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Sport Bikes For Sale May 4, 2012 posted by

1987 Suzuki GSX-R750 For Sale!

Location: Westlake Village, CA

Mileage: 10,708

Price: Currently $4,051 with Reserve in place

There is something about the late 80’s GSX-R’s that is inherently cool to me. And this one is a prime example of that. I was able to swipe this bike off of Rem’s desk while he had run out to check an RC30 parked outside the RSBFS Corporate offices. Sorry buddy.

Before the flamethrowers come out, let me say that this is not an “original” bike in the traditional sense. It’s got an LE tail section and solo-seat, ’85 tank and fairings, as well as a fresh paint job. Because of this, I wouldn’t classify it as a museum piece. However, I would say that it has been very well put together and definitely looks the part.

From the seller:


1987 GSXR 750




I think the beauty of this bike comes from the fact that it can be ridden with out fear of racking up miles on an original survivor or if you love the looks of a Limited Edition GSX-R but can’t afford one. Its non-originality doesn’t bother me in the slightest and I would be happy to own such a good looking bike. If you agree, then check out the auction here and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale April 26, 2012 posted by

Original Owner Survivor: 1993 GSX-R750 For Sale

Location: Lumberton, North Carolina

Miles: 9,650

Price: Currently $2,225 with No Reserve

The term “Rare” in regards to sport bikes can signify low-production and finely crafted bikes that were originally sold for a higher price than the norm. Or it can mean classic and collectible bikes that are decades old. All of which are completely reasonable. A mass produced bike with no special upgrades shouldn’t sound rare. The GSX-R series is a mass produced working-man’s sport bike which could be ridden and enjoyed. Add 20 years to a bike bought in the early 90’s with an attainable price tag, throw in a lot of fairing that can see tons of wear and damage, subtract any sense of ‘collectability’ when originally purchased, and consider the fact that people who owned/desired these back in the day now have some disposable income, and you have the recipe for a “rare” and collectible bike.

The GSX-R750 was redesigned for 1993 and fit nicely between the newly introduced 600 and 1100 models of its time. The bike up for grabs here is up for sale by its original owner and has fewer than 10k miles on the odometer. It appears to be in stock condition physically, sporting a stock exhaust, wind screen, and even comes with an era-correct matching helmet. Though, I would recommend keeping the lid a display piece and not using it.

From the seller:

1993 Suzuki GSX-R 750

VIN: JS1GR7BA7P2103508

Less than 9,700 miles

Adult owned

Never raced

Always garaged

75% tread left on Dunlop D207F Sportmax tires

Looks and runs like new

Almost perfect paint

Never laid down

Full service performed within last 200 miles including: all fluids (oil & filter, brake, fork oil, coolant), spark plugs, air filter, valves adjusted, chain adjusted and lubed.

Everything works perfectly

Water cooled

Matching helmet included

Includes original owner’s manual

All receipts and service records available

If you have been looking for an early 90’s GSXR750 with awesomely 90’s graphics, then look no further. This bike looks like it has been maintained well and kept in good condition. You also get the peace of mind of knowing its entire history via the 1-owner status. The price seems very reasonable as well, and with no reserve on the auction, this one will sell. Take a look at the auction and decide if you want to own this survivor!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 22, 2012 posted by

An RK In The UK: 1989 Suzuki GSXR750RK

An RK In The UK: 1989 Suzuki GSXR750RK

Did anyone catch my Sex Pistols reference in the title? ……….Bueller?  On my unofficial list of rare Suzuki’s the 1989 double R GSXR750 sits right at the top, especially being here in the United States where we never had the bike imported.  Most of my knowledge on this bike comes from an owner I know and I’m sure he will comment on anything I get wrong.  500 RK’s were produced with the first 50 going to America Lite (Canada).  Japan kept the most with 200.  The UK received their batch of 50 from the 200 that went to Europe as a whole.

This was simply a bike built to get homologated for racing purposes.  Race teams were after a long stroke motor that took to tuning better than the short stroke version in the 1988 GSXR750.  I was told they did not even build a prototype of the bike before production.

It’s aluminum and light.


Boring photo but until seeing these in person, I did not know they were  hand made fiberglass units.  I’m told they made spares for a 100 bikes and then shut her down.  I had forgotten these didn’t have the dry clutch that the earlier Limited did but since the bottom ends are the same I believe it could be fitted.  Has anyone ever seen a list of the kit parts that were available back in 89?


A race oriented cluster.  Suzuki figured most of this stuff would be stripped off so it is kind of a mix and match of Suzuki parts in places.


The info on the bike:


Only 12,000 miles from New with Service Book, Handbooks etc.

A very hard to find bike

Message me through Ebay if you are interested.
Please refrain from the usual how much do you want to buy it now. Its an Auction, you bid the most you want to pay and you may end up buying it.
I can ship worldwide in a crate – please ask for exact quotation. I am an experienced shipper. I would think that 1500 pounds sterling will get this bike to most places in the world.
I am happy to ship at cost when payment is received and cleared.

Something I learned from restoring my GSXR400R is that this color of Suzuki engine paint (it’s not black)  is basically impossible to find.  Something to consider if you are a  stickler for authenticity.

Those stickers don’t come cheap.  This bike has 12,000 miles on it but appears overall to be in good condition.  It isn’t a museum piece but it hasn’t been abused either.   My guess would be high teens to low 20’s for a sales price if this bike was in the U.S.  Maybe a little less in the UK where the bike was imported?   There can’t be that many road going versions still in circulation.

 Enjoy the auction.


I’ve posted these before but I don’t get tired of looking at the brochure

Wow, how about his combo?  Look at that tank and frame on the Harris GSXR. The RK has the dry clutch installed.  I’d give that collection a thumbs up too.



Honda December 17, 2011 posted by

RSBFS Facebook Page Weekly Recap!

It’s been a busy week here at RSBFS! We have seen all sorts of cool bikes from 500cc two-strokes, limited Ducati’s, and race bikes. In case you couldn’t get around to all of it, have a look at what has shown up on the RSBFS Facebook page. Can you fit one of these down the chimney? Enjoy!

1985 Honda NS400R Rothman’s inAustralia

1984 Yamaha RZ500 in the Bay Area

2001 Honda CBR929RR up for auction

1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 also on eBay



Sport Bikes For Sale July 26, 2010 posted by

Mint (really mint)- 1994 GSX-R 750 On Ebay

Mint (really mint)- 1994 GSX-R 750 On Ebay

Obviously a GSXR750 is not a rare model but a 1994 model in this condition is quite rare.  I would make the argument that finding a GSXR of this age, in this condition is more rare than  75% of the bikes we post on here.  GSXR’s live a much harder life than any Bimota, Ducati limited edition or lusted after grey market two stroke.  This bike might even be a bit more rare because it wasn’t a particularly popular model year.  The old cradle frame had reached the end of it’s lifespan and engine technology was marching on.  Over the years the 750 had gained a lot of weight and lost touch with it’s roots of light weight minimalism.  To top everything off Suzuki must have fired their better designers and the old GSXR got a pretty unattractive paint scheme.   It wasn’t any better at the  track.  These were pre-Mladin days here in the US and Suzuki was barely involved in WSB. 

Here is some info from the auctin:

You have an opportunity to own and ride a virtually brand new, legendary 1994 GSX-R 750 that has been in a private collection since new. This awesome classic Suzuki has never been abused in any way; just lovingly stored and maintained. The motorcycle runs, looks and rides like it did the day it was brought home from the dealership. The condition is nothing short of spectacular; this is a museum quality time-capsule Gixxer. Get the best of both worlds – the beautiful classic styling of the bike that started it all with 118 lively horsepower, excellent handling, light weight and six-speed transmission (this bike was way ahead of its time), all of which make this bike perform like a modern sportbike at a fraction of the cost!  The reserve is set very low…… with confidence and good luck!

It’s a bit cliche but I think you really could  eat off of this one:

Now what is it worth?  Well used but clean examples I’ve seen have been offered from roughly $2,500 to $3,500.  How much should the condition of this bike add to its’ value?  $1500?  $1700?  The reserve for the bike has not been met but a hint can be seen at the bottom of the auction.   They are requiring a $3000 deposit within 48 hours of the auctions close.  Hmmmm, if they want that large of a deposit are they placing something like a $6000 reserve on this thing?  I’m just guessing here on the reserve of course but that bike might sit for a bit if that is the case.  You can  on one of the cleanest GSXR’s you will ever see.

One interesting fact about the bike is that it spawned possibly the rarest of all GSXR’s:  the GSXR740W SP.  I don’t believe any came to the US officially and I think they only produced around 150 of them.  I’ve never seen one for sale anywhere.  It was an homogation special all the way.


Sport Bikes For Sale July 3, 2010 posted by

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Original Owner!

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale by the original owner-BAM!

Make: Suzuki GSX-R 750
Mileage: 12,309 Miles
Price: $1,725 current auction price
Location: Palo Alto, CA

Rare Sport Bike For Sale by the original owner and it only has 12,309 miles. Although not in it’s original trim the owner states that he does have all of the original parts. This one looks to be in amazing condition.

Suzuki 1986 GSX-R 750 for sale

As you can see by the picture it has been well cared for and has only averaged about 500 miles per year. Like today’s sport bikes these early Gixxers weren’t only used on the track. No, they also served as sport tourers as proven in this next photo.

Pretty spiffy huh? Ah yes, there is no quicker way to remove a “Manly Mans” machoness other than to put saddle bags on his beloved sport bike. As with most luggage it is made “quick release” for ease of removal. Seeing this bike does take me back to days gone by; as I’m sure it will with the person who buys it. I do have one question: Is it just me or are those bags look as if they’re on backwards?

For sale is my personal 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750, an unusual survivor and the lightest Gixxer 750 ever made (388 pounds dry). This bike has only 12,309 miles or 500 miles a year! Why buy one of these that a kid has beat? Instead, buy one that is already almost in showroom condition. These bikes were literally race bikes with lighting kits tacked on. This bike needs nothing as I would not hesitate to drive it across country right now. I am the original owner as I bought brand new off of Grand Prix Suzuki’s showroom in Santa Clara back in 1986.

The seller has a lot more to say over at the auction and has posted several very nice pictures for your review. He also included a great video that is sure to please any interested buyers.



Suzuki May 18, 2010 posted by

1987 Yoshimura Tornado (Bonneville) Replica on Ebay

1987 Yoshimura Tornado (Bonneville) Replica on Ebay

I don’t know about you guys but my eyes lit up when I saw “Yoshimura Tornado” in the auction’s  headline.  Don’t let the replica part get you down, it looks like this bike is loaded with some rare Yoshimura kit parts.  If you aren’t too famaliar with the Tornado’s, here is what I know.  They are Yoshimura’s version of a race replica.  They generally come loaded with every bell and whistle Yoshimura has.  They are extremely rare and not exactly cheap.  They have continued to make them on and off through the years.  Check out Yoshimura Japan and click on the “Complete” tab and you can see some of the more current versions.  Technical  info on the original Tornado (sometimes referred to as a Bonneville by Yoshimura) is hard to come by.   I know it was wrapped in special bodywork and had a hand made aluminum tank that made it stand out from any ordinary GSXR.  Engine wise, all I know is that it was loaded with everything Yoshimura could throw at it but I don’t know specifics.

Before we get to the bike, here is some serious Tornado porn.  I’m guessing this is an official Tornado by the looks of the big gold plate stamped to the frame.  Enjoy!

Here is some eye candy for the bike on auction,  it is screaming out for an official Tornado replica paint scheme:

 Here is a snipit from the auction:

This bike built by Chris Geiter and featured in the June 1994 issue of Sport Rider magazine. Chris built the bike from the ground up and I purchased it from him. For those familiar with the original magazine article, you will notice some differences in the photos, specifically the front brakes and wheel colors. Chris viewed the bike as a work in progress, so that is why. For those unfamiliar with the bike, it is a replica of a very rare Yoshimura edition motorcycle, of which only 3 originals were built. Serial number’s 1 & 2 reside in japan and number three was destroyed/wrecked. Yoshimura USA offered most of the parts to build one, for a very limited time. The problem was that is was quite expensive to do so. The hand crafted aluminum tank with the Yoshimura logo cast into it, alone cost $2500-3000. This bike has one of those tanks. Air-Tech makes a replica tank,  but its made out of fiberglass

You will notice bike has velocity stacks, but has never been run on dirt roads or in dirty/dusty conditions. For that matter, it has never been on a wet road or seen rain. Motor runs very stout. The headlights on this bike are not installed currently, as Chris or I never ran it after dark. The Yosh Tornado’s/Bonnevilles used 1st generation headlights, that simply slid into the headlight bucket and velcroed in place. I have a set of headlights for it. Instrument lights, tail light, etc all function.
My reason for selling is I have an ex-Yosh 1987 superbike I’m restoring, which demands my time and money, so it has taken priority over this bike. I had originally planned on repainting the Bonneville to original colors, of which I’ve compiled many pictures/articles and magazines from Japan showing a great deal of detail from the original bikes, especially the paint scheme.
I would possibly be interested in partial trades, specifically Yosh kit forks from 1987-1989 and/or a Yosh titanium duplex 750 pipe 1986-1992 and Yosh underbraced or top braced swing arms from 1987-1992.
This is a beautiful bike that was put together very nicely. No disappointments.

You’ll have to check the auction out for the whole list of upgrades to the bike.  This is one of those bike you need to jump on if you are interested.  The parts list alone makes me drool.  Of course it looses some points for not being the real thing but if you go down the list of Yoshimura parts it has on it, how can you not be interested?  That tank is a work of art alone.  Anyone want to guess where the auction will end up on price?  .


Sport Bikes For Sale May 7, 2010 posted by

1989 Suzuki GSXR 750RR

1989 Suzuki GSXR 750RR Homologation Japan Special – Super Rare and on ebay

UPDATE: as of 5.7.10 2:30est this auction has been taken down 🙁

Location: Carlisle, PA
Current Price: $1,655.00 with no reserve!!!
Mileage: 2,537

Yes, this baby will sell no matter what the price! That my friends is something to get excited about. These were originally released only in Japan and have graced the pages of RSBFS one or two other times. Although this one does have a few issues like ‘it’s been sitting for a number of years’ and has what is described as a ‘drop when moving’ it is still an extremely rare Suzuki in the states. These Japanese models have that racer boy look and feel with the red number plate on the solo tail section. As I reported in my previous GSXR 750RR post some of the differences between the US standard issue GSXR and the Japanese one include, but aren’t limited to, 40mm Slingshot Carbs, close ratio gear box, single seat and an aluminum gas tank. In 1989 the spec sheets said these made about 120hp and weighed in at 411#’s dry weight. In 1989 that was a ton of power for a 750.

Here’s the bike that I’m blabbering about:

1989 Suzuki GSXR 750RR Japan Spec

From the listing:

Here you have a Suzuki GSX RR 750 Hypersport

This is the race built production bike built by Suzuki.

Oil cooled engine

Never released in the USA

Amazing bike to own.

Has only done 4803 kilometres in its lifetime.

Has a few scratches and marks attributed with age

The bike was previously ridden by a collector in the family. The bike has been dropped on the left and has some scrapes on the belly side. Other than this the most info I have been able to discover is the original owner dropped the bike when moving it. It has apparently had no accidents other than this.

Bike was running and then has been stored for the past 15 years.

The bike is a bit dusty and the metal could use a polish, due to the time in storage. The bike was well cared for. The bike would need a major service as it has been sitting for around 15 years without being turned over. I have put it in gear and moved the bike to check compression, and it rolls with no problems. Hope this helps

The original owner is gone so I cannot find out much detailed info.

500 limited edition (some claim 1000) GSX-R750R ( the ‘Double R’) serving as ready-to-race platform was released to Japanese market. The newly redesigned engine reverted to the original long stroke (70 x 48.7mm) configuration. Crankcase, crankshaft connecting rods and clutch were among the critical areas receiving more attention necessary for the race duty. The ‘Double R’ also received new 40mm Slingshot carburetor and 4-into-1 exhaust pipe as well as close ratio gearbox, rear swing arm with sub frame, new aerodynamic fiber with large air intake duct, solo seating with race number box and 19 liter aluminium fuel tank as standard equipment. The dry weight measured, 187kg.

Okay, so as previously mentioned the bike has been sitting for quite some time and it has been dropped. As Dan (from the east coast) pointed out to me the seller conveniently didn’t show a photo of the damaged side. Also, in the head on photo you can see the forks are oxidized pretty bad and you can see just how dirty the bike is from being stored. Taking all of that into consideration the price is still way cheap in my opinion. So cheap in fact at the time of writing this post I am the current high bidder 🙂 (My wife is going to kill me when she finds out) I did send a message, through ebay, to the seller asking them for a picture of the left side. If I get one or one is added to the auction I’ll update the post for everyone that is following this post.

to view this Japanese Spec RR