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Honda September 2, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing: 1994 Honda NSR250 SE for Sale

Update 9.4.2016: I’ve received word that this bike is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

This Featured Listing is part of a set from the sellers for a VFR400, TZR250, and an NSR250. They are available for purchase as a group or individually. The sellers are available this labor day weekend for personal inspections in Southern California. -dc



1994 Honda NSR250 SE L Front

Competition may have been fierce in the 250cc two-stroke class, but it always seemed like it was Honda’s 800 pound gorilla that was setting the pace, with the others scrambling to keep up. Sure, there were plenty of fast bikes from Suzuki, Yamaha, and a couple years of krazy Kawasaki shenanigans, but the NSR250 seemed to define the class, and is certainly the most well-known bike. Today’s featured listing is the final iteration of the little sports Honda, and possibly the most desirable as well, the Honda NSR250 SE MC28.

1994 Honda NSR250 SE Front Wheel

Built between 1994 and 1998, the MC28 was actually the heaviest of the series, as that very trick-looking single-sided swingarm added noticeable weight compared to the more conventional item. This SE “Super Edition” has most of the even rarer “Sport Production” edition goodies, with the SP’s dry clutch and adjustable suspension at both ends. It only lacked the SP’s magnesium wheels.

1994 Honda NSR250 SE L Rear

The NSR250 MC28’s electronics weren’t as flashy as those very trick hard parts, but contained some of the bike’s most exotic technology. Introduced on 1987’s MC18, Honda’s PGM interpreted throttle position and rpm to simply adjust the RC “Revolutionary Controlled” Valve and air-correction circuit for improved midrange response. The Later PGM-II system added ignition timing to the magic box’s repertoire and the bike ultimately could create a 3-D ignition map from the various sensor inputs, strange when you think of that technology combined with good old-fashioned carburetors.

1994 Honda NSR250 SE Dash

The MC28 version of the PGM-IV had the famous digital Smartcard in place of a key, and that card also stored ignition maps for the engine, along with a tiny gascap key that slotted into the corner! Want more performance for your racebike? Just get a real-deal HRC card and voila: 60hp! Unfortunately, that same technology means de-restricting the bike from the government-mandated 45hp can be devilishly difficult. Ideally, you’d just track down an original card, but that can be an expensive option or simply impossible.

1994 Honda NSR250 SE R Rear

So while the MC28 might not be the lightest, or the fastest two-stroke, it is arguably one of the best-looking sportbikes of the era and is absolutely dripping innovative technology and Honda refinement.

From the Seller: 1994 Honda NSR250 SE (MC28)

$9,000 with 34,938km

Purchased in 2011 from RSBFS listing, CA titled & current registration, this NSR has the Tyga 300cc big bore kit & expansion chambers, upper triple clamp, and rearsets, fresh Dunlop Sportmax tires, and new fork seals & front pads. Oil injection intact. A few very minor fairing scuffs and cracks, this bike needs nothing, ready to ride.

Spares & Extras: used OEM bodywork pieces (upper cowl, R side panels & tail section), cowl stay, stock upper triple clamp & more.

A bit of quick math indicates that the bike has 21,709 miles on the clock. As I mentioned in the TZR250 listing, parts availability can be difficult for these grey-market bikes, and plenty of owners have already begun hoarding critical maintenance parts for the rarer models. I haven’t tried to run one of these, but poking around the internet, one of the real advantages, besides the obvious Honda innovation and quality, is the relative parts availability in terms of aftermarket support for the NSR. Certainly, the other bikes in the class have their charms, Honda is, well: Honda. $9,000 is a big number for a little two-stroke, but the MC28 version of the NSR250 SE represents the pinnacle of the class in terms of technology and rarity, especially here in the USA, and that CA title is worth its weight in gold.


