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Honda September 14, 2009 posted by

1994 Honda NSR250R2R SE MC28 For Sale

Mark sent me this link to his for sale site featuring his beautiful NSR250 about two weeks ago. My schedule the last couple of weeks has been hectic and I'm just now getting back to getting this one posted. My apologies Mark!

Without further ado, feast your eyes on this rare opportunity to own this MC28 NSR250R2R SE "Special Edition" for $10,500:

quote from the seller's website:

12,000 kilometers on the odometer (7500 miles).

* All original rare blue and white NSR color scheme
* TYGA Side by Side Expansion Chambers with Carbon/Kevlar Silencers
* Ohlins Rear Shock
* Ohlins Steering Dampener
* TYGA Step Kit/Rearsets
* Michelin Power Race Tires 120/160
* Uni POD Airfilters
* HRC Needles
* Integrated Rear Turn Signals
* PitBull Rear Stand
* Honda Parts Book and Workshop Manual
* Honda Tool Kit (Super rare)
* AFAM Rear Sprocket
* Coreace Custom 16T Front Sprocket
* DID ERV gold Chain
* Matching Key glovebox, helmet lock and fuel tank.
* The motor runs perfect with 154 lbs per cylinder
* Still 2T Oil Injected
* All electrical works horn, turn signals, passing light, dash, hazards, etc.
I also have retained all the OEM stock parts ie: exhausts + mounts, rearsets, airbox, undertail, replacement upper (used), etc.
HONDA Specs on this motorcycle:

Make sure to check out his site for more hi-res images and a full write-up on what makes this bike special. After you're done there, check out some of those sweet looking hoops at

Thanks for submission Mark and good luck with the sale!


Honda September 10, 2009 posted by

1993 Honda MC 21se buy-it-now $5250.00!

Holy Cow Batman! 

I'll admit that I don't know squat about 2 strokes other than they are rarely seen on streets in the U.S larger than 49cc.  I know there are some that slipped past the BMV, but they are rare.  And when I do hear one my ears perk up rather quickly to get a glimpse of what it is.  This seems like a total steal to me at $5250.00, especially being tagged in Florida.

MC 21 3MC21MC21 2

The seller doesn't say much about it, but it pretty much speaks for itself.

1993 Honda NSR 250 SE MC21 with 12,000 miles, dry clutch,oil injected, new battery, new Michelin pilot tires, Tyga bodywork, stainless brake lines.  Bike is in excellent condition and not for beginners.  Florida tagged and titled.  Will assist with shipping if out of state and will sell to US buyers only

I like it!  I like it!  I like it!  Did I mention I like it?


Honda September 9, 2009 posted by

Honda 1988 RC 30 buy-it-now for $22,000

The RC's have always had a place in my "someday" bike catagory, but this one is out of reach as they all have been.  I love it when the factories put together something special and offer it to the public.  This // <![CDATA[
// ]]>is for sale on ebay and is located in New York.  These don't come available often so take advantage of it.


Although this one isn't bone stock and perfect, it does offer low mileage.  If I were buying a bike of this caliber, for this kind of money, I would like to see it all stock and some documentation to go along with it.  However, this is still a really nice RC 30

This motorcycle is a 1988 originally delivered to Canada that now has a valid NY State title. It is a low mileage excellent example of the rare RC30 and if you are reading this, you know how rare and special this motorcycle is. It has been garage kept all of its life and looks the part. It has been stored most of the past decade and now runs and sounds wonderful. The RC30 race bikes came with 6" wide wheels and the rear wheel of this motorcycle has been upgraded to the factory HRC wheel. 

The owner states that the rear wheel is an HRC upgrade.  I zoomed in on the rim lip and there is a badge that says Marvic.  Marvic makes a great wheel that is used by a lot of top Moto GP and WSB teams, but to say this is an HRC upgrade.... I dont' know about that, you'll have to be the judge.  Nonetheless, this is a nice bike with very low miles.

