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Longy Stroke – 1990 Suzuki GSX-R750L

Update 8.28.2021: Sold for $11,500 before we could publish. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Before the days when tobacco logos came in bar code, Kevin Schwantz rode Lucky’s RG500 to a MotoGP championship and two runner-ups.  Apparently a home-grown commemorative, today’s GSX-R has a bunch of nice mods to an excellent year.

1990 Suzuki GSX-R750 for sale on eBay

Looking for more torque, Suzuki returned to a longer stroke crank for 1990, and used a host of small changes to keep the new engines revving to 11,000 rpm – like lighter weight pistons and connecting rod bolts that were threaded right into the rods.  The two-stage oil pump and a curved cooler kept the engine alive through 115 hp, some saying it was the best oil-cooled year.  The chassis is perceptibly beefier and though most sources expect USD forks, they don’t appear on U.S. models until 1991.

Though it strays from the factory livery occasionally, this R750 certainly gets the point across.  The compact turn signals are well done, the polished exhaust is a beauty, and wave rotors are a nod to the present day.  The wrapped headers might be a squawk, but it should keep the fairings cooler.  Comments from the eBay auction:

Total restoration, rock solid motor, straight frame, carbs rebuilt, new plugs, Air Tech enlarged air scoops, carb covers and race tail, Kevin Schwantz Lucky Strike custom race paint ($3500), powder coated wheels, new Michelin pilot tires, powder coated fairing and tail brackets, 3 new brake rotors, new pads, brake reservoirs front and rear, steel braided brake lines, new clutch and brake cables, Yoshi exhaust with custom fabricated mid pipe ($900), painted and wrapped header, Ohlins shock ($1,000), forks rebuilt, Fuel tank coated with POR15 protective coating, new hand controls and levers, new instrument lights and display, new turn signals front and rear, all new bearings and fasteners on wheels, rear shock and swing arm, custom fabricated exhaust bracket (eliminated rear foot pegs), custom fabricated seat lock mechanism (relocated under tail), new chain, front and rear sprockets, powder coated and anodized rear sets, new ignition, zero gravity windshield, new fuel cap and bracket, all new OEM fasteners, hoses and springs. $16,800 invested, 19,572 miles, bike runs like new, Carbs professionally tuned by expert who specializes in early GSX-Rs, I road the bike so some nicks on fairing behind front tire (can’t be prevented) and small imperfection on right side of tail, other than that the bike is beautiful.

Even though the investment this owner made might never please the accountant, it certainly would make a splash at the next bike night.  Riders who remember the 500cc two stroke GP’s might be in short supply, but the GSX-R750 is an evergreen model, and this tribute started from a great base.  Combining all of these interests, this splashy GSX-R might get the make offer button working.



Longy Stroke – 1990 Suzuki GSX-R750L
Suzuki February 6, 2019 posted by

Partly Lucky: 1992 Suzuki RGV 250

Pity the US-based two-stroke fan. Few models were ever officially imported into the US, and those that did hit our shores only lasted for a couple of years. And while we should be happy we ever got them at all, vitally missing were the hard-edged smokers and the big bore machines. Casting eyes northward, we could watch our Canadian neighbors ring-a-ding-ding and pop and smoke with glee – but this was all from the tree of carnal knowledge for stateside riders. Until bikes started to get old enough to import, that is. And even with used-bike age laws, there are still large areas of the country where these machines are verbotten (you Californians, otherwise too cool, got staunched on this one). As the laws of supply and demand go, where there is no supply there is capacity for high demand, which leads us to today’s 1992 Suzuki RGV250.

1992 Suzuki RGV 250 for sale on eBay

Suzuki smokers started life out at parallel twins, but it was soon realized that the vee configuration offered several benefits. Perfect primary balance, for starters. A smaller, narrower profile aided in aerodynamics. And finally, the configuration lent itself to moving weight around in the chassis as Suzuki sought to achieve the perfect weight distribution. So effective was the RGV that Aprilia first bought engines from Suzuki, then built their own clones under license, and then finally engineered their own modification to the platform. For Suzuki models, figure about 55-60 wild horses – once the tach swings up towards 11,000. That is for an exported model, such as this Canadian steed. Home market bikes are restricted and have less. With a dry weight in the 280 pound range, there is plenty of motive power to make this fun.

From the seller:
Absolutely superb VJ 22A in really nice condition. Well maintained and well taken care of, wheels and asymmetrical swing-arm recently powder coated, forks not rusted no pitting, all consumables ready to go (brakes, chain, sprockets and tires). The carburation has been cleaned out, jets changed in 2018. The bike is located in Quebec city Canada and comes with a Quebec ownership (equivalent of a title). The bike comes with a box of spare parts (lower engine case, clutch lever, some handlebar controls). All in all an excellent machine very well preserved. I am more than willing to either take care of the export process/shipping or help out with it. I can even drive across the border and meet on the US side. For the US buyer, I provide all necessary documentation to ensure smooth transition past the border but whatever pertains to your county DMV is the buyer’s responsibility.

The well-sorted twin is encased in a chassis complete with GP-racing amenities: twin-spar lightweight aluminum frame rails, nifty asymmetrical banana swing arm, stacked exhaust pipes, and trick (for the time) upside down forks. This was meant to be a racer for the streets, and with the proper livery one could imagine playing Kevin Schwantz at every roundabout. Which leads us to the primary issue with this particular offering: It has quasi-Lucky Strike colors, but is missing some key graphics. This leads to questions regarding whether it is a true LS, or simply a bodywork swap. Perhaps it is a legit LS but was rebuilt as the result of crash damage (the box of spare parts that comes with the sale could indicate same). The 22,000 km (sub 14,000 miles) on the all metric clocks is not that concerning, but as always, interested buyers are cautioned to do their homework.

This particular RGV is located in Quebec City, which means that US buyers will need to perform some paperwork in order to legally bring it in. Fortunately this seller appears to be familiar with this process, and has offered both shipping options as well as trailering the bike into the US. As always, registering the bike in your home state is the responsibility of the buyer. When it comes to the DMV, Californians need not apply (unless you know a guy). But for many US buyers, this is a legitimate way to own a quarter liter two stroke built during the height of two stroke tech. Check out the auction here. Bidding is only up to $2,850 with reserve still in place, but depending on where that is set this could be a relative bargain to get yourself into the game. Some restoration work will be in order to complete the Lucky Strike graphics, but if the mechanicals are in decent shape you could hoon this to the moon. Good (partial) Luck!!


Partly Lucky: 1992 Suzuki RGV 250
Suzuki May 16, 2017 posted by

Vape Machine: 1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike

NO RESERVE – That is an ironic term considering that it covers both the auction as well as Suzuki’s intent when designing the motorcycle. The RGV250 has risen to legendary status among riders and collectors due to its performance and balance (even Aprilia agrees, having purchased VJ22 power units for their own RS250 models). With a two stroke v-twin engine, aluminum chassis, upside down forks, asymmetrical banana / gull swing arm and racer bodywork (and riding position), the Gamma is what two stroke riders pick to ride.

1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike for sale on eBay

Today’s bike is a VJ22 model incorporating commemorative Kevin Schwantz Team Lucky Strike livery. Lucky Strike bikes are reasonably rare in the world of Gammas, as they were produced in low numbers and only for limited markets; they were also not produced every year. As all Gammas are grey market bikes in the US to start with, the LS model (even though cosmetic only) is an extra bit of topping on what is (now) a street-legal registered motorcycle. Things just keep on getting better and better.

From the seller:
Up for auction to the highest bidder with NO RESERVE is a 1992 Suzuki RGV22A Lucky Strike with only 10,809 kilometers (6717 miles). HIGHEST BIDDER WINS!

Just had a bath and ready for its photo shoot! This RGV250 two stroke runs like a raped ape, just like the day it was new. Its been serviced and ready to go with a new battery and new fluids. This RGV has been well loved and well ridden. Lots of scratches, rubs and notorious boot marks lol, but NO cracks in the plastic, NO broken tabs & NO dents in the tank. This bike would make an excellent candidate for restoration, or just wring it out as a weekend knee scratcher. Bike comes equipped with OEM mufflers and OEM stingers and the dry clutch sounds awesome. Suzuki owners manual, Suzuki drivers guide, first aid kit, Lucky Strike onboard tool kit and two keys. This RGV250 comes with a Utah State title and is titled as a motorcycle for street use.

One thing that jumped out at me is the dry clutch. Regular edition VJ22s do not come with this race-bred bit of trickery. The dry clutch is an Sport Production item (the SP model also included a close-ratio gearbox), which could either mean that the base bike is an SP, or the clutch was a retrofit to a standard LS-branded bike. I’m sure there are Gamma-pedia types reading this now, and I welcome you to chime in on the comments; let us learn from your collective wisdom. Other than that discrepancy, this appears to be a solid, imported smoker; there are requisite scratches from use over the years, but otherwise this is seemingly unmolested (i.e. OEM chambers and stingers, rear fender still attached).

The seller has listed this as a No Reserve auction. That means this bike is definitely going home with someone when all is said and done. The opening ask was a paltry $1,500, but there is good interest in the bike and the price is climbing quickly. While this is a titled and registered motorcycle in Utah, that does not guarantee your state will be as willing or complicit. As always, RSBFS recommends you check with your local constabulary prior to purchasing something not officially imported into the US (i.e. if you live in California, consider this an excellent track day steed). Check it out here, and thank you for smoking.


Vape Machine: 1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike
BMW April 14, 2017 posted by

Pugilist: 2003 BMW Boxer Cup

I know there are some RSBFS faithful out there that refuse to believe a BMW can be sporty OR rare. I beg to differ. As such, I offer you this 2003 Boxer Cup machine, created by BMW to capitalize on what was essentially a one-make Battle Of The Twins series. As #172 in a 200-bike limited production, it is justifiably rare – even if this is really an upscale version of the R1100S model. As for the sporting equation, I rely on the likes of Reg Pridmore, Randy Mamola, and Kevin Schwantz to comment; all have been competitors on BMW twins. Sure, at age 77 Reg could probably beat all of us on track even if he were riding a motorized skateboard, but each of these professional riders has shown the possible performance attainable from the bikes out of Bavaria.

2003 BMW Boxer Cup for sale on eBay

With carbon fiber fender and mudguard, a full belly pan, carbon valve covers with cylinder head pucks, twin under-seat exhaust, Ohlins suspension on both ends and a special setup that raises the rear of the bike to aid in cornering clearance, the Replika machine is as sporty as you could get in the BMW world during this time. Evoking the 5 year racing series was a marketing coup for BMW, and with model-specific graphics (including Mamola’s replicated signature on the fairing) this BMW promises to be something different.

From the seller:
Thank you for viewing my favorite moto: 2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika
This rare bike is amazing to ride! Comfortable, smooth, fast, and people love the timeless design. If you have made it this far into my listing, then I don’t need to write 10 pages explaining the Boxer Cup racing series and the limited production of very rare commemorative Bimmers that were sold around the world. Specifically, this moto is a great example of a well-preserved and maintained R1100S BCR that has always been adult ridden, never dropped or even leaned on, garage-kept, and will always be a fan favorite to every type of rider.

More from the seller:
I purchased this from a private owner in spring of 2016, had it enclosed shipped from Florida, and loved every second of riding it. Sadly, I am moving and need to downsize for the time being. The spark plugs, all fluids, and tires were replaced at 7,300 miles (shortly before I purchased it). This bike is nearly spotless: I’d rate the condition of it around a 9.3/10 with only stress cracks on the windscreen, a few very minor scratches on the gas tank, seat cover, and a few chips on the lower front of the bellypan. I have pampered this moto for 3,000 miles, and most of them are highway from weekend adventures. The rear tire is starting to show a little wear, but should easily perform for another 2,500-3,000 miles before replacing.

Sure, it was not until the S1000RR and piles of money that BMW finally met the competition head on in World Super Bike – but the Boxer Cup paved the way. This example is very, very clean. Miles are certainly low for what we all know to be a dead reliable lump of a motor, and unlike some of the high-strung Italian supermodels you can ride this one through some pretty decently sized service intervals. It’s everything you would expect from a BMW twin, with a little extra cachet, performance and exclusivity. Check it out here for all of the details and some great photos. Then jump back into the comments section and share your thoughts on the Boxer Cup – genuinely good race series, or mad marketing ploy von Deutschland?


Pugilist: 2003 BMW Boxer Cup
Suzuki May 3, 2016 posted by

The Pepsi Challenge: 1989 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ21A for Sale

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP R Front

One of the shining stars of the two-stroke GP era, the hugely popular Kevin Schwantz and fellow American Wayne Rainey made headlines for their epic rivalry and “winner-take-all” on-track brawls. Although he actually raced an RGV500, a number of Suzuki’s road-going RGV250s were created with replica paintjobs to capitalize on Schwantz’ racing success riding with Lucky Strike and Pepsi colors.

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP L Side

RGV250 Γ “Gamma” followed Honda’s lead with a switch from a parallel-twin to a 90° v-twin engine, although the later VJ23 version switched to an unusual 70° v-twin in 1997, likely for packaging reasons. Aprilia also used a modified version of the little v-twin in their RS250 in strict adherence to the “if it ain’t broke” philosophy, although they did make a few minor performance tweaks…

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP Dash

That engine was suspended in a lightweight aluminum frame, with triple disc brakes, a 17” front and an 18” rear wheel. The SP version of the bike also used adjustable suspension front and rear, a step up from the more basic models. Overall, the RGV250 matched the on-paper specifications of competing bikes from Honda and Kawasaki, with approximately 60hp on tap and 300lb dry weight.

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP Fairing Detail

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Suzuki RGV250SP for Sale

Pepsi Edition located in Santa Ana, California. This bike is in very good condition for its age. Engine runs good, but could use a light carb clean. There are a few minor scratches on the fairing and two small dents on the front of the fuel tank. There are no cracks in the plastic. Bike has only 5910 KM = 3546 Miles on the clock. Pepsi RGV250SP are very hard to find in Japan now in this condition. Bike is sold with a bill of sale only. I don’t have a title for the bike. Look at the pictures carefully and ask questions before you bid. This is a USA only auction. Again, this bike is sold with a bill of sale only, no title. More info on this bike is available on our website.

1989 Suzuki RGV250SP Tail

This is obviously a very cool motorcycle, but presents a couple problems for a potential buyer. For street riders, the lack of a title is a very real issue. Sure, in some very permissive states, registration may be possible. But for the rest of us, a fat sack of cash delivered to a morally-flexible DMV employee might be the only route to road-legal status. And for collectors, the physical imperfections might be an issue. I mean, if you’re buying an RGV to sit on display, you probably want it to be pretty pristine, unless it’s a famous racebike or something. So what’s left? Track-day riders? Hoarders? I’m sure there are plenty of folks who’d love one of these to thrash, but with an $8,200.00 starting bid, I think this particular bike will prove to be a tough sell.


1989 Suzuki RGV250SP R Side

The Pepsi Challenge: 1989 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ21A for Sale
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Featured Listing: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R1100

Update 6.12.2016: SOLD!

Update 2.15.2016: This seller has upgraded to a Featured Listing. Thanks for helping to support the site! Price is $7,500

Chosen by a collector and studiously preserved, this GSX-R1100 was plucked from the streets with 9,300 miles.  The K-model ( Suzuki VIN numbers use a letter code for the year ) had a new 1127cc engine and robust alloy frame.  Notoriously tricky to set up, the combination of power and handling on the 1989 was labeled “expert” by some, and just avoided by others.

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 right front

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 left rear

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 right grip

Cooling the cylinders and heads with fins and oil flow, the legendary Suzuki engine delivered 143 hp.  The torque figure of 86 ft-lbs. required only a 5-speed transmission.  The frame of aluminum extrusions welded to cast connectors was light and strong.  The Kayaba forks and Full Floater rear shock each were 3-way adjustable.  Nissin brakes were 310mm front and 240mm rear.  Not as slab-sided as some earlier models, the biposto seat fairing complements the full endurance-inspired fairing, giving the rider a place to hide from the potentially 170 mph wind.

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 windshield

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 right seat

The owner supplied a boatload of high-resolution photos, with every detail shown along with some patina, but no corrosion.  The bike has been ridden some, and the seat fairing has a broken mount underneath, but the fairing and paint condition is surprisingly good, and the cleanliness of the metals is astounding. 
Seller description:

Up for your consideration is a 1989 GSXR1100. This bike has had a very easy life considering. I feel the condition of this bike is way above average for the year and miles (9,295 miles). The originality speaks volumes as to who owned it and how it was treated. I won’t say anymore about that as I will let the pictures of the bike speak for themselves. The bike was bought by me as a collector bike and never put on the street. The tank is signed by Kevin Schwantz.  It can easily be removed if so desired.

