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Aprilia December 4, 2021 posted by

Gemology – 2006 Aprilia RS125 Jorge Lorenzo with 7 Miles !

Almost the right size to sneak in behind the Xmas tree, Aprilia’s RS125 is ready for an up-and-coming rider, or maybe one trying to unlearn an over-reliance on the right wrist.  Today’s is the salient Jorge Lorenzo commemorative with just roll-around-the-showroom miles.

2006 Aprilia RS125 Spain’s No. 1 Edition for sale on eBay 

Aprilia built on its RS125 knowledge since the model originated in 1992, and added a lot of appointments for 2006.  Rotax made the NikaSil lined two-stroke, claiming 28hp at 10,500 rpm.  Except for where the steering head is boxed in, castings for the alloy chassis are open on the inboard side, but substantially webbed for rigidity.  Inverted 40mm forks end in a radial brake mount, with a single 320mm disk and four piston caliper.  Borrowing on the RSV1000’s aura, the wheels and fairing look like they were left in the dryer a bit too long.  Weight with a half-full tank should be under 300 lbs.

Not much to know about a bike with under 10 miles, but the ask for a 125 might get a request for some close-ups, and the Alberta dealer does offer to have a video call with a prospective buyer.  Seen with blue or silver wheels, some aluminum polish will want to be in the new owner’s kit.  Four bars from the eBay auction:

Aprilia RS 125 vintage 2006 is basically new condition, however due to its age we are selling this bike without any warranty or implied conditions.  Therefore this bike is sold as is however we will run up this motorcycle for you if you are seriously interested and or can send you a video of it running if required.

Jorge had already moved up to 250’s when he joined Aprilia, but his back to back 250cc championships deserved a tribute.  In his subsequent nine seasons with the factory Yamaha GP team, only his first year was out of the top three.  Retired early like race number 99, it would be surprising if this RS125 hit the rev limiter again.  Maybe a new lease on life would be as a pit lane display bike for a gentleman racer with a well broken-in Aprilia race bike.


Gemology – 2006 Aprilia RS125 Jorge Lorenzo with 7 Miles !
Aprilia January 24, 2010 posted by

2009 Aprilia RS125 Titled & Registered

This is a street legal 2009 Aprilia RS125 located in Tucson, Arizona and priced very nicely.  The 2009 Aprilia RS125 was the ultimate two stroke tease; as always, available in Europe as a street bike, the latest in Aprilia two stroke and frame technology, and Aprilia then had the audacity to bring them to U.S. showrooms for us to drool over!  These come to the U.S. with a VIN plate that clearly says for off-road use only, and a title that reiterates that fact however, physically, they are only missing the European wiring harness,  license plate mount, front & rear turn signals, and I believe headlight bulbs to be operationally street legal.  The wiring harness and the title have always been the toughest things to get.  When they were first imported in early 2009 the Euro harnesses were essentially unobtainable unless you knew someone who could purchase and ship one from Europe/U.K.  now they are easily available from AF1 Racing and other sites for around $480.  As everyone knows though, it’s the title that is the problem.  This brings us to this bike, it has the harness–however in the photos it isn’t shown to have turn signals–and was titled and registered from new!  The asking price is $5,000; making it appear that these bikes have begun to depreciate as the street titled ones used to carry an understandable premium over the stock bikes, the price of this current bike is under the original MSRP of the off-road only bikes.  The local Aprilia/Ducati still has–from what I saw–three of these in stock so dealers obviously aren’t sold out of these.  So, to sum it all up, the 2009 RS125s appear to finally be depreciating–including the registered ones–so if you’d like a discounted, street legal, Aprilia RS125; see the ad on here.  Also, see the bike on WERA here.