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Invoking Dharma – 1978 Ducati 900 SD Custom

Eye-catching but not an original 900 SS, this lookalike might be a good alternative for a value-conscious bevel fan.  Presumably customized from a standard 900 Darmah, the tank and fairings present the SS aura and looks better than most originals.

20160223 1978 ducati 900 ss custom left

1978 Ducati 900 SD Custom for sale on eBay

20160223 1978 ducati 900 ss custom right front

With single overhead cams driven by a right-angle gear, the 864 cc’s author 74 hp at 7,500 rpm.  Specs are good for the day, 5-speed, right-side up Ceriani forks, twin rear shocks.  Triple-disc Brembo brakes are 280mm front and 260mm rear.  Classic items such as kick-only start and dual Dell’Orto carburetors may require a period mechanic for any serious work.

20160223 1978 ducati 900 ss custom dash

20160223 1978 ducati 900 ss custom right engine

Using Ducati body parts or very good replicas, this custom looks great with under 8,000 miles indicated, and features a classic Ducati color with polished fuel tank.  Very showy with alloy rims and stainless spokes.  You know you’ve got a fan when you see the glass bevel view cover !

20160223 1978 ducati 900 ss custom bevel window

From the eBay auction:

Beautiful one of a kind 1978 Ducati 900SS Custom. Not an original 900SS. Matching engine and frame numbers.  Smiths gauges.  Kick start only – no electric start.  Runs perfectly – recently serviced in November of 2015.  Clean – Excellent condition – paint is perfect.  Handmade aluminum polished gas tank turns heads. Alloy wheels with polished stainless steel spokes. Del Orto 38mm carbs. New Ducati (Ducati Yellow- looks orange) paint. Odometer shows 7938 miles. This bike draws crowds wherever it  is parked – shows beautifully!  Very small ding in tank near seat – will send pictures upon request.  An all original SS goes for double the price!  Great for twisty roads – handles beautifully.

20160223 1978 ducati 900 ss custom left engine

20160223 1978 ducati 900 ss custom left front wheel

The ’78 900 SS reviewed with a solid chassis, suspension that was good after set-up, great brakes, and an engine that wouldn’t win any drag races but had great presence out on the road.  Likely all true with this 900 SS commemorative,  if you hear what this bike is saying, it will be regardless of whether it’s original or not…


20160223 1978 ducati 900 ss custom cockpit

Invoking Dharma – 1978 Ducati 900 SD Custom
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A Bit of Sunshine for Your Garage: Low Mileage 1997 Ducati 900SS for Sale

1997 Ducati 900SS R Front

A little something to brighten your day, this very yellow Ducati 900SS is pretty hard to miss: sell it to your significant other as a “safety feature” when trying to justify a purchase. Very few bikes look good in this color but I think the early to mid-1990s 900SS is one of them. In fact, I actually prefer it in yellow to the more traditional red, especially with a half-fairing fitted.

1997 Ducati 900SS L Side Detail

The SS was Ducati’s bread and butter during this era, keeping the lights on while the 851 and 916 stole headlines. This particular iteration of the SuperSport was built from 1991 through 1998 and powered by the belt-drive Pantah engine, versions of which live on in today’s air-cooled Ducatis. And honestly, considering the number of parts that swap between the air-cooled and early liquid-cooled bikes, I wonder how much Pantah DNA lives on in the Panigale…

1997 Ducati 900SS Dash

The two-valve Desmo v-twin may be safe to an indicated 9,000rpm, but that redline is largely decorative unless the engine’s been breathed on: with a power peak of 80hp claimed at a car-like 6,400rpm, these tend to have a strong midrange, but quickly run out of breath on top. Ironic for sure, considering that the desmodromic valvetrain’s claim to fame is a lack of springs that prevents high rpm float…

1997 Ducati 900SS Tank

From the original eBay listing: 1997 Ducati 900SS for Sale

1997 Ducati 900 SS Low Miles only 9980 Miles
New head gasket, new lines, oil flush, battery.
Factory Standard Equipment Includes:
Aftermarket Racing Carburetor
Marzocchi Suspension
Brembo Brakes
Single Shock Absorber
Tubular Trellis Frame
Brambo Wheels

The seller also helpfully posted a cold start and walk-around video on YouTube, which features a good shot of the top yoke and the plaque that indicates this is a genuine “SP” version of the bike.

