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Featured Listing – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left

Mid-2000’s BMW knew the air-oil cooled line had to come to a close, and developed a brilliant 4-valve engine to cap their 90-odd years of boxer twin development.  Though the engine was built into an enduro and supermoto model, the HP2 Sport received the most overall development and every detail of the bike is superlative in design and construction.  Featured here is an excellent low-mile example with some significant upgrades.

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport right front

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left cockpit

One of the very few air-oil cooled four-valve engines for the road, the HP2 has a respectable 130 hp available, and the 85 ft.-lbs. torque makes the Sport a road weapon.  The blue steel trellis frame supports the Telelever front end and Paralever shaft drive rear, both with adjustable spring dampers.  Brembo monoblock brake calipers are radially mounted over 320mm front disks and 265mm rear.  Stainless two-into-one exhaust makes its way to an underseat canister muffler and stays out of the way.  Carbon-fiber fairing and seat console provide their own monocoque structure requiring no tubular sub-frame and helping keep the dry weight under 400 lbs.  Completing the sport picture are a full-featured digital dash, forged alloy wheels, and shift-assist system, the first time such a system has been factory equipment on a road bike.

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left front

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport right fairing

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport tank

The 2008-11 production only resulted in a few hundred machines here in the states, many of those only intermittently ridden.  This one has just under 6,000 miles, and is without any road or hangar rash.  The owner has made some nice improvements as well as kept maintenance up to date.  A lightweight battery pays dividend every time you ride, and the rear monoshock protector is a nice touch for the road.

From the owner:

For sale is my meticulously cared for 2008 BMW HP2 Sport, Non-ABS model. Very few imported into the United States between 2008-2010. 5925 miles, second owner. Always garaged and covered, with regular maintenance carried out by regional BMW dealer.  Engine oil, final drive oil, as well as brake and clutch fluid changed frequently. Never dropped or tracked. All stock with some exceptions: LED turn indicators, Ultrabatt ultra-light lithium battery, and Öhlins rear shock cover installed.  Also included in the sale are a few items seen in the photos: A very nice Baxley front sport chock; a Wunderlich rear paddock stand; a very handy HP2-specific small removable tank bag (great for phone, keys, etc.); a brand new standard BMW battery, and a BMW cover for the garage. Also included are the original owners manual, one ignition key, and one bench seat key (to remove security torx bolt on seat for battery access, etc.). Will be happy to answer any other questions by email or phone.  Asking $14,500.

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport dash

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left rear wheel

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left airbox

Reviewed as BMW’s ultimate canyon carver, the HP2 was developed in the crucible of European endurance racing and single-marque series.  Though the brand focuses more of the touring side of sport-touring, this HP2 strongly favors the sport side, and leaves no details un-planned.  A very special project by a leading manufacturer, the HP2 Sport could be the pinnacle of their boxer motorcycles, and this particular bike is a very fine and well-tended example.  Riders know it’s a plus that the bike is currently ridden and well maintained.  The owner asks $14,500 and can be reached here.

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left


Featured Listing – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport
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What If ? – 2008 BMW HP2 Megamoto

BMW developed three variants of their HP model – enduro, sport, and motard, in that order.  Each has the 4-valve 1170 cc engine, blue trellis frame, and two-bike price tag – but strangely without BMW’s Telelever front suspension.  The Megamoto is more similar to the enduro, with the step-stool-required seat height but smaller front wheel and chassis tuned for turn-in.  A solution in search of a problem sure, but in a big fun way.

20160704 2008 bmw hp2 megamoto left

2008 BMW HP2 Megamoto for sale on eBay

20160704 2008 bmw hp2 megamoto left front

20160704 2008 bmw hp2 megamoto left engine

The HP2 engine is the culmination of BMW’s near century of air/oil-cooled boxer-twin development, the blueprinting with exotic materials helping dual overhead cams deliver 105 hp and 85 ft.-lbs. torque.  45mm upside-down forks complement the more usual BMW Paralever shaft drive rear, this time with Öhlins damper.  BMW’s own brakes are dual 305mm fronts with 265 mm rear.  ABS was available but not seeing it on this bike.  Bodywork is reveals more than it covers, but the bikini fairing and tank cover are nicely detailed.  Smashing forged wheels are finished in blue.

