a plain 250.  Check the VIN as well as the official part label on the tail section in the photos.

Bike comes with a limited edition Rothman’s embroidered jacket; size 52 Euro.  It also comes with a 1994 NSR250SP Parts Manual (Original), Part # 11KV3RJ5 (in Japanese), code #; D 200.2005.01, 142 pages.  You can also see more information about NSRs and an English language service manual at 

1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans Damper Detail

With no valid title, I’m curious as to how this picked up as many miles as it has. The laws regarding what constitutes “road legal” varies from state to state and who knows? Maybe you live in a state where this kind of thing might be doable. I’ve spent most of my life in New Jersey and California, and neither place has a very friendly DMV.

Honestly, I’d be tempted to buy this little dinger, put the beautiful original bodywork on the wall of my office, throw on some Airtech race plastics, put all the road equipment carefully in a box, and ride the living hell out of it.


1994 Honda NSR250 Rothmans Dash

For Display Purposes Only: 1994 Honda NSR250SP Rothman’s Edition
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LSR NSR: 1995 Honda NSR250 MC28 as raced at Bonneville


In the world of gray market two strokes, the Honda NSR is known as a sport bike. “Sport” usually refers to turning the occasional corner, be it at the track or favorite canyon. However in this particular case we see a MC28 as the platform for racing Bonneville style, where the mad scientists of speed try to pull big numbers at the far end of a straight line run. If you think that watching bikes run through a measured mile is about as exciting as watching fiberglass epoxy harden, then you are missing the big picture. Known as some of the friendliest competition on the planet, the bikes may run in solo format but they rarely get to the starting line without a lot of camaraderie and assistance. Today’s NSR has been modified for the salt, sporting partial streamlining and a capacity boost to 350cc. And while the seller claims to have run out of gearing rather than motor during the 2013 running, do not underestimate the difficulty of making decent power at nearly 1 mile of elevation on a hot day.

1995 Honda NSR250/350 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
NSR MC28. This bike ran at Bonneville in 2013. Altered/Partial Streamline, APS 350.

Engine 250cc with 300cc TYGA top end performance kit including TYGA exhaust system
New pistons and cylinders since Bonneville
Carbs are TB Keihin
Tranny is the stock 6 speed
Chain DID 520
Forks stock
Seat and Radiator stock
Dunlop Race Tires Sport Max GP
Dual Front Discs
Single Rear Disc
Lanyard shut off switch
Bodywork as seen in photos

Stock Honda bodywork also included as well as:
extra crankcase, connecting rods, 250 pistons, heads, exhaust system, primary and final drive gearing.

Runs averaged 124. Ran out of gears, before running out of “engine”.


Offered in the 350cc Bonneville configuration and including the stock bodywork and engine internals, this is a dual purpose NSR. Sure we know it makes a great canyon carver and track day bike, but wouldn’t it be great fun to truck it out to the local lakebed, add on some gearing, tweak the jetting, and tuck in? I know I would be tempted to give it a go. Check it out here, and let us know if you’ve got any Bonneville dreams of your own!



LSR NSR: 1995 Honda NSR250 MC28 as raced at Bonneville