1997 Ducati 900SS Fairing

I’m really not sure if an “aftermarket racing carburetor” can also be classified as “factory standard equipment” or what that really means: when new, these were fitted with a pair of 38mm Mikuni carburetors. Generally thought to be jetted very lean to comply with emissions requirements, it’s very common to install a jet kit to richen things up a bit. Many folks also install a pair of 39 or 41mm FCR flat-slide carbs, depending on the bike’s state of tune. A pricey option for sure but, aside from the loss of a choke lever, the flat-slide carbs offer up a noticeable performance improvement. I’m not sure which option is in place but here, since the bike appears otherwise stock, I’d assume he’s simply referring to the original “high performance” items…

1997 Ducati 900SS Side Engine

This bike isn’t absolutely pristine, with some scuffing and dents on the exhaust and some grit and grime and a bit of faded carbon fiber. But these have been very affordable for a long time now and they offer humane ergonomics, good wind-protection, and can be very reliable when properly cared for, so it’s getting difficult to find them with such low mileage. This one has enough mileage on it to guarantee it’s not just been sitting in a shed its whole life, and those cosmetic issues should be easy to rectify with a quick trip to eBay. Or just put the old, worn bits in a box for the next guy, and slap on a set of Staintune pipes and some fresh carbon bits, then go riding! Honestly, for the prices these currently command, they really do represent a real bargain and an ideal way to affordable Ducati ownership.


1997 Ducati 900SS R Side

A Bit of Sunshine for Your Garage: Low Mileage 1997 Ducati 900SS for Sale
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Clean and Collectible: 1993 Ducati 900SS for Sale

1993 Ducati 900SS R Front

Ducati made a pretty good number of their updated, Pantah-engined Super Sports between 1991 and 1998, so these aren’t especially exotic. But it’s rare to find any bike that old in this kind of condition. Powered by a 904cc version of the air-cooled v-twin and backed by a six-speed gearbox and a nice, rattly dry clutch, the SS set the tone for modern Ducatis. This was the bike Hunter S. Thompson was talking about in his classic “Song of the Sausage Creature” piece: a fast, flexible, charismatic roadbike with pedigree and blood-red paint.

1993 Ducati 900SS R Side Front

The 900SS came in SP and CR flavors. The SP was the higher-spec version, with adjustable suspension and some carbon bits. The CR or “Cafe Racer” had non-adjustable front forks and featured a stylish half-fairing that I think really looks great on these models. From the photos, it looks like this bike does have the adjustable front forks, although it lacks the carbon front mudguard generally found on the SP. Or maybe it’s just been painted.

1993 Ducati 900SS Airbox

This is possibly one of the cleanest SS’ I’ve seen in a long time, as you can see from the underseat and undertank pictures. Even the stock airbox is in place, something that is often swapped out for a free-flowing “open” airbox that replaces the top half with a huge filter element.

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Ducati 900SS for Sale

You wont find a motorcycle in better shape for this year.

Rare find, not molested, not a scratch.

Garage kept its entire life. Original owner bought from dealership in Pennsylvania.

New tires and battery

Buyer must provide shipping

1993 Ducati 900SS R Side Rear

These have been a very affordable way into Ducati ownership for quite a while, but that’s likely to change at some point. Unfortunately, the low prices mean that many of these are a bit rough around the edges and have relatively high miles on them, making this an especially nice find. If you’re thinking you’d like to add one of these modern classics to your collection, or just looking for a good rider that’s completely unmolested, this might be an ideal choice.

1993 Ducati 900SS Underseat

Reliability is pretty solid if you do the maintenance and actually ride them, there’s plenty of parts support, and that classic two-valve, air-and-oil cooled Ducati twin is the perfect street engine, with a smooth, flexible powerband and a sweet exhaust note, especially with a set of carbon cans.


1993 Ducati 900SS R Side


Clean and Collectible: 1993 Ducati 900SS for Sale
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One Owner, Low Miles: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale

1993 Ducati Superlight L Side Front Yellow

Right now, the early 90s air/oil-cooled Ducati 900SS is a serious sportbike bargain, although today’s limited-edition Superlight clearly bucks that trend. With limited production, distinctive good looks, lightweight bodywork, and that classic yellow and white color combo, it’s easy to see why Ducatisti swooned over these when they were new, even if nobody else really did…

1993 Ducati Superlight R Side Rear Yellow

Introduced in 1992, the Superlight was really just a 900SS with some lightweight parts on it and a numbered plaque on the top triple. Fitted with stylish Marvic composite wheels, cast-iron brake rotors, a vented clutch cover, solo seat, high-mount pipes, and lightweight bodywork, the Superlight may not actually be super-light, but should save some pounds over its already relatively svelte sibling, and those wheels look very trick.

1993 Ducati Superlight Front Wheel Yellow

With just 861 built for the 1993 model year, these are rare, but not exceptionally so. And while no one would argue that the basic package was very satisfying, it was certainly not in the hunt compared to contemporary sportbikes. But although you get just 75hp at the rear wheel, that modest power comes with a broad spread of torque and a massively charismatic sound.

1993 Ducati Superlight Tail Yellow

Forget the scary reputation: air-cooled Ducatis do require more regular maintenance than a comparable Japanese sportbike, but a handy mechanic can do pretty much everything that needs doing on a regular basis, and parts are readily available. The absolute worst thing you can do is let one sit, as that seems to be when the troubles start…

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale

Selling an all time Ducati favorites, 1993 Superlight, purchased the bike a while ago from original owner, I titled it but only took her out for a short ride after service was done. Has some nice mods, all done at the same dealer bike was purchased, I have a file with every receipt, service order, or work order, purchased new from MCC Ducati, every upgrade, service and maintenance was done there.

Bike has a little over 4700 original miles, original tires, have 2 keys, tools, books and every record of work or maintenance done to this baby from day one.

A brief list of tasteful and period correct modifications and upgrades

  • Staintune exhaust
  • Ceramic-coated headers
  • FCR 39 Flatslides
  • Open air box
  • Sargent seat
  • Alloy pulley

I have the original carbs, exhaust, seat, all included in this sale.

I had the bike serviced 2 months ago, fresh oil, fluids and belts.

Bike is in perfect cosmetic and running condition.

Title in hand, all records and OEM parts included in this sale.

1993 Ducati Superlight R Side Front Yellow

The modifications done to this bike are appropriate and tasteful, and easily reversible if the new owner prefers the bike that way. Many people fit the FCR 41’s to the 900cc engine but, if the engine is otherwise stock, the 39’s seen here are probably a wiser choice and should sound and perform better than stock. Combined with the open airbox, you’ll get the classic Ducati “intake honk” that will definitely get your attention the first time you open the bike up! I prefer the look of carbon exhausts personally, but the Staintune pipes are high-quality and, combined with the intake mods and open clutch cover, should make for a very exotic-sounding motorcycle, a clattering, throbbing, living beast.

1993 Ducati Superlight Rear Wheel Yellow

Since all of the special parts on the Superlight are basically bolt-on items, many have gone missing from these bikes over the years, so it’s great to see one still rocking the lightweight Marvic wheels. With such low miles and in such beautiful and very yellow condition, it’s no surprise that bidding is active and rapidly headed north of $10k.


1993 Ducati Superlight R Side Yellow

One Owner, Low Miles: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale
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End of the Line: 1998 Ducati 900SS FE for Sale

1998 Ducati 900SS FE R Side Front

At some point, you may get to thinking, “These modern sport bikes are going to kill me.” It’s a pretty logical conclusion. It’s bad enough we have to dodge car drivers on cell phones, off-leash dogs, deer, moose, apparently coyotes… We have to watch out for road debris, sand, rocks, wet leaves, and sometimes discarded tracksuit pants… But even the bikes themselves are trying to do us in, with insane horsepower figures available at screaming rpm and handling that doesn’t feel right unless you’re hanging off the bike at 80mph as you leave the Dairy Queen parking lot. But the Ducati 900SS is a bike that you can appreciate at any speed, regardless of what Hunter Thompson says.

1998 Ducati 900SS FE L Side

Of course, the FE model was only the “Final Edition” of the first-generation belt-drive SS and there was a whole bit of shark-gilled weirdness to follow, although some would like to pretend Pierre Terblanche’s 1999 version doesn’t exist, like sci-fi film buffs who like to pretend “Alien 3” doesn’t exist.

1998 Ducati 900SS FE Cockpit

And let’s be real here: the FE was basically a 900SS with a Superlight-style solo-seat and upswept pipes, with very nice, very subtle silver paint and some carbon bits. And like the Superlight, it isn’t particularly light, or all that super. But what it is an honest, good-handling sports motorcycle with a torquey, charismatic engine and classic looks. 80hp is plenty for most riding, and more is available if you want to swap in a set of flat-slide carbs or a big-bore kit. Handling isn’t cutting-edge sharp, but there’s plenty of grip and stability on tap if you want to hit the canyons on Sunday morning. The ergonomics are humane but still sporty, so you can stave off the purchase of a Barcalounger Harley or Goldwing.

1998 Ducati 900SS FE L Side Tail

So this is a motorcycle for aging gracefully out of knee-dragging cornering antics, one you can enjoy while taking it easy, but a bike that can still show the kids a thing or two when the situation demands. Or you come around the corner and find a deer standing in the middle of the road.

From the original eBay listing: 1998 Ducati 900SS FE for Sale

The FE Stands for ‘Final Edition’, and the 900SS FE was a last special production run of the old carburetor-equipped SS before it was replaced in 1998. Based around the 900SS Superlight, the FE had special cosmetics, a tuned engine, and elegant chassis changes. The special silver single-seat bodywork was wrapped around a modified engine, with race-style high-level exhaust pipes. The front brakes have cast-iron racing discs and the black wheels are lightweight. A carbon-fibre clock surround, chainguard, mudguard and body panels complete the high spec. The FE’s performance was only slightly improved over the standard bike, and it was really intended as a special celebration of the old model. Only 800 were produced. Limited to just 300 bikes in North America, the 900SS FE is the last of the 2nd generation SuperSports to be produced by the Bologna factory.Based on the 900SS SP, the FE comes dressed in elegant silver bodywork and black wheels, with carbon fiber rear fender, dashboard cover, and countershaft drive cover. A solo (monoposto) seat completes the stunning visual impression.

But there’s more than just skin deep beauty in the FE.

To back up the race-bred look, a few additional changes have been made as well. The exhaust pipes have been raised to provide improved cornering clearances. New cast iron floating brake rotors have been fitted with remote reservoirs and adjustable levers. New cylinders, alternator, and voltage regulator have been added. The resulting combination will assure that the thrill of the ride matches the beauty of the machine. To further secure it’s place in the DUCATI legacy, the top triple clamp of each FE will be fitted with a consecutively numbered commemorative plaque. There will be no doubt as to the special position the FE will assume in the heritage of the most sought after sport motorcycles in the world.

While most of the Pantah-engined 900’s are very undervalued right now, the Superlight and FE represent a definite investment opportunity, at least in the short term. At some point, all those $3,500 900SS will go up in value, but for now, they’re the dirt cheap way into Ducati sportbike ownership. But because they’re so cheap, some have high miles or have been a bit abused. Although keep in mind that the Pantah engine is good for some serious mileage when properly maintained, so 10,000 miles on the engine means it’s just nicely run-in.

1998 Ducati 900SS FE L Engine

The more exclusive models were pitched as collectibles from new, and many have been lovingly maintained. This example has reasonable mileage and looks very clean, with just that faded carbon and a bit of a tear in the seat, all of which could be easily fixed without destroying the originality or patina. Strangely enough though, while I’ve always thought the early Monsters look very classy in silver, the SS looks a bit bland. Purely an issue of personal taste, but I’ll stick with a nice, yellow, half-faired SS-SP, thanks.


1998 Ducati 900SS FE R Side

End of the Line: 1998 Ducati 900SS FE for Sale
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Keeping it Simple – 1995 Ducati 900 SS / CR

Filling out the 1995 line-up next to the 916 and 900SS, and of course the Monster, was the Ducati 900SS/CR ( Cafe Racer ? ).  A lot less money than the new 916, and a little less than the 900SS, the half-fairing 900SS/CR still has respectable performance and a great fun factor.  The sweet-looking CR had a great view of the engine and few things that occasionally, the upper range of the line wished they had.

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left

1995 Ducati 900SS/CR for sale on eBay

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left front

Based on the Desmodue engine from the Pantah and 851, the air-cooled 904cc engine has a simpler valve train but still delivers 84hp and over 60 ft-lbs. torque.  The silver trellis frame supports a steel tubing swingarm, nicely reinforced and not prone to cracking.  Dry clutch, but of course.  Plenty of brakes with 320mm front and 245 rear disks.  Upside-down front forks and adjustable rear shock are both by Showa.  On the aluminum three-spoke rims, a 170mm wide rear tire allowed fitment of a 4-1/2 inch rear rim, in-keeping with the overall theme.  Likewise, there is no center stand.

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left rear  20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr seat

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr binnacle  20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr tank

Showing under 6,000 miles, this CR looks cherry by any standard.  Red bodywork and silver frame look great.  Stock seat is unmarked.  Nice Campion del Mondo graphics in honor of Carl Fogarty’s 1994 SBK championship ( he would repeat in ’95 ).  One scrape on the right muffler and the owner states so in the eBay auction:

Probably the best example of this classic Ducati sport bike currently for sale!
This two owner bike has only 5900 miles from new – has new tires and chain and has had a complete service just completed including:

  • New Cam Belts
  • New Oil
  • New Oil Filter
  • New Air Filter
  • Valve Service
  • New regulator
  • Steering bearings checked
  • Wheel bearings checked
  • Brake pads checked

This bike is ready to be added to your collection
There is one tiny blemish on the right hand silencer (see photos) but otherwise this bike is perfect

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left front wheel  20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left engine

20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr left rear wheel  20150519 1995 ducati 900ss cr right engine

Seeming well preserved and well serviced, this CR looks a great entry into the Ducati world- a little simpler, a little lighter, maybe not 916 quick, but still a classic air-cooled 900cc Ducati, and a nice one.


Keeping it Simple – 1995 Ducati 900 SS / CR
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Very Classy Cafe: 1995 Ducati Leggero by Walt Siegl

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS R Side

We don’t often feature custom bikes here on RSBFS. Custom bikes are often so in love with their own custom-ness that they feel the need to shout about how special they are. Walt Siegl’s Ducati Leggero, on the other hand, has a polished, production-quality, as if Ducati continued making the Sport Classic line.

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side Rear

The devil, they say, is in the details, and a Leggero may look fairly conventional, but the goal here is the motorcycle, simplified and perfected, according to one man’s vision.

From his website: “With the Leggeros, I’m using classic sport design elements that are clearly recognizable as such. That includes almost all aspects of the build, from exhaust to frame design. And with today’s brakes, modern suspension components and fuel injection systems, I’m able to build a truly contemporary motorcycle. I’m getting the best out of the really great characteristics that Ducati has engineered into their bikes, while making everything lighter and stronger. With the two-valve engine I need less components, so the design is much cleaner.”

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side Rear

Frames are 4130 chrome moly steel tubing and styled in keeping with the original unit from the 900SS but lighter. Bodywork can be either full-kevlar or kevlar with laminated carbon fiber. The two-valve, air-cooled Ducati “L-twin” that powers the Leggero is obviously no powerhouse, but is considered one of the most charismatic engines of all time and can be tuned to provide real power with surprising durability. Engines are blueprinted and tweaked with traditional Ducati tuning tricks to make reliable horsepower with the characteristic Ducati midrange punch.

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Ducati Leggero by Walt Siegl

You are bidding on a custom Walt Siegl Ducati that was built for Tyler Hays, owner of BDDW, in 2013. It is highly collectible, one of Walt’s first edition Ducati builds. Walt is a renowned mater builder and builds some of the most techologically advanced and tasteful custom motorcycles today. Estimated retail: $29,000

  • Donor Bike: 1995 Ducati 900 SS

  • Engine: Blue printed. Light weight Pistons. Light weight fly wheel. High performance 39 mm Keihin flat slide carburetors.

  • Suspension: Fully adjustable Showa fork. Fully adjustable Showa mono rear shock.

  • Brakes: Brembo front and rear calipers. Brembo hand controls. WSM rear sets

  • Wheels: Cast aluminum Brembos

  • Tires: Dunlop Q2

  • Exhaust: WSM stainless system

  • Body work: WSM Kevlar tank and tail

  • Frame: WSM light weight chrome moly tubing chassis

  • Electrics/electronics: Moto Gadget speedo ( analog and digital). WSM harness with Moto Gadget electronic M-unit ( eliminates relays )

  • Guaranteed running and a free tune-up and care-for demo from Walt Siegl himself

There’s a great clip of the bike rumbling away here.

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS Tank Detail

I might take issue with the seller’s claim that Walt makes “technologically advanced” motorcycles. I think the phrase he’s looking for is “beautifully crafted.” Based around Ducati’s venerable two-valve engine, these are obviously not state-of-the-art. But that’s hardly the point.

1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side Front

Depending on the specification, these bikes can use some stock components, such as rearsets and the coffin-style reservoirs and switchgear you see here. I’d change those up as soon as I got the chance with some later-model units, and considering the craftsmanship on display, I’d prefer something other than the refinished, but otherwise stock three-spoke Ducati wheels. But those are elements easily fixed, with a huge variety of options available. Want something classic? Alpina makes some very nice spoked wheels that will accept modern, tubeless tires. Something a bit more bling? Go with a set of nice, gold Marchesinis. Or go super-lightweight with set of black, BST carbon items…

All-in-all, you’re looking at a very rare motorcycle, and so far there’s plenty of interest in the bike, although it hasn’t reached anywhere near the seller’s stated “retail value” or the reserve, with just a couple days left on the auction.


1995 Walt Siegl Ducati 900SS L Side

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Worth Saving – 1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight

1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight on eBay


The 900SS falls right in the middle of an interesting period for Ducati.  The SS was subject to years of continuing refinement rather than any dramatic changes, however they were very capable machines by the end.  This 1993 900SS Superlight is perhaps the peak of that refinement.  By this point, it had inherited better brakes from the 851, better Showa suspension, carbon fiber bits all around and a solo seat.  There were only 700 Superlights ever made and reportedly only 300 of them made it to the U.S. so it’s a rare bird for sure.


This one isn’t in the collector condition like some of the ones listed for sale recently, so hopefully that makes the price more attractive for somebody looking for a little bit of a project.  The seller states that this IS a barn find and it needs TLC.  There is some damage to the fairings and tank and I would expect replacements to be all but impossible to find.  Repairing them might be the only option.  However, given the rarity of the Superlight, I think it’s worth saving.  You can read more details from the seller’s auction found here: 1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight on eBay

1 of only 300 imported into the US and number 690 of 700 in the world. Some of these vintage Mk1 Superlights are titled 1992 and some are 1993. This one is a 93, probably because it is a late production bike. 949 original miles, yes nine hundred forty nine miles, maybe the lowest mile Super Light in the country.

This was a modern “Barn Find”, it was covered in a Los Angeles back yard for 18 years, unloved and un-ridden. She is mostly complete and original, the only aftermarket parts are grips, bar-ends, windshield, rear-sets, exhaust hangers, rear sprocket and brake lines. She has all of the Superlight parts still intact: high pipes, carbon fiber front and rear fenders, vented clutch cover, single seat, Mavic wheels and cast iron front rotors.


Mike M.

Worth Saving – 1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight