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Honda February 24, 2010 posted by

1986 Honda NS400R Rothmans Replica California Registered!

This is a 1986 NS400R Rothmans Replica that looks to be titled & Registered in California!  Located in Oak Hills, California is a 1986 Honda NS400R with California plates on it.  The seller doesn’t state directly that the bike is street registered but I’d assume it is from the photos and it also having 11,750 miles.  In 1986, NS400R’s were released in a Freddie Spencer, Rothmans, replica paint scheme.  This example looks to be in very good condition only missing the Rothmans decals on the sides.  NS400Rs feature a three-cylinder, two-stroke engine with ATAC in a V formation.  Two cylinders face forward and one on the back side of the V; this formula results in a respectable 59hp to the rear wheel.  With 59rwhp and weighing in at 415lbs wet, the NS400R was known to be one of the best handling bikes when it was released.  Now, this is where RSBFS comes in.  A bike that was renowned when released had to have people fighting to get one; however, the bike was never officially sold in the U.S., making it nigh impossible unless you had the means.  This a lucky example brought in by someone with the means!  The only imperfection with the bike, the seller mentions, is that the tach currently isn’t working–a necessity on a two-stroke.  The last NS400R we saw in the U.S. sold for $8,000 on eBay with eight bids.  The asking price for this one is a bit steeper at $10,500; but, as always, try to find another California registered example.  See the bike on Craigslist here.


Honda December 26, 2009 posted by

1984 Honda NS400R on ebay and in the USA!

Found this sweet little gem floating around on ebay today. I searched RSBFS archives and couldn’t find where we’ve ever posted one, so you could consider this UBER rare since a Rare Sport Bike site has never seen one 😉

I tried several different keywords on Google to dig up information about these bikes, but had little to no luck and the luck I did have was written in a language left to someone other than me. I did however, find a site that might give anyone interested in buying this an idea of where your bid needs to be in order to park this one in your garage.

A rare bike as stated by the owner:

Own a piece of Honda history! This bike is a 2-stroke with 3 cylinders. Extremely rare find in the United States! Comes with an IL street title. It’s in great condition (8 out of 10) with low miles (kilometers). This bike is being sold from the owner’s collection. Good luck bidding.

Since the seller didn’t give a whole lot of information I’ll do my best, but am definitely not an expert on these.

It only has 5,506 km or 3,400 miles on the clock and it appears to be in great shape. It has 3 cylinders, solo seat and Comstar wheels. It is located at the Des Plaines Honda dealership near Chicago, IL and is said to be part of the owners private collection.

I must admit I was frustrated that I couldn’t find much info on this bike so I turned to YouTube for some sights and sounds. So turn your volume up and listen to this bike at idle and a blip on the throttle. We’re so deprived on the cool ones…..

If that isn’t enough to get you going check out this video of a NSR400R full tilt on a dyno. Music to my ears…… Nothing better than the smell of 2 stroke in the morning 😉



Honda July 6, 2009 posted by

1986 Honda NS400R

Located in Guelph, Ontario Canada is a very clean looking 1986 Honda NS400R with 33,000km’s (20,505mi).  NS400Rs are very rare and this one looks to be in outstanding, original condition–however, it is missing a rear cover in the photos.  Unfortunately for readers in the US, this bike is located in Canada and might be difficult to import and register.  These bikes have 59hp (some report the export models to have 72hp) from a three cylinder and only weigh in at 163kg (359lbs).  Price is not listed.  Thanks to Chris G. for the heads up.  If you’re in Canada or have the ability to import this bike, see the Kijiji ad here.