1994 Honda NSR250 SE R Front

Featured Listing: 1994 Honda NSR250 SE for Sale
Honda July 29, 2013 posted by

1999 Honda NSR250 SE MC28 in Florida

1999 Honda NSR250 SE For Sale

Good morning, care for smoke? Today we have what is being sold as one of the last NSR250s made with 1999 being the last year of production. And with a Florida title! This one has been ridden albeit it just 9k miles. It comes with both the standard and HRC ignition cards. It does have a few issues that the seller has described and photographed well, but still looks very sharp to these eyes. He states that he bought it 8 years ago for over $10k so that could be a clue as to where the reserve is set. Currently no bids with an opening of $4k.


1999 Honda NSR250 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

The MC28 2-stroke motorcycle was the apex and final edition of the storied 250cc twin cylinder line – production ended in May 1999. THIS WAS ONE OF THE LAST NSR250s EVER MADE. The SE model with the dry clutch and it’s fully adjustable cartridge type front suspension, rear adjustable damper, Pro-Arm single-sided rear swingarm, and the only Honda to utilize the PGMIV ignition “Smart Card” – the ultimate tool in engine management. This ignition/key for starting this bike is done by electronic “card”. This bike comes with the standard SE Card -PLUS- a limited edition HRC Card, each card has its own ignition characteristics – affecting performance/acceleration. Color; Ross white and violet with yellow accents.

VALID FLORIDA TITLE ! Approximately 9,000 miles (speedo is in kilometers) mileage is approximate because I keep riding it.

This motorcycle is driven weekly and performs wonderfully. Great acceleration, smooth shifting, fantastic breaks, and at its best in tight corners. This bike runs flawlessly. It is a true blast to ride and the bike is in great condition.

I paid $10,000+ for this bike in 2005. Note, this is NOT QUITE a museum bike (SEE PICTURES) but a very well maintained, unique motorcycle, with valid title, and not available in the U.S. market. Full disclosure about this bike;

1) It has a custom, single side, two silencer, chrome exhaust system. One of the pipes developed a crack and I had it welded 3 years/2,000+ miles ago. No leaks in that time and no additional cracking. Because it is a custom exhaust I had to widen the belly pan by 1 inch. There are 2 metal brackets that hold the belly pan on the bottom – cannot be seen unless you get under the bike.

2) There are no rear turn signals because the custom exhaust would contact one side signal. The front turn signals DO work. OEM exhaust system and turn signals are available and cost approximately $2,000 from multiple sources in Japan or England.

3) The wire that leads from the auto-oiler to the ignition system, that tells you when the oil is low, is broken (but can be repaired I’m told). Thus the “oil warning” light is always on. However, this does NOT affect the speedo operation or the drivability. A full auto-oiler reservoir = 2 tanks of gas. All you need is to remember to put two-stroke oil in every other tank of gas.

4) The radiator overflow tank has developed a crack and does not hold fluid. No fluid has ever overflowed from the radiator into this tank in 8 years while riding in FL. Has never impacted the operation of the bike. You can get another from Japan or England.

5) The bike has a few, very small nicks in the paint/stickers but looks great (see pictures).


1999 Honda NSR250 SE MC28 in Florida
Honda August 8, 2012 posted by

Two-Stroke Alert! 1995 Honda NSR250SE (MC28)

Location: Rockford, IL

Miles: 0?

Price: Currently $8,100 with Reserve

Here is a good one for all you two stroke fans out there! The Honda MC28 was the pinnacle of the NSR250’s as it was the last generation. It featured PGMIV technology as well as the Proarm swing arm as seen on other Honda models of the time. This is what 250 two-strokes are all about!

The bike up for sale may look like an SP at first glance, but it is actually an SE model wearing OEM Repsol body work. I’m not complaining, because I this is definitely my favorite body work of the NSR’s. Also, this bike has apparently not been ridden since being imported 14 years ago. It has however had a complete restoration including a rebuilt engine, Re-sprung SE forks, Ohlins rear and steering dampener, new chambers, lots of carbon bits, and a host of other upgrades.

