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Sport Bikes For Sale June 25, 2013 posted by

Clean & Low Mileage 1996 Yamaha FZR600

Oakwood, GA – 3,300mi – $2,100 No Reserve


Yamaha fans, 90’s lovers, and people who just dig awesome stuff in general should check out this bike. Those who know the FZR600 know that it was a force to be reckoned with when came onto the scene, but after a few years it needed a revamp to keep pace with the other Japanese 600’s. This ’96 here represents the second golden age of the FZR’s lifespan before giving way to the R6.


The bike up for grabs here really hasn’t seen many miles with only 3,300 on the clock, and boy does it show! This is probably the cleanest FZR600 I have seen and one of the lowest mileage examples. Sure, these weren’t produced in low numbers to designate it “rare” back in the day. Because of that, they were ridden to death, thrashed, and generally mistreated by a large number of their owners. That’s what makes this survivor special. This one even has the stock pipe and the warning stickers still on the tank.

From the seller:


RARE double round headlights.

Bike is fast, everything works as new, brand new tires front and rear.

Just had fluids changed and carbs serviced from sitting…… 100% great running!!!!

Spent $1,500 on the above to get her into 100% no excuses condition.

Original condition not restored….. Cosmetic 8.5/9 out of 10. Running 10/10.

Can be driven anywhere, CLEAR TITLE in hand, ready to ride or be a collectors piece.

A slight scuff or scratch here or there but nothing too noticeable. SEE PICS.

NO RUST OR OXIDATION. Georgia Bike all of its life and BABIED.

If you have been looking for a clean FZR600 with some always-loveable mid-90’s bright and colorful graphics, then I think you have found it here with this bike. There isn’t anything that I can really pick apart about this bike, it’s super clean and there are plenty of high quality photos. It sounds like it’s owner has given it the love it deserves. I could see this bike going for $4k easily. You can check out the auction here, but don’t delay as there is only a couple days left!


Yamaha May 28, 2013 posted by

1985 Yamaha FZ750 Genesis: One Owner, 14k Miles

1985 Yamaha FZ750 For Sale

This isn’t a museum piece but it is an honest survivor from the original owner. The revolutionary 5 valve per cylinder heads were cutting edge at the time and the technology was used in many future models like the FZR1000 and OW01. Having covered only 14k miles this example looks very complete and is reported as never dropped though has some patina as shown in the pictures. Current bid is just over $1500 reserve not met.


1985 Yamaha FZ750 For Sale on eBay


quote from seller:

Up for sale is my 1985 FZ750 that I purchased new at M&M Cycle in Kalamazoo, MI during July of 1985. This is the first year of the 5-valve Genesis engine for Yamaha. These are rare and most were used for roadracing in the late 80’s. This bike has never been crashed and the engine has never been taken apart. It is stock with the exception of the following adds: K&N Dynojet Kit and a Vance & Hines SS2R header. Also included is a cover, Factory Yamaha rear seat cowl and two Metzeler tires that were replaced less than 500 miles ago.

Overall the bike is in extremely nice condition, however the following imperfections exist: there is some checking (lines) on the tank primarily in the blue stripe area but some in the lower silver area also, small scratch (1/4′) on the front edge of front fender and the tank has a dent near the filler cap (see pics).

This FZ runs well and had a battery replacement last year. It has a very mean, throaty sound due to the individual K&N filters on each carb. In my opinion it is one of the best sounding inline 4s you will find.



Sport Bikes For Sale April 26, 2013 posted by

Clean 1987 Yamaha FZR1000 Genesis For Sale!

La Crescent, MN – 11,679mi – $2,600 No Reserve


We have seen a nice run of clean FZR1000’s come across the pages of RSBFS the last couple of months, from the EXUP models of ‘89 to a couple first years from ‘87. Each one has been clean in its own right. In 1987, this bike was rated at 135hp with a top speed of 160mph. This may not seem too crazy compared to modern sport bikes, but you can bet that back in its day it crushed nearly everything else on the road.


The bike up for sale here is again a first-year example from 1987. Mileage is very low at only roughly 11k on the clock. It looks like it has been taken care of very well and had only changed hands once since it rolled out of the dealership. It is also mostly stock and visually the only difference is the exhaust. Looks like the tires are even original, but you will need to replace those before riding it much.


From the seller:

Here we have a very nice mostly original low mile 1987 Yamaha FZR 1000 sport bike, this was the first year Yamaha made the FZR 1000, bike runs great, and is very clean, gas tank is also clean inside, plastic is very solid, no repairs to fairings, solo seat cowl is removable so you can ride two up if you want, bike just had a new battery last summer, we also just put new NGK plugs in it last week and changed the oil, this bike has had only two owners, and has always been stored inside a garage, bike is very fast, I also have the orignal tool kit for this, I also will include a factory genuine Yamaha service manual, bike will need tires soon, rear is wore in middle and front has some checking , I can not see that this bike has ever been down, I do not think you will find a much cleaner one then this, bike will need nothing besides tires

With a good selection of FZR’s in recent history comes a good idea of what they are selling for. Bidding is currently up to $2,600 and No Reserve in sight. I would put this bike at right around $4,500 given its mileage and near-original condition. However, I would not be suprised to see it push $5k. Nice to see that it is only a 2-owner bike and looks to be cared for. You can check out the auction here and place you bid today!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 21, 2013 posted by

1989 Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP For Sale!

Venice, CA – 24,694mi – $2,325 with Reserve


It’s always nice to see an older, and well cared for, FZR1000 pop up for sale. It just means that clean examples are not extinct and still around for those love to look at them and ride them. These are some damn good looking bikes. Anyone that knows and loves the older FZR1000’s knows that this is the model to have. Yamaha had redesigned their liter bike, bumping displacement to 1002cc and horsepower up to 145. Now present was the EXUP system which further enhanced the bikes power delivery.


This bike comes to us from Venice, CA and as evidence by its storage conditions is taken care of. Check out the bikes in the background of this hanger! …and a plane.


The seller has a lot to say about the bike which I don’t need repeating.

Full history and all documentation from day one comes with this bike. Every receipt this bike ever generated is included. I have the original “pink slip”, California certificate of title, and the original purchase order from Simi Valley Cycles where this bike was purchased in June of 1989 for $8,000. I am the second owner of the bike. A divorce forced the sale from the original owner. The previous owner did an amazing job of keeping all service records, organized in a three-inch-thick, three-ring binder. He also kept the original owners manual, and all receipts.

Both original, stock keys are included.

There is a bill of sale from Thousand Oaks Yamaha from March of 1989 for $8,145. That was the 1st FZR 1000 the previous owner purchased, and it unfortunately was promptly stolen from Laguna Seca while he attended the USGP in 1989. So the bike you are bidding on is the bike he purchased from Simi Valley Cycles, to replaced the stolen one. I only mention that because it is rare to purchase a bike from a owner that has owned multiples of the same bike. He owned two FZR 1000. I have owned many.


For a bike with 24,694 miles, you wouldn’t believe it when you look at the bodywork. The condition of the bike shows a lot of TLC kept this bike looking new. The rear-sets, bar-ends, and turn signals, all the places you look for signs of a tip-over are all clean. The front right signal has a scratch, but not a tip over style scratch. More like something passed by the bike and scratched the signal. The lowers look amazing, there are a few scratches at the absolute bottom that look like they came from a ramp while the bike was being rolled onto the bed of a truck. You can only see them on your hands and knees. The right fork tube has a couple chips at the top of the leg. You can see the scratches in the photos. The paint quality is excellent and bright. The stock pipe is very good, but there are some signs of oxidation in the aluminum. There is also a very light abrasion at the front of the aluminum in the black paint on the weld. It is impossible to tell if it is from a tip over, or from something rubbing against it. But if it did tip over, that is the only sign. The bodywork and bar ends show no signs of a tip over. The tank is amazing and flawless. In the rear, there are abrasion scuffs and very small cracks from the seat where it sits on the rear side panels. Again, you can see the damage in the photos. The only way to see the flaws is by removing the seat. If the seat is in place, it’s almost impossible to see the scuffs. Finally, there is a piece of the tinted windshield that was broken off by the airplane’s tail while the plane was being parked. If I were keeping it, I would replace the tinted shield with a stock-looking clear screen, but it functions perfectly. The last 3″ of the screen on the left side by the mirror is where the screen is broken. The wheels have been powder coated and are in absolute immaculate condition. Finally, the last owner installed an alarm. I have removed the guts of the alarm, however he did put a light on the tail section directly above the tail light. You can see the tiny red lens in the pictures.

All in all, I would say the bodywork is 98%.

The bike starts perfectly, idles perfectly and runs like it’s 1989. The oil is fresh, the fluids are recently changed, and the Bridgestone Battlax BT012R’s look almost new. The bike is 100% ready to ride.

Model notes:

The 1989 was the second generation of the FZR 1000 series. I also have a 1989 FZR750RR OW-O1, and next to each other, you can see the similarities between the two models. The EXUP in the name describes the header-mounted servo motor that opens and closes depending on throttle position. In the mid-range, the servo motor closes the valve, giving more back pressure, and as a result more mid-range power. As the throttle is opened, the valve is opened and the pipe becomes 100% free flowing.

The OW-O1 is more rare, but if you enjoy twisting your right wrist, the FZR is the bike you’re looking for. It starts pulling around 3,000 and pulls hard all the way to it’s 11,500 redline.

Like I said before, the second gen FZR1000 is the better of the two and seems to be more sought after. The seller goes to great description in detail a few minor imperfections with the bike, which builds my confidence without seeing it in person. Hell, it even has the stock pipe with its full “EXUP” glory. Hard to find much fault in this bike. If you agree and want to make it yours, then check out the auction here!


This post dedicated to my biggest fan – Big Tex

Yamaha March 11, 2013 posted by

It Survived The 80’s: 1988 Yamaha FZ750

fz left 2 fz right 2

I can’t remember the last time one of these has passed over my executive sized desk here at RSBFS World HQ.  Not an SP, not an OW but just as rare.  I can remember witnessing a few fraternity house parking lot burn outs with the old FZ (shirtless of course).  Very few reached the hands of people who had the idea of a very long term relationship with the bike though.  It sounds like this one was spotted by the seller, given a little maintenance and put up for sale.

fz cockpit

I never get tired of seeing the ‘ordinary’ bikes that survive; especially unmolested.

fz front

Are you old enough to remember the days of ‘Pure Sports’, ‘Hyper Sports’, ‘Hurricanes’ and ‘Ninja’s’?


The story on the bike:

A rare opportunity to buy a VERY LOW MILEAGE FZ750 YAMAHA in original excellent condition.  Base for Yamaha’s production FZR superbike. Genesis 5 valve per/cylinder head engine delivers turbine smooth power to an agile frame and displays in my opinion one of the best production motorcycle paint schemes. Almost new condition with very bright paint and all decals. Stored inside an insulated and heated shop for more than 10 years.  Very fast and flickable. Just totally restored and ready to go go go! Own a legend! You don’t come across a bike in this condition often.  Reserve the right to sell locally.  Contact me for my best price right now! I am a certified motorcycle mechanic with 30 years experience.  Please watch my linked video for more information and I start up the beast too.  I only sell bike that I could sell to a close friend.  They are all gone through completely from wheel to wheel.  
    *  NEW PLUGS  
    *  NEW TIRES!  
    *  ALL STOCK 



fz carbs

That reminds me, I need a carb sync setup.  Looks pretty clean under the hood.

fz wheel

If you didn’t click on the video, the seller mentioned they sprayed the wheels in gold for stylistic reasons.  Originally they would have been white.

fz right rear

I always think these are the hardest types of bikes to value.  I think everyone gets a kick out of seeing a bike they might have enjoyed earlier in life but that doesn’t mean they are buyers now.  I guess it might hinge on how good a deal the seller got.   The auction is just starting out and sits at $1,000 with the reserve still on.  Hopefully the seller can make a little coin and the buyer can get a great ride down memory lane at a good price.


Here is the auction.


Bimota April 4, 2011 posted by

Italian Hothead: 1988 Bimota YB4 750 E.I.

For Sale: 1988 Bimota YB4 750 E.I.

Update 4.3.11: This listing was pulled by eBay but is back. Link updated.

It seems to be the season for rare, vintage Bimotas. First we saw Phil’s post on the legendary SB3 (click here for more details), and then sharp-eyed RSBFS reader Zach pointed out that this 1988 YB4 is back on the market. This is not the first time we have seen this bike: the seller posted his entire collection of homologation racers on RSBFS last year (click here for the original post). While some bikes from the collection sold, the YB4 did not.

So what is a YB4? Take a Yamaha FZ750 5-valve Genesis motor, augment it with custom fuel injection, stuff it into a stout, twin-spar aluminum frame, wrap it in voluptuous, hand-laid ‘glass, suspend it with the best Marzocchi forks of the day, and stop it with top line Brembos. Bimota built just enough of them in 1988 (200) to qualify for homologation status, allowing them to compete in World Superbike Championship. It didn’t hurt that it was a winning package.

From the seller:
1988 BIMOTA YB4 e.i. 750cc
For you Bimota collectors and 80’s – 90’s superbike enthusiasts out there, on offer is this beautiful condition YB4 e.i. with an amazingly minimal 1,985 miles.

FYI: This homologation superbike special is for sale locally – so I reserve the right to end the auction early.

Yamaha FZ 750 Fuel Injected Engine
Marzocchi Forks
Brembo Brakes

If you have questions regarding this machine or would like to see additional photos, please contact me through eBay and I will send additional information to you.

With typical Bimota artistic attention to detail, this is a very beautiful motorcycle. Great handling, good power and exceptional light weight make this a very desireable collectable. Ultimately, Bimota created just over 300 of these YB4 machines over a two year run – and finding one in the U.S. is a rare event.

This bike is available on eBay again, and interest has been moderate. The current bid is up to $7,100 at the time of this writing, which is still below the reserve. There are lots more pictures and more information offered by the seller, and I encourage you to check out this rare bird if you are at all interested. Good Luck and tell ’em you saw it on RSBFS!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 13, 2010 posted by

Upping the arms race: 1985 Yamaha FZ750

For sale: 1985 Yamaha FZ FZ750

The 1980s were a wild time of experimentation for the Big Four. From different engine configurations to Turbos to suspension and wheel sizes, all of the Japanese manufacturers raced to leapfrog the other in terms of technology and performance. These were heady times for the sportbike world, as we moved from air cooled motors to liquid cooled, two valves per cylinder to four, and twin-shock swingarms to single-shock configurations.

Yamaha’s salvo for 1985 was the FZ750. Powered by a revolutionary “Genesis” motor, the FZ featured 5 valves per cylinder (3 intake, 2 exhaust), an alternator stacked above the transmission to narrow the profile, and cylinders laid down at a major angle to aid in weight distribution and provide a straighter shot from the 36 mm Mikuni carbs into the cylinder head. In period fashion, a GP-inspired 16-inch front wheel was fitted, which quickened the steering over larger hoops of the day.

From the seller:

How does it work? All of this technology was enough to help Eddie Lawson win the 1985 Daytona 200, and magazines of the period raved about the FZ’s performance. If you missed your chance to buy one new, here is a very clean example just waiting for you. The auction is at a very reasonable price at the time of this post, and you can .


Quick Spot July 18, 2010 posted by

1987 Yamaha FZR1000 With 6,000 Original Miles In California

This is a mint FZR1000 with 6k original miles!

Bike:  1987 Yamaha FZR1000 Genesis

Location:  Fremont, California

Mileage:  6,000mi

Price:  $2,800 USD

This was the Bike of the Year for 1987 and this bike is, supposedly, in mint condition with only 6k miles.  The seller states that this bike has new Bridgestone’s.  At $2,800; I call this a great price if the condition is accurate.  You’d be unlikely to find a decent example for less than $2,500 let alone a mint, 6k mile, one.  Give this seller a call!  See the bike on Craigslist here.