20160704 2008 bmw hp2 megamoto front

20160704 2008 bmw hp2 megamoto left rear wheel

Without even break-in miles, this is an as-new HP2.  Maybe dump the fuel, put some fuel system treatment in the fresh tank, change the oil and brake fluid, and off you go.  The owner added Touratech travel cases but you can leave them in the garage and the racks don’t hurt the looks badly.  From the eBay auction:

Only one owner; always stored in a dry and warm garage. Used once. Incredibly low mileage. Good as new. No other bike like it on the market right now (with that mileage).

Comes with a few spare parts and accessories(pictures will be added once we sort the parts and accessories out.

20160704 2008 bmw hp2 megamoto rear

20160704 2008 bmw hp2 megamoto right rear wheel

For those who think a water cooling system is needless complexity or just un-BMW, the HP2 in any variant is the final word.  A little too much for an actual urban gymkana, the oversized motards from BMW, Ducati, and KTM have faded from the spotlight.  But if you were a huge BMW fan, and a very skilled rider, this almost unused and quite rare Megamoto might be just the thing for local riding.

Happy Independence Day !  -donn

20160704 2008 bmw hp2 megamoto cockpit

What If ? – 2008 BMW HP2 Megamoto
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Reverential – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

Living as we do somewhere between the bike and  the post, your editors at RSBFS always appreciate the effort to photograph a bike well.  Though they can try to hide mishaps, a good photograph is better at highlighting the lack of history, illustrating careful ownership.  So much the better if a special bike is shown well.  The pinnacle of BMW boxer development, the HP2 Sport is such a bike, here with a neat short focal-length treatment.

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right front

2008 BMW HP2 Sport for sale on eBay

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport left

Holding down BMW’s sport corner from 2008-12 ( at least as a figurehead after the S1000RR arrived ), the HP2’s air/oil cooled engine brings home 128 hp and 80 ft-lbs. torque.  The HP2 has a chrome-moly trellis frame which uses the engine as a stressed member, and self-supporting seat subframe and fairing.  BMW’s Telelever front and Paralever rear each use fully adjustable Ohlins dampers.  With the optional ABS, the rider can depend on the 330mm front disks and 265mm rear.  The design studio squandered their budget on the HP2, the fairing and appointments, like the full-featured LCD dash, are top notch.

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport front  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport tail fairing

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport rear  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport front fairing

Professionally photographed with under 4,000 miles,  it’s a dreamboat.  Never tracked, a shame for the past owners ( and a benefit to the next owner ).  No damage history, from the eBay auction:

This is an amazing motorcycle!  The HP2 Sport was the first BMW R motor to used radial positioned valves on the historic engine that helped it produce more HP and Torque than any previous R-motor BMW.  Additionally, at the time it was the most expensive BMW motorcycle ever sold and I believe that to still be true.  The bodywork is all carbon fiber, half was painted white and the dark sections remain exposed carbon fiber so you and everyone else will know what it is made of.  The valve covers are even carbon fiber!

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport left front  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear

There are higher horsepower motorcycles out there but this has as much torque as they do.  And, it comes in low in the rev range and pulls strong all the way to red line.  it is smoother and more comfortable than any other top tier superbike on the market and is a great collector piece.  I believe there were only 235 imported into he US in 2008 and 2009.  The option available we ABS and this bike has it.  Long term values on these make it a great place to put your motorcycle money.

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right front wheel  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear wheel

The wheels are made specifically for this motorcycle by OZ racing
The suspension is provided by Ohlins
The radial mounted brakes are from Brembo

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport dash  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear shock

20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport right cylinder  20151213 2008 bmw hp2 sport cockpit

Centrally located in Austin, a pre-purchase inspection should be easy to arrange.  A lot of BMW’s work went into reducing weight, and the HP2 is under 4oo lbs. fueled, quite amazing when you consider its sport-touring ancestry and robust build.  As with the Porsche 911 flat six, there will likely always be a BMW boxer twin, and this is one of the best…


Reverential – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport
BMW June 1, 2015 posted by

Unlikely Track-Day Hero: 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

2008 BMW HP2 Sport R Side Front

Prior to the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” S1000RR, BMW’s sportbikes were decidedly offbeat. They were almost like the Saab of the motorcycle world, with remote-operated brake master cylinders, shaft-drive, unconventional suspensions, and that durable and charismatic, but very, very wide horizontally-opposed engine. And their last hurrah before the stunningly capable S1000RR was the stunningly improbably HP2 Sport.

2008 BMW HP2 Sport L Side Rear

It shouldn’t work, and really wasn’t capable of going toe-to-toe with the best literbikes from Japan on paper. But period testers seemed to understand that the bike wasn’t meant for everyone and was a statement of intent from BMW that they could make more than just stodgy, old-man bikes. The HP2 isn’t featherweight and was certainly expensive when new, but top-shelf suspension gave amazing handling and stability, in spite of the Telelever suspension’s reputation for blunting front-end feedback. Carbon-fiber everything and a cool self-supporting seat/subframe unit kept weight under 400lbs dry, and a slick digital dash looked like it’d be more at home on a race bike, while being far more legible than similar displays used by Ducati at the time.

2008 BMW HP2 Sport L Side

And the engine wasn’t just some sort of high-compression and ECU-tweak affair. The HP2 featured new DOHC heads and radial valves that helped the bike produce 128hp and rev all the way to 9,500rpm, although there is a price to be paid: the brittle Titanium connecting rods call for replacement at 30,000 miles. Not the worst job on a twin with the heads sticking out in the breeze, but something to keep in mind.

2008 BMW HP2 Sport Dash

The original eBay listing for this 2008 BMW HP2 Sport contains very little information about the bike, but does feature plenty of photos and mentions that the bike is “in good overall condition” and that a six-mile test ride as part of the dealer’s “As Is” buying policy.

2008 BMW HP2 Sport L Side Front

All this adds up to a bike that was genuinely fun to flog around a track or twisty back road, although all those enhancements serve to emphasize a couple of shortcomings: sportbike grip and handling mean that it is possible to deck out the heads at extreme lean angles, and the bike is just begging for a slipper clutch. One is available, but the longitudinal engine orientation and shaft drive mean that fitting it is a headache to fit.

2008 BMW HP2 Sport R Side Rear

Bidding is pretty active and up to $7,600 with three days left on the auction. These are genuinely rare, high-spec sportbikes and, while this example has a few very minor cosmetic blemishes, we’re looking at a pretty good opportunity for BMW enthusiasts to grab one of these before they get squirreled away by collectors.


2008 BMW HP2 Sport R Side

Unlikely Track-Day Hero: 2008 BMW HP2 Sport
BMW May 29, 2012 posted by

Beautiful Bavarian Build Quality- 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

Location: Spanish Fort, Alabama

Mileage: 3,967

Price: Auction, starting $17,000

If you look through the photos of this bike, one thing becomes very apparent. The build quality of this bike is outstanding. It is probably no surprise for folks that are fans of BMW bikes to begin with, but the HP2 Sport is above and beyond even BMW’s standards. Just look at the parts on this thing. Precision aluminum all over the place (the triple clamp is stunning, just to start) and carbon fiber bits to keep you light and strong. A really beautiful bike across the board.

Here’s the photos-

And the seller’s info-

The downward sloping machined upper fork support is indicative of the quality found throughout this motorcycle.  This bike is like new, never seen a track and has been treated like the collector’s item it is.  As you will see from the price sheet, it does not have ABS.  It does include BMW’s aftermarket LED turn indicators and the currently uninstalled BMW aftermarket GP pattern quick-shifter.  As you will see from the pictures, I have installed a standard shift connector rod as I found the transmission to be smoothest in this configuration.  Unfortunately, the standard quick-shifter was misplaced and is not included in this sale.  Also included is the complete original tool kit, the plastic duplicate key, the owner’s manual, a BMW repair manual on DVD and a BMW aftermarket spark plug wire puller.  The ultra lightweight Shorai battery is brand new.  I mounted and balanced the Michelin Pilot Pures. The stock mirrors give a fine view of your arms, so I added the CRG bar end mirrors. The stock mirrors are available.  Just to be clear, the Pitbull stands in the pictures are not included. 

I am the second owner of this motorcycle.  I purchased it from Hebert Cycles, the original dealer, and met the first owner who put about 2,000 miles on it in about two years.  The original tires were still on the bike when I bought it, and were in remarkably good shape with plenty of tread and wide unused strips on both sides of the rear tire. 

The seller describes some of the changes on the bike, like the bar-end mirrors, but the originals are available. The bike does not have ABS and the quick shift has apparently been misplaced. The bike has low mileage and appears to be in excellent condition. The seller also includes a photo of the invoice and you can see the MSRP on one of these is not cheap. You get what you pay for, apparently.

So if you’re looking for one, this may be your ticket. You could bring one home for significantly less than buying new. Or if you want something that’s an amazing machine and a little different than other options, this may work too.

To take this beauty home, make the jump!


BMW April 6, 2012 posted by

2009 BMW HP2 Sport with 35 Miles!

Location: Lake City, Florida

Mileage: 35 – like I said above

Price: Auction, currently $13,100 with a reserve

Before the introduction of the BMW S1000RR and it’s impact on the sportbike world, BMW didn’t have a lot to offer in that department except for this- the HP2 Sport. Unconventional in its design with a horizontally opposed twin cylinder motor, telelever front suspension, and shaft drive, among other things, the HP2 is nonetheless a motorcycle that performs well and gives the rider unique performance machine with exceptional build quality. It’s not like everything else on the road, and that’s not a bad thing.

This particular example has only 35 miles on it. Nothing significant by any standard, but especially in the BMW world where owners take pride in the 100,000 mile bike.

More pics-

The seller doesn’t offer a lot of detail about ownership but lots about the actual bike. So read up-

GARAGE Kept, Perfect new condition. Couldn’t resist a deal on this one, but I have no need for it. Time for it to go. Call for any more info on it. 

– 2009 BMW HP2 Sport

2009 BMW HP2 Sport

Based on the R 1200 S Sports Boxer, with a racing pedigree that has been honed on circuits around
the world, the new HP2 Sport is the most powerful, lightest and advanced Boxer-twin yet, and the
first production Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) Boxer in BMW history.

Achieving130hp at 8750rpm and 85 ft-lb of torque at 6000rpm, the engine is truly formidable. With
a dry weight of just 178kg, the bike’s power to weight ratio guarantees impressive performance.

The HP2 Sport has been designed with racing components originally developed for its extensive racing program:

· The frame, derived from the R1200S, has been adapted and strengthened to racing
· The six-speed close-ratio gearbox is equipped with a quickshifter, enabling split-second
clutchless gear changes without easing off the throttle – the first production motorcycle to
be so equipped.
· A lightweight carbon fibre fairing, including a self-supporting seat unit.
· MotoGP-style dashboard
· Forged aluminum wheels
· Brembo brakes with radially mounted calipers
· Specially developed Öhlins front and rear suspension units.
· Stainless-steel two-into-one exhaust system mounted under the sump to optimize lean
· Fully adjustable footrests, brake and gear levers

In essence, the HP2 Sport is “track-ready” but fully compatible with street riding. Although racing
potential is clearly at the forefront of the design of the HP2 Sport, this does not mean forgoing
safety design features such as ABS. Available as an option, this sophisticated anti-lock system has
been designed specifically for the model, and has been configured to be switched off for track use.
Its racing pedigree has already been established in Canada with the BMW Motorrad Racing Team,
featuring factory riders Michael Ferreira and Paul Glenn, having debuted the HP2 Sport race bike at
the Canadian Thunder Series of the 2008 Parts Canada Superbike Championship.

An uncompromising riding machine for those with supersports intentions, the 2009 HP2 Sport will
be an irresistible choices for the hard-core performance rider

BMW HP2 Sport
Outstanding race results are inexorably linked with BMW Motorrad’s flat twin “Boxer” models. So it is an obvious step to build a high-end version! The result is the BMW HP2 Sport: the uncompromising realisation of the 24-Hour Endurance racer as a road machine. 100 per cent motor racing genes, licensed for the road. An exclusive sports machine by BMW Motorrad for motor racing connoisseurs and 2-cylinder enthusiasts which puts racing expertise into serial production – with power and authenticity. With anincredible air/oil-cooled 133 bhp and 115 Nm – a unique performance for a serial production “Boxer”!

BMW HP2 Sport – uncompromisingly athletic.

For ambitious sports riders, the BMW HP2 Sport is the non plus ultra: consistent lightweight construction, excusive details and top-class materials give it truly unique quality. The self-supporting front and rear sections in carbon, even lighter forged wheels and filigree components reduce the dry weight to an impressive 178 kg. Exclusive motor racing features to be found in serial production for the first time such as the shift assistant which allows shifting without accelerator release and clutch disengagement, and the DOHC cylinder head with its four radially arranged valves. A maximum engine speed of 9500 rpm provides pure Grand Prix feeling! Speed fans can enjoy complete banking freedom since the aerodynamic high-quality steel exhaust system has been moved under the engine and seat and ends in an attractive rear silencer in the single-section rear. The large-volume silencer provides an inimitable “Boxer” sound – an acoustic thrill for racers. The 2D GP dashboard derived from Moto-GP racing provides all information to the cockpit. The chassis, ergonomics and vehicle geometry are individually adjustable, guaranteeing excellent handling. This orientation to the rider’s personality is highlighted by the use of carbon: due the consistency of this material the trim is made almost entirely by hand, making every BMW HP2 Sport a unique specimen.

In short: the refinement of the BMW HP2 Sport combines impressively high riding performance and exclusive visual appearance to provide maximum riding pleasure as you have never experienced it on a flat twin “Boxer” before!

Throttle up. Blast off.
With a staggering 130 horsepower, the HP 2 Sport features the most powerful Boxer engine ever designed by BMW Motorrad. For the first time ever, double overhead camshafts are included in our famous opposed twin cylinder motor, kicking out even more revs. Making the HP2 Sport even more track-ready is new Quickshifter technology, which means faster gear changes without having to chop the throttle or use the clutch. Add a fully adjustable Ohlins sport front and rear suspension, Radial mounted Brembo Monobloc brakes, a lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic fairing, not to mention forged racing wheels and tires and a MotoGP-inspired cockpit that computes lap times and other racing data, and the result is one of the most advanced sport bikes to ever scorch the tarmac.

2009 BMW HP2 Sport – USA Specifications

USA MSRP: $25,375 USD 
Canada MSRP: $26,640.00 CDN

Type Air and oil cooled Boxer Twin 
Displacement 1170 cc 
Bore X Stroke 101mm x 73mm 
Horsepower 130 bhp @ 8750 rpm 
Torque 85 lb/ft @ 6000 rpm 
Valve Gear DOHC chain driven 
No of cylinders N/A 
Compression Ratio 12.5 : 1 
Engine Management BMW Engine Controller – BMS K 
Valves per Cylinder Four 
Valves 2 x 39mm intake / 2 x 33mm exhaust 
Fuel Tank HDPE, internal pump and internal filter 
Alternator W 480 Watts @ 12 Volts 
Battery V/AH 12 Volts 12 Amps/hour 
Engine Summary First DOHC parallel twin boxer 

Clutch 180mm dry, single plate with hydraulic actuation 
Gear Box 6 speed gear box 
Primary Transmission 1.734 
Gear Ratios I: 2.176
II: 1.625
III: 1.296
IV: 1.065
V: 0.939
VI: 0.848

Final Drive System Enclosed driveshaft with universal joints 
Final Drive Ratio 2.75 

Frame & Suspension 
Frame Tubular steel trellis frame with carbon rear subframe 
Front wheel suspension BMW Telelever 
Rear wheel suspension BMW Paralever 
Spring Travel front/rear 4.1 inches / 4.7 inches 
Ground Clearance N/A 
Handlebar center point angle N/A 

Brake System Brembo 
Front Brakes Radial mounted Brembo Monobloc 
Front Rotor 12.6 inch Dual Rotors 
Rear Brakes Brembo double sliding piston 
Rear Rotor 10.4 inch single Rotor 
Actuation Hydraulic, DOT 4 fluid type 

Wheels & Tires 
Front Wheel 3.5 x 17 forged aluminum wheel 
Rear Wheel 6.0 x 17 forged aluminum wheel 
Front Tire 120/70-17 
Rear Tire 190/55-17 

Overall Length 84.1 inches 
Overall Width 29.5 inches 
Wheelbase 58.5 inches 
Seat height 32.7 inches 
Weight – Dry 392 lbs. 
Max permissible weight 726 lbs. 
Fuel Capacity 4.2 gallons 
Standard Equipment 
Available Equipment 
ABS (Disconnectable) $1000

Okay, not that you’re done reading all that, you should be pretty well up to speed on what the HP2 Sport is all about. The bike looks to be perfect. So really now it’s just a matter of what the seller is willing to let it go for. These are not inexpensive bikes to say the least and this one is virtually new. But you still may be able to get a pretty good deal. We’ll see.

I totally dig these bikes. If you do too, then check this auction out! (and maybe the seller will throw in the G ride in the photo too!)



BMW March 21, 2011 posted by

Killer Boxer: BMW HP2 Sport

For Sale: 2008 BMW R-Series HP2 SPORT

As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And this HP2 Sport has got to be about as close to Italian as BMW can get. When you think of an air-cooled, twin cylinder, underseat exhaust, carbon fiber bodywork, Ohlins suspension sportbike, Ducati or Bimota springs to mind. But in some ways, BMW has out-Ducati-ed that famous marque with this offering. Sporting 130 HP from the traditonal boxer motor, BMW has created a farewell icon; while boxers will continue on in the BMW lineup, all serious sporting duties will fall to the newly minted S1000RR.

When new, these bikes rivaled Bimota in pricetag: it took upwards of $25k MSRP to purchase one of these special machines – provided you could find one. Lately we have seen a few come available on the used market, but pricing has held pretty firm.

From the seller:





Read the seller fine print: Mileage may not be accurate due to bikes being available for a test ride. Hmmm. A test ride is exactly the kind of thing that would help put my nerves at ease considering that this was a Lemon Law buy back. Of course the extended warranty certainly does not hurt. Those are nice aspects when negotiating with a dealer.

Value on these bikes has been very strong, although the previous owner and bike history may help with bringing that down somewhat. The current bid is at $11,211, which would be an absolute steal for this bike if the reserve had been met. It will be interesting to watch this one – a very desireable bike with a questionable history might be the incentive bidders need to try to snag one of these BMW rockets below the going rate.

To find out for yourself, . Read the score, look at the pics, and then tell us what you think. Is this something that you woud bid on? If you win, we want to hear about it!


BMW January 7, 2011 posted by

On the touring side of sporty: 1993 BMW R100RS

For Sale: 1993 BMW R100RS

When it comes to selling a bike, presentation is everything. And this, my friends, is what makes this bike RSBFS worthy. Sure, the BMW R100RS models are reasonably rare – especially the final year made, like this one. And sure, this bike leans a little further over to the “tour” side of “sport touring” than most RSBFS posts. But look at the pictures and tell me when you have seen a cleaner motorcycle of this vintage. Original owner, less than 4k miles, and plenty of pictures to peruse – THIS is the way to advertise your bike.

I will readily admit that the 1000cc boxer motor is not the most powerful in the world. They are stone reliable, however, and are well-known to outlast most riders. This one looks clean enough to eat off of – only you might make it dirty!

From the seller:
Rare 1992 BMW R100 RS. 3,949 miles. Bike is all original, except for replaced battery and front tire. Original owner with all documents, manuals, toolkit and battery charger. Everything that came with the bike in 1992 is included. This bike has always been stored indoors in climate-controlled environments. All markings and assembly decals are still on the motorcycle. There are no dents, accidents or scratches on the paint. The few stone chips (maybe three?) were touched up using BMW touchup paint from the dealer. This bike is rare and is the last year for this model style with wind tunnel designed fairing from the mid seventies. The pinstripes are hand painted and in perfect condition. It runs excellently as one would expect from a bike with less than 4,000 miles. Last registered in California in 2004. Originally purchased in Maryland and shipped to California in 1999. It was once ridden in a sudden summer rain shower for about 30 minutes, otherwise never in any foul weather. The saddlebags are rather soft plastic and have a few marks on them. The bike was never dropped or in any accident (unless you consider the unfortunate owl that flew into the bike right in front of my left boot/cylinder head one evening – there are a few small marks where the talons made contact with the bike at the bottom of the fairing – these have been touched up). Bike is guaranteed to be just as I describe here and will not disappoint. It is excellent in every way for an original bike with less than 4,000 miles. E-mail with any questions. I collect and restore vehicles and this bike I have treasured for almost 20 years.

These oilhead BMWs will eat up miles all day long, and get you to your destination relaxed and comfortable. The RS fairing is designed to envelope the rider in a still pocket of air, and the riding position is neutral, with a slight forward cant. Fill up the detachable hardbags (long known as the best in the business), and journey off to points unknown – without ever seeing another rider on the same bike. Not a bad way to go.

To get in on the bidding for this beauty, or to just drool over some of the high-res pictures included by the seller,