From the seller:

1995 Honda NSR 250 MC-28

OEM Repsol Bodywork –

SP Forks Re-Sprung and Gold Valving and the lower fork legs hard anodized black – all work done by Race Tech

Ohlins Rear suspension and Ohlins steering damper

The Motor was completely bead blasted and powder coated black and completely rebuilt – New crank/pistons & rings/power valves shafts & seals – All gaskets & Just about every nut, bolt, stud on the motor was replaced w/OEM Honda

TSR Stainless steel Chambers With Carbon/Kevlar Silencers With Titanium Outlets

HRC Harness and 030 Card – HRC Lower Head – HRC Reed Stuffers HRC Jet Kit (carbs also completely rebuilt) HRC Rear Brake Reservoir

Since the HRC Harness has no provisions for lights a custom harness was installed to run parallel but completely separate from the HRC Harness – the harness runs Head light, tail light and gauges

Tyga CNC Triple Clamp, Rear sets with carbon heal plates, and brake & clutch levers – Carbon clutch cover, Carbon Gauge Cover, Carbon Radiator Cover. And a couple misc custom carbon covers – speedo drive block off plate, steering head lock block off plate etc

Goodridge Brake Lines Carbon/Kevlar with stainless steel fittings

PFM Rear Brake Rotor

Wave front Rotors

Ferodo Brake Pads

AFAM Sprockets & DID Chain

A few titanium bolts – Rear axle Nut – subframe support – front & rear brake caliper – front axle pinch bolts etc – And a bunch of stainless steel nuts bolts etc

There is also a Rear stand, Parts Manual, Service Manual And HRC Manual (HRC Manual in English & Japanese) And a spare set of carbs as well as the rest of the HRC Jet Kit, a few other odds and ends and a couple of the stock pieces that came off the bike.

I Have owned this bike for 14 yrs, aside from the importer I am the first US Owner and in the 14 yrs I’ve owned it it has NEVER been ridden it sat unfinished in my basement for a very long time & recently decided to finish my project, it has never seen any sort of rain or adverse conditions, The only issue i know of are a very small blemish on the front upper cowl (see photo) – I’ve been told it would be very easy to remove but I do not want to alter the stock bodywork in any way

In my opinion the bike is equal to or better than something that just rolled out of the crate, feel free to contact me with any questions

The bike is being sold ”AS IS”

Just to clarify, This bike is Not an original SP. This bike started off as an SE-R2R and was upgraded with SP forks and SP bodywork.

This is hardly a bone-stock example of an NSR250. But what it lacks in originality, it more than makes up for in high quality upgrades and appearance. The seller states that it is at zero miles since the rebuild, but no mention of Km’s on the odometer. But that number shouldn’t make too much of a difference on the price of this bike given its “like new” status of all its new parts. That OEM Repsol body work is rare as well given that only 1,000 SP were produced in that livery. Bidding is already off to a fast start, but the reserve remains in place as of now. You can check out the auction here and place your bid!


Honda February 4, 2012 posted by

Smile! 1991 Honda NSR250 SP Pentax Edition (MC21)

Smile!  1991 Honda NSR250 SP Pentax Edition (MC21)

Man, this stinks!  I’m stuck here in the Sovietesque RSBFS offices and the boss in away sunning in the tropics.   While he is gone I’m going  to sneak in some more eye candy from the old world.

Whoever runs this shop in the UK has good taste as they are  bringing in some nice and rare NSR’s.   I can’t say I’ve seen a Pentax Edition before and didn’t even know they had sponsored  a Honda race team.  Remember when race teams actually had sponsors?


Is it a 1990 or 1991?  It is listed as a 1990 but several web searches came back with 1991.  Is this another case of Japanese domestic bikes being a year ahead of what they exported?

As is usual with the SP’s you get the dry clutch, magnesium wheels and adjustable suspension.  Honda took a different path than Suzuki when it came to race replicas.  Honda clothed their SP’s in racing colors while all the Suzuki VJ22 Lucky Strikes that we love were just standard models.  I’m seeing 1500 as the number produced in this color scheme.

