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Kawasaki June 6, 2019 posted by

Featured Listing – 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000 S1

6.26.2019: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Last seen on RSBFS in 2013 under the byline Kawgasm, the 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000 S1 is off the rarity scales.  This S1 was found in a storage container, cleaned and assembled but not restored, then taken to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in May, this might be the silk purse from a sow’s ear story for spring 2019.

Unrestored 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000 S1 For Sale on eBay

The Kawi S1 is pictured in Webster’s next to the word unobtanium, and you would’ve had to know somebody in the motorcycle business then, and perhaps finance now to procure one. The race engine was quite different from an ELR with dual plugs, magneto drive on the right end of the crank, a bank of Keihin CR carburetors and a mammoth oil cooler under the steering head. The fabricated swingarm is supported by remote reservoir Works Performance shocks. Lockheed racing brakes made the solid 330mm disks, looking downright oversized even these days.

Evidently the original owner was a machinist and cooked up some beautiful light alloy parts for his new machine. The oil cooler brackets are bombproof but the brake rotor and caliper mounts have a serious look. Comments accompanying the before pictures:

n October, 2014, a friend of mine told me about a guy that was interested in selling his 1982 Kawasaki 1000. He said he bought it new in 1983. His wife said that he was getting on in age and if he passed away, she wouldn’t know what to do with it. He asked me to come by and see it. When he opened the storage container door, stuffed in the back was a green bike. I assumed it was a 1983 ELR. There was no lighting in the container and you could hardly move inside. I was able to get some pictures and realized it was truly an S1. I told him I was interested and he said he’d get back to me. It took him 5 years to get back to me. It took us 6 hours to move a machine and many boxes in order to get to it. But finally, it was extracted. Here’s a chance to own the Holy Grail of 80’s sport bikes.

A careful inventory and cleaning was in order, but you can’t call it a restoration. The original CR carbs were in a box and re-fitted. They still have yet to experience dino juice. The condition and documentation defies belief, and the owners’ restraint in the presence of a “new” S1 indicates this isn’t their first barn find.

1 of 29 produced. Frame #0080 Motor#030330. Arizona Titled. This bike was sold new in Tucson,Az.
Bike was originally shipped to Hill Kawasaki in Orlando, Florida

Then Transferred to Kawasaki of Tucson on 10/21/1983

Sold on 10/31/1983 by Kawasaki of Tucson

Never any track time. This one owner bike was played with on the street for less than 3 months and then stored away until January 2019. It was removed from storage and is now for sale. Unrestored and like new. A true “barn find”. Documentation includes the Predelivery (PDI) Form. The dealer information sheet from Kawasaki Motor Company regarding these bikes. The Dealer transfer form with pricing and serial numbers. The warranty forms filled out, even though there was no warranty. The Factory Chassis and Engine manuals. The Chassis and Engine parts pricing books. The Factory race stand . The original carbs were never run on the bike. The owner opted for 33mm smooth bore Mikunis. The original Keihin CR carbs were reinstalled at the time the bike was removed from storage. They are new and have never had fuel run through them. The owner was a machinist and made billet oil cooler mounts, billet caliper hangers and billet front brake rotor carriers. The original steel kerker muffler was replaced with an aluminum one. The slicks were replaced with street Dunlop’s in 1983. The condition of this bike is unbelievable. Unrestored !

Around thirty S1’s are reputed to exist, along with a substantial number of replicas in various states of correctness.  As the real deal, the fuel tank and carbs of this one will likely remain dry, some old slicks sourced, and some velvet ropes strung to keep it out of arm’s reach.  .


Featured Listing – 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000 S1
Ducati November 2, 2018 posted by

Hero Worship – 1995 Ducati 916 Corsa

An order of magnitude rarer than any road-going Ducati, bona fide Corsa machines appear just every few years, while merely special 916’s check in almost monthly.  Returned to its original as-delivered livery, this is a California privateer’s Fast-by-Ferracci 916/955 racer.

1995 Ducati 916 Corsa for sale on eBay

Carl Fogarty had won the 1994 WSBK Championship ( and would repeat in 1995 ) and a basically 1994-spec Corsa was available to purchase for 1995.  The twin was bored to displace 955cc and forged pistons pushed the compression ratio to 12:1 and made 155 hp.  The all Öhlins suspension was also oversized, with 46mm forks and a 10mm longer swingarm than the road bike.  A 5.8 gallon fuel tank went race distance and the rear rim was 6 inches wide.  In a valiant effort to challenge the 320 lbs. minimum weight, fairings and covers were carbon fiber.

My usual yardsticks of mileage and maintenance are no use here.  The owner does offer a short monograph of the very bike by Ian Falloon here.  It’s a never-titled racer which might turn a lap or two in the future, but more likely will be toward the end of an aisle of other red bikes.  From the eBay auction:

Bike built in February of 1995 and initially sold by Eraldo Ferracci.  This Corsa was retired from competitive racing in 1997.
Retrospeed of Belgium, Wisconsin was previously commissioned to fully repaint bike, install a new fuel pump, prove that the bike was mechanically sound, change fluids and set up for long term storage.
New slicks would need to be fit prior to track use.
The owner, an Italian collector, is thinning his motorcycle collection to make room for a car purchase.
The 955 Corsa is not titled-none were-as they were produced for the sole purpose of racing.

After a late season crash that saw him recovering in 1996, owner-rider Greg Prinze painted the 916 in Pro Italia’s tricolore for 1997 and took the California-based American Federation of Motorcyclists 8-race championship that year.  Both retired after that, and the bike was at some point restored for display.  The starting bid set accordingly, the FBF provenance and race history serve this Corsa well.  Discussing the performance is like the occasional “how would you spend the Powerball ?” discussion, it sure would be nice to try…


Hero Worship – 1995 Ducati 916 Corsa
Buell February 13, 2016 posted by

Uncle Beastly – 2006 Buell XBRR

Relegated to the past at least until someone re-incarnates the brand, Buell Motorcycles and Erik Buell Racing built some motorcycles that required one to suspend disbelief when new models were shown.  The track-only XBRR was one, the head-scratchingly big twin road racer offered here in new condition.

20160213 2007 buell xbrr right front

2006 Buell XBRR for sale on eBay

20160213 2007 buell xbrr left

Built in a lot of 50 and never intended for the road, the XBRR had 1339 cc’s of 12.5:1 compression, in an air-cooled 45-degree twin.  With twin 62mm downdraft throttle bodies and 103mm pistons, the motor claimed over 150 hp and 100 ft-lbs. torque.  Only a 5-speed was needed with that powerband.

20160213 2007 buell xbrr left front

20160213 2007 buell xbrr dash

A lot of leading-edge ideas were displayed – fuel rode in the aluminum perimeter frame, and engine oil in the swingarm.  Ohlins provided fully adjustable dampers front and rear, and Nissin mounted their 8-piston single caliper for the zero-torsion-load front brake.  Hidden by the full carbon fairing, the exhaust and muffler were kept as close to the center of gravity as possible to help handling.  Wheels were cast and machined magnesium.

20160213 2007 buell xbrr right front brake

20160213 2007 buell xbrr right rear wheel

Coming out of Karpen, Germany from a specialty car and bike dealer, this XBRR has never been started, and wears the factory yellow paint.  A tough kind of beauty, but the XBRR shows purposeful aggression.  The seller also offers to coordinate shipping.

20160213 2007 buell xbrr right peg

20160213 2007 buell xbrr left peg

Though it  could be the basis for a supersport racing effort, this Buell should remain on display, especially since the story has been interrupted if not ended.  Buell went on to greater racing success with the 1125RR, but the XBRR was the final race bike of Buell’s 25-year association with Harley-Davidson.


20160213 2007 buell xbrr left front

Uncle Beastly – 2006 Buell XBRR
Aprilia February 8, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing – 2001 Aprilia RSW 250

Update 7.19.2016: No longer being offered. -dc

20160207 2001 aprilia rsw250 right shop

Built from 1991-2007 the Aprilia RS 250 is a rare sight, except on RSBFS – but an RSV or RSW – the factory race machines are exponentially more exotic.  Over its long run the model has been ridden to championships by Moto GP stars such as Max Biaggi, Valentino Rossi, Marco Melandri, and Jorge Lorenzo.  A factory test mule, the 2001 RSW 250 offered here has been treated to a lot of factory upgrades, and would make a great start to a race effort.

20160207 2001 aprilia rsw250 left

20160207 2001 aprilia rsw250 left without body

Though power isn’t claimed for the 249 cc 90-degree two-stroke twin, it should be around 90 hp  at 12,000 rpm.  Aluminum-framed but with carbon fiber bodywork ( including seat console ), swingarm and wheels, with fuel this bike should weigh less than 300 lbs.  Ohlins and Brembo equipped front and rear.  Expansion chambers are titanium.

20160207 2001 aprilia rsw250 right

20160207 2001 aprilia rsw250 right without body

Brought over from an Italian shop that had done a pristine restoration, this RSW 250 has turned only 200 miles since.  A nice collection of spares is included, including a rare set of carbon-carbon brakes.  The owner attempts list everything in the eBay auction:

  • Complete ATR carbon fibre bodywork including tank, self supporting seat unit
  • Carbon fiber swingarm that an A Kit part typically only available to factory teams
  • Carbon fiber wheels that were designed by Aprilia (and ATR) but manufactured by Ferrari (these wheels are effectively irreplaceable so the bike also has a set of magnesium Marchesinis if you actually want to ride it)
  • Brembo monobloc calipers
  • Ohlins front and rear suspension (and steering damper)
  • Full data acquisition with all sensors active (e.g., suspension travel, EGT, etc)
  • Titanium expansion chambers with DLR end cans
  • Motor has various magnesium A Kit parts (water covers, etc)
  • Motor was built about 200 miles ago with fresh pistons less than 20 miles ago and transmission is completely fresh
  • It is set up to run on VP Q16
  • 520 chain and sprocket conversion to avoid snapping chains (which was a frequent issue with the lightweight racing chain) but lightweight factory chain and sprockets includes along with a small selection of 520 sprockets
  • Carbon fiber battery (but like the wheels effectively irreplaceable so aluminum version also included)
  • Battery charger included
  • Spare titanium expansion chambers (not really spare but if you know anything about these bikes you already know that there were a litany of expansion chamber types that could be used to vary the power delivery)
  • Spare pistons and gaskets

20160207 2001 aprilia rsw250 right front wheel

20160207 2001 aprilia rsw250 left rear wheel

Whether you were an up-and-coming rider or a skilled club racer, finding a bike like this could make a career.  Appearing ready to load in the trailer and head south, this RSW 250 looks prepared for competition and has adequate spares to at least get rolling.  Details and contact information can be found on the eBay auction or at the Racing Bikes For Sale facebook page.

20160207 2001 aprilia rsw250 pierlorenzi body

20160207 2001 aprilia rsw250 carbon brake

The owner also has a 2002 RS 250 Cup available with significant spares available, which could also be a less exotic but exciting alternative.  See the eBay auction or Racing Bikes For Sale page.

20160207 2001 aprilia rs250 right

Featured Listing – 2001 Aprilia RSW 250
Ducati November 16, 2014 posted by

Blu-Rare: 1989 Ducati 851s with 1992 race kit in Italy

888 4

A Ducati 851 Corsa Superbike is like a “blu-rare” cooked steak; a level beyond rare.   For those readers who are unfamiliar with the 851 Corsa Superbike, in 1991 the Ducati factory produced two small batches of production based customer race bikes (two batches of 25). These bikes were produced in the Spring and Winter of 1990 for use in the 1991 season.

The bike was hugely successful in the 1991 World Superbike Championship and it’s domination was such that it also took the 1992 title.

This particular bike appears to be a 1989 851 that had the 1992 Corsa Racing kit improvements done to it.   According to a post on, the bike started its life as a 851 Racing model 1989 (production late 1988) and it was raced from 1989 to 1992 in the Italian SBK Championship, junior and senior classes.  It was then upgraded to full 888 Racing specs with 888 engine (probably 926cc) with magnesium cases, Ohlins suspensions, rare first type Brembo billet calipers, etc.

888 2

Ducati 851 s for sale in Italy

There is limited information in the auction but here is some of what the seller has to say.

Ducati 851/888 Corsa Racing

Please don’t confuse this with a modified road bike, this is a proper factory Superbike Racing (Corsa), the first edition available for the private riders/teams, marked 851 S (called “KIT”).Being raced in the Italian Superbike Championship between 1989/1992 it was updated with all the right bits to 888 specs, including rare parts as the Works carbon tank, magnesium clutch case, very very rare first model billet race Brembo calipers, of course Ohlins front and rear etc.

Bike had just new belts and service.

888 388885

So whats this worth?  Well its over it Italy, its an ex-race bike  and its had some modifications done to it so its certainly not a bike for a newbie collector.   Current price is 12,000 USD and I doubt the reserve is anywhere near that since the last one of these on RSBFS was a 1991 Raymod Roche true race version  which was offered for 55,000 USD.  However that bike was in pristine condition and came with a slew of extra parts.

Even the folks on the Ducati 851/888 forum seem to be struggling to put a price on this bike.   Perhaps this is one of those former racebikes that will only appeal to a serious collector or someone who formerly raced it/against it.   This would probably be the best outcome; this way it could be truly appreciated and cared for.


Blu-Rare:  1989 Ducati 851s with 1992 race kit in Italy
Ducati January 12, 2012 posted by

Track Day Hero: 2000 Ducati 748 RS

For Sale: 2000 Ducati 748 RS

Update 1.11.2012: We posted this sweet machine back in March of 2011 and now it’s back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

Forget about re-purposing your existing streetbike into a track day weapon. Forget about one of those ring-a-ding-ding tiny two strokes or “exotic” 250cc racers. If you want to impress your track day buddies, it’s time to man up and thow a leg over a factory superbike such as this Ducati 748 RS.

Designed as a platform for privateer racers, the 748 RS is not your ordinary streetbike. In fact, it has none of the weighty bits required for a streetbike such as lights and turn signals, speedometer, protective bits such as cam belt covers, etc. What it does have is exclusivity – all draped in carbon fiber.

From the seller:
We have a like new 748 RS that has very little time on it. It has only seen the track once and was ridden only for about 2 hours. We have been using this 748 RS as a display in our showroom ever since. There are only 50 of these 748 RS’s produced and they are going to be hard to find in this condition which other than a little tire wear is darn near perfect.

Some of the features of the 748 RS include but are but not limited to:

-A Ducati Corse custom built engine made in Italy 130 horse power engine
-Ohlin front forks, rear shock and steering stabalizer
-Full carbon fiber body
-Carbon fiber chain guard
-Magnetti Marelli digital and analog guages
-Marchesini light weight wheels
-Factory installed and tuned termi race exhaust with carbon fiber mufflers

If you’re looking for the ultimate track bike this Ducati 748 RS is ready to go. It is not a 748 that has been modified to make it a RS model, so there are no mounts or electronics to make it street legal. This is a out of the crate ready to race super bike.

This has got to be one of the more unique Ducati models available to the “public” these days. While a new bike purchase of an RS model would usually require a racer’s CV (and budget), the second-hand market provides an opportunity for mere mortals to experience this quality of track-worthy machinery.

RSBFS has only ever posted on one previous Ducati 748 RS model (see HERE), which had an asking price of $12,500. This particular bike is in excellent, hardly used condition and the auction is only at $7,600 (reserve not yet met).

World-class componentry, total exclusivity, major jealous props from your track day mates PLUS all of the power, performance and handling from this racebike package can all be yours today! For more information or to get yourself in the running for the ultimate track day bike, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!