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Yamaha January 24, 2016 posted by

1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines #419/635

This is a guest post from Jaron who is considering joining our team. Thanks Jaron! -dc


While most are not lusting over an FZ or FZR we can all agree on that 80s/early 90s vehicles values in general are skyrocketing. (I personally just picked up a trade tariff 1987 FZ700 for this reason.) Why not own one of Yamaha’s sport bikes that’s almost guaranteed to appreciate. The FZR600 was the roost of the 600’s until the revised FZR600R was released in 1994, although the FZR600 was produced from 1989 to 1999.

Through the 10 year production span, mostly paintwork and color schemes were the only real changes. A limited run of Vance & Hines were produced in 1992, 635 to be exact. The paintwork being the only differencing factor from the stock FZR600.

1992 Yamaha FZR600 for sale on eBay

s-l1600 (1)

from the seller:

The bike is in really good shape and is a turn key motorcycle and is ready to ride . It has sat in somebody’s collection for a while and all that was needed to get it to run was a new battery and the carbs to be cleaned. We also changed all the fluids in the bike and fitted new plugs. The bike runs like a dream and being number 419 out 635 ever made it is a very nice talking point too. the bike has 4377 miles on the clock and we asking $4500 OBO. We also have the original exhaust for it.

s-l1600 (2)

4377 Miles is the lowest I’ve ever seen on a Vance & Hines, most average 10,000 mile range. Big bonus in collectors eyes, OEM exhaust included! Being a dealer bike, one may be able to negotiate a true bargain for an early limited Japanese full fairing bike. I know I’m not the only person dreaming of this bike in their collection.

Location: Georgia, USA


1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines #419/635
Yamaha May 3, 2015 posted by

Can’t Miss It – 1992 Yamaha FZR-600 Vance & Hines Edition

1992 Yamaha FZR-600 Vance & Hines Edition


Oh the 90s….  Where no color was too bright and no color combination was off limits!  This 1992 Yamaha FZR-600 is certainly proof of that.  Back in the 70s, Terry Vance was a successful and popular drag racer.  It was there that he met engine builder Byron Hines and together they parlayed their drag racing success into a profitable performance company appropriately named Vance & Hines.  They eventually branched out into AMA SuperBike racing and would make it all the way to an official deal supporting the factory Yamaha AMA SuperBike team.   They signed Dave Sadowski as their rider and promptly went out and won their first race, none other than the Daytona 200.  That success continued to an eventual 600cc AMA Championship with Sadowski in the saddle.

Two years later, Yamaha released a limited run of just 500 FZR-600s in the unmistakable factory yellow and pink paint scheme.  There were no performance bonuses, other than the simple V&H slip on exhaust, it’s the colors that are the story here.  Love it or hate it, this bike represents a legitimate racing history and pedigree.  If you love AMA Racing and it’s history this is a worthy contender for a spot in your garage and the price is usually much lower than other collectable examples of the era.


This one appears to be well cared for with only minor modifications that could be returned to stock if you wanted to.  The seller lists them in his auction found here: 1992 Yamaha FZR-600 Vance & Hines Edition

Rare Survivor FZR 600 – Vance and Hines Limited Production Edition with FACTORY YELLOW And Pink Paint scheme. #316 of 500.
I purchased this bike in November of 2013, and have only started the bike up every month, and taken it out two times on short 50 mile trips on the local twisties on the occasional Sunday ride.

The bike runs excellent. I bought it from the 3rd owner whose brother previously owned it. Bike was serviced, new plugs, fluids etcand tuned ( I have docs)and windshield just before I bought it. So it runs like it should. Smooth as butter.
No issues. The bike did get all the looks each time I took it out to the bike spot. Probably due to the crazy color scheme. It was homage to Yamahas racing heritage of those years. Bike has the authentic Series #316 of 500 emblem in tact on the tank which proves its heritage. Tires are new, no rips in corbin seat. (nice touch) Yellow windscreen adds nice touch. Intergrated period correct for 90s’ signals (no, I do not have original signals, but they can be easily found on ebay. No I do not have

Upgrades from factory according to previous owner: Vance and Hines supersport exhaust ; FOX rear shock (fully adjustable and Rare these days) ; CORBIN Seat ( no I don’t have stock seat); New Perelli Angel GT Tires ( less than 100 miles) : Progressive front fork springs.

thank you for your interest.


