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Yamaha March 27, 2015 posted by

Cheap Thrills – 1994 Yamaha FZR1000

1994 Yamaha FZR1000 on eBay


Yamaha’s FZR1000 brought a lot to the table.  It was a bike that did a lot of things well.  It was lighter than the competing ZX-11 and GSXR-1000 and every bit as fast.  It was also fairly comfortable for a sportbike which made it a very capable highway hauler.  It also wasn’t shy, as you can see by the colors here.  Love it or hate it, you couldn’t miss it.  Pick a color in the rainbow and it’s in there somewhere.  The FZR1000 would eventually be phased out by Yamaha’s game changing YZF-R1, but not before being dubbed Cycle World’s “Bike of the Decade” at the end of the 80s.


This particular example appears to have been well cared for during it’s 20+ years, only amassing about 1000 miles per year in the process.  The owner lists some basic maintenance and history in his eBay listing seen here: 1994 Yamaha FZR1000 on eBay

Hello, and thank you for viewing my listing.  Up for sale is my 1994 Yamaha FZR 1000.  I’ve owned it since 2009, and it’s been a great bike!  The only maintenance that I’ve had to do is to fix the speedometer shortly after I purchased it, and replace the fork seals (2012), other than that it’s just been tires, batteries, and oil changes.   It runs great with no issues whatsoever.  The plastics are in near perfect condition with only a very small blemish here or there.  It has the solo seat option, which I think makes the bike look much sportier.  The pad on the solo seat has worn through a bit from riding (see photos).  It’s been stored indoors the entire time I’ve owned it, and I’m pretty sure, for it’s entire life.  The original owner of this bike was a certified Yamaha mechanic, and he was very meticulous about maintenance.

The more I see these FZR1000s, the more I find myself wondering why I don’t own one?  It’s fast, it’s comfortable, it’s affordable and those colors just make me smile.  I think I need to start making space in the garage…


Cheap Thrills – 1994 Yamaha FZR1000
Yamaha March 10, 2015 posted by

Cult Classic – 1988 Yamaha FZR-400

1988 Yamaha FZR-400 on eBay


The Yamaha FZR-400 has always been popular with the RSBFS crowd and this one appears to be a gem.  It was known for it’s light weight and great handling around the track.  Unfortunately this means a lot of them have been very well used in just this manner and when they do show up for sale they have evidence of a hard life.  They’ve been modified, parts don’t match, fairings are barely hanging on, etc, etc.  However, this one looks like it has had the easy life.

With barely 2000 miles and looking bone stock (down the reflectors and exhaust) this example appears to have survived unmolested and in great condition.


The seller’s eBay description appears to indicate that it came from a collection and probably only saw the sunniest of days and easy riding.  You can read more from the seller’s actual eBay action seen here: 1988 Yamaha FZR-400 on eBay

This bike is in great condition. Runs like a champ, I use non ethanol gas to keep the carbs happy.  Very Rare to find one in this condition. I am only selling to thin the herd. Clear Georgia title in hand. Have original owners manual. A $500 deposit will be required within 24 hours of the end of the auction.  Buyer will have to arrange the shipping if not local but I will assist.  



Cult Classic – 1988 Yamaha FZR-400
Yamaha August 25, 2014 posted by

1987 Yamaha FZR1000 with Just 4k Miles in New York

1987 Yamaha FZR1000 for sale

Here’s a largely stock and very low mileage FZR1000. This is a pre-EXUP model which puts the horsepower at 135, which in 1987 what a number to be respected. Also noteworthy at that time was the 5 valve head. The owner notes a radar detector of similar vintage has been added and it even wears the stock tires. I noted an aftermarket windscreen as well, but otherwise it looks like it could just use a thorough refresh and detail to be excellent.


1987 Yamaha FZR1000 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

For Sale: 1987 Yamaha FZR 1000. First year of the Yamaha FZR1000 5 valve Genesis sport bike. It is in original condition except for an added antique Uniden radar detector. 9.5 of 10 condition cosmetically. A very rare collectable stock example of a classic sport bike.

If you always wanted one of these when they were new, this is your chance!

– 4K original miles
– OEM stock condition from the tires up
– First owner was a Upstate NY Motorcycle Dealer. (I am the second owner)
– Fully serviced with synthetic oil.
– Just ridden 92 miles to breakfast in the NY Southern Tier and back.


1987 Yamaha FZR1000 with Just 4k Miles in New York
Yamaha June 26, 2014 posted by

Exotic Suspension for the Masses: 1994 Yamaha GTS1000

Only sold for two years in the US, the Yamaha GTS1000 was available from 1993-94. Styling is conservative 90’s Japanese, but without the garish graphics that often distinguish sportbikes of the era and the look is handsome, but so relatively unremarkable that it’s easy to miss the bike’s true standout feature: the forkless front end.

