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Honda November 24, 2012 posted by

Eye Candy: 1991 Honda NSR250 MC21 Kato Replica

Update 11.23.12: We love this look of this bike but it’s failed to sell a few times. Having been relisted several times, the seller has now included a buy-it-now of $12500 in the latest listing on eBay. The highest bid we’ve seen is $7600 in previous listings. Links updated. -dc

Update 11.9.2012: Back on eBay. Closed last time at $6500 without meeting reserve. Already up to $5100 with 4 days to go. Links updated. -dc

Love it! I’m a sucker for replica’s and this Daijiro Kato replica doesn’t dissapoint. I believe this would be a replica of the NSR250 Kato piloted in the 200o Grand Prix season, finishing third overall. Sadly, Kato was killed at the Suzuka GP in 2003 riding in MotoGP.

By the way, these pictures don’t do the bike justice, you have to click on the video below to appreciate this machine. I think the word “wow” might come to mind a few times.

Sounds lovely, nice smooth idle.

It is looking good from every direction.

Now that the pictures and video have sucked you in, here are the details:


Low mileage and a title to go with the good looks. Moto2 is entertaining to watch but I still miss these bikes and their factory GP cousins.

Not a thing out of place. They even went with a GP type brake reservoir set up.

I really don’t have anything meaningful to add. You either love the race replica look or you don’t. If you do, this is one fine example. It looks like the seller is seeking top dollar from the info he posted on the WWW. The only problem with the reps, no matter how stunning, is finding a buyer who was in as much love with that GP machine as you were. Maybe more importantly, is his love matched by his willingness to open his check book?

The auction is up and running and I’m betting quite a ways to go before hitting the reserve. Here it is.


Bimota March 25, 2012 posted by

Monday Mailbag and What are You Shopping for this Spring?

Good morning! Here’s the latest submissions, Facebook spots, and reader rides to go with your morning coffee.

This week I’d like to hear what readers are shopping for this spring and see if we can’t find some good examples for the blog. Leave a comment below, no registration required.

Have a great week,


First up is a reader ride from Ayden with his 1989 Honda MC18 NSR250. Located in Santa Barbara, this bike has less thank 7k miles. Good luck with the sale!

Next up is this Bimota Tesi submitted from Peter. As with most Bimotas this one has hardly been touched with just 88 miles. Buy-it-now is at $36k.

Also in the nearly new category is this 1994 Ducati 916 with just 388 miles.

I know Rem will dig this one, a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 with less than 10k miles. Thanks for the submission Ryan.

And here’s a complete looking Yamaha FZR400 spotted by Garrett on Craigslist for just $1850.


Honda February 10, 2012 posted by

If You Must Smoke- Titled ’89 Honda NSR250 MC18

Location: Lady Lake, Florida

Mileage: 10,606

Price: Auction, $5,000 BIN

Why are these bikes so cool? Is it the paint? The weight? Power? The fact that they sound like ladyfingers going off in a tin can? Maybe the lure of the exotic? It’s hard to say. But cool they are. Whether the NSR like the one above, or an RGV or TZR, the two stroke 250 is just straight awesome.

This particular bike is the NSR250 MC18. With the PGM II intake technology, it was cutting edge back in the day. The bike cranks out about 45hp and weighs a little under the 300 lbs mark.

From the seller-

The second version of the MC18 PGM II. Also known as the R5K model. This model uses a key and not the “chip”.  This model went on sale February 10, 1989 in Japan. Color; Terra Blue and White.  10,606 miles (17,070 Km).  Well maintained Honda 250cc sport bike that is a blast to ride because of its smaller physical size, very light weight, and high revving engine.  Japan-market model not imported into the U.S.  Does have a clear Florida title.   95% stock (changes: new windscreen in smoke color and 2 flag stickers on either side of headlight – some pictures show an orange windscreen that was replaced).  Bike is part of a museum collection.  Bike was “put away” 5 years ago by a certified Honda mechanic with 40 years in the business – Correct fluids drained, tank and exhaust system fogged with oil, all joints and cables lubed, etc. (note; there is no battery in this bike but it is easy to get one).  All you need to do is put in a battery, gas up, check auto-oiler, and fire it up to go.  There are very few small nicks on the paint.  However, the front cowl is cracked as did all 250s from this era did.  This CAN BE REPAIRED if you feel the need, but it does not affect performance or drivability.  All in all, a beautiful bike that is really fun to ride.

And the pics-

Now this bike ain’t perfect. The seller points out the crack in the front cowl, replaced windscreen, some extra stickers. It also needs a battery. But overall, if as described, you should be able to be up in riding in a short time. The seller is asking $5k to buy it now. Many of the later version of these go for much more (say an SP) and some for less. The seller seems to be starting at a reasonable spot. And it has a clear Florida title.

So if you have always wanted to own one, this could be that one. To make up your mind, go check out the auction!


Honda February 1, 2012 posted by

NSR Eye Candy In The UK: 1988 NSR250 (MC18) Terra Racing And 1991 NSR250 (MC21) Cabin Racing

NSR Eye Candy In The UK: 1988 NSR250 (MC18) Terra Racing And 1991 NSR250 (MC21) Cabin Racing

Everybody hates Monday’s so here is a little eye candy of the two wheeled variety provided courtesy of Honda.  Sit back, put of your work off and dream a little of a garage filled with rare NSR’s.  Take your pick of a Terra Racing replica or one decked out in Cabin Racing colors.


I know the Rothmans replicas are the iconic NSR250 but I think these Terra Racing reps are my favorite.  The sellers ad claims 1500 were produced.

Damn, I’m a sucker for those green number plates.  Can there be a more shallow reason to like a bike?

She has around 15,000 miles on her and the seller is asking the equivalent of  $7,800.  It sure would be a nice way to top off a NSR250 collection.

Check out the auction.




Ok NSR men help me out on this one.  Was this an official replica or just paint the had Cabin Racing colors?  The seller claims a production of 2500 in this color scheme.  Doing an internet search for this bike brought up several photos of the Cup Noodle race NSR’s.  I vaguely remember seeing a picture of a street version of that bike.  Did Honda ever produce a Cup Noodle replica?


There’s the reason all RGV250’s don’t have “banana” swing arms.  Honda had the patent on the “Gull Arm” and didn’t appreciated the copy.  Suzuki definitely put more style into it.


Sure looks like a nice example to me.  It only shows 6200 miles, has the original two keys and of course a rattling dry clutch.


This one will set you back roughly $8,600.  Take a look here.





Honda June 22, 2011 posted by

’89 NSR250R MC18: Titled and Registered in CA

Location: San Jose, CA
Miles: 9,XXXkm
Price: $4,000

Here’s one for all you ‘smokers out there! Up for grabs we have a 1989 Honda NSR250R MC18. These angry sounding bikes crank out about 45hp and tip the scales at just less than 300lbs wet. Now that sounds like a recipe for good times to me. The MC18 was at the cutting edge of technology back in the day and included new PGM-II intake technology.

This particular bike is located in San Jose, CA and has a clean title and registration which is always a plus for a grey market two-stroke. Your neighbors might not be the biggest fan, but everyone else who knows what these bikes are will be! The seller doesn’t offer much info on the bike, but an email to me revealed that it had 9,xxx km. It’s also a little hard to tell from the photos what condition the bike is in as far as wear and tear and any possible corrosion. The seller also states that it has a set of air tech front fairings and from I can tell some after market pipes (anyone who can tell the make feel free to chime in). Also seems that the rear wheel has been painted black, but unfortunately no more details on any changes are mentioned.

From the seller:

” I have a registered 1989 Honda NSR 250 for sale. It currently runs and has a clean title with up to date registration. Bike has a few upgrades including a set of air tech front fairings. This Bike is very fun to ride.
Im asking $4000. Must have Cash on hand including M1 license for test ride.”

Here is a stock photo to give you a better idea of what the bike looks like:

It appears to be a relatively clean and low mileage example in Terra blue and white livery, although it doesn’t look to be bone stock. With the U.S. Gran Prix less than five weeks away (I’m counting the hours until I’m there), and this bike being titled and located roughly an hour’s ride from legendary Laguna Seca Raceway, it could be a fun way to roll into MotoGP. Take a look at the sale ad here and make the call if you think this is the bike for you.


Honda May 3, 2011 posted by

Smokin’ 250: 1989 Honda NSR 250R

For Sale: 1989 Honda NSR 250R MC18

You might think the RSBFS staff a strange bunch; if it’s not 400cc rockets like this one or this one, it is two-stroke smokers like today’s bike, a 1989 Honda NSR250R MC18. Now, we have seen quite a few MC18s on these pages, and you can do your homework here. And while later generation bikes are certainly more technologically advanced, many believe that a well-sorted ’18 is the bike to have. Let the flames begin!

The seller was good enough to share some broadside shots of the bike, including the obvious rash on both sides of this little gem. The damage is unfortunate, as I really like the red/black/silver color scheme, and actually prefer it to some of the race-replica livery (let the flames continue!).

From the seller:
Up for grabs ultra rare all original 89 Honda NSR black / red color combo “mc18”. 26000 kilometers or 16000 miles , Fresh oem top end installed less than 400 miles ago. oil injected so no messing around with premix.Bike runs mint and starts on first kick no matter how cold or hot it is. brand new Michelin tires, brand new brakes. the only thing it needs is fairings repainted to look new again. previous owner scratched up right fairing and slightly left fairing “look at photos”. other than that it is mint. if you are local you are more than welcome to come over have a look and test it. Title clear and clean in hand so the bike is totally street legal

This bike is not exactly low miles (odo shows just under 27,000 km) or cherry, but the seller does state that the bike is titled in NJ despite the fact that the pics show no plates. There is much that is unknown here, and as always we will recommend that you contact the seller for more pictures and more information. For additional information on NSRs, you can also check out this link.

This auction is going on now, and there has been some early action; the current bid is at $2,650 with reserve still in place, and the BIN is set at $5,500. That latter number is quite a bit high for an MC18 in this condition, but if the reserve is set at a rational level then we could have a good one going yet. For more information and pictures, . Tell ’em you saw it on RSBFS!

And if you are interested in something a little newer, be sure and check out our featured listing: a gorgeous MC28!


Honda March 30, 2011 posted by

Never Say Never: Honda NSR250SP Terra Racing (MC18 RK6)

Never Say Never:  Honda NSR250SP  Terra Racing (MC18 RK6)

I really never expected to see one of  these for sale.  As the title says though, “Never say never!”.  The above brochure is what many a young Japanese male lusted after in the late 80’s:  a Honda NSR250SP Terra Racing replica.  The race replica craze was in full swing and most of the Japanese manufactures were glad to oblige.

Prospec baby!  I always get a kick out of the English bits mingled in with the Japanese.

And here is the bike in question.  It has made its’ way from Japan to the UK and is .  No bidding on this one, if you like the price it is yours.  That price in US dollars is roughly $8,600.  Steep but you might have the only one in the country.

I found a great blog entry ( that gives a great explainer on what makes the  Terra Racing replicas special:

The R6K models were the first true SP’s. They sported the similar gold Magtek magnesium wheels as before, but now with the benchmark 150/60 series tyre, first seen on the R5K. This new SP also had adjustable suspension front and rear; spring preload and rebound dampening on the front, and spring preload, rebound, and compression dampening on the rear, and an all new dry clutch based on the RS250 race bikes. Released to compete with Yamaha’s new TZR250 Reverse Cylinder, Suzuki’s first RGV250, and Kawasaki’s KR1, it was (and still is) an extremely competent road and race bike capable of in excess of 70hp in full race trim! All R6K SP’s were only produced in white and silver Terra Racing colours.


This might be the best picture:  it looks pretty darn clean and better yet, corrosion hasn’t begun.  If you’ve owned a bike from Japan where that salty air has gotten the better of it you know why I pointed out the lack of corrosion.  By the way, it only has 8,000 miles on it and it looks completely stock.  Pissed you don’t live in the UK yet?

 Now that will finish off a nice Honda collection.

It’s from a little earlier (1987) but will still take you back. All Japan Series action:


Note: The great brochure images in this post are generously made available by Jamie’s NSR Homepage. Thank you Jamie!

Honda June 14, 2010 posted by

1989 Honda NSR250 In Northern California

This is a California titled and registered MC18 NSR250!

Bike: 1989 Honda NSR250(R)

Price: $5,000 USD

Location: Vallejo, California

Mileage: 23,000km (14,291mi)

This seller states that this bike has never been down and is registered for road use.  The seller also states that the only thing that isn’t original on this bike is a fairing that was replaced but, it looks to have been repainted and has a solid windscreen.  The bike does have 23,000km.  The seller states “I am asking $5,000 OBO, I am aware that it is worth a lot more…”; From the MC18’s we’ve seen, this bike is priced quite high in regards to condition but, it does have a California title so it’s worth looking into.  See the other MC18 posts here.  See this bike on Craigslist here.