Can’t Miss It – 1992 Yamaha FZR-600 Vance & Hines Edition
Yamaha September 10, 2013 posted by

Sentimental Favorite: 1989 Yamaha FZR600 in Black

1989 Yamaha FZR600 For Sale

RSBFS critics are wincing at this post I’m sure, but this bike is exactly like my first sportbike, same color and graphics. Though it was a mass produced sportbike, I hardly ever see them for sale like this. The seller states it’s all stock, but it has aftermarket signals and windscreen. He also states it’s never been down and that looks to be true on this very complete looking example with just over 20k miles. Buy-it-now is set a bit high at $3500 buy you never know when some sentimental fool could come along… (Picture of my old bike a long time ago!)


1989 Yamaha FZR600 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This 25 year old black beauty would make a great addition to anybody’s collection. Bike runs and rides 100% with 2 new tires. This bike is in excellent condition with no dents or dings. always garage kept, always meticulously maintained. Everything on bike works as it should, NO add-ons 100% factory other than grips. Bike looks as good in person as in pictures. Bid with confidence. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Reserve has been set very low for bikes condition and age (collectors item). Winning bidder will also receive aftermarket tank touring bag and aftermarket slip on aluminum exhaust.



Sentimental Favorite:  1989 Yamaha FZR600 in Black
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Bright Is Back Baby! 1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance And Hines Edition

fz left
I thought the last time I had to see colors like this was back in the 90’s but boy are they back. Clothing racks across the country are now stocked full of fluorescent this and eye popping that.  The old FZR600 won’t even know it’s not 1992 anymore.

1992 Yamaha FZR600 for sale on eBay

fz tank
Nothing fancy here but as we get farther and farther away from 1992,  doesn’t your heart grow a little fonder?  As you can tell from the picture above it looks a little naked without the Vance and Hines stickers on the fairing.  Easy enough fix though.

fz front

It’s a low mile bike with under 7,000 miles.

The info on her:

This is a rare 1992 Vance & Hines FZR 600 in Great condition, Bike runs amazing and is very quick. It does have a couple cosmetic issues that are minor on tail section and I will try to show clearly in pics. It has a slip on V&H exhaust with a jet kit that was definitely installed right. I bought it from a woman that had it since 95 and she kept up well with maintenance 

Check out the auction here.


Bright Is Back Baby!  1992 Yamaha FZR600  Vance And Hines Edition
Aprilia July 19, 2013 posted by

Month in Review: June 2013 Sales Report


Welcome back to our latest sales report, where savvy buyers and sellers keep an eye on market values. We blogged a record 60 bikes in June and readers purchased 14 bikes in total.

Lowest sale price: $2900
Highest sale price: $19800

Congratulations to June’s buyers and sellers!


Let’s get it started with this 1996 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 that had a buy-it-now of $3600 and sold after one relist for $2950.

1996 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

This Yamaha YZR500 replica build in the UK was first listed for about $22,600 but ended up selling for $20,500 after two relists.

Yamaha YZR500 replica

In Arizona this 2002 Aprilia RS250 MKII sold for a shade over $9k.

2002 Aprilia RS250

This red-headed Moto Guzzi V11 Rosso Corsa sold for a very reasonable $5500.

2003 Moto Guzzi Rosso Corsa

Here was a sharp 1997 Yamaha YZF750R that sold for a mere $3700.

1997 Yamaha YZF750R

Next is this 1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane that sold for $3950.

1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane

A cult favorite, this 1985 Yamaha RZ350 sold for just $5000.

1985 Yamaha RZ350

This 1982 Ducati 900 Supersport pulled in $17,100!

1982 Ducati 900SS

After being relisted once, this 1996 Bimota BB1 is going to sell for $5444.

1996 Bimota BB1

With one relist, this Yamaha FZR400 sold for $3450.

Yamaha FZR400

Combining items in a single auction almost never works, but in the case of this lot with a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 and 1987 GSX-R50 sold for $13,100.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Here’s an ugly duckling that sold for just $2900.

1996 Yamaha FZR600

In the Pacific Northwest, this 1990 Honda NSR250R (MC21) sold for a mere $4825.

1990 Honda NSR250R

While not a Formula, this 1999 Laverda 750S sold for just $4550.

1999 Laverda 750S

And this nearly new 2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss sold for an astonishing $19,800!

2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss

At the other end of the spectrum, this 2001 Ducati 996 with just 1100 miles sold for $7500, which I think might be the best Ducati of the month.

2001 Ducati 996

Another 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100, and this one sold for $5400.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Month in Review:  June 2013 Sales Report
Ducati February 26, 2013 posted by

Overdue Mailbag, End of February 2013 Edition [750SS, FZR600, RG500, VFR750]

Hey guys, thanks for your patience. Here are the latest from you via email and Facebook that are still active. Good luck to buyers and sellers!


Dan spotted this refreshed Ducati 750SS for just $4500. Not bad compared to the $7k+ 900SS we featured earlier.


Michael spots this 1990 Yamaha FZR600 For Sale in Ohio for just $2700 with no downs. The pink windscreen will be cheap to replace and awesome in the meantime!

1990 Yamaha FZR600 For Sale

Scott sends us this 1986 Suzuki RG500 for sale in Florida for $14350 on Craigslist.

1986 Suzuki RG500 For Sale

Brian shoots us this 94 Honda VFR750 with under a 1k miles. I think I’ve put that many miles on my buddy’s bike and I don’t even own it. $7500 is obviously on the high end but if I was in the market for a touring bike and was sick of seeing examples start in five figures I’d be all over this.

1994 Honda VFR750 For Sale

Yamaha December 23, 2012 posted by

1992 Yamaha FZR 600 Vance and Hines #419

1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance and Hines For Sale

While the FZR600 was mass produced, these limited edition Vance and Hines bikes were not. Unfortunately aside from the controversial paint scheme, the exhaust is the only other upgrade. That said, this example only has 4348 miles and looks very clean. Looking at our values database, solid examples are usually listed in the low $3k range, making this one of the more affordable bikes seen on these pages. This bike is currently at $2800 with 21 bids, reserve not met.

1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance and Hines for sale on eBay


Sport Bikes For Sale December 2, 2012 posted by

Original ’93 Yamaha FZR 600 Complete With Required 90’s Purple

Location: Sutton, West Virginia   Mileage: 12,794   Price: Auction

A buddy of mine had a 1990 FZR600 when we were in college at mighty Oregon State University (#15 in the BCS currently!) and it was about the coolest bike in the world. He let me ride it. Once. My bike at the time was a CBR600 and the FZR was seen as a more track ready race replica ride. I loved it and to this day remember that one day on the back roads. So I have a soft spot for the FZR, even with the awesome 90’s graphics like this one.

Here’s the seller’s description:

I have for sale, a 1993 Yamaha FZR 600 in excellent original condition. It is completely stock except for a D&D slip-on exhaust, which is also in very nice condition and sounds great. The mileage is low and original and the bike has never been raced, crashed or abused in any way. All of the bodywork is in excellent condition with original paint and all original decals, and no cracks or damage, which is very rare for these bikes. The original tool kit is still under the passenger seat. The tires have a fair amount of tread, but have cracks from dry rot because the bike was in storeage for several years. The glass in the right side mirror appears a little hazy from age, but is otherwise fine. Both seats are in very nice condition with no damage. The engine sounds great and runs very strong, and this bike would make a great classic sport bike for a collector or a very nice, economical bike to ride. These bikes are getting harder to find in such nice original condition.  I have a clear title in hand, and my reserve is very reasonable. I also have this bike listed for sale locally, and reserve the right to end this auction early in the event of a sale. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, but I will be happy to assist in any way that I can. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

And photos-

The seller describes the bike as all original save the D&D exhaust. It certainly looks that way. It doesn’t appear to have any damage of any significance and besides probably needing new tires, looks to be all there. The seller says it sat in storage for a long time so hopefully proper maintenance has been done to get it back to strong running order. It is rare to see these on the road at all, much less in this kind of original condition.

So if you are a big Yamaha fan, or had one of these in your younger years and want to relive the glory, or just dig old, clean sportbikes – whatever the reason – this is worth checking out. Seller says the reserve is very reasonable, but who knows what that really means. If you can pick this bike up for around $3k, I think it would be a good buy.

If this fits under your tree, make your move and make the jump!