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Reader Rides For Sale March 27, 2011 posted by

1990 Suzuki GSX-R750L For Sale in Phoenix

The last time Mike contacted us, he was listing his GSX-R 1100 that looked flat gorgeous. This time, he’s got another survivor for us in the shape of 1990 GSX-R 750. While this one has covered nearly 21k miles, you can tell it’s been well taken care of in that time.

quote from seller’s listing:

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale. We picked this bike up off of a friend who was going over seas and needed some quick cash, so I will list as much information about it as possible. It had come from California as he had owned it for the last few years and was taken care of. We also checked the Vin with our local Suzuki rep and it cam up that it is a 49 state model. We have only had the bike for the last month, and I have put about 1k on it in a few trips up North. Runs well and really needs nothing. I will list below what the previous owner stated he had gotten done before he left and what we can visually confirm. The bike is actually really stunning as you do not see too many Suzuki’s in this color combo.

Low Mileage for the year, and well taken care of. Bike has 20,956 miles, and has newer tires with less than 500mi on them. Tires are Pirelli Diablos with a 180 rear. Forks seals were recently done, and carburetors run good for our altitude here. So no cleaning is needed. Bike is being ridden every few days. Chain and sprockets were done within the last 4000mi. Front brake rotors were upgraded to the drilled ones from later years, and we do have the originals. Frame and Swing-arm look to have been polished at one point and has some real luster to it! Looks good. Bike does have a Vance&Hines SS2r slip-on, but as far as we know all the internal carburetor parts are still stock. Rear turn signals have been relocated to under the tail section but have not been drilled into the plastic! Plug in’s for the front turn signals are still in the front but we do not have anything hooked up as we do not like drilling into factory plastic. We did get the passenger equipment with the bike, but it is not installed. Bike is factory Red/White/Black and has some real good shine to it. Bike does not have the rear seat as we did not get that, and it does have a Suzuki cowl on it. Bike does have a few nicks here and their, and I will post pics to show what I can find. The only real thing is that the left mirror housing is discolored and a little bit of the mirror at the bottom is discolored. I also noticed that some paint has lifted and was touched up right were the tank vent is. I will post a pick and we did not do the touch up! Fender has a few marks at the very front shown in pic. I just want to point out what I have noticed, as we have not done anything to the bike ourselves.

and had this to say about the final year of this body style:

The GSX-R750L was possibly the best of the oil-cooled models. Big changes included inverted forks and, importantly, a return to the long-stroke motor (the short-stroke wasn’t so good in race-trim but was OK for the road). Other modifications included a 4-1 exhaust, steering damper, 38 mm carbs (up 2 mm on the standard K yet 2 mm smaller than the RK), smaller valves, new conrods, lighter pistons, large capacity oil pump, larger curved oil cooler and the rear rim became the ‘standard’ 17″ x 5.5″ item. Power was up to 115 hp at 11,000 rpm while weight was down to 193 kg.

Drawing on the invaluable experiences gained racing, the 1990 model received many of the features of the race version GSX-R750R at an affordable price. The same long-stroke engine (70 x 48.7mm) of the ‘Double R’ became standard, with new pistons to match the new combustion chamber design in the cylinder head and strengthened connecting rods. New 38mm Slingshot carburetor, Curved-core Radial Flow oil cooler and stainless steel 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust per set were adopted. Both 41mm inverted tube front fork and remote reservoir rear shock became fully adjustable. Rear wheel rim was widened and equipped with Michelin radial tyres.

The bike sounds like a really honest example. While not totally stock, most modifications are period correct anyway. And with a buy-it-now of only $3500, I’d say this is a damn good price for a modern-classic rider that’s ready to go.

Good luck with the sale Mike!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 24, 2011 posted by

2005 Barry Sheene GSXR750

2005 Suzuki GSX750R Barry Sheene Replica

8,749 KM

Middlesex, UK

This one is really fun because Barry Sheene Replicas never came to the states, so bear with me as I attempt to describe what sits here before us. I felt especially compelled on this one as I love racing history (Barry Sheene – ’76 & ’77 GP Champion) and my personal Suzuki (RM250 2 stroke) also shares the K5 designation.

Enough pretext, on to the bike! There were only 50 Barry Sheene Replicas produced in model year 2005, certainly qualifying this bike for rare status. I believe that the only difference between a production GSXR and this bike is the paint scheme. The variations from stock condition are apparent in the mirror gold headlight cover/windscreen, frame sliders and the Yoshimura exhaust. More from the seller:

Here we have a genuine Suzuki GSXR750 K5 Barry Sheene ltd production run bike, This particular example is a genuine UK supplied machine 2005 55 reg: but comes with a private personalised number plate which is ( THE 7 A ) Relating as no: 7 which was Barrys famous winning number, also fitted on this wonderfull bike is a Yoshimura Tri Oval high performance exhaust, adjustable Power Commander, yellow tinted double bubble screen and stone protector headlight cover, Colour coded rear seat cover + passenger seat, + std exhaust and screen still in the original box, Full Suzuki service history, Handbooks, both keys, HPI Checked, Alpha dot security, Datatool alarm with both key fobs, all service reciepts, etc etc etc Part exchange more than welcome, These Barry Sheene bikes will only go up in value and this particular bike is a lovely lovely lovely example to keep and cherish

The asking price is about $12,500.00 in US dollars, which seems about right had it been imported here. The trouble for us yanks is the expense of putting it on a container. Luckily, our UK and certain European readers will not have such concerns. to see the seller’s contact information and more photos.


Sport Bikes For Sale December 27, 2010 posted by

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 in classic blue and white with only 1,650 miles!

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750

Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Mileage: 1,650
Price: $6,500.00 B.I.N. current bid at $3,050.00

Now that the hustle and bustle of of the holidays is half over I thought I’d take a break and give homage to a classic Suzuki with super duper low mileage.

We don’t find these very often and I suspect 99.9% of them have been well used by now, but every now and then one will pop up on the radar.

Have a look here or

Pretty nice eh? It’s hard to believe that I’ve resorted to calling this a classic, but I have to come to terms with it at some point. Of course, I’m speaking about my age more so than the year of the bike, but this blog isn’t the place for my tears of pain…

Oil cooled GSX-R’s were king of the street, but other than 1989 that showroom success wasn’t transferred to the AMA tracks until 1999 when Matt Mladin took his first of 7 AMA crowns. Nonetheless, I still have a soft spot for 90’s GSX-R’s and still think their baby blue stripes look stylish.

I wasn’t real sure on this one so I enlisted a well known viewer for his opinion who just happens to have a few of these lying around in his toy shed. After a quick phone conversation, while we were both viewing the auction, his valuation was pretty much spot on with mine. Bikes in this shape with super low miles are somewhat hard to price due to the fact that they have entered the collectible arena. The seller has a $6,500.00 B.I.N., but I would have to guess that the actual reserve is in the $5,000 – $6,000 range. But, keep in mind if you don’t like the B.I.N. price on this one you can always wait for the next 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 with super low mileage to come along… Get my point? If not, there is a strong reason why this one is gracing the pages of and it isn’t because they only made 20 of these in 1991.





Reader Rides For Sale November 18, 2010 posted by

99 Yamaha R1 and 05 Suzuki GSX-R 750 LE: Two Great Icons For Sale

Jeff contacted us about listing his bikes for sale on our site and asked if they were suitable for our audience. A very low mile R1 and a zero mile GSX-R 750. Why yes, yes these will do nicely on our site! Check out our latest Feature Listing with the details on both bikes below.

1999 Yamaha R1 with 1717 Original Miles, $6000

From the seller:

I’m the original owner of this bike, having purchased it from an old friend who happens to be a Yamaha dealer in my area. The break-in mileage was completed by the book and it has been ridden occasionally since then. To date, it has covered only 1,717 miles. When not being used, the bike has been kept in a climate controlled garage, as part of a private collection of sport and race bikes.