Some Pentax close ups.


All the stock Honda photo’s show the bike without the “Pentax” stickers.  I’m assuming it came as a sticker kit with the bike.  I know it is just bodywork but like the Cabin and Terra Racing replicas, it would be a nice addition to a collection.

I’m sneaking out of the office early and you can click here  to see the NSR.


Hell, if they are on Youtube I guess everyone has one.


Here is a  shot of the race bike.  Kind of looks like it was an NSR500.




Honda December 2, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda NSR 250 SE

1992 Honda NSR 250 SE for Sale

I’m big fan of two stroke grey bikes, and this MC 21 from California represents one of my favorites. The NSR was tops in the 250 class and this generation only takes a backseat (in my mind) to its successor, the single sided swingarm MC 28. This red & white SE model hails from California and has the oh so coveted title. The owner mentions that there is “some discoloration” on the lower fairing, but it’s hard to make heads or tails of anything with the tiny thumbnail images provided. Better photos would be a totally reasonable request by any potential buyer. Also of interest in the description is a “frame off restoration less than 1,000 miles ago”. Enough of my snippets, you can read the full listing for yourself:

Extremely rare 1992 Honda NSR 250 SE with current California registration!!!!!!

This is a very clean and well cared for NSR. The bike had a full frame off restoration less than 1,000 miles ago. The re-build consisted of a new crank, cylinders, HRC heads, clutch pack, hoses and bearings, shock and forks serviced, new gold o-ring chain and sprockets. The bike has many upgrades including, Tyaga SS chaimbers with carbon / kevilar silencers, Tayga billit tripple trees, aluminum faring mount and gauge mount, HRC cages and carbon reeds, Tayga billit rear sets and aluminum axel inserts on both the front and rear wheel, aluminum rear cush drive, new Michelin tires.

This bike is very clean and very sound. I have owned several NSRs and this is the best one I have owned. Never crashed, although some discoloration on the lower faring (19 year old bike). All original plastic, and I have a spare left front faring. I have the manual and some extra faring decals. I also have ALL of the original parts, so you could convert it back to complete OEM in a few hours. Comes with rear lift stand.

The bike has been registered in California for over 10 years so title is intact.

This is a great opportunity to own a Ca titled, almost new NSR. These bike do not loose value, rather they continue to go up. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a very collectable and rare bike. I can arrange to deliver within 100 miles. If purchased from out of town, I will help ship, but the cost is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

I have a very high E-Bay rating so bid with confidence. If you have a zero rating I will not even consider your offer (burned too many times).

I may consider a trade (plus cash either way) for another exotic bike?????

Those of you bored with your current e-ticket ride can maybe swap bikes with the seller? The restoration sounds a lot like basic maintenance, but a conversation with the seller should clear things up. The starting bid is totally reasonable at $5,000, but we do not know what the reserve is – I’ll be curious to see where this bid ends. and good luck holiday shopping.

Honda February 23, 2010 posted by

1991 Honda NSR250 SE MC21 With 4,000 Miles

We’ve seen this bike before but it’s traveled across the country and the asking price has gone down since we last saw it just over a year ago!  Located in Farmingdale, New York is a 1991 Honda NSR250 SE with 4,039 miles.  This bike was last seen on 11/15/08 in Las Vegas, Nevada with 4,000 miles and an asking price of $6,300.  The asking price is now a very agreeable $4,600 OBO.  Caution should be taken as this ad lists a Nevada phone number in the contact information; however, it could be entirely possible that the seller from the original ad moved to New York and has re-listed it–unlikely as it may be.  The picture in the ad is different, but I just caution buyers because this may be stolen text and a similar picture with a lowered asking price.  This is a Super Edition bike with the dry clutch and adjustable suspension.  Some of the graphics on the bike have been removed.  If I haven’t scared you away, see the ad on Craigslist here.  See the original RSBFS ad here.