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Honda February 23, 2014 posted by

Have You Imported a 25+ Year Old Motorcycle? 1989 Honda NSR250 SP Terra Racing

1989 Honda NSR250 MC18 Terra Racing for sale

Ian has posted these a couple of times, and like the ones for sale before, this one is also in the U.K. But they’re an unusual spot and this one is in very nice condition. Most states have more relaxed rules regarding importation for classics and this one falls right into that category if you have a spare £5,699.00 (or about $9500 USD) burning a hole in your pocket. If you’ve imported a 25+ year old bike as a classic, please leave a comment and tell us about the process.


1989 Honda NSR250 SP for sale on eBay


Have You Imported a 25+ Year Old Motorcycle?  1989 Honda NSR250 SP Terra Racing
Honda July 12, 2013 posted by

1992 Honda MC21 NSR250 SP Rothmans in California

1992 Honda NSR250 SP Rothmans For Sale

We love our cigarette sponsored race reps around here. Chesterfield, Lucky Strike, Smokin Joe, and of course the Rothmans. This bike is a listed as a 92 NSR250 SP, which is the highest spec of the series with adjustable suspension, Marvic wheels, and dry clutch being the most obvious upgrades. I should note than I’m not an NSR expert though and hope readers will comment on further details and what they can make out from the pictures. The seller contacted us via our Facebook page and noted that he bought it from Japan 7 years ago. The last MC21 Rothmans we had on the site was priced similar to this one but didn’t have a title. This one does!



from the seller:

Super Rare 1992 Honda NSR250R-SP Rothmans, SP model mean has dry clutch, magtek wheels, adjustable suspension…
Perfect stock condition,
Well maintained
only need is new battery…
11950km = 7500 miles
has some spare parts, seal and gasket, one of side panel etc…

Its been titled in AZ

Asking $9000 obo

Honda September 27, 2011 posted by

NSR Chameleon: 1992 HONDA NSR 250 SE MC21

NSR Chameleon:  1992 HONDA NSR 250 SE MC21 For Sale

Gardner and Doohan wannabe’s,  start your engines.  Just as Lucky Strike paint catches a Suzuki  mans eye,   nice Rothmans paint work does the trick for NSR men.  I don’t blame anyone for painting their bike in Rothmans colors, they look damn good and bring back memories of Honda GP dominance (unfortunately).

This one is a chameleon though,  it didn’t leave the factory looking like a pack of Rothmans cigarettes.  By the way, the seller is upfront about this and not trying to pull one over on you.

It sure looks good in pictures but paint always has to be seen in person.  The seller states the bike is stock and has our favorite piece of governmental paperwork  here at RSBFS.   That would be a nice CA title for anyone riding the short bus.

I now it is minor but the front turn signals are not stock items.  It looks like it is missing some back padding for the seat and the rear seat itself.

This one has me a little perplexed.  The Ebay listing, lists the mileage at 12,000 miles.  34,781 KM’s converts to  21,611 miles though.  You might want to ask about that.

Why do I have the urge to smoke?

I guess this is as good as time as any to talk about resprays.  What I’m about to say is a general statement and does not pertain to this actual bike.  Always be a little cautious when looking at a bike that has been resprayed.  Every now and then it is done to hide the true condition of the bike.  Be sure to look past the shiny exterior and compare the paint to the nuts, bolts, frame, hoses etc.  Make sure they are all in the same general condition.

The reason I said that doesn’t apply to this bike is I’m not noticing any of the usual corrosion of a poorly maintained/stored bike.

The details:

For sale is my 1992 NSR250 MC21 2 stroke. This bike is all original and super clean, with a fresh top end. Bike runs perfect and needs nothing but a new good home. Fully street legal, all working lights horn etc. and CURRENTLY registered in CA. The bodywork is original but has been repainted in the SP Rothmans scheme, this is NOT an SP edition bike, it is however still a very rare bike especially this clean and this original and registered with proper paperwork. Title is in hand and bike is ready to go. The reserve on this bike is super low so it is listed to sell. I know what it is worth but with the economy market value has changed. I am open to serious offers so dont hesitate to contact me.  Bikes this clean and rare are very hard to come by so take advantage while it is here. This is the only time I will be listing this bike.


So, what’s the price to live out your Rothmans fantasies?  The seller has BIN of $6,500 to go along with the auction.  I’m guessing in this soft market that BIN price is optimistic.  The only bikes  I’ve seen selling for top dollar currently are the true collectibles.  That means low mile, original bikes of the rarest versions.  Considering the year, mileage, model and market I’m thinking  $4,500-$5,200.  What do you think Honda boys?  The seller claims the reserve is set quite low.  To find out how low, place a bid here.