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Honda January 23, 2011 posted by

Honda NSR250 MC28 On O’ahu

A MC28 NSR250 at a decent price!

Bike:  Honda NSR250 MC28

Location:  Honolulu, Hawaii

Miles:  Unknown

Price:  $5,500

The details in the listing for this bike is very sparse, obviously though if you’re a two-stroke fan and living in Hawaii, you’ll give the seller a call anyway!  The bike is fitted with aftermarket bodywork and paint but looks to be in decent condition.  I haven’t seen this fairing before on a NSR, it looks to be a combination of Tyga bodywork with a YZF750 headlight, if anyone has any information on what it is please share.  Most the MC28’s we’ve seen have been priced well above this bike’s asking price of $5.5k so it’s worth a look–especially if you’re living on one of the islands!  See the previous MC28’s here.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda January 15, 2011 posted by

1995 Honda NSR 250

1995 Honda NSR 250

Location: New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Mileage: 11,500
Price: $8,000.00 w/ no reserve (or bids at time of write up)

This morning I awoke extra early and since I’m on a short leash, I can’t make any noise until everyone gets up. In other words it means I can’t work on my bike and listen to something obnoxious. So I figured I’d scour the net for something cool that all of us could enjoy while we have to be quiet.

Here’s what I found:

Not a bad way to start the day out eh? I didn’t think so either…

This latest find does bring up a few questions though.

1. What model is it? R, SE or SP? Of course this would dictate wet or dry clutch and suspension type.
2. Is it OEM bodywork worked over or is it the high quality Chinese variety?
3. Title? Title? Title? It shows ‘clear’ in the description, but then shows an 11 digit VIN- I know it’s not impossible, but…
4. Where the hell are the good photos?

Okay, so I’m being negative this morning, but don’t worry I’m in good spirits and this one has plenty of good stuff to talk about.

There’s never anything wrong with having a HRC card, an extra set of Rothmans bodywork, a set of Tyga exhausts and the Single Sided Swing Arm brings all the cool factor you can handle. Oh, and there’s the one itty bitty fact that its a Honda NSR250 with that sweet musical note which goes something like this ‘Ring-a-ding-ding, ring-a-ding-ding’.

I know some of you are 4 stroke snobs and turn your noses up at the sweet, cotton candy like smell of synthetic 2t in the morning, but for me there’s nothing better. Well, there is one smell, but we can’t go into that on this here motorcycle blog.

This is a RARE find!!! Excellent Excellent Shape. I have two sets of fairing’s a Rothmans set and a Repsol set, each have matching tanks. Taga exhaust. Stock exhaust. Stock PGMcard and HRC PGM card aka credit card key. Extra set of front forks. Powered coated wheels. Engine just had a fresh top end about 2000 miles ago. RUNS GREAT. Defiantly will stick out!!!!!!

I’ve never liked an auction listed as ‘no reserve’, but then the price is set at ‘what’s your bank account number please?’ So, if you jump in on this one I suspect you’ll be the only bidder with a starting bid of 8k. The seller does list his phone number for any questions you want answers to.

Looking to be defiant?



Honda January 6, 2011 posted by

Second Chance: Modded 1994 Honda NSR250SE (MC28) In SoCal

1994 Honda NSR250SE (MC28) For Sale

Location: Anaheim, CA
Mileage: 21,000
Price: $8,500.00

I believe this bike is making its’ second appearance here on RSBFS but it looks like some things have  changed (here she is from the first go around).  Namely the price is lower and it has gained some cc’s courtesy of a Tyga big bore kit.  It still has the good stuff too, a California title and registration.

I’d love to see some comments about this 300cc Tyga kit.  Have any of our adventurous RSBFS readers installed this kit on their NSR?  I’ve always thought my RGV250 felt pretty healthy so I’d love to know what you guys think about the extra cc’s.  Here is a link to Tyga’s website  if you aren’t familiar with their work.  I hadn’t visited in a while and it looks like they’ve really expanded the number of products available.

From the ad:

Here it is a SUPER Rare Honda NSR 250 1994 SE that has a CA title and registration so you are good to go on hitting the streets with this thing.

The bike has 21k miles on it and runs perfect as it has always been well taken care of.

This bike looks amazing I am the 3rd owner of the bike.

If you are looking for a rare bike that can hit the canyons than this is it.

This bike has the TYGA pipes and big bore kit which make it the fastest NSR possible pretty much there is nothing left to do to this thing.

It’s all there boys and girls.  I don’t think you could ask for a whole lot more.  Even this Honda hater thinks this is a damn sweet bike.  The asking price is $8,500.  Hmmm, not bad at all considering what you get and the condition of the bike.  Check it out here.


Honda July 19, 2010 posted by

1996 Honda NSR 250 MC28

1996 Honda NSR 250 MC28

Location: The OC CL
Mileage: Not stated
Price: $6500.00

Up for grabs is yet another NSR 250 and it was submitted to us by it’s proud owner- Rob.

Rob’s NSR is tricked out with some nice TYGA upgrades such as pipes and dashboard. Although, I’m usually not a huge fan of aftermarket paint jobs and add-ons, I’m really starting to warm up to the idea when it comes to 2-strokes. I can only imagine pulling up to the meeting spot for a Sunday ride or a bike night on a 2 stroke; especially in my neck of the woods. And lets not forget the wonderful musical sound of a dry clutch 🙂

NSR 250 For Sale

What makes this bike special is how exotic it it. It has Single-sided swingarm (aka Pro-Arm), Dry Clutch (with carbon fiber cover) and very unique “credit card” programmable ignition switch.

It’s got aftermarket plastic (brand new) with a really good fit, and Tyga Stainless steel GP exhaust. I also added a Tyga Carbon Fiber dashboard, rear set pegs (not reverse shift), new factory clip-ons and lots of other trick bits.

As you can expect from any 14 year old bike there are a few dings and a repair or two to speak of.

Bike has small dent in tank, but I even know where to get a stock painted matching factory replacement tank. This tank is coated inside though, carbs fully cleaned and petcock and air filter replaced.

Be sure and check out the photo showing the superb welding on the TYGA expansion chambers. There could be a picture of these in Websters for the explanation of “Perfect”

You can view Rob’s CL add here

Good luck with the sale Rob!



Honda July 6, 2010 posted by

1996 Honda NSR250 SE MC28 For Sale

Here’s the next bike for sale from Ozzie, a really sharp and low mile NSR250. This 1996 model is of MC28 vintage and is an SE model specifically.

The SE model slots between the lower-end R model and the top rated SP amongst the MC28’s — but lets be clear, it comes with most of the same parts the SP does save the Magtek wheels, special edition race-rep paint jobs, and a handful of other differences. Still comes with completely adjustable front and rear suspension, dry clutch, and class leading performance.

I’m sure most of that information is already well known to anyone reading this far, so onto to the goods:

Honda NSR250 SE MC28 For Sale

quote from the seller:

This is a very nice NSR250 SE (two Stroke) PGM IV credit card ignition/key, all original. The SE is a dry clutch model and this particular bike comes with original two keys/cards and only 7500KM (4600miles). Like all my bikes this one comes with no stories or excuses it is ready to crate and ship anywhere. Will sell for $9800.00 plus tax and title fees (approx $400.00) it is in my garage in FL. alongside similar bikes. this is one of three NSR250 SE I have will be selling two of the three. Please call me 813-655-8470

Another beautiful bike Ozzie! Good luck with the sale!

Update: Ozzie notes the following for interested parties: I have 4 are all 1995-98 mileage ranges from 6000KM to 17,000KM


Exclusive June 28, 2010 posted by

1995 Honda NSR250 SE MC28 For Sale in California

Our friend and fellow NSR250 enthusiast, Nathan, has written back to us to let us know that he is letting go of one his bikes. As always we’re flattered when readers think of us, especially with such nice hardware as this.

1995 Honda NSR250 SE For Sale

If you’ve come this far you probably know exactly what an NSR250 SE MC28 is, but if not, here are some quick comments from this website Nathan refers to regarding NSR250 history:

On November 11, 1993 the all new MC28 model NSR went on sale in Japan as a 1994 model. It was completely different than previous models and changed peoples thinking about two stroke technology. The new Proarm NSR’s as they became known in Japan were the ultimate 250 bike for the street. They had PGM IV technology which allowed more accurate1994 NSR 250 R – 57K for more control of the carbs, smooth operation and perfect driving manners unlike past two stroke bikes. The all new Memory card replaced the standard key and made de-restricting the bikes very difficult. The 1994 lineup saw three types of NSR’s for sale once again. There was the standard 250R type model in fighting red and Ross white. They were sold with a regular wet type clutch and non adjustable suspension. They were priced at 680,000 Yen. 1994 NSR 250 SE – 58K for full imageThe SE model was priced at 720,000 Yen and came with the fully adjustable suspension front and rear made by Showa plus the dry clutch and different colored front disc rotors. SE colors were the same as the standard R type in fighting red and Ross white but were marked SE and the NSR logo was in bright yellow. SE models also were sold in blue and white with orange accents and also were marked SE but the NSR logo was white.

If interested, contact Nathan directly at: 714 833 4993

quote from his eBay listing:

Super RARE 1995 Honda NSR SE 250 or also known as a (MC-28) It has a CA plate and registration which is very hard to get on these so it’s ready for the streets. It has very low miles 5418 KM which = 3366 miles only!! These are actual factory farings not repainted after market china knock offs this bike is in amazing condition considering the age of this bike!! The whole bike is still stock except the turn signals in the rear have been taken off and now work with the rear brake lights!! also just put on brand new tires so this thing is 100% ready to go!!

Hi-Res Gallery Exclusive to RSBFS:

With only some 3400 miles, this bike is barely even broken in — not to mention Nathan prefers his bikes only one way: spotless! I expect this bike is worth a look if it’s passed his criteria.

Good luck with the sale Nathan!


Honda April 4, 2010 posted by

1996 Honda NSR250SP MC28 California Titled And Registered

This is a California legal NSR250SP at a very good price!  Located in San Francisco, California is a 1996 Honda NSR250SP registered and titled in the state.  The seller doesn’t say much at all other than:


The photo is a file photo from the internet but I’ll include it in the post for those of us who may have forgotten what a Repsol MC28 looks like.  There were only 1000 ’96 Repsol SPs released world-wide to commemorate Mick Doohan’s 500gp world title.  The MC28 was the last iteration of the NSR250 line and the SP the ultimate iteration of that line.  However, the MC28s are plagued with the PGMIV system using a Smart Card ignition system.  The standard cards limit horsepower output but, the derestricted HRC cards can be used, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t record mileage when in use as they were only intended for track use–something that should be kept in mind for a prospective buyer.  Now, no mileage, mention of condition, or photos of this bike are in this ad; the asking price is an agreeable $8,000.  We’ve usually seen California MC28 SP’s with asking prices in the $10-12,000 range.  See a list of our MC28 posts here.  If you’ve been looking for a SP MC28, see this bike on Craigslist here.