I still have the original ad from when I purchased the bike. It has been thoroughly cleaned twice while in my care. It is detailed and would be a great addition for any collector or anyone whom just wants to ride it.  Note that the pictures with the tank bra (which I have since thrown out) and several others were taken before I ever cleaned or detailed the bike.  This is a California bike so it has all the EGR equipment still intact and no rust or degradation of metals and or fasteners. It is this bikes originality that makes  it so special…

Problem areas:

  • Small crack in the left side rear cover at the very rear corner. This is a common area that was abused due to lack of knowledge on how to remove the panel properly.  It is easily missed if not pointed out as the picture is high res and at the perfect angle to show its ugliness. I promise it is easy to miss walking arround the bike. I have watched for another NOS part to come along and have not been successful.
  • There are some very minor stone chips here and there. This is a used bike that has almost ten thousand miles so some wear is expected.
  • Steering damper; they typically last 5-7 years and fail so this is a common issue with a bike of this age
  • Does not come with a battery

That is it. Other than those items the bike is all there. It does include all manuals, keys, NOS solo seat cover, dealer brochure, binder with all articles and such from over the years, copy of previous owners titles, etc.  Note it does not come with the tank bra shown in some of the pictures – that was removed and discarded.   You are buying this bike from a enthusiast collector so I think you will be happy. I am however missing the previous owner’s maintenance documentation which I do wish it came with. Sadly most people didn’t think of these things at that time. The bike has had an oil change and tank and cabs drained while in my care.

This bike is on the rise in value and will follow the slab sided bikes that have just been white hot. It is very easy to see the trends and while most average bikes will get average prices the really good ones always bring the really good money. I was told long ago by a well renowned collector always buy the best you can afford as the best condition always is the most sought after, and always originality trumps restored. They can be restored hundreds of times and original once. This bike is not an ordinary bike and is not for most as you will see with the pricing. This bike is for the buyer that wants low mile, original bike, in great condition and will pay a premium for it.

I have listed and sold lots of bikes over the years without a single complaint. All were pleasantly surprised and all expectations were met, most even became friends after the purchase.

I will be listing a few bikes so please take a look and see if any of them tempt you! It is time to thin the herd so to speak. Good luck!


20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 overhead

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 dash

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 left rear wheel

The wear and tear of life on the street for this big horsepower bike ended when the current owner parked it, or rather put it on the lift for polishing.  Signed by Suzuki star Kevin Schwantz, most likely a high reserve will keep it on the display stand.  Might be for the best, since it reviewed as a wrist crushing ride.  Many were bored out and converted to drag bikes or just raced on the street, and survivors in this kind of shape are few and far between.  Maybe one of the current bidders will prevail and take it back out, possibly to the fan corral at an AMA Superbike race…


Featured Listing: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R1100
BMW July 25, 2012 posted by

Non Italian Twin: 2003 BMW BOXER CUP Replica!

For Sale: 2003 BMW BOXER CUP

So the word is that numbered and limited edition Ducatis are not rare. After all, they made some 700 of the 998R as posted here (Make sure to read the comments on the 998R to appreciate the rest of this post! -dc). So when I was trolling for something available in fewer numbers, I stumbled across this Boxer Cup bike – number 142 of only 200 produced. What is that – a 350% improvement in rarity? And to top it off, this baby is so NOT Italian that it prefers Wienerschnitzel to pizza!

What do you do when you are a manufacturer of sporty motorcycles and you want to make a name for yourself? You go racing. Better yet, you drop big bucks and start a one make class to ensure that no matter who wins, your brand is at the front. That is really what the Boxer Cup was all about – and while it was a good marketing exercise for BMW, the close racing was fantastic for the fans. It most certainly did not hurt when such names as Randy Mamola and Kevin Schwantz took part in the series!

