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Derbi October 12, 2018 posted by

Featured Listing: 2005 Derbi GPR50 for Sale

Considered a moped for legal purposes, today’s Featured Listing Derbi GPR50 looks like a real motorcycle for the most part: liquid-cooling, electric start, full fairing, 17” wheels, under tail exhaust, six-speed gearbox, aluminum frame… But then there’s the lawnmower-sized 50cc displacement. From the factory, you were looking at 8.8hp at the crank, or around 5.5hp at the wheel. Normally, I scoff at partial horses, but every single pony counts when you’ve got just 49.9cc to work with. The same thing goes for the .9cc displacement, obviously.

The hydraulic brakes work well, especially considering the GPR50’s light weight, but you certainly won’t need them to slow down too often: the bike takes care of that for you by not being fast to begin with. Obviously, top speed isn’t the point with a bike like this, and the parts are there to maximize the limited power: that six-speed box means you can stay in the meat [tofu?] of the powerband and, while the suspension is pretty basic, a 242lb weight and great geometry mean a GPR50 could be pretty fun on a tight road or go-kart track.

This example has been modified with a 77cc “big bore” kit that should take the bike to around 9 horses at the rear wheel, but the bigger jump should be in torque: the stock bike makes around 4 ft-lbs and a kitted bike like this should be closer to 7… Performance data for the GPR50 is pretty scarce, but a Cycle World review of the mechanically similar 2000 year model with the same kind of displacement upgrade claimed 60-65mph on level ground, with 75mph possible, flat-out in sixth gear, using a bit of drafting…

From the Seller: 2005 Derbi GPR50 for Sale

For sale is a US spec (MPH speedometer) 2005 Derbi GPR50. At one point this bike was imported to Quebec Canada, and the present owner has had the bike for the last 6 years. Due to the fact that this is registered as a 50cc, and it was plated as a  Scooter. We still have the Quebec registration that states its a “CY” (cyclomoteur = scooter). PLease check with your own state laws, as it differs from state to state. 

The Derbi GPR50 is a single piston two stroke 6 speed water cooled bike. Inverted forks, and monoshock rear suspension. Electric starter and weighs in at about 220lbs. The Derbi GPR50 up for sale in Montreal Canada, and has about 12,000 miles (To be confirmed; battery will be changed to access mileage) bike was totally rebuilt in 2014. 77cc Airsal cyl. Top racing crankshaft, 21mm carb. Arrow exhaust/expansion chamber, clutch and reeds from Malossi, new chain, new sprockets, and tires. bike was used for about 1800 miles since rebuild, and has always been sitting inside our climate controlled garage. It has not been used on the road since about 2 years. Bike has a few scratch from a small miss hap in 2014, and a few blemishes from being a 13 year old bike. Besides that , in extremely good condition , and will reach about 70MPH in 6th.

Needs a battery (we will put a fresh one in), and the clutch could be refreshed. Bike has an electric starter. Asking $2,900USD firm, will crate, and assist in shipping, but shipping to be arranged, and paid by the buyer. We have the clean, and free of lien registration, (which is the same as your Title).
Originally a US import, so gauge in MPH. Paypal for initial deposit, but bank transfer is the only way we will ship the bike, unless you pick up with cash. This is a private sale, feel free to contact the seller, at his place of business for more information.

Obviously, a GPR50 is more a toy than an actual transportation device, even with the increased 77cc displacement, at least in most of the United States. But for $2,900 this could make a great urban runabout, or a massively overqualified but very stylish pit bike. Or maybe you’ve got a youngster looking to start a racing career?

Contact with your interest.


Featured Listing: 2005 Derbi GPR50 for Sale
Derbi June 26, 2010 posted by

2005 Derbi GPR50 With Only 70 Miles In Washinton State

This is a perfect looking GPR50 with less than 100 miles since new!

Bike:  2005 Derbi GPR50

Price:  $2,987

Location:  Kirkland, Washington

Ever been to a Costco and wondered where they got the name, Kirkland, for their private-label items?  Well, Costco’s headquarters were in Kirkland, Washington from 1987 to 1996–the same city that this GPR is available in.  This GPR is available from a dealer and only features 70 miles from new.  The hi-resolution photos agree with the mileage showing a bike that looks to be brand new in every way.  Normally, small displacement bikes have low mileage because people buy them, put around on them and realize they don’t have enough power for any sense of regular use and sell them (I’ve done it).  However, this bike has only covered probably sixty miles since being sold of the showroom floor five years ago.  This bike is 100% stock and the only imperfections look to be some corrosion on the brake rotors front & rear.  There is no mention of a street legal title but I would have to assume there is one given no disclosure from the dealer.  See this cool looking piece of garage art on Craigslist here.


Derbi March 6, 2010 posted by

2004 Derbi GPR50R Street Legal In Illinois

This looks to be a very nice GPR50 in the new body-style.  Located in Chicago, Illinois is a 2004 Derbi GPR50R.  The seller, a dealer, states that this bike is street legal; giving the assumption that this is titled and shouldn’t give the new owner any problems registering it.  No mileage is listed but the asking price is $4,000.   This example looks to have low miles, be in very good condition, and have stock exhaust.  This is the first year for the latest generation GPR and looks very modern in comparison to the majority of the bikes in the U.S.  We usually see these later years only in the Aprilia guise but it’s nice to see that a Derbi has been brought in too.  See this GPR on Craigslist here.


