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Honda April 23, 2010 posted by

1994 HONDA CBR 400RR (NC29), MINT !!!!

Wow, and I mean “WOW”. Talk about a clean example of one of my favorite little bikes, here it is! I had an exact copy of this bike back in 1998 and absolutely loved it. I don’t want to sound like a salesmen but this thing looks dead nuts new and with the price at $5200 it’s a steal. Only a handful of gray market 400’s in this country exist and once you weed out all the “not so nice” ones you narrow your search dramatically for impeccable ones like this. These bikes are super dependable and use the same type motor as our US imported CB-1 (NC27) but have hotter cams and more compression. Located in So. Cal the owner makes a nice article on Craig’s List, I’m proud to post such a great well cared for example. Click here for the jump.

The ad reads:

Hi! I’m selling my GREAT RUNNING, SUPER CLEAN 1994 Honda CBR400RR (aka NC29).

This is a “grey-market” bike imported into the US in 2000. They are very rare in the US and even more so in this condition. Compared to the US versions CBR F2/F3 of the same vintage these bikes were light-years ahead. Features include an aluminum frame and gull swing arm, 14,500 redline (makes you feel like a MotoGP star) folding passenger foot pegs and some actual storage under the seat.

She has 7700 Original Miles, has always been garaged, never raced, adult owned and is in excellent condition! She starts, runs and rides great! Everything works – idles smooth and runs strong. This bike is best suited for carving tight canyon roads and always draws a crowd. I’m constantly asked if it is a current model and love watching people’s jaw drop when I tell them its 15+ years old! I know I’m going to regret selling it but I am looking for something I can do some touring on…

I have the CLEAR California title in hand. Registration is CURRENT and is good until May 2010 – it will cost about $70 to renew the registration in CA – don’t know about other states. These bike are very hard to get registered in the US!!!

Upgrades: (All New parts were installed over the winter and have about 500 miles on them)
• NEW Bridgestone Battlax BT014 Tires
• NEW OEM Rectifier
• NEW AFAM Sprockets & 520 Regina Chain
• NEW Front Brake Pads & SS Brake Lines, Rebuilt MC / Front Calipers
• NEW Battery
• NEW Fluids – Oil & Filter, Radiator Coolant and Brake fluid all flushed over the winter
• Nassert Basic Exhaust
• Coerce Rearsets
• Haynes Manual and Some stock parts / spares will be included
• Carbs were recently removed and cleaned. She is ready for the summer!
• Tank is rust free!

• Typical Honda pitting on the Fork Lowers. I had planned on removing them and have them refinished but never got around to it…
• Very minor Dent on the right side of the tank. I got a quote from Dent Masters to remove for $100.00 but never got a chance to do. The tank would have to be removed and cleaned with a degreaser before they would work on it. It’s very minor and hardly noticeable (see pics)
• Minor nicks and scratches typical of a 3 or 4 year old bike (certainly not typical on a 15 year old example) The worst is a rub mark on the right side near the passenger seat and some scratches on the front fairing – left side (see pics) I want to disclose as much as possible so there are no surprises but I promise you will not be disappointed!

Warranty: This is a used motorcycle and is sold “as-is” with no warranty expressed written or implied from the seller. The seller will make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects associated with this vehicle prior to the close of sell. Seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs required. Buyers are encouraged to come inspect the vehicle in person but no test rides unless you have cash and a motorcycle licence.

So, if you’ve read this far and still haven’t bought this bike, you’re crazy! Anyone got $5200 for a perfectly good kidney??


Honda April 18, 2010 posted by

1994 Honda CBR400RR Titled & Registered In Washington State

Here is another CBR400R coming out of Washington state that is also registered!  Located in Seattle, Washington is a 1994 Honda CBR400RR registered & titled with 23,000km (14,300mi).  The seller states that this is a two owner bike (Two in the U.S. or…?) and it is a “…7 out of 10” in regards to condition.  The bike is fitted with a hideous–fact, not opinion–GP-style exhaust.  The bike has recently had a tune up, the oil changed, and new tires.  The asking price is $3,800; putting it in-between the other two CBR400RR’s we’ve posted which is correct in terms of their condition too.  See the other CBR in Washington with an asking price of $3,500 here, and see the Rossi replica example in Florida for $4,500 here.  See the bike currently for sale on Craigslist here.