From the seller:
Motor Co. Inc. is very proud to offer this very rare and collectible 2003 BMW R1100 Boxer Cup Replika to the public. #142 of only 200 produced this bike was a collector piece before it was assembled! We have serviced the bike and it is ready to go today. All of the documentation is included, the badges, certificate of authenticity, both keys, etc. Don’t miss this opportunity! Look at the pictures, come see it, this is the one you want! Bike has never been down and is exactly as it appears in the photos.

The Boxer Cup replica bikes were really just paint and styling excercises intended to cash in on the marketing offered by the Boxer Cup race series. There are the obvious Boxer Cup graphics, including Randy Mamola’s signature across the fairing. There are some nice touches such as the carbon valve covers, complete with sliders – but nothing really significant over and above the already strong R1100 Sport it was based upon.

If being more rare than the next guy is your thing, here is your way to get back at the Ducati snob-set. With 350% more rare-ness than a 998R and a bigger signature on the fairing than those puny RZ350s, this Boxer Cup replica is your ticket to the rare leagues! The best part is it probably won’t break the bank. For more information and pictures, click the link and check out the auction. Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 20, 2012 posted by

Pepsi Refreshes The World: 1988 Suzuki RG500 Heron Pepsi Edition

Pepsi Refreshes The World:  1988 Suzuki RG500 Heron Pepsi Edition

I take cash or check for the plug PepsiCo.  Take your hand off your wallet if you are in the United States as this one is in Australia.  It’s still ok to look at the pictures though. Seeing a Pepsi logo on a Suzuki takes me back to the days of a young Kevin Schwantz starting to show  promise and put the Suzuki RGV500 right up there with the dominant Yamaha’s and Honda’s of the day.  I have to admit though, I’ve always thought these Pepsi RG500’s have  looked a little funky.  The older RG silhouette with the Pepsi paint just doesn’t look quite right compared to say the RGV250 (VJ21) Pepsi Edition.  The story behind them, as told to me, is very interesting.

Apparently by 1988 RG500’s were not moving off the showroom floors very quickly due to the sales success of the GSXR750.  Heron Suzuki decided a little race paint might make the bikes more appealing and commissioned Dream Machine to paint 50 Pepsi RG’s and 50 Skoal Bandit RG’s.  So,  if you are purist, you can argue that these aren’t “official” Suzuki replicas.  I’d get into that argument with Lucky Strike RGV250 (VJ22) owners in the UK because apparently Suzuki UK had some RGV250’s sprayed in Lucky Strike colors as well.  Having said that, the paint quality on these is supposed to excellent and they are extremely rare bikes.

The seller has owned the bike for 13 years and states it resides in his house.  He does say it was tuned by UK tuner Stan Stephens but doesn’t go into any detail of what work was actually done.  Not a bad thing but I know hard core collectors like them as close to stock as possible.

The solo tail cover was included with the bikes.


The info:

Well then what can I say about this that the pictures don’t?

As you can see it is in amazing condition and those of you who know about RG500’s will know how rare this is.
The only marks on it are from moving it around the house and shed.
It is the 7th Pepsi RG500 made by Heron Suzuki UK, This is stamped on it.
I have had this for 13 years and the person before me had it since new.
It has been tuned by the legendary two stroke tuner Stan Stephens in the UK apart from that it is standard.
I have the passenger seat and foot pegs as well.
I have the Suzuki service book and paper work and the import paper work to register it in Australia.
I can register it for you if you like to save any hassle (it’s not hard though).
As you can see by one of the pic’s it has been on display in my house and has been for years as ART.
It has been started regularly yes even in the house and filled the house with the smell of two stroke, a much better smell than roses as any die hard two stroke fan will agree.
I only rode it up the road and back in the house to keep all in great working order.
I moved from this house a few years ago and it’s been in a dry shed but still ridden up the road and back 2 kilometres about every six months.
I feel the leather jacket signed by Kevin must go with it, He signed it for me when I had a BBQ with him and his mum and dad back in the day.
I have a contact that transports bikes Australia wide and for example from the Gold Coast to Sydney it’s $200.
If you would like me to take a pic of any other part of the bike just let me know and I can email it to you.
Please feel free to ask me any questions about it.

The seller is definitely asking collector type money.  The bike is at $15,000 Aus and has not met reserve and this is a re listing with a lower reserve.  Do you guys think it would command $15,000 in the U.S. (titled)?


Click for the auction.