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Suzuki April 29, 2022 posted by

Portuguese Perfection: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

I’m not sure exactly what is going on in the sun-drenched land of fine port wines, but some amazing motorcycles are being cleared out of a collection and all are RSBFS worthy. In today’s case, just on the off chance that you were in the market for a pristine RG500 Gamma with low miles, let us share some of the details.

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma for sale on eBay!

The Suzuki RG500 should need little introduction on these pages, but if you Rip Van Winkled your way through the 1980s then a brief refresh might be in order. Designed to be a 500cc GP racer for the street, the big Gamma was of two-stroke configuration and utilized a square four engine arrangement (think of it as a siamesed pair of parallel twins connected at the crank). This was very much in line with the race bike, which was long before the four-stroke days of the current MotoGP. Intake and breathing was via 4 carbs synchronized through disk valves. And since two-strokes are very sensitive to exhaust pressure, the Gamma had four independent chambers; one for each cylinder. The frame of the Gamma was box-sectioned aluminum with castings for the headstock welded on. Front forks were high-tech air-adjustable with anti-dive, while the Full Floater rear suspension made due with preload only. As was in vogue in the day, the front hoop was a diminutive 16 incher, with a standard 17 inch wheel in the rear. Figure 95 HP pushing a 340 pound (dry) package; when the tach swings above 6,500 RPM, you’d better be holding on.

From the seller:
Suzuki RG500 GAMMA, mint condition.
With only 1060 Miles or 1700 KM and year production 1985, this is a very rare bike.
Complete JollyMoto Exhausts, make an astonishing sound.
Gsxr Wheels and front brake spacer to use original caliper.
Portuguese documents.
You can see by the photos, there in not even one single scratch or dent.
Original painting and decals all over the bike.
It has 2 keys.
Feel free to ask more pictures.
Bike is located in Portugal – Lisbon, but we work with Chas Mortimer Ltd to ship bikes to UK. You can also call them and ask for a feedback – shipping price is included.

This particular example has a popular mod that does away with the dreaded 16″ front rubber. It also sports some of the ultimate two-stroke pipe porn in the form of Jolly Moto chambers. Not only do the Jolly Motos weigh less than the stock pipes, they flow much better as well. That adds a power gain to the HP column, and an additional smile factor inside the helmet. They also make a fabulous sound at full song. The rest of the bike looks to be in pretty good condition overall (based on the photographs). Asking price is $32,500 US, with the seller open to offers. These are reasonably rare bikes that do not come up for sale all that often, although we do see Canadian bikes more frequently imported in the US. Given that this eclipses the 25 year mark for used bikes, importation into many States might be easier. Check out all of the details and photos here, and Good Luck!!


Portuguese Perfection: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma
Yamaha June 28, 2017 posted by

New York State of Mind: 1984 Yamaha RZ500

I will freely admit – having been born and bred in SoCal – that I have absolutely no idea what a New York state of mind might be. However I imagine it a series of dichotomies; hot and humid summers, cold and snowy winters, and the world’s most crowded (and motorized unfriendly) city. That pretty much conjures up the images I have, intending NO offense intended to our East Coast denizens. However in my palm-tree infested world devoid of rain, I have a hard time thinking about how rare hardware survives. This bike does little to change my impression, although it may not be entirely fair to blame the locale.

1984 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay

As I’m certain you have heard before, the RZ500 is the most populous of the rare, big two strokes. Encompassing a V-4, twin crank two stroke in a mild steel perimeter frame, the RZ was akin to a GP racer for the street. It was not the most hardcore of the bigger smokers (that honor falls to the Gamma), but it was both approachable and readily available; provided you lived somewhere other than the US. There are plenty of examples available, mostly coming from north of the US border; our two-stroke friend, Canada. Given the location of this bike, that is the most likely point of import.

From the seller:
Up for sale is a 1984 Yamaha RZ500 Motorcycle. Clear Title. Frame Number 47X-002434. I will get the engine number Soon and update the listing. Previous Owner had Bought the bike in 2007, He had put on new Tires, When though the Carburetors, changed the Kilometer Speedometer out for a MPH Gauge. Original reads 19,651. He had put a used MPH gauge on so mileage should be around 20,000. He had kept the original Kilo gauge, see picture, reads 34,454. The bike has a new battery. Fires right up and sounds great, no leaks or noises. Goes through the gears fine, clutch feels good. Inside of the gas tank was previously lined and is now starting to Bubble, so will need to be cleaned out. Front and rear brakes work as should. Headlight/ Taillight work. Has rear blinkers, Front blinkers are missing. It has a Jolly Moto exhaust system. Plastics have some cracks and slight repairs, but looks great! Expect normal wear and tear for a bike its age. Little to no rust. Would make a great Rider! Rare motorcycle, Clear Title/ Toolkit and cowl for seat. Please see all pictures before bidding. Bike is sold as is.

The seller shares some good information about the bike, but it seems unlikely that these words are the whole story. Not only has the speedo been changed out, but so too has the temp gauge. Were these items damaged in a crash (evidenced by the numerous scars on the bodywork), or was there another reason? Was overheating an issue? Where did all of the rust come from? Where are the front turn stalks? There are so many questions that I would want to ask on this one, not the least is why are all of the puke tubes hanging out in non-stock locations? The Jolly Moto pipes are a good score, but great pipes attached to some questions only really amplify the queries. Was the steering damper added after the fact? I could go on, but I’ll stop here.

It should be no surprise to less geographically-challenged individuals than me that this bike is located near Syracuse, only a short doughnut’s throw over the border to Canada. The swapped speedo makes sense from a federalization perspective, but the rest of the issues nag at me. Far from the near-perfect $20k smokers and exotica you tend to see on RSBFS (like this Kawasaki H2R or this ultra rare Kawasaki KR-1R), this RZ500 is a bit of a work in progress (as soon as the new buyer starts making progress). That could be a good thing if the price is right. The fly in the ointment here is that the opening ask is one buck short of ten grand. Yes, that is $10,000 USD. While a clean and well-sorted RZ500 can be a $15k machine (and $20k for a time capsule example), this one is far from that. Check it out here, and let us know what you think; does the DIY approach make any fiscal sense here, or is this one simply trying to ride the bubble? Good Luck!!


New York State of Mind: 1984 Yamaha RZ500
Yamaha June 6, 2014 posted by

Got Wayne? 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Florida


RSBFS is on a RZ500 roll these days, and here is another gorgeous V4 smoker. Unlike the stock bikes found last week, this particular example appears to be a well-built hot rod and sports the awesome Marlboro colors reminiscent of the glory days of Wayne Rainey. This bike has a lot of high-end pieces on it, and there is no doubt you could attract some attention on this machine. The seller has shared some good information, as well as several tasty pics. Read on and good luck!


1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Up for GRABS!!! My RZ500 / YZR 500 rep Just fully rebuilt Rick Lance / Lance Gamma motor. Heads were decked and mild port work was done . 5 k worth of greatness inside that motor.. runs amazing !!! Chassis and fabrication done by Wyn Belorusky / Rooskie Heavy Industries . Paint and assembly done by Jim’s custom Refinishing, New jolly moto carbon silencers from Morgan Racing .. List of Goodies 04 R1 Forks and wheels , Ohlins rear shock , JMC Mega braced Swingarm . ZX7R radiator , custom ride height adjuster from Ron A . 28 mikuni flat slides , custom cables from Motion pro . GPS speedo . indy temp gauge . Many hand built parts Rear sets , kick stand , sub frame …. Spare parts as follows Frame , transmission , clutch assembly , kick starter , and other parts shown . As for riding this bike ? endless smiles will be yours and countless questions asked about what it is … Its a shame for it just to be sitting so I’m going to try to sell … Free and clear florida title with headlight and tail light ….. I’ve driven it around these parts for years and no problems but every state and city is different …

Got Wayne?  1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Florida
Sport Bikes For Sale April 30, 2013 posted by

Smoked Salmon: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Alaska!


Ah, one of the favorite bikes of the RSBFS faithful. The RZ500 in virtually any condition draws interest. This bike, while not the museum quality stocker that some seek, is a nicely modified and apparently well cared for example that always seems to sell. Besides, who doesn’t like to look at eye candy like this?!


Being a 1985 model, this bike is now some 28 years old. I’m not so sure I would go so far as calling it an antique (“classic” is a much better title), but for a bike nearing mid-life crisis it still represents itself very, very well. From the Yamaha GP livery to the small front hoop, this bike was build to look like its GP brothers. The frame is mild steel painted to look like aluminum (look for the lower output Japanese market RZV500 if you want the alloy frame), but does the intended job well. Readers and riders alike rave about the big RZ.


From the seller:

This bike is in excellent condition and is the best V-4 two stroke 500cc Grand Prix Replica you will find. The jetting is excellent and it makes an exceptional every day rider. Added items to make a great bike even better include Jolly Moto Italian made Grand Prix style light weight exhaust pipes and light weight aluminum mufflers; Mad Beaver Uni Air Filter/Gas/Coolant System modifications; Ohlins rear shock; gold wheels; racing solo seat cowl; aftermarket nylon sliders & slider support system; aftermarket Lockhart-Phillip Mirrors & turn signals; Tarozzi fork brace and much more.

Additional parts include many original parts–5 boxes of parts including extra stock wheels with rotors, maintenance and parts manuals, two 2 inch three ring notebooks with historical information on the RZ500, road tests, RZ/RD500 Club Newsletters & much more.

If you are looking for this bike you will know that they are rare and don’t often come up for sale. I’ve had this bike for many years and turning 60 last year decided it’s time to slow down a bit. With the Jolly Moto pipes you will notice that when it “comes on the pipes” the two stroke acceleration is amazing!

This bike has been maintained in excellent condition, never dropped and will attract attention wherever you ride.

If you’ve always wanted an RZ500 then this is your opportunity–don’t miss out!! Happy bidding!


As we all know from history, the rare and the desired do not come cheap. Long gone are the days when a RZ of any size would set you back $3-$5k. This one has a starting bid of $13,950 (with reserve), and a BIN of $14,950. That is about the ballpark for a nice 500 these days, with the higher prices for lower mileage or more stock examples. Click the link to jump over to the auction and drool over some pictures. Then plan a cruise up the inside passage to satisfy the significant other and take home an awesome souvenir!



Sport Bikes For Sale August 19, 2011 posted by

Rough but ready: 1984 Yamaha RD 500 LC

For Sale: 1984 Yamaha RD 500 LC

Hail Canada! Lucky recipients of the complete RD series of bikes, our neighbor to the North has occassionally let one or two slip through the borders, providing US riders with grey market 2-smoke candy. This is one such bike. And while the condition is a bit more rough than many of the bikes you are accustomed to seeing here on RSBFS, it is no less special.

With the speedo calibrated in the devil’s own metric system, this is clearly an import. The kilometer to miles conversion puts this bike under the 15,000 mile mark, which is not bad considering the age. And while a lot of collectors look for extremely low mile bikes, the truth is that a bike that has been ridden regularly makes for a better purchase for those who want to ride. Nothing wears out seals and gaskets like a garage queen. Like people, motorcycles do well with a little excercise.

The RD500LC was best known as the RZ500 to enthusiasts Stateside. While the Candian nomenclature followed in the RD footsteps (adding an LC for “Liquid Cooled”), the US re-introduction to the two stroke was via the RZ moniker. Thus, this RD500 can be thought of as an early RZ500. Yamaha eventually dropped the RD in favor of RZ across the board in 1985, but that change took time.

From the seller:
You are bidding on my 84 yamaha RD 500 LC the european version of the rz 500. This bike is an great condition and has alot of upgrades done to it. The bike has a clean California title and I have pink slip in hand. The overall conditon of the bike is as desribed, It has the original stock fairings, the brake pads have alot of life in them. Rotors are in great shape, Tires are in exellent shape, The jetting has been properly done for the Jolly Motto GP pipes, the bike has k&n filters which have been attached to the air boxes, It has fuel filters which run from the tank to the carbs, The engine has about 30hrs on a rebuilt top end.I have been using the motul 710 injector lube for the oil pump which works fantastic. ypvs is operational. Transmisson and clutch runs superb. The only issues this bike has is a small dent on the top of tank,needs the front turn signals, the RD sticker kit and a paint job. I will also be including the orignial stock pipes and extra gas tank with purchase.

Let’s quickly review what the seller has to say about this bike. The key words – for those of you working on your book report – are CA title, Jolly Moto pipes, K&N filters, and rebuilt top end. Of all of those, the CA title is the key. Even if you do not live in the sunny Republik of CA (which, by the way, has amazing roads and many, many warm sunny days to ride), that title will save you a great deal of pain when registering the bike in your own state. Largely regarded as the most difficult state in which to title an imported bike, that sticker on the plate is gold for CA residents.

This bike is not quite perfect, but if you look at the pics you will see a complete bike plus another RZ in the background. This would lead me to believe that the seller knows a little bit about these bikes – which is always a good thing when an import is concerned. The buyer will also receive some additional stock parts as part of the deal.

This auction is going on right now. With only a handful of bidders present, the current price is $6,500 – with NO reserve! For your chance to own a two-stroke legend – or if you just want to check out the details and pictures – click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!!


Aprilia March 30, 2010 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike With 1,600 Total Miles

This is track only RS250 finished in Red Bull™ colors.  Located in Warren, Michigan is a 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup bike.  The bike has 1,600 total miles and 50 miles on a new top end.  The forks have been rebuild and re-sprung for a 170-180lb rider, the tires are Battleax’s with 60% tread, rebuilt brake calipers, Jolly Moto exhaust, Tyga Performance powervalve covers and carbon fiber front and rear fenders.  Spares included in the sale are:  Two barrels, extra gearing, gasket kit, RS250 tools and a rear stand.  The asking price is $4,200.  The only drawback on this bike appears to be the non-standard paint scheme but, being Red Bull™, it shouldn’t turn off too many people.  Have a look at this very solid RS250 on Craigslist here.


Aprilia July 6, 2009 posted by

2002 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike

Located in Goldsboro, North Carolina is a 2002 Aprilia RS250 in good condition.  The bike does have a replacement engine with two track days on it and the original–frozen–motor.  The bike has 1,474 miles and comes with Jolly Moto exhaust, TCM rear sets, and a Penske adjustable rear shock. Spares include the original engine, exhaust, sprockets, and more.  The asking price is $6,000.  See the thread on here.