Almost missed that, didn’t you?

1994 Yamaga GTS1000 R Side Front

Conventional telescopic forks have well-known limitations: under braking, they compress and throw a motorcycle’s weight forward, upsetting weight-distribution, and this shift disturbs suspension geometry as well. In addition, the forces being channeled through and being amplified by the tubes means that triple-trees and  headstocks need to be very beefy, increasing weight.

1994 Yamaga GTS1000 L Front End

Plenty of alternatives have been tried since the dawn of motorcycle suspensions, but most have fallen by the wayside: they may improve in some areas, but usually at the cost of increased complexity or reduced steering feel, exactly the kind of things engineers were looking to avoid. They exchanging simple for complicated with no real upside, except as an exotic calling-card for owners of bikes like the Vyrus or Bimota Tesi who don’t mind the additional maintenance expense.

Interestingly, the suspension on this machine provides the best of both worlds: suspension compliance and braking stability as well as relative simplicity and reliability.

1994 Yamaga GTS1000 Dash

Yamaha’s “Omega-Framed” GTS1000 was an innovative, ambitious attempt to bring exotic swingarm front suspension technology to the masses. Alternative suspension maverick James Parker, who is still hard at work developing this concept today, licensed his technology to Yamaha and the engine was from Yamaha’s FZR1000, a 1000cc five-valve four cylinder that was detuned for touring duty, although that’s likely easily changed to something approaching the donor bike’s 145hp without too much trouble. The bike also included a great deal of exotic technology like electronic fuel injection, anti-lock brakes, and a catalytic converter.

1994 Yamaga GTS1000 Frame

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Yamaha GTS1000 for Sale

Two words. RARE, Collector! This GTS1000 is in fantastic condition and yes, it’s a pretty difficult find. The GTS was only available in the states from 1993 to 1994. It was still available in Europe until 1999. The previous owner took exceptional care of this. If you’re a collector or an enthusiast, this would be a great bike. Not to mention, it’s still a great bike to ride. For those of you who looked at this listing earlier, I did get the bags and the brakes. Please see pics. The only thing that is any concern is that the ABS is disconnected. I do have a box of all the parts for the ABS (see pics). The previous owner disconnected them as he didn’t like ABS. Overall, this bike is in great condition and would be a wonderful motorcycle to have in any collection.

Reviews at the time suggest that the suspension performed as advertised. Unfortunately, while the bike was innovative, it was very expensive and the de-fanged powerplant combined with a surprisingly limited range to muddy the waters: exactly what was this bike for? The main advantages of this design were really wasted on a heavy sport-touring bike like this, and it seems odd to combine relatively primitive ABS with a suspension designed to provide increased braking ability at the limit.

Poor sales killed the bike after just two years, although it sold until 1999 in other markets. I’m not sure these are really any sort of huge investment opportunity, but they have a strong cult following and parts for the engine should be readily available, although bodywork and suspension bits could be a problem. As an affordable sport-touring mount, it’d be hard to beat, so if you’re looking for a weird bike with reliability and subtlety, this interestingly technical machine could represent an opportunity you never knew existed.


1994 Yamaga GTS1000 L Side


Exotic Suspension for the Masses: 1994 Yamaha GTS1000
Bimota June 3, 2014 posted by

Gorgeous 1991 Bimota YB8 with 2,800 Miles in North Carolina

1991 Bimota YB8 for sale

It’s kind of amusing that all these collector quality bikes come available this time of year. I’ve referred to the spring fever phenomenon before, but usually in reference to riders who can’t wait to get out and ride in the good weather after a cold winter. But bikes like this are likely to see one or two rides after purchase and then put back on display. This YB8 is a perfect example as it’s described as museum quality with no visible wear advertised. YB8 cliff notes: 150hp Yamaha Genesis engine, 400lbs dry, exquisitely crafted metal work, and with only 252 examples produced, legitimately rare. If you buy it, make sure to park it in front of a window so it can at least see daylight even if not ridden in it.


1991 Bimota YB8 for sale on eBay


excerpt from the seller’s listing:

This machine is in absolute mint, museum quality condition. It starts and runs perfectly. There are no scratches or nicks anywhere on any of the paintwork. The stock rear shock and steering damper were replaced with Ohlins units. The original muffler was replaced with a Termignoni carbon fiber unit, a common upgrade for the period. The original handlebars (clipons) have been replaced with a pair of very high quality German made adjustable clip-ons from Daes Mototec

ALL ORIGINAL PARTS COME WITH THE SALE (shock, damper, muffler, clip-ons).
The bike comes with the factory rear wheel stand, factory Bimota bike cover, new battery, new tires, owners manual, factory parts manual, factory parts manual, warranty book, sales brochure, too/l kit, folder of assorted technical articles and a box of assorted spares. The bike has a clear North Carolina title. Inspections are welcome. Note odometer is in kilometers.

This is an exotic machine made by a very high-end motorcycle manufacturer combining the best of Japanese engine technology with the best of Italian design. It is functional yet could easily spend the rest of it’s life static in any collection. This appreciated asset will not doubt continue to rise with the recent rise in Italian collectable motorcycles.



Gorgeous 1991 Bimota YB8 with 2,800 Miles in  North Carolina
Yamaha May 12, 2014 posted by

Our Continuing Love Affair: 1989 Yamaha FZR400 in Virginia


In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re kind of obsessed with these 400’s. Today’s example has a bit over 19k miles and has reportedly never been tracked. The panel condition backs this up with just minor wear in places. The only upgrade is the Vance and Hines pipe but the rest looks stock and intact. The best news is that there is no reserve and the current winning bid is just $2500.


1989 Yamaha FZR400 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

It has the original plastics in the traditional pearl white and red that this bike is known for. It even still has the original solo seat cowl. Note that the cowl can be removed to ride a passenger. I have posted close up pictures of any small imperfection that can be found on this bike. Compared to other bikes of this year and model, it is in excellent condition!! It has never been put on a race track and the pictures make that quite obvious. All of the small imperfections that are on this bike come from the previous owners so I don’t have any information about where the small nicks and dings came from. (I am the 3rd owner.) I get compliments on my bike everywhere I go. Everyone wants to take a look at it and ask questions. There is a good reason the motor cycle magazines say its “the best handling bike you can buy under $25,000.00” to this day. Find out for yourself.

The tires are nearly new Pirelli’s. Chain and sprocket are in good condition. And a brand new no-maintenance battery. And a recent oil change.

A few years ago I had a professional mechanic balance the jets and it runs really smooth and handles well. Such a joy to ride!

The only “non-stock” piece on this bike is the Vance and Hines pipe.

Also included with the sale: Rear stand, new in box oil filter & fuel filter, original owner’s manual and service manual, as well as the original under seat tool set.


Yamaha April 28, 2014 posted by

Ludicrous Speed: 1989 Yamaha FZR 1000 for sale in Georgia

1989 Yamaha FZR 1000 for sale

While today’s liter bikes are measured by an even higher standard of speed, in the late 80’s the 5 valve Yamaha Genesis motor was the top dog in the speed race amongst manufacturers. While the OW01 was certainly more exotic, the FZR 1000 provided even more punch in a straight line and still held it’s own when dipped into a corner. This example while not totally stock, has some period correct upgrades that the seller details, and appears in genuinely good condition with only 6700 miles on the clock. It’s already met reserve and is currently bid at just under $7k with 4 days remaining.


1989 Yamaha FZR1000 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This bike is 9 out of a 10runs perfect . Has the popular mod of the time of updating the forks with yzf750r upside forks. You would be hard pressed to find a cleaner one. I can’t believe how good it runs. The bike needs nothing title in hand . I have the original tool kit as well and bike come with rare seat cowl.


Ludicrous Speed:  1989 Yamaha FZR 1000 for sale in Georgia
Yamaha November 13, 2013 posted by

One Owner 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU in Colorado

Yamaha FZR750RU For Sale

For all those tire kickers that show up in the comments of perfect but never ridden examples, here is a rare bike AND it has been ridden! Our latest Feature Listing is for this FZR750RU, Yamaha’s homologation special before the infamous OW01. We have seen a fair number of these this year and prices are definitely appreciating. This example has a few blems from a tip over but as you can see the overall condition looks better than very good. And at just $4500 you can feel good about putting the next 30k miles on this one!



from the seller:

1988 Yamaha FZR750RU FOR SALE

Own a piece of motorcycling history, Super Rare motorcycle!
Only 225 imported into the US

Ohlins Shock
1990 OW01 front wheel, forks, triple-clamps
YZF mirrors, brake and clutch master-cylinders, adjustable front brake and clutch levers
Modern Yamaha mirrors allow you to see more than just your elbows
Brembo Cast-Iron brake rotors with Nissin calipers
Aluminum clip-on handlebars
Polished frame and upper triple clamp
Rear turnsignals replaced with front (3 lead) turnsignals and wired to also perform as running lights for additional visibility
Manual fan switch wired into loom
Heated Grips
Steel braided brake and Clutch lines
Racing seat cowl
Factory Yamaha service manual
New battery
Shift pattern has been converted to 1 up and 5 down with stock shift lever. Can very easily be converted back to standard pattern if desired.
K&N Air Filter

Original owner

33,670 miles

Right side of front upper and lower cowling have minor damage from being blown over in Colorado winds. Right heated grip is torn from same wind incident. Grip still heats and does not drag on handlebar. There are also a few chips in the paint on the fuel tank from rocks and car doors.

Contact the seller by email

One Owner 1988 Yamaha FZR750RU in Colorado