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Well we all know what this is don’t we!  Other than a RG500 is there a more desirable Suzuki?  This example has just under 4000 miles on it and looks very well taken care of.  It appears previous owners have left the bike mostly stock.  It does appear though the bike is running without the air box and I think that is an aftermarket pipe.  The dealership listing the bike didn’t give any history on the bike but is quite specific on all the associated fees and ways to pay.  I guess they know this isn’t a normal GSXR750.

In an earlier post I mentioned how you can’t trust book values on rare bikes.  Guess what the book value is on this bike?  How about $2940!!!!  I’ll take three please at that price.  The bike is listed on Ebay with a “Buy It Now” price of $10,000.  Since these things don’t pop up that often and this one has relatively low miles I’d consider that in the ballpark.  It will always be a bit more being at a dealership.  

How cool does that dry clutch rattle sound?


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Clean 1986 GSXR750 W/6600 Miles in CO on Ebay and CL

Clean 1986 GSXR750 W/6600 Miles in Colorado on Craigslist and Ebay

Here is a nice flashback to the eighties.  Someone bestowed alot of love on this 86 GSXR to keep it in this shape.  It is a rare find to come across a 24 year old bike with low miles but maybe even better though, is the owner has kept the bike in stock condition.  Usually someone installs a different pipe or windscreen but this one looks like it is almost bone stock.  The color matching solo cowl is a nice find as well.

A little from the seller:

Absolutely beautiful, clean, original 1986 GSXR 750 California model. With a couple of very tasteful modifications that all came out of the 1986 Suzuki parts bin. This low mileage bike spent 22 years under a sheet in a California basement. It is so amazingly clean and original; it’s truly a museum piece. Notice the coating on the motor, there is no fading and all the little plastic plugs are in all the bolt holes. The only non Suzuki part on this bike is the K&N air filter. It has the original chain and brake pads. One original Suzuki key operates all the locks. Has the original owner title, so you can be the second owner. Title is a clear California title and I will provide any additional paper work your state requires. But do keep in mind; a signed title is like a bearers bond.



At $6500, the seller is definitely asking a premium for the bike.  I have a feeling he knows you don’t see these with low mileage everyday as well.  Is it worth it?  If you’ve been hunting for a low mileage, basically stock 86 GSXR the price may be right. You have the option of checking out the bidding on or his local Colorado Craigslist listing  here.