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BMW July 25, 2012 posted by

Non Italian Twin: 2003 BMW BOXER CUP Replica!

For Sale: 2003 BMW BOXER CUP

So the word is that numbered and limited edition Ducatis are not rare. After all, they made some 700 of the 998R as posted here (Make sure to read the comments on the 998R to appreciate the rest of this post! -dc). So when I was trolling for something available in fewer numbers, I stumbled across this Boxer Cup bike – number 142 of only 200 produced. What is that – a 350% improvement in rarity? And to top it off, this baby is so NOT Italian that it prefers Wienerschnitzel to pizza!

What do you do when you are a manufacturer of sporty motorcycles and you want to make a name for yourself? You go racing. Better yet, you drop big bucks and start a one make class to ensure that no matter who wins, your brand is at the front. That is really what the Boxer Cup was all about – and while it was a good marketing exercise for BMW, the close racing was fantastic for the fans. It most certainly did not hurt when such names as Randy Mamola and Kevin Schwantz took part in the series!

From the seller:
Motor Co. Inc. is very proud to offer this very rare and collectible 2003 BMW R1100 Boxer Cup Replika to the public. #142 of only 200 produced this bike was a collector piece before it was assembled! We have serviced the bike and it is ready to go today. All of the documentation is included, the badges, certificate of authenticity, both keys, etc. Don’t miss this opportunity! Look at the pictures, come see it, this is the one you want! Bike has never been down and is exactly as it appears in the photos.

The Boxer Cup replica bikes were really just paint and styling excercises intended to cash in on the marketing offered by the Boxer Cup race series. There are the obvious Boxer Cup graphics, including Randy Mamola’s signature across the fairing. There are some nice touches such as the carbon valve covers, complete with sliders – but nothing really significant over and above the already strong R1100 Sport it was based upon.

If being more rare than the next guy is your thing, here is your way to get back at the Ducati snob-set. With 350% more rare-ness than a 998R and a bigger signature on the fairing than those puny RZ350s, this Boxer Cup replica is your ticket to the rare leagues! The best part is it probably won’t break the bank. For more information and pictures, click the link and check out the auction. Good Luck!


BMW March 10, 2012 posted by

’05 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Limited Edition

Location: Austin, Texas

Mileage: 11,110

Price: Auction, $8,900 BIN

We see a few of these here on RSBFS from time to time and BMW isn’t really known for its sport bike dominance. That changed with the S1000RR, a bike that stormed onto the scene, took top honors all over and is now going to be a a part of the CRT teams in MotoGP. And the Boxer Cup replica is a great looking bike with tons of trick parts. A little different than most machines with the horizontally opposed twin motor, its maybe not for everyone, but very right for a few.

Lots of good detail from the seller-

This is a limited production bike, it is stock except that it has a sargent seat, which is lower than the origional, it has handlebar risers which between the two make for a more comfortable riding position, more upright not bent over like a pretzel . It has a dark tinted windscreen which looks better. All the originals, seat, windscreen  are included in sale and handlebar riser can be returned to origional position. It has very few rock chips which can be seen in the picture of the engine cover. Over all it looks like new,  no dents no scratches no damage. It runs great.      I have had many bikes and this is by far the best handling, smoothest, best looking around. After a 20 year layoff from riding  I bought the best bike I could find but I dont enjoy ridding like I used to. Too many people texting, talking on cell phones, I cant enjoy the ride.  You will find this bike to be like new. I have a new battery and a battery maintainer with the sale. This bike gets all the looks everywhere it goes..   Happy ridding.                                                        

Power train
The BoxerCup Replika engine remains unchanged for 2005. Featuring 2 Spark ignition, the 1085cc engine generates 98bhp at 7,500 rpm and 70 lb ft of torque at 5,750 rpm.A notable change to the exhaust system is the use of an exhaust pipe by Laser.

Standard equipment on the 2005 Replika, the Laser exhaust will generate a deeper, throatier tone. A closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter is still in place for compliance with emissions requirements. The 6-speed transmission remains unchanged.

Frame & Suspension

The 2005 Replika now sports the same suspension found on BoxerCup Replika race bikes. By utilizing front fork tubes from the R1150GS, the chassis of the 2005 Replika is raised by 12mm, thus allowing for a greater lean angle. Seat height on the 2005 BoxerCup Replika is 860 mm (33.9 inches). Front spring travel is 4.3″ (110 mm) and rear spring travel is 5.1″ (130 mm) with spring strut pre-load adjustable by a hand-wheel.

The braking system is unchanged from 2004. Please note that ABS will not be available on the 2005 BoxerCup Replika.
2005 BoxerCup Replika

– Front Brakes Two, four-piston fixed calipers
– Front Rotors 12.6 inch dual floating rotors
– Rear Brake Single, two-piston floating caliper
– Rear Rotor 10.9 inch single, fixed rotor
2005 BoxerCup Replika
– Fuel 4.7 gallons
– Seat Height 33.9 inches
– Dry Weight 459 lbs
– Wet Weight (ready to ride) 505 lbs

Body and Colors
The new 2005 BoxerCup Replika has an updated graphics package that includes, three-tone paint, sponsor stickers and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) cylinder head covers and engine spoiler.

Standard Equipment
Additional standard equipment on the 2005 BoxerCup Replika includes:
– 5.5″ Rear Wheel
– Clear Turn Signal Lenses
– Pillion Seat Cover
– Side Stand

Stainless steel exhaust system with additional chrome-plated finish

Stainless steel double walled manifold

Hydraulic rear spring preload adjuster

Prob stand with starter inhibit

Continuously adjustable rear and front rebound damping

Diagnostic interface

Jump start connection point

Low-beam headlamp height adjustment

Power socket


Storage compartment with toolkit and tire repair kit

One-key system

Adjustable handbrake and clutch levers

Integral ignition switch and steering lock

Sport half fairing with rigid windshield

GRP front mud guard

Only limited numer of BoxerCup Replikas will be produced for the US market. They will begin arriving in dealerships in May.


Bike cover

Exhaust manifold cover

Carbon fiber cylinder head cover

Carbon fiber spark plug covers

Carbon fiber lower spoiler kit

Carbon fiber heel guards

Carbon fiber rear seat cover

Carbon fiber fuel tank cover

Carbon fiber upper trim panel


Type Air-cooled/oil-cooled twin-cylinder
Bore x stroke 99.0 mm x 70.5 mm
Displacement 1085 cc
Horsepower 98 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Torque 70 lb-ft @ 5,750 rpm
Compression ratio 11.3:1
Valve gear Chain-driven, high cam, OHV with adjustable rocker arms
Valves 2 x 34 mm intake / 2 x 29 mm exhaust
Valves / cylinder Four

Primary drive 1:1.889
Clutch 165-mm dry, single plate with hydraulic actuation
Gear ratios 1st:

Final drive system Enclosed driveshaft with two universal joints
Final drive ratio 2.75:1

Frame Cast aluminum front frame section with steel rear
Front suspension BMW Telelever
Front travel 4.3 inches
Rear suspension BMW Paralever
Rear travel 5.1 inches

Brake system EVO, front and rear disc
Front brakes Two, four-piston fixed calipers
Front rotor 12.6 inch dual floating rotors
Rear brakes Single, two-piston floating caliper
Rear rotor 10.9 inch single fixed rotor
Actuation Hydraulic, DOT 4 fluid type

Front wheel 3.50 x 17 cast alloy, five, double-spoke
Rear wheel 5.50 x 17 cast alloy, five, double-spoke
Front tire 120/70 x 17 tubeless
Rear tire 180/55 x 17 tubeless

Overall length 85.8 inches
Overall width 35.2 inches
Wheelbase 58.2 inches
Seat height 33.9 inches
Steering angle 65.0 degrees
Front wheel trail 3.9 inches
Weight – Dry 459 lbs. excluding options and accessories
Weight – Wet 505 lbs. excluding options and accessories
Maximum load 992 lbs. GVWR

More photos-

The details about the model are listed above by the seller. There have been a few mods that the seller highlights, including the aftermarket seat and handlebar risers.  The original parts are included for all of you who want to put it back to stock. That’s always a bonus in my book. Mileage is low for most bikes and particularly a BMW. You should have many more years of ride time on this bike.

Seller is asking asking $8,900 BIN which seems like a lot of bike for the money. Just look at all the carbon fiber bits. And the build quality is outstanding.

If you dig something a little different, but still awesome, make the jump!


BMW January 28, 2012 posted by

Go Different!-’04 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Mileage: 14,641

Price: Auction, currently $6,400 with no reserve

Here’s a chance to take home a sportbike that is certainly different than the conventional sportbike known to many. First, BMW builds some killer bikes, but it wasn’t until the recent S1000RR that they got into the in-line four game, a format many are familiar with. And they knocked that one out of the park. The HP2 Sport is a killer machine, and similar to the R1100S, features the boxer motor too. To go even further, this bike also has a shaft drive and features BMW’s telelever front suspension. It’s a different way to go for sure. But in a world where much is the same, different is a nice break.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

If you are waiting for the right Boxer Cup Replika to come along..this may be the one.

This stunning 2004 Boxer Cup is in totally stock condition.  It is in the classic configuration of no ABS or heated grips, a powerlet on the left side is the extent of the options added.

This motorcycle is offered with no reserve price.

It has 14,641 miles on it and has never been down or abused in any way.

No aftermarket or performance parts have been added.

It had it’s 600 mile and 12,000 mile check done by the dealer and everything related to those services is documented.

The dealer removed the cannister and performed a recall item (the number of the recall is noted on the repair order).

At 14,000 miles I changed all the fluids, synthetic all around, with new crush washers and a Bosch Oil filter.

This bike runs perfect.  Rock solid idle, great performance for it’s 98hp, quick start even in cold weather.  It had a new battery about 5,000 miles ago and a set of Pilot Road 2’s were put on at 10,645.

All the Boxer Cup stuff comes with it.  There is the die cast model (never unboxed) the lapel pin, the adhesive backed pin for the triple tree, the tricky cable type key ring, the DVD, race calender, certificates of authenticity, manuels, etc.

All the tools are all there, never used as far as I can tell,  the tire repair kit is intact and never used or opened.

This beautiful BMW is #289 of 300 made in 2004.

There are a few stone chips on the front of the belly pan, a scratch near the left hand suspension tube (I’ve got a picture of that) and a place on the upper right edge of the windshield that a parking sticker was on and it appears to have marred the plastic forever (there is a picture of that as well, look at the bicycle through the windscreen and you will see it is slightly blurred).

This bike leaks not one drop of anything, has always been stored indoors (and looks it) has no descernable oil consumption and averages about 42 miles per gallon.

I believe you would be challanged to find a ‘Cup like this anywhere on the market.

Winning bidder will be responsible for pick up or shipping (I would be pleased to help) .

This bike is a perfect “fly and ride” candidate, condition is such that a cross country trip would be no issue at all.

Also, Bike week is coming up in Daytona so you could drive down, do bike week, and take it home.

The winning bidder must post a non refundable $500 deposit within 24 hours of the closing bid. 

I have clear Florida title.  This bike is 100% ready to go.

And more photos for you-

The seller highlights the maintenance and care for the bike, which all looks pretty solid. BMW’s are known for their outstanding build quality and can go to the 100,000 mile mark. The seller highlights some small cosmetic issues, but nothing major. There’s no reserve on the auction so this thing is looking to move.

These go in the $8k to $10k range, so you may be able to get a great deal here. If you are looking for something different and still killer, then make the jump!



BMW December 2, 2011 posted by

Less Than Subtle: 2003 BMW Boxer Cup Race Bike

Less Than Subtle: 2003 BMW Boxer Cup Race Bike

Update 12.2.2011: Back on eBay. Buy-it-now has been updated to $10.9k compared to $14.5k when listed in early October. Links updated. -dc

If a car pulls out in front of you while riding this thing they need their license yanked. Esthetics aside, I’m not at all sure what we have here. I’ll get to that in a minute. This will be another of my posts where I’d love to hear from you guys to fill in the voids.

The bike is listed as a BMW built race bike for the Boxer Cup race series. My first question would be was it built by the factory or a BMW dealer. It sounds like the bike was built by Daytona BMW but I see pictures of a bike from San Jose BMW in stars and stripes paint as well. Next, what is with the plate? I did a little snooping around the net and I read in a forum the owner has the bike titled but rides it with no street equipment. Obviously a man who loves to live dangerously.

Here is where I need some help (keep the wise cracks to yourself). What might this race prepped bike have over the limited replicas that BMW produced? I could not find much on what the series allowed to be done to the bikes. I did find a note that said BMW supplied race kits to the teams. The seller does note that when he bought the bike BMW would not include the race chip. That stinks!

I would assume, being a race bike, the suspension has seen some attention.

Some pictures to make you want to buy fireworks:

Oh the price. Even if your life long goal is to own a “real” BMW race bike you might flinch at the price: $14,500. The good news is the seller is open to offers. The consensus among guys posting on the net was the bike is severely over priced.

Now, lets say you a true patriot and love that paint but want something with say; lights and turn signals. Well, I’m here to hook you up.

This is a 2005 stars and stripes Boxer Series Replica from Daytona BMW. The seller says it is one of two built. The entry fee for this street version? The seller has a BIN of $6,750 to go along with the auction.

Take your pick:

The race version

The replica


BMW November 18, 2011 posted by

Care to step into the ring? ’05 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup

Location: Austin, Texas

Mileage: 11,110

Price: Auction, $9,500 BIN

The BMW sportbike is kind of a strange creature. BMW has built cool, interesting bikes over the years and they have a unique style and features all their own. Certainly if you like adventures, the GS line is legendary for traveling anywhere you want to go. But pure sportbike? Not really a BMW thing, except when looking at the HP2 Sport, or the BMW R1100S, like the Boxer Cup seen here. Of course, the recently introduced S1000RR brought a whole new level to the liter bike game, but again, that’s a pretty recent development (and a good one).

This bike sports the BMW four valves per cylinder horizontally opposed boxer engine. Not the typical engine design you see on a sportbike. It also has BMW’s telelever front suspension, EVO brake system, Laser exhaust and killer replica paint job. Unconventional but still cool.

Here’s some more pics-

And the seller’s info-

2005  BMW R1100S Boxer Cup, in excellent condition. This bike has handlebar risers and sargent seat, which gives it a more comfortable ridding position it also comes with the origional seat, a power socket for maintaining battery with battery maintainer. Carbon front & rear fenders, carbon head protectors, dark windshield also origional windscreen, adjustable hand levers, steering lock, rear spring adjuster, front and rear rebound damping, laser exhaust,.  459LBS  4.7 gal fuel, with only 11110 miles. New battery, all extras mentioned included. Everthing works,rides great. The risers and sargent seat which is a little bit lower than origional make for a much more comfortable riding position and can be returned to origional.  Call with any questions.

This bike has a few changes like bars risers, Sargent seat and carbon fiber cool parts. The seller notes that the original parts are included. Mileage isn’t a huge concern as long as its been taken care of. All in all a clean bike with good upgrades.

This is a unique ride that isn’t going to pop up everywhere you go. The R1100S is a cool ride all its own, but the Boxer Cup takes it to another level. If you dream of a BMW sportbike, then you owe it to yourself to make the jump!