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Honda January 8, 2011 posted by

1992 Honda NSR250 MC21

1992 Honda NSR250 MC21

Location: Stuart, FL
Mileage: 7,000
Price: $5,000.00 current bid

Here we go again (Neon Trees 🙂 ) with yet another pimped out NSR250. This latest offering has something that we don’t see too much of in the states as compared to the European and Asian markets and that is the Tyga racer replica bodywork. I’m totally down with it and I’m sure you will be as well.

Have a look:

It looks fast sitting still and you know with the Tyga exhausts it sounds as good as it looks. Although, this one isn’t sporting a title it does have a lot going for it such as the Tyga exhausts, Tyga bodywork kit, Tyga rear sets, good mileage and lets not forget that snazzy red chain.

From the seller:

Tyga Body in Fortuna Colors and Exhaust Pipe. Very Nice… I’ll let the pictures do the talking. No title, but it is easy to get through (i just haven’t done it) Runs great.

Not too much info, but at a current bid of $5,000.00 the high bidder can’t go wrong at this point. My guess is that this one will sell in the mid 6’s.



Honda December 16, 2010 posted by

1990 Honda NSR250R for sale

1990 Honda NSR For sale

Location:Kahala, Hawaii
Mileage: 1,550
Price: $10,000.00-firm

Submitted to today by a viewer and I couldn’t wait to get it on the site.

This one looks to be in fantastic shape and a true survivor. Yes, I agree they’re asking for all the money, but you never know what the market will give until you try.

YES it is a NSR 250R From Japan .Keep it in my room for more them 10 years and allways high maintenace and take care it . NO cruck No Accident NO scraches at all. (only 2500 km )
Disply in my room for over 10 years . Has a 2card keys. E mail me $10000 firm This is your last chance to own almost Brand new NSR in your life in Hawaii!!

So, it’s not so clear on the description, but you can always click here and contact the seller.



Honda June 8, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda 250 NSR MC21

1993 HONDA 250 NSR

Price: $2500
Location: Minneapolis, MN CL
Mileage: 9,500

1993 Honda 250 NSR Replica “Rothmans” Honda: This bike is not perfect but it all there. Roughly 9500 miles, tank needs to be ckeaned and sealed, carbs need cleaning.
Aftermarket nikon pipes, dry clutch…….. let me know if you have any other questions.

Found this little gem today while trolling CL and it’s CHEAP! Can you really go wrong for $2,500 bucks?

Check it out here



Honda April 13, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda NSR250R MC21 Titled & Registered In Washington State

This is a very nice MC21 NSR that has come up for sale again!  Located in Seattle, Washington is a 1993 Honda NSR250R registered and titled in Washington state.  This bike has 9,600km (5,965mi) and has never seen the track.  The seller states that this bike is in original condition with some small scratches and scrapes.  We saw this bike in August of 2009 with 75 less kilometers and an asking price of $3,900.  The current asking price is $5,800; don’t hate the seller for the possibility of making a profit on the bike as he bought it for a steal.  Have a look at the PhotoBucket album that has a number of detailed photos here.  See this great looking MC21 on Craigslist here.


Honda April 12, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda MC21 NSR250SP For Sale in the Pacific Northwest

Collin has given me the heads up that he’s ready to part ways with his 93 NSR250SP. Here are some details:

  • Its a 12,000 kilometer (7456 miles) 1993 SP.
  • The motor was rebuilt and the barrels were modified a bit by someone in California (Im told, Ive never seen stock ones off a bike so I cant say what was done, I know with the stock pipes its probably not really doing much)
  • have some paperwork, and its been de-restricted.
  • I have reason to believe, someone used it as a track bike or a race bike in Japan, Its been down I think, but never by me or the last guy who is a Portland local. Its not in bad shape anywhere
  • Oil pump is there and still working
  • includes a complete and nearly perfect painted set of Tyga Fox-eye bodywork painted like the teal Repsol racers to go with it.
  • Plastics are currently either airtech, or otherwise repro stock looking stuff painted like a YZR GP bike

1993 Honda MC21 NSR250SP For Sale

Collin is asking $6500 and he’s in Vancouver, Washington. Interested parties can email him directly.

Good luck with the sale Collin!

Update: Colin has re-listed this bike since last October and has lowered the price to $5500. Here is the new link and some additional pictures and video:

(movie of it running/making noise, this isn’t a cold start)

Titled and Plated in WA

According to the subframe numbers, its a ’91 SE. (I bought it thinking 93 SP/SE bike)
Top end was done by Eric Gorr with a mild port, but I’m not sure exactly when in the bike’s history.
It is de-restricted, so it should be around 50-60hp at the back tire just guessing.

Comes with a full set of TYGA spares body work in perfect shape, with a painted matching tank, and a few other parts (spare ignition, etc)

5500 firm, I’m not interested in any trades, unless you’ve got a Ferrari F40 your sick of. I just need more money for racing.


Honda February 22, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda MC21 NSR250R with California title and registration!!!

1993 Honda NSR 250R MC21 for sale in La Jolla, CA.

Owned and submitted by Harrison this sweet little gem has 16,000 on the clock, has new tires and is 100% stock. Apparently, Harrison imported it and has owned it since new. He tells me it has been well cared for and by looking at the pictures I can’t say I disagree. With all of these two strokes floating around RSBFS it’s making me crazy and I might do something silly to park one in my garage.

The MC 21’s introduced the Gullarm swing arm to the NSR line and I’d say it is the coolest thing next to a single sided swing arm. 1993 was the last year for the MC21 before the MC28 went on sale in November of 1993 as 1994 models. My favorite NSR is the 1990 SP, but that’s another story for another post.

Here are the pictures:

From the listing:

1993 Honda NSR 250R. California title and current registration.
This NSR was purchased new in Japan and was imported to the US by original owner. It’s entirely stock with all original plastics, front and rear seats, pipes, airbox, foot-pegs, suspension, oil injection, and tool roll. Compression 160/161. 16,000 miles. New front and rear tires, new windshield, and new battery

Interested? This one is listed on the San Diego CL and is priced at $7,000.00.



Honda February 10, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda NSR250 MC21

This NSR isn’t titled but it looks to be a nice example in the U.S.  This NSR250 is located in Bellmore, New York.  1993 was the last year for the MC21 range; being replaced in 1994 by the Pro-Arm equipped MC28.  The seller states that everything works, and works well.  As I said, this bike isn’t titled but, if you can overcome that–or are just looking for some living-room art–this could be a nice NSR for you.  The asking price may be a bit high at $5,000 with the lack of title and little other information.  This one’s worth a look.  See it on Craigslist here.


Honda January 27, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda NSR 250SP MC21 Rossi Mugello Replica

1993 Honda NSR 250SP MC21 Valentino Rossi Mugello replica with some very nice upgrades.

This sweet little NSR 250 SP was forwarded to us by Rock’n Randall and we certainly appreciate it. I’m normally not a fan of heavily modified motorcycles in any form, but this one had me from hello 😉 . Done up in classic Rossi style and based heavily on his 2001 Mugello Honda NSR500; this one is a must have for any Valentino Rossi fan. Anyone care to guess how long it took to lay-out the paint scheme? And hey, if you don’t like the Rossi repli paint scheme it’s being sold with another full set of OEM bodywork. There’s no mention of color, factory paint etc., but more is always better right? The upgrades to this one are both high quality and plentiful and the bike currently has approximately 17,350 miles on it. Give it a look and then check out the upgrades list.

Bike Info/Mods:
Tyga Bodywork, HRC Black Box, HRC Reed Valves, HRC Reed Valve Spacers, HRC Reed Valve Stuffers, HRC, Full Carb Setting Kit, Tyga Lightened Fly Wheel, HRC Race Plugs, Dog Fight Stainless Steel Pipes, Bomax, Motorsport Modified Air Box, Blue Anodized Quick Preload Adjusters, Dizzy MC21 Race shock, NHK Adjustable, Steering Damper, Honda Magtek Wheels Freshly Painted Flat Black, Tyga Step Kit, AFAM Sprockets 14t Front and 41t Rear, DID Gold 520ERV Chain, Michelin Pilot Sport Tires, HRC Race Break Pads, Heavy Duty Clutch Cable, Stainless Braided Mesh Lines Front and Rear, Dog Fight cans and more……..

If the lengthy list of modifications isn’t enough to get you revved up then to sweeten the deal the seller is throwing in the following as well.

I will include all extra parts and spares that I have lying around which include a full set of oem bodywork, bike stands, new spark plugs, extra x tubes, and brand new Daytona digital temp gauge that’s not installed.

All of this for $5,000.00, BUT it hasn’t been started in 2 years and currently doesn’t run. The seller states that it needs new plugs, carbs cleaned and some fresh fuel. However, if you aren’t the handy type the owner is willing to get it going and up the price to $5,500.00. Seller also states that it is registered for street use and both the top and bottom end of motor was redone prior to being stored. So if your interested or are a bigger die hard Rossi fan that this guy….

click on over to the Vancouver CL and check it out.

Just for the fun of it I was going to throw in a video of the The Doctor doing his thing, but I couldn’t find one video of Rossi in action that wasn’t blocked by youtube. Did I miss something?