Honda April 4, 2010 posted by

1990 Honda CBR400RR NC29 In Washington State!

UPDATE: This one is

Here is another CBR400RR but this time on the West Coast.  Located in Auburn, Washington is a titled & registered 1990 Honda CBR400RR.  This bike is no-where near perfect cosmetically but it is said to run very well.  See the other NC29 we just posted for comparison here.  The bike has been tracked in the past, with everything drilled for safety-wire, and has cosmetic damage from being dropped.  Mileage looks to be 28,000km (17,400mi).  The bike has recently been dyno’d and shows 53hp at the rear wheel.  The bike has newer Michelin’s with good tread, braided lines, Scorpion silencer, 1/4 turn throttle and a CBR600 rear shock.  The seller states that this is the only NC29 registered in the state of Washington.  The asking price is $3,500.  If you’re looking for an ugly, but nice handling, bike; see this CBR on PNWRiders here.


Honda February 26, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda CBR400RR NC29 In Florida!

This is a Rossi replica CBR400RR available in Florida!  Located in Clearwater, Florida is a 1992 Honda CBR400R BabyBlade with 37,000 miles.  That is this bikes biggest failing, it does have high mileage but as a Honda, it still should be very dependable for the extended future.  It does have replacement plastics but they look to be in very good condition and are in a very attractive replica scheme.  It has carbon exhaust, carbon air ducts and, annoyingly, it does have a polished frame.  The seller states that the bike runs perfectly and comes with a clean Florida title and registration (The photos show both a Maine and Florida license plate).  These 400’s weigh in at 163kg, have 53hp, and redline at  14,500rpm–a very fun sounding formula.  The asking price is $4,500.  This example isn’t without faults but it looks to be a descent, and usable, CBR400RR titled and registered in the U.S.  See this CBR on Craigslist here.  See a very nice photo collection of the bike here.


Honda August 2, 2009 posted by

1991 CBR400R NC29

Located in San Jose, California is a track only 1991 CBR400R Nc29.  This bike is not titled and is for track use only.  This 400 is fitted with a HRC Ram Airbox, Close ratio transmission, Fox shock, full CBR900 front end, M4 exhaust and more.  The asking price is $3,200.  See the Bay Area Riders Forum thread here.



Honda July 29, 2009 posted by

1993 Honda NC29 CBR400RR

Joe emailed me to ask about getting his CBR400RR added to the site, and being the 400RR sucker that I am, how could I say no?!

Check out this


He’s even got a quick warm up video:

quote from Joe’s eBay listing:

1993 CBR 400RR with fairing mod that is from the 2005 CBR 600RR. The top end was recently rebuilt, and carbs serviced by reputable shop, lots of electrics replaced, a new rear tire and fairly new front tire as well as new rear wheel bearings. Yoshimura exhaust that sounds wonderful. It runs great and I have the book and service receipts. Can ship to many countries. Ask me for shipping quote before bidding/buying. Most cases shipping will run around 600 to 900 USD. Asking 50,000 baht (1500usd) obo. plus shipping.

As clean as the 600RR fairing set looks on this bike, I’d personally be looking to go back to the stock set up or some race fairings for a perfect starter track bike. I have no idea how one would get it titled for street use, but a 400RR for ~$2500 with shipping sounds like a pretty good deal.

Good luck with the sale Joe,


Honda April 20, 2009 posted by

1993 Honda CBR400RR For Sale in San Fran Area

I’ve always thought these were striking little bikes! Here’s a good looking NC29 CBR400RR for sale on the Bay Area Riders Forum:

1993 Honda CBR400RR MC29 For Sale Gray MarketHonda CBR400RR MC29 For Sale Gray MarketHonda CBR400RR MC29 For Sale

quote from seller’s post:

1993 Honda CBR400RR NC29 Gull-Arm with CA Plate and Title (SPCN)

Asking $5000.

As shown in these pics, it has: eBay fairings, oem tank painted by Cycle Finish, frame sliders, oem wheels and forks powdercoated by a shop in Menlo Park, front fender by Tyga (also painted by Cycle Finish), Tyga windscreen. Camera mount not included.

Things you can’t see from pics: new Fox fully-adjustable shock (made for F2), Michelin Pilot Powers (plenty of tread left), front SS brake lines, K&N drop-in filter, titanium headers/midpipe.

* edit – new battery as of 3/14/09 *
* edit – new steering head bearings and fresh fork oil (20w) as of 3/20/09 *

Swapped the oem KMH speedo with MPH from 900RR.

The valves on this gear-driven cam I4 motor and carbs (with DynoJet) was inspected/adjusted/tuned by Elskipador. Has approx 25k miles.

It has the all important title, but with that kind of mileage is $5k too high? Leave a comment with your experience.