In spite of the low mileage, the bike has received yearly oil changes, along with brake fluid and coolant changes every three years. The battery has been replaced once. When the bike has been stored, the fuel has been drained from the tank and carburetors and the battery has been kept fully charged by a battery tender. Apart from the battery, everything else on the bike is as-delivered, including the tires. It has been well preserved and ridden with respect. It has not seen any track use, nor any inclement weather. It will be sold with a fresh service and the original keys, books and a factory service manual.

001 002 003

005 006 007

008009 010

011 012 013

015 016 017

018 019

2005 Suzuki GSX-R750 20th Anniversary Edition # 4051 with 0 Miles, $8000

From the seller:

I made an arrangement to purchase this bike in 2004, from the local Suzuki dealer, when Suzuki announced they were going to offer it for sale in the 2005 model year. When the bike was received by the dealer, I had them complete the pre-delivery inspection, apart from filling the battery with acid, filling the bike with fuel and starting the bike. It was then delivered in an enclosed trailer to my house and placed into my collection. To date, it has not been ridden or started and is has been displayed inside my house. It is in showroom new condition.

Included in the sale will be all of the original materials (keys, books, battery, sealed acid pack, rear seat cowl) and a Suzuki dealer poster commemorating the 20th anniversary of the GSX-R series.

923 924 925

926 927

Jeff also wanted to note, “I may consider delivering the bikes in an enclosed trailer that I have, if the buyer(s) will pay my expenses. If not, I’d be happy to coordinate with any shipper they may choose. The bikes are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “

I know that when I see the latest Japanese offerings I wish there were more well preserved examples like these available, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. These are both really sharp to my eye and I know I’d consider them in heartbeat over a new model if I was shopping.

Interested parties can contact the seller by email or by phone: (918) 740-3024

Good luck with the sale Jeff!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 13, 2010 posted by

1989 SUZUKI GSX-R 750 Slingshot

1989 SUZUKI GSX-R 750 Slingshot submitted to us by its owner and RSBFS regular – Thanks for the heads up!

Location: North Attleboro, Massachusetts
Price: $3,700.00 B.I.N. or best offer
Mileage: 19,680

In 1989 I was two years removed from high school and dreaming of purchasing my first street bike, but my $6.00 hour job wasn’t having anything to do with it. Spending money chasing my now wife didn’t help any either. Oh, and don’t forget the weekend binge and purge habit 🙂 I also remember seeing the bike guys posting up at White Castle with all of the hot girls looking for a ride around the loop. The bike of choice? GSX-R 750’s baby….

Oil cooled, hot and loud is how I best remember most of these early GSX-R’s. These were bad ass and everyone wanted one, including me. These were pumping out around 112HP at the crank and weighed in at a phat 502 pounds full of liquids. Not stellar by today’s standards, but was more than capable in 1989. I always thought the double side vents looked sharkish and mean…

Have a look:

Here you go. If you have been looking you will know the opportunity doesn’t come by often on these, in this condition. A 95% stock GSX-R 750. As you can tell by the pictures it is in above average condition. It is even more striking in person. Only areas to make perfect is the left lower fairing (I see one up for auction on e-bay right now), minor scuffs to right lower fairing, left mirror (also on E-bay), wear to peg areas and lower forks – very minor, considering it is over 20 years old and 19K miles. I included photos for full disclosure. It was otherwise very well taken care of.

Other than that – it needs absolutely nothing. It is smooth, fast and runs perfect. Upgrades include: Stainless header and Muzzy performance exhaust, smoke windshield, new – front & rear Michelin Pilots with under 100 miles, chain, front & rear sprockets. Comes with factory passenger seat and tailpiece, tinted headlamp covers and tank protector as shown in photos.

I searched long and hard for one of these in this condition – I found it. Unfortunately, things happen and am forced to sell – I stress, reluctantly. You are not taking a chance on this one. Look on E-bay, Craigslist – anywhere, nothing even comes close. A truly collector’s piece.

It has a clean title, currently registered and inspected.

Looks like this one is ready to Head out on the Highway with new tires, new sprockets and lets not forget that snazzy Lockhart-Phillips tank bra. Okay, I admit it, I had one of these as recently as 2007, but only because I’m a little OC and wanted to keep my tank free from any scratches.

If you’re looking to hit 1989 again grab your Skid Row cassette, crank up “Youth Gone Wild” and and pick this one up.



Suzuki February 13, 2010 posted by

Pair of Suzuki GSX-R750 Limiteds for sale!

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 and 2005 Suzuki GSX-R750 limited editions for sale in Canada.

While I’m the resident Bimota freak at RSBFS, I do have a soft spot for limited editions and homologation specials such as the Yamaha OW02 YZF-R7, the Honda RC30, and the Suzuki GSX-R750 Ltd and GSX-R750RKs.  So when I came across this pair of GSX-R750 Ltds, I just had to post it immediately for our readers:

I’m thinking of selling my LTD 750 since I don’t ride it and don’t have time for it ? 22,000 kms aprox 12K miles great shape, BONE STOCK !(except for windshield) every safety decal is still on there and reflectors as well.Asking price is $10,000.00 CDN

Just picked up a 2005 GSX-R LTD 750 , will sell it along side with the 86 for an extra 4K

Wow – $14,000 CDN for A PAIR of GSX-R750 Ltds?!  That’s got to be one of the best bargain that I have seen in a while! Note to self: have to play more lotto numbers!!

Oh, click here to see on the ad on (yes, Suzuki’s for sale on a Ducati forum!)


Suzuki April 9, 2009 posted by

Ultra Rare 1986 GSX-R 750 “Limited” Homologation Special For Sale

Check out this amazingly rare and immaculate 1986 GSX-R 750R Limited (GSXR750 RG) for sale on eBayMotors:

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750R Limited GSXR750 RG For Sale1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750R Limited GSXR750 RG For Sale Dry ClutchSuzuki GSXR 750R Limited GSXR750 RG For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

Suzuki took the GSXR750 and added trick bits; the forks were very high tech for their time. They had what was called “Anti-Dive” technology. They were electric activated, telescopic, coil spring, oil damped, spring preload and were four-way adjustable. The rear shock was just as special with a gas charged remote reservoir and was aluminum bodied. Racing tail section that was hand laid fiberglass with a custom solo seat. Custom colored wheels. Racing clutch lever and dry clutch. This made swapping out clutch plates at the track a faster and cleaner job as well as keeping the oil free of clutch plate materials and they run cooler. The clip-ons were wider. Front brakes were upgraded. The engine got a magnesium cylinder head as well as sprocket covers to save weight. The front brakes had speacial-designed hoses. The fairing had additional cooling ducts as well as quick release fasteners. Even the emblem on the side was bike-specific. And finished with a gold plated chain with an all-aluminum chain guard. All this and it weighed in six pounds less than an off the shelf 750.

Don’t you just love homologation specials?! The very best of everything and no expense spared. And when they’re nearly 25 years old and never raced, AND hardly even ridden, they’re truly a rare find. This one is currently at $12k (appears reserve has been met) with about 4 days to go.

And here’s a quick video I found on YouTube of a limited being revved up (not the bike in auction):


Suzuki December 1, 2008 posted by

Beautiful and Original 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale

I’ve posted several original GSX-R‘s on this site in the past year, but this one is a very early model and looks pristine! Check out this eBayMotors listing for an 86 GSX-R 750 with only 12k miles:

quote from seller’s eBayMotors listing:

Here is a blast from the past! This 1 owner GSXR-750 has only 12,720 actual miles! This is an Excellent example of a classic sport bike. Very collectible! Not perfect but close. Runs and rides perfectly. Tires are great, transmission shifts fine! Nothing needed here. Sorry we do NOT have the stock exhaust, seats or blinkers.

The red and black is a really stunning combination and I can’t say the last time I saw an 86 this clean and original. And it’s not like these are going to become easier to find…