Derbi September 10, 2009 posted by

Derbi GPR Update

Hello, again!  We have four Derbi GPR50s currently for sale from across the country.

2001 Derbi GPR50R

Located in Austin, Texas is a 2001 Derbi GPR50 with a 70cc kit.  The seller doesn’t state the condition of the bike other than that it “…runs great.”  The pictures look like the bike is in very good condition.  So, the bike looks to be in very good condition and the seller states that it runs great; they are asking only $900 however, which makes this either a very good (read: awesome), this bike has issues the seller isn’t sharing, or it is a scam.  Always be careful!  If you’re interested in this cheap, but nice looking, GPR see the Craigslist post here.


2003 Derbi GPR50R

Located in Crestwood, Kentucky is another very nice 2003 Derbi GPR50.  This bike looks to be in good condition and is only priced at $1,575.  See the Craigslist post here.


2003 Derbi GPR50R

Located in San Diego, California is a decent 2003 Derbi GPR50.  This bike has needs a new battery and has been dropped once, resulting in some scratches that aren’t detectable in the pictures, however it is noticeable that the bike is missing a rear cover and mirror.  This bike is listed at $1,800; six months ago, I would have said this price was market correct but it looks like GPR prices have deteriorated somewhat lately.  See this nice example on Craigslist here.


2006 Derbi GPR50R

Located in Timonium, Maryland is a very sexy (I feel these are visually the best Derbi 50s) 2006 Derbi GPR50.  This example has only 100 original miles and has no defects whatsoever.  Again, six months ago I would have said this is a low asking price but it’s great for buyers if this is market correct!  And if you are wondering, no, Rossi never rode a Derbi in competition.  See the Craigslist ad here.


If you’re in the market for a GPR, I hope one of these strikes your fancy!


Derbi July 7, 2009 posted by

2005 Derbi GPR50R

Located in Baltimore, Maryland is a 2005 Derbi GPR50 with 59 original miles.  These are fantastic full-size mini bikes and this low mile, original example, gives you the opportunity to own a new one.  The asking price is $3,650 which seems very fair at this mileage.  See the Craigslist ad here.


Derbi May 29, 2009 posted by

Derbi GPR50 Overload

Today, it seems, Derbi GPR50’s are quite prevalent.  If you’re in the mood for something cheap on insurance, neat, rare and able to be wrung out within posted speed limits; the Derbi GPR50 just might be your bike–especially with several available across the U.S.  Listed below is a sample of Derbi’s currently available in the U.S., I have excluded the ones in less than desirable condition and there may be some that I wasn’t able to find.  Let us know if you are aware of one we haven’t posted, if you would like your rare sport bike posted, or, if you’d like us to find a particular model you haven’t seen yet.

2003 Derbi GPR50 Millbrae, California $2200

8600 miles, original exhaust plus Arrow from Team Calamari, rear stand, manuals, both keys and clean title.  See the San Francisco Bay Craigslist ad here.


2002 Derbi GPR50 Burbank, California $2950

2250 miles, Arrow exhaust, 24mm Mikuni carb and newly registered.  See the Los Angeles Craigslist ad here.


2001 GPR50 Lawrence, Kansas $1700

Ducati replica, new piston, water pump, etc. (Rebuilt motor?).  See the Lawrence Craigslist ad here.


2003 Derbi GPR50 Fairfield, Iowa $2400

Titled as moped.  See the Des Moines Craigslist ad here.


2003 Derbi GPR50 Fishers, Indiana $2100

1400 miles, premium gas and oil only, ABS (it’s what the ad says).  See the Indianapolis Craigslist ad here.


Two (2) 2005 Derbi GPR50’s Kenesaw, Georgia $3600 & $3200 (See ad)

272 miles, 2 of 100 imported to US, MCO (MSO) title, owners manual, tool kit, 24mm Mikuni, modified Derbi exp. chamber. $3200

230 miles, 72cc Metrakit engine, Arrow exhaust, premix only. $3600

See the Atlanta Craigslist ad here.


2003 Derbi GPR50 Greensboro, North Carolina $2000

4700 miles, 72 cc Metrakit, Mk Sp Exhaust, Mk PRO Crank, Mk PRO Clutch, 19mm DelOrto Carb, Engine was completely rebuilt and ported professionally at 2500 miles, Oil injection taken out – Premix only.  See the Charlotte Craigslist ad here.


2003 Derbi GPR50 Baltimore, Maryland $2000

5300 miles and clean title.  See the Baltimore Craigslist ad here.


2005 Derbi GPR50 Georgia $3000

No specific information listed.  See the Tampa Bay Craigslist ad here.


2000 Derbi GPR50 Smallwood, New York $2200

448 miles (shown), 80cc big bore.  See the Fly Kitty Motorsports ad here.



This post is quite old, but here are some Derbi’s for sale right now: