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Honda July 28, 2017 posted by

Not-So-Basic Black – 1990 Honda NSR250R in South Africa

Most often seen in much racier livery, the 1990 Honda NSR250R / MC21 was a comprehensive update from the previous  MC18.  This South African example creates a subdued excitement in black with grey accents, and quite original with 3,800 miles it’s a great candidate for re-location.

1990 Honda NSR250R ( South Africa ) for sale on eBay


The 249cc two-stroke twin ( and its 45 hp ) on board the NSR250R remained quite similar throughout the nine year life of the model. The electronic control unit controlling ignition, carburetion and reed valves was frequently updated, and PGM-III incorporates throttle and gear position sensors in the interest of widening the torque band.  The revisions for 1990 included a beefier chassis and curved “gull” swingarm, which allowed more room for expansion chambers near the footpegs.  Wheel sizes were matched at 17″ and the rear was widened to 4-1/2 inches.


Coming out of Cape Town, this NSR250R has very low miles for its age and appears to have had careful garage mates.  Often gray market offerings have led a full life of junior licensees, and sometimes pictures only cloud the issue, but this one looks excellent.  Part of the ECU was tasked with restricting top speed and this has been worked around, as well as an aftermarket exhaust.  From the eBay auction:

Derestricted, jetted for sea level and fitted with full JHA expansions.The engine is in superb condition, starts first kick everytime even when cold.Low mileage combined with mind blowing performance makes this one not to be missed.The screen has some discolouration due to age. The tires were replaced recently as the original factory tires had plenty of tread but were cracked from being on the vehicle for 22 years. A complete service,including replacing brake pads and and two stroke oil has been done less than 500 Km ago.


The world has certainly gotten smaller and the owner’s shipping estimate seems to make sense even from that far corner.  Perhaps an inspection by a local shop could be arranged, putting some condition questions to rest.  Still the number of tasks to legally bring this bike to your garage shouldn’t be underestimated.  This excellent NSR250R might be worth the effort for the collector with the right-sized opening in his garage…


Not-So-Basic Black – 1990 Honda NSR250R in South Africa
Honda March 8, 2017 posted by

Carts and Horses – 1990 Honda CBR250RR MC22

With the sporty styling of its better-endowed siblings, the CBR250RR was a new rider’s showroom dream in 1990’s Japan.  The sweet-handling lightweight was rarely exported from the island by the factory, which makes it a fine entrant to the rarity sweepstakes elsewhere.  Though many have come to us by way of a hard life down under, this gem is undamaged and boasts a Washington state title.

1990 Honda CBR250RR for sale on eBay

The RR had the right numbers of everything, if just a bit smaller.  The 249cc inline four had four tiny Keihin carbs, alloy perimeter frame, twin front disks.  Gear driven cams deliver a quite healthy 45 hp with 350 lb. wet weight equaling almost unequaled responsiveness.  The full fairing had a pretty chiseled nose, great factory graphics, and a handy sandwich compartment under the pillion seat ( for which, ironically, there are no footpegs ).

Listed by a parts re-seller, this CBR shows just over 9,000 miles and looks better than 9/10ths.  A lot of glamour shots and this description in the eBay auction:

All of the body panels are original and in good condition, there are no major cracks or major nicks anywhere just some light scratches here and there. The wheels are also in excellent condition with perfect paint and no major chips anywhere. Even the windscreen is original and in great condition. Basically the motorcycle is a 9 out of 10 cosmetically.

Mechanically the bike runs and rides perfect. All of the electrical components work as they should; lights, blinkers, horn, speedo, tach, temp gauge, all work properly. The bike just had a full service tune up including new tires, mechanically everything was inspected and replaced if necessary, all fluids were flushed.

Though the factory was busy racing the two stroke RS250, the light four cylinder was a winning solution for the road, and re-affirming their faith in light sports, the factory commissioned a new CBR250 twin last fall.  The auction has a surprising number of bids, and while the bidding hasn’t gotten crazy give it time.  This CBR might be hard to catch in the twisties and harder yet at auction…


Carts and Horses – 1990 Honda CBR250RR MC22
Aprilia January 28, 2011 posted by

Two Aprilia RS250 For Sale on eBay Right Now!

Spring really does seem to have come early around here at Rare Sport Bikes with so many great and rare bikes becoming available! These two are no expection as you are presented with not one but two plated RS250’s to choose from. Check them out!

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Conversion For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

Cup challenge conversion with 15 digit VIN. Clean CA street title, current registration. Runs great. Looks great. Have had it for over two years, only put on 400 street miles. There are small swirl marks on the left swing arm, looks like from polishing, not very noticable. I can send more pics on request and will show the bike in person as well. These are hard to find plated and there are $2000 in upgrades. Happy bidding!

Full Arrow exhaust
Ohlins steering dampner
front fork quick adjust knobs
quick shifter with race pattern shifting
stainless steel brake lines
swingarm sliders
floating rotors
Woodcraft clip ons
woodcraft rear sets

Spare parts list:
Carbon fiber front fairing W/ headlight hole cutout
Arrow full exhaust
stock exhaust
rear sprockets
2 rear shock springs
fork springs
clutch kit

I probably have more once I look around. I do not have stock street headlight or fairings.

Is that a bike light jammed in the air intake? Not sure I’m a fan of that modification, but it does have the all important plate and maybe you can use this as an opportunity to get the job done right. The modification list does sound good and after a complete inspection, might be a good buy for someone in the area or a track day enthusiast.

Or perhaps this one is more to your liking.

1995 Aprilia RS250 For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

This is very rare opportunity to own a very rare piece of art in your motorcycle collection. Anyone knows the bike probably shall really don’t need too much introduction from me about this bike. Most of your concern probably is the condition of this bike. As you can see, motorcycle is very good and running condition. The motorcycle comes with two different set of body fairings. One set is racing fairing as you from the pictures, and the other set is for the street fairing. It has headlight and turning signal lights, and nice racing tail seat cover. There are two piece fairing has some scratches and it will comes brand new same original fairing to replace. I have clear Ohio street title in my hand.

It’s nice that this one has two sets of fairing as one set could be used for the pretty street appearance and the other for scrapping around the track.

So which one would you bid on and why?

Have a good weekend all,


Exclusive November 29, 2010 posted by

Help Support Our Site with our Cyber Monday Announcements and Offers!

Last year we opened our first holiday shopping store, and while many of you liked it, we didn’t really feel it fit with the exclusivity our site strives for. This year we’re skipping the store and instead presenting some truly special opportunities. And we figured what better day to announce these new offerings than ‘Cyber Monday’!

First, we’re proud to offer some exclusive motorcycle artwork to our readers. These works have been commissioned by a friend of the site and we are now the exclusive dealers. 2 of the prints are even hand signed: one by Nicky Hayden and the other by Wayne Rainey! Please take a moment to examine these works for yourself.

Second, I’m excited to announce that one of authors, Ian K., has started a new venture with a partner in Japan called Kaz Parts +. They are offering three distinct services that will appeal to grey market bike collectors in the U.S. who are trying to obtain parts for their machines: Grey Market OEM Parts, Yahoo Auctions Japan Proxy Bidding And Japanese Aftermarket Parts — all sourced directly from Japan! Please join me in congratulating Ian and his partner on their new venture and check out their services for more details.

Finally, we have some limited stock of shirts remaining that would make for excellent gifts. Today only I’m offering two shirts for $30 shipped. Buy one for you and one for a friend! Quantities are limited and you must email me directly for this special deal.

As always thanks to all our loyal readers! We appreciate your support and wish you a happy holiday season!


Bimota November 27, 2009 posted by

Exciting Exclusive: Collection of 17 Rare, Exotic, and Low Mileage Bikes Soon to be For Sale

Update 1.8.2010: Rory has sent us an update on the remaining bikes. Please contact Rory at for further information about the remaining bikes available for sale in the collection.