Developed to show the world what Honda could do if cost was no object, the RC30 was originally offered in Europe in '88. By the time Honda brought it to America in '90, the bike had won two World Superbike titles under American Fred Merkel.

Did I mention the RC 30 bodywork is all hand laid fiberglass done at HRC!



Mark writes in to tell us the following about the RC 30 rear wheel swap

Dan, the rear wheel could conceivably be from the race kit for the bike.  The stock rim is 18" which was never a very useful size for racing purposes which were all 17" so swapping out the rear wheel is a popular mod.

Mark, Thanks for the information!


Honda September 8, 2009 posted by

1993 CBR 900RR Red, White and Blue $5200.00 buy-it-now!

I was eating lunch today browsing through some older post and conversations regarding the 900rr's.  And I remembered that I had one sitting in my "watch list" that I was wanting to post for everyone's viewing pleasure, so here it is. 


Low miles, tasteful upgrades such as Two Brothers exhaust, kevlar brake lines and a jet kit.  This one has brand new tires on it and looks to be in great shape.  Although this is not a rare bike, it is a super nice example of an older sportbike that has been taken care of.  I owned this very year and can say it was quite the wheelie monster as it had plenty of power to weight ratio.  The downside to the early 900rr's was the 16" front wheel.  If I recall, Honda did this to make it steer quicker, but it sort of back fired on them because it made the bike "twitchy" and unstable.  However, it was an easy fix, for most racers, to swap a 17" rim from an F2 and adjust the fork height.  One of the things I remember most about my 900rr was fixing the dual headlights so they "crossed" and made an "X" pattern.  We felt this helped us see further through a turn at night.  I don't recall if it worked or not, but it was a good topic of conversation at White Castle's on Saturday night.


Kawasaki September 1, 2009 posted by

1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR (yes, the real deal)

This is the last year for the true, factory race, 7RR's


These are getting super hard to find and this one looks to be in pretty good shape.  The miles are a little high at 26,000, but hey, it's 14 years old.  This one has some very tasteful upgrades that include PM Chicane wheels, Muzzy exhaust and a Double Bubble wind screen.  It's for sale on ebay right now so if you are in the market for one of these don't let it get away. 

  What sets these awesome bike apart from their ZX7R siblings is the following:

Keihin Flatslide Carbs as opposed to the standard CV carbs. 
Close ratio gear box and slipper clutch.
Adjustable rear swingarm pivot.
Adjustable steering head angle.
Adjustable front suspension with more compression and rebound (Fork tubes slightly bigger than stock zx7r).
Upgraded front calipers.

The 96's are my favorite of the 7RR's I only wish I could bid to win.  This one isn't a Garage Queen as it has plenty of miles on it so you shouldn't feel bad about riding should you win the auction.  At time of this posting the bid was a measly $1,000.00, but the reserve wasn't met.  I would suspect this one will fetch somewhere in the $5,000 to $6,000 range, if the seller will let it go for that. 


Yamaha August 30, 2009 posted by

1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Vancouver, BC

Here's a fantastic looking TZR250 in Vancouver on Craigslist for $4850 ($4427US):

1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Canada1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Canada1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Canada1989 1989 Yamaha TZR 250 3MA For Sale in Canada

quote from seller's ad:

Up for sale, Pure 2 stroke fun! early 90's GP style

- screams at high rpm
- kick start
- rear under-seat exhausts
- all factory original plastics, not a rebuilt, very highly collectable
- clean BC title, ready to be insured and ride
- very low ICBC annual insurance rate, I paid $335 for a full year fun!
- 23,xxxkm

Seems like a great opportunity for a Canadian buyer, and could be worth it for a U.S. buyer even without a street title. Unless you're one of the few that seem to be able to work magic at the DMV, why not use it as a display piece until it's 25 years old and then get it titled as a classic? I know that works for cars, I expect it works the same for bikes. Just seems too nice to track it and would be a very cool weekend back-road warrior!