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Track Bikes For Sale May 18, 2013 posted by

Track Time! 1991 Yamaha 3XV TZR250


If you like your rare sport bikes smoky and track worthy, then check out this TZR250 with RS engine and trans. Located in California, this offroad only vehicle (sorry no golden state plates) looks to be a fantastically fun track-day hauler with pipes, dry clutch, and numerous upgrades.


From the seller:

This is a 1991 Yamaha TZR250.

More specifically, it has a TZR250R frame with a TZR250RS engine. The main difference being the ‘RS’ trim has the dry-clutch whereas the ‘R’ trim does not.

For those that aren’t familiar with the TZR, it’s Yamaha’s street replica version of the 2T TZ250 GP bike. This bike put out 56hp at the wheel with improper jetting (was dyno’d with 340 mains, whereas should have been 310s – short story – dyno operator’s auxiliary fuel setup was starving bike of fuel due to clogged filter), so should put out close to 60 with the proper main jets.

Bike’s top-end was freshened up a while ago with only 2 trackdays done on it since. Pistons/cylinders appeared to be in good condition.



More from the seller:

Note Worthy Modifications
RC Sugo Exhaust chambers
Toomey silencers
TZ250 TM38 carbs, which have been modified a bit.
Key switch, etc. has been removed.
Sugo capactitor put in place of the battery
TZ250 inspired fairing stay
TZ250 rearsets
(1) RC Sugo Exhaust chamber
(1) Set of modified stock exhaust chambers
(1) Set of TZ250 carbon fiber silencers (1 silencer has rash on it)
(2) Pistons of unknown mileage (appear to be low)
(1) Set of TZR250SPR rings (they will not work with the pistons currently on this bike – only will work with SPR pistons)
Numerous main jets, front and rear gearing, rearset parts and other ass’t parts



It doesn’t look like the eBay crowd is very interested in this piece of hardware. With only a few days left on the clock there are still zero bids. Opening ask is $2,500, which seems pretty tame compared to many of the two-stroke auctions we come across. Check it all out here, and tell me this couldn’t end up being a bargain track day bike!



Suzuki October 14, 2010 posted by

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited Edition For Sale

Kelly from Trackstar Sales emailed me to alert us of his restored 86 Suzuki GSX-R Limited that is currently available via their website.

Check out the beautiful images of this bike being offered:

quote from Trackstar website:

We have spent the year restoring this rare Suzuki GSXR750 Limited Edition. It is now up for sale. The bike is an amazing piece of history and is absolutly gorgeous. Features Suzuki dry clutch, NEAS forks and tons of magnesium parts. Approximatly 212 of these were imported to the US with many of those being sent to race teams. These are very rare in original condition.


All work has been done in the last 3 months and no miles put on the vehicle since work was done.


1986 GSXR750 Limited Edition

Restored Utah Title

Mileage 15,024

Bike starts and runs very well.

New spark plugs

Valves adjusted

Carbs cleaned and floats set

Forks rebuilt and seals replaced

New paint on all fairings and tank. Very few decals used, most of the work is airbrushed and looks better than original. Paint alone was $2400.

New Zero Gravity windscreen

New NOS lever(s)

New NOS fuel Tank sealed prior to paint

New NOS switches

New Grips

New NOS bar ends

New NOS throttle and clutch cables

New Bridgestone tires

Seat recovered

New mirrors

New NOS taillight lens and blinkers

New NOS gauge surround and backing plate

New NOS tank breather

New vacuum lines

New fuel petcock

New paint on wheels

New NOS windscreen trim

Original key

Bike has been disassembled and cleaned top to bottom.

Compression is 130 psi +/- 3% on all cylinders.

Comes with original Suzuki LE supplement race/shop manual and original owners manual.

Shifter side cover was cracked and repaired. See pics.

Dry clutch works perfectly.

2007 Suzuki GSXR Steering stabilizer and aftermarket fork clamp. Stabilzer is mounted in OEM location.

Yoshimura Exhaust

Regulars and connoisseurs will immediately recognize this model, and as his listing details they are very rare. Bidding on this machine is through their website and starts at $9500. Auction is open for the next two weeks. Good luck Kelly!


Complete Gallery:

Honda February 23, 2010 posted by

1991 Honda NSR250 SE MC21 With 4,000 Miles

We’ve seen this bike before but it’s traveled across the country and the asking price has gone down since we last saw it just over a year ago!  Located in Farmingdale, New York is a 1991 Honda NSR250 SE with 4,039 miles.  This bike was last seen on 11/15/08 in Las Vegas, Nevada with 4,000 miles and an asking price of $6,300.  The asking price is now a very agreeable $4,600 OBO.  Caution should be taken as this ad lists a Nevada phone number in the contact information; however, it could be entirely possible that the seller from the original ad moved to New York and has re-listed it–unlikely as it may be.  The picture in the ad is different, but I just caution buyers because this may be stolen text and a similar picture with a lowered asking price.  This is a Super Edition bike with the dry clutch and adjustable suspension.  Some of the graphics on the bike have been removed.  If I haven’t scared you away, see the ad on Craigslist here.  See the original RSBFS ad here.


Suzuki January 26, 2010 posted by

1991 Suzuki RGV250SP Gamma VJ22 California Titled & Registered!

Let me start off by saying that, I wish I wasn’t posting this, I wish I was driving down to buy this!  Located in Oakland, California is a Suzuki RGV250 SP with 9,057km (5,627mi) and an asking price of $4,200 OBO!  The bike does need the clutch replaced and hasn’t run in a few years.  Regardless, this appears to be a Sports Production model with a dry clutch and close-ratio gear box.  The other features of the VJ22 are:

For the 1991 year’s model the RGV250 Gamma was updated with new carburetors (from 32 mm to 34 mm), power valves and new front suspension.  A new semi-frame banana swingarm was introduced (looks a lot like the one used in the Honda NSR).  It gave better ground clearance and allowed to draw the exhaust pipes where the swingarm should have been…The new swingarm stiffened the rear and quite dramatically but also increased the weight from 129kg to 139kg.  With a new rear swingarm the front end was also rebuilt with the new upside down suspension forks, which had a good design but the performance was not as good as the old forks which it replaced.  The power output and torque was increased slightly and a 17″ rear wheel added to the list of upgrades.

With the introduction of the power valves came the biggest problem of the RGV250.  The valves wear down from opening and closing and can collide with the piston and break.

The bike does come with a new clutch to replace the old one, there is a small dent in the tank, some decal fading and a small crack in the right mirror.  This bike isn’t perfect mechanically, but if you can do the work yourself you’ll have an amazing Homologation bike that that is very easily worth much more than you paid for it.  From the looking at the photos, this bike also appears to be 100% stock without any modifications.  Am I the only one that sees how awesome this bike is, especially at this price?  I”m up for a 306lb, 63hp two stroke any day!  If this puts you in the mood, see it on BayAreaRidersForum here.