Rory and his business partner have contacted Rare Sport Bikes For Sale to alert of us of a collection of 17 bikes that will soon be for sale.

His message included the following details:

My business partner, Lee and I are trying to help his neighbor sell the bikes owned by her late husband. The 17 bikes that are left to sell are primarily sport bikes and they are all somewhat special in one way or another: Limited Editions, grey market, low (or no) mileage, etc. It’s taking some time for the widow to have the bikes re-titled in her name, but we are now getting to the point where we need to figure out how to find buyers looking for the somewhat unusual bike.

And here is the list I was given:

Bike Model Year Mileage Notes
Honda V45 1983 9.8
Norton 810 Dunstall 1972 1983
Ducati 888 SPO 1993 2031
Yamaha FZR 750 RR km 1052
Benelli TRE 2004 2
Yamaha R1 SE 2006 0
Ducati 851 Tricolore NA
MV F4 2000 426 Serial number 10000
Ducati 916 SPS 6059
Yamaha R1 2001 18137
Bimota Tesi ?
Ducati F1 km 5234
Moto Guzzi Daytona R 1996 km 21421
Yam RZ500 1984 5571
Honda RC45 3718
Yamaha R7 3646 km
Yamaha (R1?) 2005 17 Race prepped

Clearly a collector with discerning taste, and pieces that match our theme here perfectly. Please leave a comment below if you’d like to see a particular piece of this collection processed sooner than later.

Thanks for contacting us Rory. Looking forward to seeing this collection go to new homes! I’m wish I was reckless enough to consider a second mortgage and the penalties on draining my retirement to get in line for some of these!


Honda July 29, 2009 posted by

1993 Honda NC29 CBR400RR

Joe emailed me to ask about getting his CBR400RR added to the site, and being the 400RR sucker that I am, how could I say no?!

Check out this


He’s even got a quick warm up video:

quote from Joe’s eBay listing:

1993 CBR 400RR with fairing mod that is from the 2005 CBR 600RR. The top end was recently rebuilt, and carbs serviced by reputable shop, lots of electrics replaced, a new rear tire and fairly new front tire as well as new rear wheel bearings. Yoshimura exhaust that sounds wonderful. It runs great and I have the book and service receipts. Can ship to many countries. Ask me for shipping quote before bidding/buying. Most cases shipping will run around 600 to 900 USD. Asking 50,000 baht (1500usd) obo. plus shipping.

As clean as the 600RR fairing set looks on this bike, I’d personally be looking to go back to the stock set up or some race fairings for a perfect starter track bike. I have no idea how one would get it titled for street use, but a 400RR for ~$2500 with shipping sounds like a pretty good deal.

Good luck with the sale Joe,


Honda March 15, 2009 posted by

Vintage VFR: 1985 HONDA VFR 400 NC24 For Sale

I’ve been meaning to post this cool old Honda VFR for quite a while. It sports the same colors my buddy BV is lusting after on the 2007 anniversary edition VFR800: Classic white with blue and red details with the gold Honda wing logo.

This particular VFR400 is a pretty special model because it was never offered for sale in the states, and it sports some very cool features like the single-sided swingarm, V4 engine configuration, and rev happy 400cc motor. Check out this Honda VFR400 NC24 for sale in Kansas City on Craigslist ($3500):

Honda NC24 VFR400 For Sale in Kansas CityHonda NC24 VFR400 For SaleHonda NC24 VFR400 For Sale

quote from seller’s Craigslist posting:




*First things first, this is not an 85. According to this Wikipedia article, the NC24 wasn’t introduced until 1987, and this bike definitely sports all the important features of the later NC24 model. But when I first saw the listing as an 85, it made me wonder if the 25 year rule works the same way it does for classic cars in the U.S. – no import or registration issues with models not previously imported. Anyone know for sure? Also, was there a Rothmans edition of the NC24?

It’s a cool bike for $3500 either way though! Here’s a sweet YouTube clip of an NC24 VFR400 in action: