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Ducati February 7, 2012 posted by

2003 Ducati 999 R up for grabs!

For Sale: 2003 Ducati 999 R

Let’s get right down to it. Seems folks either love the looks of a Tamburini designed machine (916/996/998), or they like the angular looks of Terblanche (999). Regardless of your style preference, the Ducati 999 was a considerable step forward on the performance scale. The ergos became more reasonable than those of the Tamburini torture rack era, and the bike was quicker at the racetrack than its predecessor. We don’t see a lot of 999R models here on RSBFS; here is a link to the last one we’ve posted.

If you can get past the stacked headlight arrangement, the 999 is a very interesting machine. And this, being the coveted “R” model, includes all the bells and whistles you would expect in a top-line Ducati offering. Whatever is covered on this bike is covered in carbon fiber – even the upper and lower fairings. And because carbon looks so cool, the logos and nomenclature on the fairing are actually just areas of no paint – so the carbon shows through. Lightweight, stylist and artsy all at the same time!

This bike has turned a few more miles than most rare Ducatis – but is still in a very reasonable range given the year. With only 4,733 miles on the digital odometer, here is a bike that has been well-loved and lightly used, which is the perfect condition for a collectable rider. There have been a few bolt-on mods to the bike, with the most significant being the exhaust. There is nothing quite like a desmoquattro Duc playing out a tune at full song, and I’ll bet these Termi pipes sound awesome!

From the seller:
The bike was bought brand new in 2004 from Marin Ducati which is now Hatar motors. The original owner road the bike approx 2,000 miles and then installed 57mm Termignoni Exhaust and the updated ecu. The exhaust was installed at the dealer, almost $5k. He road it another 1900 miles and decided to sell it.

The current and second owner, installed:
– shorty, brake and clutch levers
– master alloy covers
– replaced windscreen with tinted shield
– replaced handle bars with the woodcraft one inch up and adjustable bars for better riding position for the street
– a few carbon pieces were added at the same time timing belt covers heal gaurds exhaust shield – also the clutch center was replaced with a billet alloy one with open carbon cover
– also a billet fuel cap assembly for easy access for refueling (no key needed)
– also have a brand new set of dunlop q2s that go with the bike that have never been mounted purchased two months ago

The bike is in amazing condition.

Note: This is the ‘R’ model so all of the body work is carbon fiber the original owner paid $34,000 for the bike new and then put the $5,000 in exhaust, plus all the goodies the current owner installed.

Ducati R models are always coveted examples of the breed. Bristling with the latest technology of the day, sporting the best suspension and braking systems offered (in this case, Ohlins and Brembo respectively), and pumping out the most horsepower in the model lineup, R bikes were never cheap. In this case, the 999R retailed for over $30,000 USD! Fortunately, used models like this one are available for more reasaonably-sized piles of cash.

This auction is on right now, and the current bid is only up to $8,850 with moderate bidding. There does not appear to be a reserve in place, meaning that this red rocketship is going home to a new (and lucky) owner in a few days. For your chance to check out the details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Ducati July 21, 2011 posted by

2005 Duacti 999R For Sale in San Diego

Ross emailed me yesterday to alert me that his 999R is available on With just over 10k miles, this one appears to have been gently cared for amongst three owners in only 6 six years.

Update 8.4.2011: Price is now $13500!

From the seller:

Have been thankful to own one of the best V-Twin Superbikes ever made. I am not riding this bike as much anymore, and it is a shame for it to sit under a red cover and not bring joy to someone else. So time to thin the herd.

I am the third owner of this bike, bought it at 5K miles, and now it has 10,196 miles on it. Was pampered by its previous two owners. Have had all routine service done at the dealership (GP Motorcycles in San Diego), and this is where it is currently sitting for sale on consignment. Major service was done at 6k miles, and right before listing the bike, I changed all fluids, inspected the bike for any problems, and put on brand new Michelin Power Ones. A piece of mind for the new owner.
Never been down, and I have never had it to the track. Never even seen rain. Clean title in hand.
Two black keys, no red key.
A list of farkles:

-Full DP 57MM Termignoni Race Exhaust/Race ECU
-Acculign Rear Sets
-SpeedyMoto Kukri Clutch plate (Red)
-DP CF half clutch cover
-DP windshield
-CF hugger
-All Original CF fairings, amazing detail…
-520 Chain kit
-Evoluzione Fender eliminator
-Shorty CRG levers on clutch and brake
-Lightech gas cap
-Ohlins springs for 180-185lb rider (not installed)
-Suspension set up by Lee’s Racing, San Diego (I am 210lbs)
-Red, indoor DP “999R” cover…rare in itself
-Custom!! 3M clear bra on bike on 80% of the bike. No scratches or scuffs.
-Brand new Michelin Power One tires, less than a mile
-Have Accumate charger, and permanent attached battery lead for it.
-Full Ducati Workshop/Operator Manual CD, and Three ring notebook with all records, and printed workshop and operated manual

Also have:
-Full race fairings, never mounted. Painted like WSBK, stickered up.
-All original parts; exhaust, lic plate holders, Barnett clutch springs, etc.

Bike is listed at $14,999.00, but I am flexible, and I am open to offers.

A lot of members have been contacting me, and happy the bike has generated a lot of interest. I know Cali may be far for some of the East Coast members. For your piece of mind, I can have a Pre-Purchase Inspection done at the dealership, and scan you the results. There are threads on here for good shipping companies that can move the bike economically, and safely. I can ship the fairings separately to you as well.

This bike is awesome, and if you test drove it, you would buy it. If you drove it on the track, you would buy two…



Truly want the bike to find a good home. Again, bike is in sunny San Diego.

I like all the spares it comes with and the spare fairings for track days. It’s an R, someone should hit the track with it!

Thanks for the heads up Ross and good luck with the sale!


Ducati March 13, 2011 posted by

Canadian Special: 3 Limited Edition Ducatis

Check out this group of 3 late model Ducati superbikes for sale from the same seller. Heck, throw in a Hailwood & 888 SPO and you’ll have a sweet chronology of Ducati Superbikes. These bikes all appear to be in great condition, so let’s look at them individually.

The 998s Bostrom is especially unique in the lack of miles it has accumulated through the years. Although we have seen a fair amount of Bostrom replicas on RSBFS (here), few have matched the low miles on this example – less than 1,000 miles! Although I love this model and the low mileage on it, the price at $25,000 U.S. dollars seems very optimistic to me.

Ah the forgotten Ducati, the Fila 999R. Most Ducatisti will fondly remember the 916/996 series and most will also admire the handsome 1098/1198, but few cherish the 999. In some ways this bike never had a chance; following the 916 is no easy task. This bike is especially remarkable in that it is brand new – only 8KM! The price is virtually identical to the Bostrom, but this one is NEW.

On to the crown jewel of this trio – the 1098R Bayliss Replica. This bike is also brand new and nothing short of stunning. The Bayliss bike has been crippled from the get go by a weak economy, weak US dollar and aggressive pricing by Ducati. This convergence of factors led to an abundance of new or like new Bayliss bikes, similar to this one, selling way below MSRP right off the showroom floor.

I hope someone goes big and picks up all three.

Check out the listings with contact information below:

2002 Ducati 998 Bostrom

2004 Ducati 999R Fila

2009 Ducati 1098R Bayliss


Ducati December 11, 2010 posted by

Ducati On The X-Mas List? Clean, Low Mile 998 Matrix, 999S Parts Unlimited and 1098R

Ducati On The X-Mas List?  Clean, Low Mile 998 Matrix, 999S Parts Unlimited and 1098R

With roughly  two weeks left until the fat man slides down the chimney, here are some nice finds for those hoping  for a Ducati next to the tree.  Nothing ultra exotic here, just three nice, clean, low mile bikes from the different era’s of Ducati’s line of big twins.  Be sure to leave RSBFS up on your computer so “Santa” knows what you want or you risk receiving something like a weather station (believe me, it happened).

I’m not much of a Matrix the movie fan but I am a fan of this Matrix Edition 998.  The color sure stands out in a sea of red.  With just over 600 miles on it, the owner isn’t kidding that it has barely seen the outside world.  Another Ducati garage queen looking for a new home.  


I never get tired of looking at the backside of a Ducati.  There wasn’t much info in the auction so you’ll have  tell Santa to ask some questions on the bike.


More of a race fan than a Sci Fi fan?  Then this 999S Parts Unlimited with 259 miles on it might make you a happy boy Christmas Day.  The $11,800 buy it now price sure seems reasonable.  I know, I know, the Fila version seems much more exotic but hey this thing has hardly been ridden for more than a weekend.

Don’t bother asking about the Ago in the background, it’s already been sold, along with a 1098 Tri Color.  That was one crowded garage.  Santa can see all the


Now here is one for all you spoiled brats that have to have the latest and greatest.  Number 69 of 450 here has been thrashed with a whole 67 miles on the clocks, he says sarcastically.  If you can live with all those miles, this bike is up for auction with no reserve and a starting price of $23,999.


Shouldn’t every grown man have a Ducati waiting for him Christmas day at least once in his life?  Come on ladies (or domestic partners) make the dream a reality.  .

The rest of the pictures:


Ducati June 15, 2010 posted by

Ducati 999R w/ Full Termi and only 3,000 miles!

Ducati 999R For Sale

Year: 2005
Locations: San Francisco CL
Price: $10,000 8o) Holy Cow Batman!
Miles: 3,000

The ad is way skinny, but the seller lists his phone # so it certainly can’t hurt to give him a ring and see what’s up.

Make the jump here

DUCATI 999R w/Full Termignoni and only 3,000 miles

If you’re in the market- I wouldn’t delay for one second on this one.



Ducati May 31, 2010 posted by

2006 Airwaves Ducati 999F06!!!!

2006 Airwaves Ducati Factory Race Bike 999F06!!!!

Location: Oslo, Norway
Price: $80,000
Mileage: N/A

Oh boy, if you are a true Ducatist it may be time to print out a few more Benjamins in the basement to afford this thing.  I’ll get the bad stuff out of the way quickly for us mortals:   the starting bid is $80,000.  The good stuff is easy, ITS A FREAKIN WORKS DUCATI!

Here is a little of what I have pieced together.  Back in 06 some of the factories were not too hip on the single tire rule in WSB.  As a result, British Superbike Racing become a haven for works machinery.  The Ducati’s in the BSB series that year were apparently identical to what they were racing in WSB.  This is one of those machines.  This bike was Gregorio Lavilla’s A bike in 2006, 1 of 8 F06’s produced that year.   If you are still on the fence (rolling my eyes)  how about this: the engine is a F07 unit.  Just in case you still aren’t feeling like Troy Bayliss the owner had the bike sprayed in Xerox replica colors.  To round things out the bike has some spares, telemetry equipment and travelling cases.  I don’t think you can ask for much else.  Well, how about a factory mechanic to look after things?

Feast your eyes below.  The two stock photos are for illustration of a FO6 and not the actual bike for sale.

Here are the details from the auction:

Did you ever dream about buying a genuine Ducati race bike? The best of the old breed before the plastic littered 1098 race bikes came along?

Well, here’s your chance because I am offering my very special Ducati 999F06 up for sale.

What is a Ducati 999F06?

Today, Haga and Fabrizio are riding Ducati 1098 type bikes (1098F10) in the World Superbke series but before the 1098 entered the scene the Ducati factory team racers were riding 999 type race bikes from 2003 to 2007 (999F03 to 999F07).

The 999 factory race bikes were raced by famous icons like Neil Hodgson, Ruben Xaus, Regis Laconi, James Toseland, Lorenzo Lanzi and Troy Bayliss.

In addition to this, the Airwaves Ducati team participating in the British Superbike series were given the rare opportunity to race geniuine factory race bikes during the 2006/2007 seasons. These were piloted by Gregorio Lavilla and Leon Haslam, who were given two bikes each.

Please keep in mind the factory bikes (denoted by the F in 999F06) are not the same as the customer/privateer bikes called 999RS. All in all, only eight factory bikes were made in 2006 and my bike is one of them.

What is its history?

This bike used to be Greg Lavilla’s number one bike in the BSB series in 2006 and 2007 and I bought it directly from the team. A letter of authenticity comes with the bike to prove its origin.

The bike was upgraded with a new frame in 2007 and both engines are F07 (factory units from 2007, not 2006).

What’s included with the bike?

A decent package of spares and track duty accessories including a spare engine, several fairing sets, spare wheel sets, front and rear stands, engine starter, a flight case to be used when transporting the bike (used to be Steve Martin’s when he was with Foggy Petronas Racing), front and rear subframe etc. etc. etc.

In addition to this, the bike comes with all its telemetry equipment and some software.

Technical info and manuals on how to start and operate the bike is included


Now I haven’t bought a works bike this year so it may be hard for me to comment on price.  $80,000 is a lot of money but I hate to say this, it doesn’t seem that bad for a modern factory bike and all the extra goodies. speculates the bike could fetch close to $90,000.  In the high end collector market I guess the only knock against it could be that it wasn’t actually Troy Bayliss’s bike.  There, that is my reason not to bid on it!  While I’m waiting for Bayliss’s bike to go on the market you can bid on this beauty .


Ducati April 20, 2010 posted by

2006 Ducati 999R XEROX Edition # 308 on Ebay

2006 Ducati 999R XEROX Edition # 308 on Ebay

I know I’m in the minority when I say this:  I think the 999’s were darn good looking.  They just look aggressive and purpose built to me.  Add the replica paint scheme and the extra bits and I’m sold (well I was sold before then too).  This one has enough miles put on it that you won’t feel bad taking it out on the town and enjoying what the Ducati engineers put together.  It has a couple of nice touches added to go along with the brake, suspension and engine upgrades you got with the Xerox edition.

From the auction:

2006 Ducati 999R XEROX, 4900 miles, second owner, bought and serviced at Advanced Motorsports. Full Termi 57mm titanium exhaust system, EVR slipper clutch, 520 chain and sprocket conversion, carbon key cover, carbon clutch cover, quick release fuel cap, reverse shift lever, carbon rear hugger. Includes all keys, books, stand, cover and plaques.
If you’ve been dreaming of living out those race replica dreams it might be time to jump in.  The has already started and the seller has a Buy It Now price listed of $17,000.  I’d  jump in too if I had more than $1.50 in my pocket.