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Honda July 3, 2013 posted by

Honda’s Take On a V4 400: 1989 Honda VFR400 NC30

nc left nc tank

And right on que, here is the the CBR400RR’s overbearing sibling, a really sharp looking 1989 VFR400, NC30.  I’ve never had the pleasure but I’ve been told the mechanical whine these engines produce is a symphony. 

nc left rear

This is one is far from stock and has some mileage but sounds well sorted:

There is quite a bit of money in upgrades on the bike:

17″ NSR MC28 Rear Wheel

Penske Rear Shock

Shell Livery Paint on stock bodywork (aftermarket tail cowl)

Re-valved and sorted front forks (recent service)

Rick Oliver Lower aftermarket radiator (trick)

Braided brake lines

Hi-Perform FULL exhaust system

Yamaha R6 upgraded Regulator/Rectifier

Earthing on bike has been updated and improved

NEW tapered steering head bearings (June 2013)

NEW front wheel bearings (June 2013)

Newer Chain and Sprockets

Nearly NEW Bridgestones with less than 500 miles on them!!

All in all it is a really well sorted NC30 with the 17 inch rear wheel, Penske Shock, Exhaust, re-valved front forks and larger lower radiator. It starts and runs perfect, carburates excellent and pulls clean all the way to redline. It is very quick for a 400, handles wonderfully and is a lot of fun to ride

nc right 2

Kind of liking it but still on the fence?

How about this from the seller:

 Plated with CLEAN AND CLEAR title and this bike has a correct 1989 17 digit 400cc Honda VIN complete with stamp and OEM Honda decal.

You should be able to title it in any state, even CA with the 17 digit VIN.

nc headlight

You want?  I was sold with the replica paint but I’m an easy sell.  I’m also partial to the older NC30’s lines compared to the late model NC35’s.  The seller has an auction going, as well as, a BIN of $7,500.  Is the 17 digit VIN and extra goodies enough to be in that price range? 

Be sure to check out the auction, the seller has provided a lot of high quality photos of the bike.

Here is the auction.


Honda April 16, 2013 posted by

Keep the 400 party going! – ’95 Honda RVF 400 (NC 35)

Location:  Kenner, LA   Mileage: 8,100   Price: $5,500 BIN

95 RVF400

We’ve had a quick run of the NS400R here lately on the old RSBFS site, a super cool two stroke, three cylinder ride. What we have here is a 400 of a different nature. It’s more of a little brother to the Honda RC 45, another stellar ride that has been featured on RSBFS. The RVF is very rare in the U.S. and will turn heads wherever you go.

Here’s the seller’s info-

Well I have owned this beauty for going on 3 years now. But alas, she just sits in my living room. It is titleable in Vermont I believe but I live in New Orleans and have no way to get it there to get the frame restamped. Titled this bike is worth almost double.

As far as these bikes go, and I have owned many bikes, you will NOT find a cleaner bike. I promise you.  It does not have a title as it is a Grey bike but I will get you a certified bill of sale. It is also insurable through Geico and Allstate that I know of. 

Anyways the specs are.

1995 RVF400 NC35 approximately 13182kms OR 8100 miles. 

Tyga Bodywork, painted by my friend. It’s not the greatest paint job and there are some imperfections but it looks pretty good. There is a spot on the front fender where I took off a piece of velcro that peeled the paint off. Wasn’t done curing I guess

Tyga Rearsets
Tyga Subframe to go with tail section.
Tyga undertail
Woodcraft clipons
Tyga Carbon fiber rear hugger/ chain guard.
Traxxion from springs at .90
Maxon shock, needs to be set up with correct spring and valving but works LOADS better than stock.
Actual HRC Jet Kit, includes, trumpets, needles and jets
Tyga Carbon airbox tray

RB Racing in Australia 3/4 system exhaust.

Video of it running after carbs tuned.

If you have any question feel free to ask.  I know a lot about this bike.  Will help with delivery if need be, Can Bring to the Austin MotoGP next week also. 

And pics-

So this bike isn’t bone stock, clearly. The seller highlights the aftermarket parts and the paint was done by a friend and has some highlighted imperfections. The mileage isn’t high and there’s a video above of it running, which helps. Overall, you’ll want to do your homework but this is an opportunity to have a really cool ride.

If you want a 400, this is one kick ass option for you. Seller even offers to bring the bike to Austin for the MotoGP race. It would be a cool way to pick up your new bike. If that scenario appeals to you, make the jump!


Honda November 27, 2012 posted by

Feature Listing: 1995 Honda RVF400 NC35 with Extensive Upgrades

Update 3.1.2014: Seller has pulled the bike from the market and has started a restoration. -dc

Kurt has been a long time reader of RSBFS and shared that his bike came from this website originally. Now after some serious modifications that had to be very expensive and difficult to source, he’s putting the bike back on our site.

We don’t see many RVF400’s on the site but for those who are new to the model we have previously written, “Obviously the RVF400 is bound to draw direct comparisons to its bigger and more sought after brother, the RFV750R. Both bikes share the same graphics and get their power from the V4 engine configuration. But the little RVF (NC35) deserves its own place in the spotlight. It makes 60hp and weighs only 360lbs. Add in its adjustable inverted forks, Nissin four piston calipers, and more conventional 17 inch wheels and you can see why the RVF400 has the ability to be quite capable in the category of performance.”

As you’ll read below, this NC35 goes far beyond what it was originally known for in enthusiast circles and is ready for serious track day duty — or with it’s California registration, the street! Good luck with the sale Kurt,


From the seller:

I know I have more and will be included in the sale. This has been a labor of love over the last 4 years or so. These bikes sell as grey market units in the 5k range. This bike was titled LEGALLY in California of all places and you may never find a titled bike like this let alone a PACKAGE of this caliber again.

$9500 OBO

Pitbull rear stand
HRC radiators
Endurance race harness (single headlight, brake and running rear light, manual fan switch)
HRC air box tray
HRC modded carbs
Carbon Fiber air intake tubes (Tyga)
HRC carb kit (plus spares)
HRC oki endurance CDI and de-restriction (raises rev and MPH limit)
HRC flywheel
HRC header and mid pipes
Tyga Maggot exhaust can with Carbon fiber hanger
SP2 front end swap (done the right way with proper rake angle)
SP2 forks modded for weight range of 180-200 pound rider
Ohlins shock with remote adjust (no one has these for this bike…Very rare compared to the rarity of everything else)
Powder coated rear wheel (black) to match SP2 front wheel
Race body work (free team panda racing decals)
Endurance street bodywork (Joey Dunlop replica, stickers are clear coated) single headlight
Spare carb set up
Aftermarket adjustable rear sets
Multiple windscreens
Multiple rear sprockets (Vortex and Renthal)

Just shoot me questions/offers through the team website

Bike is located in Minneapolis MN.


Honda July 18, 2011 posted by

1994 Honda RVF400 (NC35) For Sale in Seattle!

Location: Seattle, WA
Miles: 8,713km (5,402mi)
Price: $11,500

Obviously the RVF400 is bound to draw direct comparisons to its bigger and more sought after brother, the RFV750R. Both bikes share the same graphics and get their power from the V4 engine configuration. But the little RVF (NC35) deserves its own place in the spotlight. It makes 60hp and weighs only 360lbs. Add in its adjustable inverted forks, Nissin four piston calipers, and more conventional 17 inch wheels and you can see why the RVF400 has the ability to be quite capable in the category of performance.

The bike up for grabs here appears to be a relatively unmodified (except a few small changes and a Yoshimura pipe) and has not collected many miles throughout its life. The original pipe is included with the sale as well as a Haynes service manual. However, the original tool kit is not included.

From the ad:

“This 1994 Honda RVF400 aka NC35 is stunningly clean and mint. This is the nicest used example I have ever personally seen in this country. Had I not seen a couple brand new ones fresh out of the crate in the late 90’s this would be the best one I have ever laid eyes on.
VIN: NC35-1001095
This bike was owned for several years by an employee of Ducati North America. I’m told he imported the bike into the US as well. For the last 2 years the bike has been owned by a married couple on the west coast. None of the previous owners rode the bike very much as it has accumulated 8713 kilometers  (5402 miles) in 17 years of existence.

The bike is stock with a few exceptions:

~The original protective molding around the edge of the windshield is missing.
~The stock muffler is off the bike and in a box. In it’s place is a Yoshimura slip-on with hardly any use on it.
~The left side passenger peg bracket was modded to still support the muffler but not have the peg. The right side passenger peg bracket/peg is removed from the bike but included.
~The stock footpeg “feelers” for the operator are removed and not included.
~The bar-end pieces are aftermarket and a slightly different style than the original ones.
~The rear fender/license plate mounting area has 2 extra holes drilled in the plastic in order to accept a US style/size license plate.
~A battery tender lead is installed on the bike.

This bike has a US title. It includes one factory key and a Haynes service/repair manual. The original toolkit is not included. Cosmetically this ‘400 looks as good if not better in person as it does in the pictures. It runs/operates just as well as it looks.”

There you have it, a super clean and low mileage RVF400 NC35. These things aren’t for sale all that often, and I got a feeling the seller knows that. I feel the price might be a little on the high side, but to those who have wanted one of these bikes, it may be worth it. I know I would love to have one of these in the stable. Check out the Craigslist ad and see for yourself!


Honda March 8, 2011 posted by

Love the RVF750R but can’t afford one? How about a RVF400 (NC35)!

1994 Honda RVF400 NC35 with 25,000 miles for sale in California.

Our reader Mike wrote in to let us know that his own 1994 Honda RVF400 is up for sale in the Bay Area (CA):

Bike is in excellent condition (still could use a tad more TLC), price is $6,750 firm. Has less than 25,000 miles on her (40,400 klm) and lots of new parts. CALIFORNIA TITLED, Current registration, Pink Slip in hand. Seen here with aftermarket fairings, stock fairings are also included, which are in 4 out of 10 condition. Bike runs great.

Now frankly I see these every day over here in Hong Kong (along with the VFR400, CBR400, ZXR400…etc.) so I’m not really up on the US market price, but searching our archives indcates the price is at the lower end of the scale. Also, none of the local RVFs are as clean and well taken care of as this one.

I think the 400cc V4 engine is an absolute jewel and gear driven cams (which critics claim gave the Aprilia RSV4 an unfair advantage last year in WSBK) really purrs like a kitten.  And everything is typical top notch Honda quality.  From a distance it’s really hard to tell the RVF400 from it’s bigger brother (well, the pillion seat pad being a dead giveaway though).  I’ll be all over this one if there weren’t so many of them on the streets here!

Click here to jump to the listing on Bay Area Riders Forum (BARF)!


Honda July 6, 2010 posted by

1995 Honda RVF 400 NC35 is pleased to bring you a very nice collection of rare and exotic sport bikes for sale. Dan gave you a little teaser with an earlier post and the wait is over.

Make: Honda
Model: RVF400 NC35
Year: 1995
Mileage: 6,800
Price: $9,500.00 plus tax

Honda RVF400 For Sale

For anyone who doesn’t know the RVF400 NC35 is the little brother to the RVF RC45. Honda brought the goods with the NC35 in that it upgraded the forks to upside down 41mm units, fitted a 17″ rear wheel to the massive single sided swing arm and upped the carb size to 30mm. You’ll also notice a set of huge air inlet tubes coming from the front fairing. These are highly sought after, but are very rare in the states in this condition. I’ve heard a nasty rumor that there are less than 20 registered RVF400’s in the states.

I just happen to know a guy who owns one of the beauties so I leaned on him for his opinion. Here’s what he had to say out his RVF400:

“Purrrs like a kitten, reliable like all modern Honda’s, handles like a lighter and smaller RC30. Very stable and surprisingly comfortable and I’m 5’11”. Has nice power once you get going and a very smooth power curve.”

From the seller:

You are looking at the most desirable 400cc sport bike/model in the world. It is the Honda RVF400 (NC35) and a baby brother to the homologation RVF750 (RC45). If you like attention, there is no US market bike for anywhere near this price that will get you the OOOH’s and AHHHH’s. Perfect for anyone who appreciates rare bikes and even more perfect for anyone under 5’8″. Girls pay attention!
This particular bike has 11,000KM (6800 miles) It is all original and comes with no stories. It sits in my garage in FL. alongside other similar bikes. I have been collecting and trading exotics for over 18 years now and can assure anyone interested that this bike, in this condition would be very difficult to find in Japan and even more difficult to import today. For good price references please search yahoo Japan. The demand has forced the price up to an average of 800,000 to 900,000 yen. I will sell this one for US$9500.00 with a title. You will have to pay the taxes and all title related fees. Approx $400.00 total. Please feel free to call me directly at 813-655-8470

Give Ozzie a call if you’re in the market for a low mileage RVF400 NC35.

Update: Ozzie notes the following: I have three of them 1995-96 all with 10,000KM (6000miles)


Consider these other rare Honda’s for sale right now:

[AffomaticEbay]Honda Motorcycle Rare[/AffomaticEbay]

Honda April 25, 2010 posted by

1998 Honda RVF400 NC35 on eBay

1998 Honda RVF 400 NC 35 with a valid North Carolina title.

UPDATE: This is back on ebay with a Still a little high, but 10% cheaper than last time 🙂

It is 12(14) years removed from brand new, but it looks to be in good shape and ready to rock-n-roll. Equipped with a small V4 engine, single sided swing arm and dual headlights these were definitely not the norm back in 98. Although, they were never officially brought state side there seem to be several of them around and you can almost always find one for sale. As a matter of fact, Alex posted a race version last week that was all tricked out.

The bad news on this one is the B.I.N. price is set at $10,000.00, which is quite exorbitant. Most RVF/VFR’s that we’ve posted are in the $4,000 to $8,000 range w/ titles and streetable. Nonetheless, if you are looking for one of these give this one a look. They are still stylish and don’t look dated like some bikes from the mid 90’s.

Quotes from the listing:

This is a rare Japanese Domestic street legal race bike with a valid NC title. The bike was purchased in Japan by an American service man. He brought it back legally to the states. I have had the bike since 2003 and have used it almost exclusively on the track. It is in like new condition and pristine. Only one minor defect in an unfortunate incident on the back of my truck. Never abused and only used on a few US Desmo track days.

There are several more pictures posted on the auction site. The seller mentions an accident, but I couldn’t find any pictures that detailed it. Bike is said to have 6,000 miles on the clock, but you’d be hard pressed to tell it by looking at the pictures.