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Honda September 20, 2011 posted by

V3 Smoker Across the Pond: 1986 Honda NS400R

Location: Kent, United Kingdom

Kilometers: 4,876

Price: 3,995 GBP

The year was 1983 and Freddie Spenser had just become the youngest 500cc champion ever. Fast forward a couple years, and Honda had released what it claimed to be a replica for the road of Spencer’s machine. Okay, it may be 100cc smaller than the original, and way more refined for the daily use. However it does share in common the compact V3 engine configuration that Honda used to take the title. This light weight (359lbs) and powerful little package had enough gusto to make 1000cc 4-strokes of the day sit up and take notice. Being praised all around in handling, steering, and braking, the NS400R sure was a force to be reckoned with.

The bike up for grabs here, unfortunately for those of us here in the U.S., is located in Kent UK. But, this NS400R has very low mileage with only 3,026miles (4,876 Kms) and looks to be in very good condition for a 25-year-old two-smoke. I does look like it has some flush mount turn signals, as all the stock photos I have seen indicate that the stock ones are black.

Info from the seller:

“Honda NS400R V3 2 Stroke Triple
Only 4876km amazingly clean time capsule bike
imported in October 2009
Fresh Battery and MOT when sold
1986 model
Genuine Workshop manual included
Sounds amazing
Rare in this conditon
(Not immaculate concours condition but very clean for age)”

The NS400R is definitely rarer than its RG500/RZ500 competition from back in the day. Couple that with the fact that it was never imported to the States, and you have a recipe for a bike that is difficult to come across. The price translates to about $6,300 USD, and seems reasonable compared to other examples we have seen on RSBFS. If you got to have the two-stroke classic and feel like shipping it to the U.S., then take a look at the for sale ad here!


Honda August 24, 2011 posted by

RSBFS Reader’s Rides For Sale!

Welcome to another edition of our RSBFS Reader’s Rides! This week have some real gems that you two-stroke fans will sure to be drooling over. Be sure to hop on over to the RSBFS Facebook Page to check out some other killer bikes that haven’t quite made it onto the main site.

Honda Rothmans NS400R For Sale in Australia!

1997 Honda RS250 up for auction in Florida for $5,499 with no reserve

1987 Yamaha TZR250 For Sale in Canada for $3,500!


Honda August 19, 2011 posted by

Hold on to your leg warmers: 1985 Honda NS400R

For Sale: 1985 Honda NS400R

We have seen a number of these rare birds on RSBFS (click here to search the RSBFS archives), but nowhere near the numbers of the twin cylinder Honda 250s or the 500cc RZ/Gamma set. You see, this NS400R is an odd bike in many ways, and that generally kept interest low – which is a real shame. In the end it was emissions, not interest, that kept the NS400R out of the United States. Still, with an odd-ball displacement (400cc vs 500cc), odd-ball configuration (V3), and lack of importation into the US, the NS400R is not the most loved of the two-stroke coveting set.

For those wanting to be different, the NS400R is a great place to start. With peaky two-stroke power (59 hp stock), mini-GP bodywork, sharp and responsive handling thanks to light weight (about 350 lbs), the NS400R might be everything you dream about in a canyon carver. Back in 1985 it sure was – except that it was missing a cylinder and about 100cc on the competition.

From the seller:

Given the relative rarity of these models, one has to wonder how this one got in such forlorn condition. What is left of the paintwork was intended to celebrate Freddie Spencer’s championship livery (he won both the 250cc and 500cc classes that year) – this is a very sharp color scheme when found in original condition such as this one. Unfortunately this bike got a little beaten up along the way to the auction, and is not exactly in what we would call “pristine” condition. It certainly doesn’t help that the seller has very little to say about the bike – except that it has a Florida title and has approximately 16,000 miles on it.

In a proper state of tune, the NS400R is a fantastic machine. It has some innovative engineering tricks such as the ATAC (auto-controlled torque amplification chambers) exhaust servo to boost low-end torque. Aerodynamically, the bike is very sound and complete, right down to the little fairing attached to the side stand. All in all, this is a very desireable model to own and ride.

This particular example is available at auction right now. There have been no bidders with a $4,000 opening, so if you act quickly you might get yourself a deal. For more info and pictures, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Honda April 6, 2011 posted by

Let there be smoke! 1986 Honda NS400R

For Sale: 1986 Honda NS400R

Take a moment to ponder those lucky Canadians. Long recipients of bikes never considered for import into the US, the “neighbors to the north” continue to be the source of some great machinery. In this case, a rare ’86 NS400R V-3 two stroke. Today’s bike is a clean looking example of the breed, with stock pipes and recent service.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a 1986 Honda NS400R. Honda’s biggest 2stroke street bike. The bike is take on Freddie Spencer’s 1983 world championship winning NS500 triple. It is a 387cc V3. I have a clean title in hand.

The bike will need new tires. There are a few paint chips that have been touched up. The carbs were serviced by Rocket Cycle here in Toronto, ( NOT CHEAP ). The coolant was changed in October and the bike went into storage in November. I didn’t ride the bike much this past summer only a handful of times, just to keep things moving. Its a fun little bike that does gets quite a bit of attention. It was a rare bike in 1986 because it was expensive when compared to what other bikes were being sold for. I believe they sold about 405 of these bikes in Canada. None were shipped to the US, but I did see one at the Barber Museum in October , when I was there for the RG gathering.

As there was a ban on tobacco ads back in the mid 80’s, the Rothman’s livery was not available in Canada. So the bike was only sold in the HRC scheme. It was a sweet looking bike back then and still looks good today. The comstar wheels really compliment the look of the bike.

The bike will be sold as seen. I will include the service manual which was hard enough for me to get. The infil part that sits behind the passenger seat will also be included, as will the chrome tie down hooks. They are not on the bike now because I don’t like the look of chrome on this bike.

I bought this bike because I liked the look and mystique of this unusual bike, but now its time to move on. It was respectfully ridden and never abused.

Winning bidder must arrange there own shipping. I can deliver the bike up to 100 kms free of charge.

There is NO warranty implied, expessed or otherwise. It is a 25 year old USED bike. The bike is being sold as is. Pickup from my home is welcome. ASK ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BID.

The seller, who also has a Yamaha RZV500 (now sold) and Suzuki RG500 Gamma (not for sale), has offered a few videos of the NS400. Enjoy the popcorn sound of two strokes!

This video does not have the greatest sound, but it sure is nice to see these bikes out on the road – and it would be even better if those roads (and bikes) were in the US….

The starting bid for this Japanese-Canadian beauty is a cool $5,000 US. With 22,000 miles on the odometer, this is not a new, low miles bike. On the other hand, it has been ridden and appears in reasonable condition. I suspect the lack of a US title will impact the sale, but perhaps some savvy RSBFS reader can clue us in on how hard it is to import one of these beauties.

The auction is on now, and waiting for you to .


Honda January 30, 2011 posted by

Collector or Rider – 1986 Honda NS400R

1986 Honda NS400R

Butler, PA

17,793 KM

Here we have a 1986 Honda NS400R – what a cool bike! As my colleague Mike indicated in his recent CBX post, Honda certainly did things their own way in the 80’s. This bike illustrates that point as well as any: 3 cylinders, V configuration, 2 stroke and 400cc? Not exactly conventional, but that’s good news in my book. Sporting a 54.5” wheelbase and 70 HP, this bike has got to be a blast to ride.

The NS400R Page website contains great information, although this site has not been updated in a long time. This is recommended reading for any potential buyer as it contains common modifications, original schematics, photos and road test reports from the day.

The bike appears to be a really clean and largely an original model. This particular NS sports the Fast Freddie Spencer paint scheme – classic Honda all the way. More information straight from the seller:


The best part about this bike – a clear title! Luckily, we have a fair amount of NS400R’s in the RSBFS archives, so you can do some comparative digging here. The bid has been climbing steadily since the listing was posted, and I expect a steady ascent to the end. Jump over to the auction to view the full listing, which includes the seller’s phone number should you have any questions.


Honda October 18, 2010 posted by

Red Rider Alert-Low Mile 1985 NS400R


One for the Honda boys has appeared on Ebay.  The old NS400R’s don’t appear all that often so take note if you’ve been hunting for one.  What sticks out about this bike is the fact that it only has 12,200 miles on it.  Not bad for something produced in 1985.  It is also dressed in the pretty Rothmans paint scheme.  The solo tail cover is a nice touch as well.  It definitely gives the bike a racier look.  My eyesight is bad enough and the seller is making me work with these tiny pictures.  I really can’t discern a whole bunch more about the bike from the photos.  It generally looks stock but more pictures are needed.

If you don’t have a NS400R owner in your circle of friends the internet becomes your friend.  One of the sites I visit for info on the big NS is  Best of all, the site has forum which I have found invaluable when owning a rare bike.

Not a whole lot in the picture department: 

Details, details:  

A NSR400 is a rare very limited edition commemorative street bike version of the NSR500. Freddy Spencer won several world championships in the early 1980s. Honda built this bike as a celebration of Spencer’s success.
The bike was way ahead of its time with an all aluminum frame, comstar wheels,power valves,nickel silicon
cylinders. Like Spencer’s race bike, it has a 3 cylinder water cooled engine
in a V shape configuration, 2 cylinders in the front, 1 in the rear . There are 
many other unique technical features to this bike. I Will explain upon
request .      

I am a 25 year fully certified Honda technician.  I spent the last
few months professionally restoring this bike. It should be a show bike but is
completely rideable and runs great.

I will be happy to send more pictures upon request.

I would definitely take him up on more pictures.  The bike is listed as a classified ad with a $9,500 price tag.  There is also the option of best offer.  That offering price is right in the range for some other big two strokes with titles and low miles.  Do the Honda’s command the same sort of price?  Can I get by with a “maybe”?  If this bike is bone stock and mint, I think it might, with its’ low miles.  I just don’t think there is as large pool of buyers for them compared to RG’s and RZ’s.  if you are one of those buyers waiting for a clean NS400R.


Honda August 31, 2010 posted by

Rare Honda NS400R-3 Cylinders-No Valves

Rare Honda NS400R-3 Cylinders-No Valves

The Honda NS400R;  probably the rarest of the big two strokes and also probably the least popular.  The big Honda just didn’t have the allure of the RG or RZ of the same time period.  I think Honda kind of shot itself in the foot by limiting the bike to 400cc’s where the RG and RZ where both a full 500cc for the export markets.  In general I think the NS400R suffered from the impression that  it was a little soft.  True or not I think that Honda didn’t quite make the bike as “racey” as the RG or RZ.  Honda haters claim Honda was never were really into building two strokes and eventually killed them by being the leader in switching to four stroke technology.   Damn you Honda! 

This particular bike is a clean but well used example.  It has just over 29,00 kms on the  clocks.  Not a problem for a well maintained bike but woth noting.  It also is sporting a nice set of Jolly Moto exhausts.  Check below to hear the different exhaust notes of a stock NS and an unplugged one.  The bike is located in Canada where they were legally imported.  It should have a Canadian title but you will have to work you magic here in the states.  The seller did list the VIN on the bike and it is a 17 digit VIN.  Just thought you might like to know. 

Not much in the way of details from the ad:

Extremely rare 2 stroke 3 cylinder Moto GP replica in original colors with Jolly Moto pipes (stock available). Looks, runs, and sounds great. Certified and just tuned up. ONLY 29,167 KM. Plus tax and license.

The good stuff:

The seller has the listing set as a classified ad.  He is asking approximately $6100 but he is also taking offers.   Make the man an offer and get another two stroke down here where they should have been years ago.  Be sure to swing by your local Honda dealership and belittle them for killing two strokes (I’m just having a little fun)!  


Wow, turn up your speakers and compare the sounds of these two clips.  Honda really plugged up the stock NS400R.

And how it should sound. I must say, it is a pretty bike in the old Rothmans colors.


Honda June 16, 2010 posted by

1986 Honda NS400R (Untitled)

This is a genuine NS400R for sale somewhere in the U.S.!

Bike: 1986 Honda NS400R

Price: $7,500 USD

Location: Unknown

Mileage: 34,000km (21,126mi)

The seller states that while this bike does have 34k km on it, the bike had an entire engine rebuild and new crank at 32k km.  The bike has always been stored inside and starts on the first kick.  Unfortunately, the bike is untitled and leads to the best line from the seller’s ad “It has no title as I imported this one from the Netherlands so I can’t register it, but you can.”  Oh, OK!  The asking price of $7,500 isn’t bad at all for NS4ooR’s that we’ve seen but, this example also isn’t registered.

This bike, and color scheme, was released in 1985 to commemorate Freddie Spencer’s 1983 World Championship; Freddie also won the 500cc & 250cc championship in 1985–the only person to do this.  Just like the bike Freddie rode in 1983, this bike is a liquid-cooled, three cylinder, reed-valve, two-stroke in a V-3 configuration.  The V format makes the motor very compact–displacing about the same space as a parallel twin–and is housed in an aluminum box section frame.  The GP inspired setup results in a dry weight of 163kg (359lb).  The 59hp is spread out over the power band (as best a two stroke can do) through Honda’s AT AC (auto-controlled torque amplification chambers) exhaust power valves on the front, two, expansion chambers.

This was a pretty advanced bike in ’85 and is still pretty cool 24 years on, if you have some magical skills or don’t mind a $7,500 piece of furniture–it’s cheaper than that grand piano you probably can’t play–I would have a look at this very nice looking NS400R.  See the NS’s we’ve shown in the past here.  See this example on the WERA forum here.