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The Origin of Species: Bimota SB2 for Sale Down Under

Bimota SB2 R Front

Sometimes, looking at older sportbikes, it’s hard for those raised on GSX-R1000’s and R1’s to understand what all the fuss is about. I mean, on paper, the Bimota SB2 is pretty unimpressive: 430lbs, 743cc’s making 75hp, and a 130mph top speed. But at the time, this bike was at the bleeding-edge of sports motorcycle design, combining the best ideas of the day in terms of aerodynamics, frame, and suspension design.

Bimota SB2 L Side

Although they’ve been in-and-out of bankruptcy for decades, Bimota is still the first name in exotic Italian motorcycles, and recent products reflect a less-focused diversity that includes something for everyone. And by “everyone,” of course I mean “rich people.”

The name “Bimota” is derived from the names of the three company founders: Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri, and Massimo Tamburini, who actually started their company to work on heating and air-conditioning systems. In 1973, they built their first motorcycle, designing a light, stiff frame around a Honda 750 four-cylinder to create the HB1 in 1973.

BImota SB2 R Side

With only one, notorious exception, Bimota used engines from established manufacturers in their bikes, although they generally improved power somewhat with revised exhausts and tuning, and the alpha-numeric names of the bike will give you a clue as to what powerplant is hiding within: “H” for Honda, “D” for Ducati, “Y” for Yamaha, “K” for Kawasaki, “B” for BMW, and “S” for Suzuki. Obviously. So the SB2 was the second Bimota powered by a Suzuki engine.

If you’re used to the Transformers-style angularity of current Bimotas, the swoopy curves of SB2 might be a bit of a shock. But Bimota built its reputation for innovation and cutting edge design with machines like this. Powered by Suzuki’s reliable GS750 engine and 5-speed transmission, the SB2’s beauty wasn’t in the powertrain, but in the exotic suspension and frame. Check out that swingarm pivot, designed to keep chain tension constant throughout suspension travel.

Bimota SB2 R Rear Naked

The SB2 was almost impossibly advanced for the time and featured a host of race-inspired details: the aluminum and fiberglass one-piece tank and tail-section is held on by simple rubber quick-release straps: disconnect the fuel line, unplug an electrical connector, and it’s off, allowing access to the engine and revealing more of the gorgeous trellis frame and monoshock rear suspension.

Bimota SB2 Rear Suspension

From the original eBay listing: Bimota SB2 for Sale

This motorcycle has been fully restored including an engine re-build. The re-build was completed by an experienced Suzuki trained mechanic. The engine was found to have a Yoshimura 850cc kit in it with high lift cams and larger valves with double valve springs. A previous owner may have lightly ported the intakes. The pistons, gearbox and clutch indicated an easy life but extensive carbon deposits pointed to a lot of slow use. New rings and bearings where needed were used.

The engine idles smoothly and runs quietly. The exhaust is a bit restrictive but will not cause registration problems. The front suspension may be soft for some heavy riders.

The rear de-carbon shock was rebuilt by SOS Sydney and the chassis, bodywork  and wheels were stripped and re-painted. The seat was done to original specs in NZ. The engine cases were stripped of paint and painstakingly cleaned before re-painting. The dash is NOS but a later one from the original which is available. An oil cooler and braided lines come with the bike but are not fitted.

Bimota SB2 R Rear

Interestingly, the listing does not mention the bike’s year of manufacture, although they were only made between 1977 and 1979. Reports vary as to how many were actually made, but supposedly no more than 140 SB2’s were built, making this extremely rare and very exotic. Parts to keep the nearly stock Suzuki GS750 engine and transmission should be very easy to come by, and plenty of hop-up parts exist for anyone looking to make a fast bike even faster.

There are six days left on the auction, with no bidders at the AU$20,000 starting bid. These are some of the most collectible and desirable Bimotas ever built, and I’d expect plenty of folks are waiting in the wings to bid on this one.


Bimota SB2 R Front Close

The Origin of Species: Bimota SB2 for Sale Down Under
Sport Bikes For Sale May 22, 2013 posted by

It’s Got Some Boost: 1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo

xn right xn turbo

Got the itch for a little short lived 80’s engine tech? This low mile XN85 is here to satisfy. 

xn left

Only 4,300 miles traveled since 1983. 

The story:

TIMS  has an unbelievably nice 1983 very rare suzuki xn85 turbo with only 4300 miles on it—it runs absolutely perfect and is in near mint condition other than a small ding in the tank and some very light surface rust pits on the muffler,a little detailing and a repaint or powdercoat on the muffler as well as new tires( i believe the ones on it are the originals) and it would fit right at home in a collection or at bike shows–everything works and it even has a digital gear indicator located in the fairing inner—–the bike has a new battery and comes with the original owners manual–collectors dont miss this one

xn front

Yes, it has a little Katana DNA.  I wonder what OBRUT is? 

xn engine

Looks close to showroom fresh.  Back in 83 you were only two years away from Suzuki changing the game with the GSX-R750.

xn dash

That instrument cluster has the 80’s written all over it. The  asking price is $4, 495,  OBO, to brag about about your turbo charged bike.  Desirability aside, I think you can make the argument these are one of the rarest Suzuki models out there.  The general consensus on the number imported is only 300.

Click for the auction.


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From The Mind Of… 1977 Bimota SB-2 Time Capsule

sb top

You may know some of his other creations, the Ducati 916 and MV F4, much better.  Many claim though the Bimota SB-2 is his best work.  I knew as soon as I saw the pictures this bike had a certain “something” about it.  Once I realized Massimo Tamburini penned the bike it made sense.  Bimot only began producing bikes in 1971 and some consider the SB-2 their first production motorcycle.  When you consider this bike is a 1977 model the styling is pretty darn incredible.

There isn’t much of a description from the seller other than this is one of his two SB-2’s and it is 100% original.  No word on why or when the bike was disassembled.

sb engine

There is more than the Tamburini connection with the SB-2.  There is also a Yoshimura connection.  The bike’s engine is a punched out 850cc version, courtesy of Yoshimura,  of Suzuki’s GS750.  With the extra cc’s, stage 3 cams and flowed head the HP was bumped up to 78 @9000RPM.

sb top 2

Fuel tank is aluminum.  I’m a bit confused on production numbers.  I’m seeing figures from as low as 70 to as high as 140.  It looks like it was produced fom 1977-1979.

sb frame 2

If you take any time to read about the bike you’ll find nothing but praise for it.  It sounds like a very well rounded motorcycle that was an absolute joy to ride: especially at speed.  In other words, a must for a Bimota collector.

sb frame closesb headsb frame

Bimota art.  I read that the concept bike had the gas tank mounted underneath and exhausts exiting above the engine.   Tamburini apparently said it was his worst design ever.

sb mileage

There you go, a time capsule from 1977.  As of this writing there was one bid of $35,000 and that did not meet reserve.  The BIN is $48,000.

Click for the auction and more pictures.